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Monday, April 14, 2014

Take advantage of these warm days.  My daughter and I took a nice walk around her neighborhood today.  It was windy but it was warm.

It's nice to see people out and about.  Mothers talking while little kids are on their bikes.  Other people out walking.  This is the time to relish in the little things that Mother Nature brings our way.

Another time, I should bring my camera.

I love outdoor shots of my kids. And when you've got them all together tell them to get together for group shots.  Awesome.

The weather is great.  My daughter was doing jumprope again but this time I refrained from jumping.

This is the time to get things done when you can.  Or do whatever you want to do.  Time for hobbies or other cool things.

I finished reading a Barbara Cornwell book.  The Body Farm.  It was a good book.  Now I'm reading Guilty as Sin by Tami Hoag.

And I made myself write a new chapter to one of my books.  Added a recipe into one of the cookbooks.

Jennifer Jo. Fay

Copyrighted April 13, 2014

Friday, April 11, 2014

Sometimes we need to take breaks and do other things.  We can't always focus on everything we have been accomplishing.

I'm taking time to do some much needed reading.  I formatted and published Red Ribbons my short mystery eBook.  Now I've been reading.

I finished Tami Hoag's Ashes to Ashes, read through James Patterson's Private and now am going to finish another Tami Hoag book.

I wrote some to my second book to The Glorious Money Tree, another book and Lolita Lob it off and decided to take a break from writing for a short bit.

Do you sometimes think there will be nothing to write about?  Sometimes we just need a few days to do other things.

Sometimes we just draw a blank and get that old writer's block.  I love to read mysteries.  It had been a while since I had read any.  I need to do some constructive stuff and reading is it.

My favorite Tami Hoag books are Deeper than the Dead and Secrets to the Grave.  They are sequels to each other.  I have a copy of Secrets to the Grave and may decide to read it again sometime.  I came across Deeper than the Dead at Goodwill but decided not to get it this time.

Do you ever like to read books for a second time?  It's like revisiting something that you have read before and maybe you just long to read them again for the sake it was a really good book.

I treated my kids to a shake and a McChicken today and those went down well.  One of my daughters talked about how it's not good to eat it all the time and I couldn't agree with her more.  All that grease isn't good for the body.

What do you like to do with your free time?  It's fun just to relax sometimes.  I love doing that with my kids.  A few days ago, my other daughter pulled out a jump rope and I actually jump roped.  I hadn't done that in years.  Then I had fun jump roping faster.

It brings me back to when I used to play jumprope outside for longer periods of time.  And double dutch.  We used to have the really long jumpropes.  I'm remembering two big jumpropes.

Jennifer JO. Fay

Copyrighted April 12, 2014

Monday, April 7, 2014

The Glorious Money Tree Trilogy:  Book One is available for sale at Amazon.  I've got it at 4.99.  I also published Vermont Soups and Pasta from my Home to Yours.  That's also available there at 4.99.

Today I am going to be publishing Memories of Mom, Family Recipes from a Beautiful Life.  That will be 4.99 as well and should be available on Amazon by sometime tomorrow.  And I'm publishing a short eBook on the craft of writing which I'm going to format and publish today.  Where that one is shorter, I am putting that one at 3.99.  It's called The Craft of Writing.

I'm glad I was able to post the other blog post today.  I had written it last week and my publish button wasn't showing up.  Today I found another way to publish it.  I can go directly into all my posts and check mark the one I want to publish.  But it is maddening not to be able to push my orange publish button.  I think it's because I have too many tool bars and it's not showing up enough for me to click and publish.

Oh well.  I'm working on an old mystery novel I had started several years back called Red Ribbons.  That is now on it's way to getting done and I may be able to format and publish that one soon.  It's a sequel to Black Roses which I published three years ago.

I had half of it typed into my microsoft word and never typed the rest of the handwritten pages.  So, that's what I've been working on over this last weekend is getting that one back to where it needed to be and then I've been writing new chapters for that one and refreshing my memory on the novel.

After that one is done, I foresee myself working on Book Two of The Glorious Money Tree Trilogy.  And possibly at some point a third book to the mystery series.  My third book will probably be called Butterfly Tattoos.

It's funny how suddenly I'm publishing and formatting a bunch of books.  It's ones I had partly done and I finally finished them.

I've set the knitting aside for a bit.  I still knit for a little bit in the morning and then I make myself type.  That's what I should be doing anyway.  There's more of a possibility of me making money from the writing than the knitting.

Jennifer Jo. Fay

Copyright April 7, 2014

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Finally, I'm getting ready to format and am going to go with the basic formatting with Amazon.  It's basic formatting for my novel and I was told to just upload and hope for the best.  I'm going that route as I'm not familiar with html.

Can hardly wait.  I'm either going to get the book published today or Friday.  I also got busy over this week working on the soup book and now am into the recipe book of my Mothers.  The soup one is done and I'm going to work on the cover and get that one published soon too.  Once I get them published I will let you know when they are available.  Maybe I will be able to get the code and copy and paste into here for the books.

I've been busy with the one on my Mother, first getting the meals in and now I am working on the best course.  The DESSERTS!!!!

I'm working on a tube headband, which I've set aside to work on these other projects.  Maybe a knitting ebook in the works too.  I compiled my Ravelry patterns into one file and may get a small ebook together on some of those.  Including the skirt I did and the bobble shawl.

It's a matter of figuring out what to do next.  First things first.  Get the book published.  It was over the weekend when I finally decided it was done.  I got to the last chapter and said to myself, this is the finish.  It's not as many pages as I hoped for, but in my mind, it's done and I will be ready to dive into book two of The Glorious Money Tree Trilogy.

Jennifer Jo. Fay

Copyrighted April 2, 2014

Friday, March 28, 2014

Fun things come in small packages.  Like a Mint Chocolate M &M 's candy package.  I splurged today and ended up eating half of the bag and split the rest with my girls. I'm guilty of loving dark chocolate.  And my daughter, Julia is going to use the wrapper as a skirt for The Littlest Pet Shop characters in her videos.  Too funny.  Hence, the reason for buying the candy.

I love a full fridge as well.  Don't you love it when you can stock up the fridge and the pantry with good food.  I tend to do one big trip and then go back for little necessities.

And my car is a happy oiled car today.  Thank god.  Got to have a good running car.

Well, I was able to get my novel up to 334 pages and next this weekend will be to push it further.

Going to be short today as my daughter is going to need her cord back.

Jennifer Jo. Fay

Copyrighted March 28, 2014

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Another Cold Day

It's been a little warmer, but it still seemed cold going out to the car in the early morning.  A good sign is that Spring is around the corner even though officially it is already Spring.

Vermont weather really tanks.  Don't we all wish the snow would melt just like that and be gone!!!  I was able to get more hand written pages done, and felt that I got about 41 pages.

Next to type it up.  The thing to do is keep at it.

That goes with anything we set our minds to doing.  Keep doing what we are doing and we will get there.

I visited my local library today and hadn't done that in a little bit.  It's the one near my kids house and I hadn't needed to go.  However, today I had some time to kill before going to my kids house and I decided to just sit there and read my book.  Edit.  Or more like read it today.

It's so large, I just sort of got editing some of the chapters and flying through other chapters, not wanting to linger too long.

I will have to make myself linger as I'm sure all the chapters need fixing and tweaking.  Like with one of the adult characters I decided to leave out certain information about him as later on in the story I changed that little bit of information about him and it wasn't now relevant to the story.

I think a good writer needs to always be able to edit when need be.  It makes for a better story.    You can't just write the first draft to something and say that's going to be the way it's got to be.

Going into something we all know that change is a good thing.  Like getting rid of the snow and looking forward to cut grass!!!  Brown grass first and then the good green.

Warm weather please for breakfast, lunch and supper!!!  Just wait until summer when we can hardly wait for the weather to get cooler.  We can't win.  It's either way too cold or way too hot!!  What are we going to do?

It's got to be the change of seasons that keeps us going.  Like my Mom, I always like the four seasons.  I couldn't imagine living in Florida where it just doesn't get cold that much.  I need a change and I'm a four seasons girl.

Not that we always welcome change.  Sometimes change can be a bad thing, but any how, we should go with it and try to adapt to anything.  That's life for you.

I'm onto smaller things with the knitting, finally.  I'm doing a super quicky scarf that is kind of cool.  It's a cool buttonhole pattern with some fun fur at the edges.  It's so close to being done.  It's a quick thing.

Well, should get going.  I've got to get some patterns into my Ravelry.

Jennifer Jo. Fay

Copyrighted March 25, 2014

Friday, March 21, 2014

Formatting and other things

I learned something new about formatting for which it pumped up my book to 310 pages instead of 265.  I figured out that the font has to be a basic one like, Arial, Times New Roman or Garamond and the size should be 12.  I was using 11 which made for more words on the page.

Most e-books are that size. I've been reading Publish It, by Adam I forget his last name.  Ha ha.  It's a good book, reads well seems easy to figure out.  Verses I started to read a different book and the whole formatting process in it has me confused.  More on an intellect computer geek level.

Kindle pictures cannot be more than 127 KB.  Just a few tidbits that seemed useful.  I know you can have your word docs formatted at Amazon, but it comes with a warning it may not be the perfect ebook.  I'm wondering if mine may pass though as I don't copy and paste from lots of different files.  It is all done in one file.

Who knows.  I don't know the logistics of html.  But, I'm willing to give it a stab and learn some.

Next to get my knitting pdfs uploaded to Ravelry.  I finished that skirt pattern and a headband one for sale with Ravelry.  The headband is a bobble one.  For which next headband pattern I create will not have bobbles because I've done enough of them for the time being.

Hoping for more sales.  I noticed one girl had her older headband pattern right in the front and am guessing she must pay for an ad to have her stuff run right in the beginning of the new patterns section.

I had a request for a McChicken from my daughter.  She gave me her money and I have delivered.  Ha ha.  Good thing Mom wasn't hankering for one too or I could have hmmm.... gobbled it before she got to have it.  Just kidding.  I wouldn't eat the girls special sandwich.

When you see a penny on the ground, do you pick it up even if it's tails?  Tails is supposed to be bad luck if you believe in that superstition.  Although, a penny is a penny.  An extra coin or two into one of my daughter's money jars.

I've had mixed feelings on that.  Sometimes if I've seen it's tails, I don't pick it up and other times, I don't care.

I'm going to knit up a mindless stockinette stitch headband next.  Sometimes I like simple as well.  It makes for faster knitting.  Bobbles do take extra time, but do have a really pretty result.

I also went into The Glorious Money Tree and cleaned up my chapter breaks.  It seems this is cumbersome as every time you go to edit your chapters, it moves the chapter title into another spot.

And I cropped a few of the cover illustrations and practiced what my title text will look like.

I may decide to pull it into another photo software and do some more to it.

Jennifer Jo. Fay

Copyrighted March 21, 2014