Saturday, November 10, 2012

Leave Mistakes in the Past: YOU ARE NOT YOUR PAST!

How many times have you had people you know harp about your past mistakes?  We all know we get bombarded with this from anyone, whether it be your family, your siblings, relatives, friends, co workers, etc.... on and on....

It seems like the world just won't let you forget about it.  Well, thank god many of us aren't famous and it's not the world that makes sure you don't forget it, but it's the few people in your life who will not let you get past it.  I would hate to be a celebrity who has done mistakes and it is the world who makes sure they don't forget it either.

But here is the thing.  Everyone is human.  We all make mistakes.  We make those old ones, and then we make new ones.  We just cannot stop making mistakes.  Some of us make more mistakes than others.  Or those other people make mistakes too, but they don't get noticed.  Maybe they get away with their mistakes.

The important thing is to learn from them and move on.  I can't guaruntee that any of us aren't going to make any more mistakes.  That's a given, that there will be more to come with what life brings our way.

Yes, I've made mistakes.  Written things on my blog, I probably shouldn't have.  Deleted some things, fixed what I could, decided to leave certain things as it is me and I feel that I was expressing myself with my heart on my sleeve, you know, sharing with the world, and I am going to leave it, as I feel it should stay as it is my voice and not the voice of my relatives or anyone else.

Should I ever die, heaven forbid, I would not want my family or friends coming in and deleting my precious and priceless words.  It should all stay just as it is.  It's my Blog, my words, my voice.
But here is the thing about harping.  Why do people keep wanting to harp about things that have already been discussed?  Don't you absolutely hate it when you have already told them to drop it and they just want to keep reminding you of your mistakes?  Mine has been about what I post on my blog.  But they don't seem to understand what I post is my decision, not their's.  And I have learned from what I should be posting.  And they can't seem to make me forget it.  So, I told them they need to stop harping to me about what I posted in the past.  

Nobody can go back and change it.  You can't let these harpers drag you down.  YOU ARE NOT YOUR PAST.  We live for the present moment, are a new person today, hopes and dreams for tomorrow and fresh beginnings.  We want to leave all our mistakes behind us and not to be constantly reminded of them.

Tell these people to stop harping to you about your past mistakes or these people could be in your past as well.  Unless if they are family, then of course you are stuck with them.  But you can always give them a piece of your mind too and put them in their place.

I am seriously thinking that Family and loved ones do not need to even have access to our blogs.  Our words should really be off limits to them.  OFF LIMITS.  Or if they really want to read regardless, they need to keep it to themselves and not express their voice.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted November 10, 2012

 Me at Halloween : 2012

 Part of the table Set up.

 My new hair cut.  I am so ready to put these on Date Hookup next January.  Not quite ready, but will be soon.

 I like this one as it shows the necklace.  And ha ha, my jail bait shirt I got at a yard sale.  It's "wicked" comfortable.  That's Mainer Talk!!!!

See my grays?  They are finally coming in stronger!  They were blond highlights for quite a few years.  Sometimes I would cringe when I would see one stray white hair.  Like where did that one come from?  Right?  The kids of course!  Blame it on the kids always.  My Mom blamed hers on us.  She and her friend, Colleen would sit at the kitchen table playing Scrabble and joke that we put the grays in their hair.  

I love it shorter now.  It was long for a while.  I'm one of the women who puts off getting their hair cut to save some $$.  That's a cool thing about being a woman, is that we can grow our hair out and have it longer too.

Mine is a perm.  If I didn't have a spiral perm, my hair would be straight.



  1. Hi Jennifer,

    I totally agree with your sentiments here.
    If people do not like what you write they do not 'have' to read it, do they?
    As long as it is not slanderous, malicious or illegal. It is your opinion and your views.

    'Publish and be damned'

  2. Hi
    Thanks for the advice !

    It is true that past cannot be carried throughout your life. You need to move on with positive aspects in life.