Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Do You Blog Full-Time? Or would you like to?

How many of you blog full-time?  Or how many of us wish we could be blogging full time?  Do you find that you only can come out with one post a day?  Or are you on rapid fire and find yourself blogging about three to four posts a day?  Or sometimes more?

Does a full-time blogger, pump out quality posts all day long?  Little bone and flesh shaped magnets clicking against our keyboards.  Loving the magical touch that connects us to our stories and thoughts that are in our minds.

How many of us would love to blog all day long?  When we think of a novelist (me among them), we often find ourselves churning out stories daily at a rapid pace.  We're on a rapid mission to complete our novels.  A product of our hard labor and then the fruits of our prosperous dreams come true.  Sometimes.

Well, many of us would-be full time bloggers, often find ourselves away from the blog trying hard to also promote it.  We're the ones who haven't achieved big time popularity yet, and we're spending time also social bookmarking, working on our newly created Facebook pages and spending time there too, trying to get new people from there to here reading and leaving with thoughts of their own.

So we're hopping from Facebook pages, our personal profile (we need to keep updated with family too), Twitter, Pinterest, Buzzfeed, Linkedin, Stumbleupon, Myspace, Digg, Yahoo 360 groups, other forums, Blogher, and any other place I haven't thought of yet.  Oh, I mustn't forget Triond where I re post my Blogger posts in order to earn a few extra pennies and some more comments and feedback from a community of writers.  Wikinut, and some other places like that.

Of course we don't always go to all of these every day, but we're spending some time on these different places, different blogs commenting as that is a very good source of new traffic to our blogs if we're constantly visiting other blogs and leaving our mark.  We should be trying to comment on almost every blog we visit that we feel we want to leave our opinion at.  It's really nice to help out each other in any way that we can.

Which leads me to the discussion from Linkedin just a short while ago.  One of our Professional Blogger members is a full time blogger and was asking questions along those lines.  Here's the link to his blog.  I'm going to go check it out soon.

These are some of the blogs from our discussion about full time bloggers.

Many of us are full time bloggers and make lots of money with it.  And many of us consider ourselves full time bloggers and wish we could be making more $$ at it.  And we love it when suddenly our blog starts to be a little more popular.  I'm loving the increase in traffic to my blog.  I hear that over time, Google puts us higher in the ranks if we're constantly striving to come out with quality stuff.

So, keep that in mind when we're all plugging away at our words to say to the world.

I've got lots more readers than I ever had last fall when I started blogging.  Last fall, I didn't really know what I was doing.  I just started writing and I wasn't sure if anyone was reading.  I got very disappointed when I only saw maybe one reader in a two week span.  But, then I was just putting myself on the map and I don't think I was coming up with quality stuff in the beginning.

Sometimes, I was merely supplying a link to my Hubpages articles at Blogger and nothing more.  Then I got banned in November at Hubpages for blogging.  Which at the time, I didn't even know that I was blogging.

And then, in December, I hopped on Triond's bandwagon and Wikinut.  I didn't write at Wikinut as much and I still don't.  I signed up for Wizzley too, but I quickly abandoned that site.  Now I only write at Wikinut when I feel like re-posting my Triond Articles.  And Blogger posts get re-posted at Triond.  I don't promote the Triond posts as they are the same as Blogger.  I'd rather promote my blog.

And then over the last few days I started signing up or a few sites.  I first signed up for BlogFrog where I created a community, AuthenticSouls.  I will probably just check it out a little bit and see if there is anything new and I will post a few things.  Could just be a fun thing.

Then, I went to check out Infolinks, and put their code into my blog, but I don't see anything.  And I signed up for Linkshare and Clickbank.  So, yes, now I have some more ads on the blog.  But we'll see what happens.  I had gone to one blog, RAHM and discovered these sites.  She's a professional blogger too, so I would have to say she is also full time.   Here's a link to some of her good writing.

For both of the sites, I just applied for the ads I wanted to put on my blog, and for the click bank, I just looked for products that I would think that I would like and some products that kind of relate to my blog and some of the things that I talk about.  And I wanted to have some products available for writers.  The how to books or e-books I would even consider buying one at some point.

So, many of us bloggers try to let these sites advertise with us because we would like to make a little more money than what Google adsense feeds us.  And Triond is a site that feeds us really badly.  A penny for your thoughts.  But, that's not why I write there.  I like the comments and feedback from other writers.  And I like posting there if I have a question about something, because I know someone is going to supply me with an answer.

Maybe this is you after blogging for 24 hours straight!  ha ha

                 We all come with this invisible media kit, which we have to figure out for ourselves.

This would be kind of fun to type on this old thing for a few minutes, but it's a thing of the past.

We all long to become professional full time bloggers.  And while we are typing away trying to figure it out, we wonder how some of them are achieving their goals.

How are some of them raking in $100 to $1000 a month on their blogs when the majority of us are maybe only making $2 to $6 a month?  And some of us are only clearing 75 cents a month.  How do they do it?  What is their secret?

There must be a missing ingredient that we don't know about.

I love that I'm gaining more viewers and readers.  Thank-you very much to all of you who come to read and visit.  It's really appreciated.

And we all would love more readers to our blogs.  And so many people are telling me on Facebook and other places to Share, Share, Share.  And to click like whenever we like something.  Tweet it to our followers.  It's really nice to know that there is a world wide community of bloggers who are trying to help support each other so we all can get more traffic to our blogs.  If we didn't have each other and our opinions, I really don't know where we would be.

And wouldn't we love to go viral?  Thinking of that, I did do about three or four videos on You Tube about my blogs, my etsy shop and other sites of mine.  And I probably should go delete that little poem I wrote and how I sang to the poem.  Let's just say my voice tanked!!!!!!!

I sing better in the car to the radio.  Which now doesn't work probably due to a loose connection with some wires.  Oh well.  I can do with the quiet car ride to my boyfriend's house.

Jennifer Jo Fay

June 5, 2012

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