Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Plagerizm is a Serious Crime

Plagerizing someone's writing or a work of art is a serious crime and should be dealt with that they are very in the wrong and shouldn't do it.  I believe the penalties are very steep for plagerizm and the publishing world takes it very seriously.

I've contacted Kindle Publishing and protected a few of my unpublished writing documents in an email to them including the unfinished first novel to my trilogy, The Glorious Money Tree. It would be my very mean neighbors trying to plagerize my stuff because they retrieved it illegally from my old, unprotected laptop.  They retrieved everything under the sun, and I can't tell you how mad I've been about that and embarrassed they got some information absolutely nobody knew about.  Can't begin to tell you how furious I am.

Before I contacted Kindle, I finally realized these people were planning to plagerize me and I thought it was my trilogy.  Finally after contacting Kindle I realized it may not be that one, but I've protected all of my works of writing.  It's my very first romance novel this particular asshole plans to plagerize and he keeps saying he can hardly wait for me to type it into this cheapo laptop.  It's my Lustful Evangelean novel.  And I swear to god I better not see it anywhere or I am going to march straight to WCAX and report a serious plagerizm crime on this asshole and also I will leak out my venting journal on how badly I've been violated.

And this not nice guy better not be able to hack into this laptop.  I'm wondering if he can.  I've been typing my venting journal about all the crap they've done to me and my cursor is going all over the place all the time, nothing to do with me pushing buttons.  Suddenly I see that a whole paragraph has been highlighted in blue, not by my doing and it's ready to make the whole thing disappear.  The first night I got about eight to nine pages typed up, didn't think to save it, and suddenly without me touching anything, the whole thing disappeared.  I'm going to Best Buy later today to ask why this would do it.  I swear to God the asshole is doing it.  And then yesterday, I decided to keep saving as I went along with the venting journal, got to about twenty or more pages and then I was done, I saved it.  Well, as I sat back, suddenly, the whole twenty pages disappeared on me, because the not nice guy didn't want to see it there.  You can be sure I didn't save it that time and today I have sent it to protect it in some of my emails to myself.  May create a new email as well.

Anyway, it's my Lustful Evangelean romance novel he wants to plagerize and he's got no right to try and publish something that isn't his.  Yesterday, he was out on the porch pretending to talk to someone about how he spends his whole day writing.  I kind of think he is yanking my chain and he has got to know that plagerism is a serious crime and I don't care if I had the money or not, I would take him to court and sue him, get help because it's my writing not his.

It's a partly finished novel, romance about two characters, Evangelean and Gauthier the man she has the hots for and Tom is her husband who has had several affairs on her.  There's my college poem in the beginning called Lustful Evangelean.  I wrote that part back in 1988 or 1989.

It's what prompted my story.  Well, not completely.  Back in 2005 I believe, I got prompted to write the novel and it was my very first attempt at a novel.  A neighbor's son wanted me to illustrate his children's book.  It never came about, but I thank him all the time for getting me into novel writing.  It was my phone call with him that inspired me to think, "I could write a novel."  And I did.

It took about two years or more to finish it.  I started working on it when my girls were in preschool, I gave the teachers some copies to read on different chapters and later when it was finished I gave completed copies to people as well as copies that got mailed out to publishers.

When I was starting it, I also was working on paper doll sets that matched the novel.  I've got two to three sets based on Evangelean.  One is The Housewife paper doll set that is published with Authorhouse and right on the back of the cover it tells all about how this set is based on my character, Evangelean from my unpublished romance novel that I someday plan to publish. 

Yesterday, I also checked the back of my published Black Roses novel and I also mention my first romance novel unpublished, Lustful Evangelean there as well.

And I've got an Evangelean set that goes with it, and my paper dolls will be incorporated into my cover when I someday publish and I plan to have some of them into the inside illustrations as well.  Hey, I highly doubt this not nice guy is a paper doll artist!!!!!  Come on!!!!  And he's no  writer as well!!!!!

He's just an not nice guy threatening to do me bodily harm and threatening to plagerize me, put a pittbull into my apt and everything else he can think up as a scare tactic.  My locks got changed and nobody gets a key.  Deadbolt.

In 2008, I decided to pay a local editor to edit Lustful Evangelean.  I've got my typed up copy with several pages of an evaluation along with my INVOICE!!!!!!  I paid good money to get it edited and it was well worth it.  She told me the good parts and gave me lots of advice on what needs fixing.

In 2010 before I started writing Black Roses, I started to tackle Lustful Evangelean and began to edit it.  I believe I took two years almost off from writing and had a mid life crisis and a tremendous writer's block and I shoved Lustful Evangelean into a drawer for a while.  Then in 2010, I was ready to come back to writing.  During my break from writing, I did some artwork here and there, the paper dolls still unfinished and I read a lot of mysteries.  I just wanted to read books for a long time.  And I might have done some knitting.

It still needs to be edited one more time before I'm ready to publish it.  But the fact is that this guy has no right whatsoever to try and retrieve my novels, recipe books, knitting books and anything he wants from my new laptops which have a cheap version of Webroot on them.  But the fact that I keep seeing all these pages of writing disappearing on me when I stop and nothing is there makes me wonder if he is able to hack in.  I'm questioning as well who I bought it from with Ebay.  And how could this guy be able to hack into protected laptops?  I use local wi fi which is probably insecure, but even so, if I've got protection, can someone be able to retrieve like that?  That's my question.

How secure are all our laptops really from these vicious hackers.  That's what these people in my complex are, druggies and hackers.  I don't really care if they do drugs, but I do care about them violating my private things and I am seeking justice for that.  It's mean and vicious what they have done to me.  I'd move, but I can't at this point.

Primarily, I don't want them plagarizing any of my writings.  It's mine, not theirs.  I've let this guy know he can't plagerize my stuff and he knows I'm mad.  I guess it added more fuel to his fire.  But, he's not going to hurt me, it's all a scare tactic just to be mean to a very nice person.

Anyway, he wants to get his hands on Lustful Evangelean.  I'm not sure if he already has a copy of the book, because for a while, I didn't know these people were breaking in.  Not sure if at one point he was able to hack and get it off my zip drive.  He was also talking about making a seedy movie about it, and possibly exploiting me.  I swear to god if there's something out there, I will make sure he goes straight to jail with no bail.  That would be really nasty.

He has no right to any of my writings.  I'm the author and they're all unpublished writings not even finished.  He's been threatening that he can publish it quicker than I can and supposedly get it out there before I can publish.  And then what?  I get in trouble for plagerizing my own writings?  I don't think so, asshole.

It makes me tremendously furious.  I just want to concentrate on moving and finding a nice place to handwrite my stuff for a while as I don't trust this laptop to do it.  All that's going to be in this laptop are my venting journal and my written articles for here and Triond.

I liked seeing my Triond earnings jump up well within two days of publishing about twenty articles.  That was nice to see!!!

And hey, if they retrieve my venting journal from this laptop, they are definitely 100% not going to like what they read about what I've written about them.  This girl doesn't enjoy watching some guy bringing crime scene tape into my building before a crime has even happened.  And then the next day, he has the galls to bring in two cans of gasoline.  This is another guy.  There's a whole lot of assholes in this complex and mainly in my building.  I don't know who I can even trust here.  I think it was all to just Gaslight me like that old Ingrid Bergman movie.  The night this father brought in the gasoline, later on someone had the galls to play a recording of a glug, glug glugging noise right outside my apt or in the apt upstairs.  It was so loud making me think they were pouring the gasoline.  They weren't, but they just played a recording of it to scare me.  I guess it did work, as I called 911 just in case something was really going to happen.

Then I just had to think to myself afterwards, if they went through with some explosion or a torching of my apt, they would have a serious lawsuit on their hands.  It's just a dirty trick.  Just as one night, the asshole who wants to plagerize me, got someone to bring by a barking dog to make it seem like he purchased a pittbull to put into my apt. 

What awful people these are.  And nobody has the right to plagerize anything.  And to top it off, an unpublished piece of writing, no matter which book it is.  And one of the people in this complex, someone I thought I could trust, but obviously not, had the galls to shout and it was quiet in my apt and I could hear her quite clearly.  "That girl will never publish!!!!!"

Hey, this girl is going to keep writing and publishing my stuff and nobody is going to make threats for me not to write EVER AGAIN!!!!!!   I stop WRITING FOR NOBODY AND I AM FURIOUS!!!!

Sorry, I just don't want any of these people to think they can publish my stuff before I even finish and figure out how to format it for KIndle Publishing.  Makes me so mad.  I take my time, take breaks because I like to knit too and when I am good and ready and I've got writings that I feel are ready for publishing, I'm going to publish my e-books with Kindle.  But, they're not published yet and they're not out there for anyone to read.

Who gives these not nice people the right to read anything I write before I even publish it anywhere?  Huh?

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted May, 27, 2013

I better not see a Lustful Evangelean out there that sounds like my book or even a movie that sounds like I'm being exploited.  GO DIRECTLY TO JAIL AND NO GET OUT FREE CARD!!!!!

All these paper dolls here are based on my novel, Lustful Evangelean.  She is Evangelean.......  and  Gauthier was based on a crush I had to can it.  My kids preschool teachers on the last year of preschool hired a male teacher and I guess I thought he was cute, but nothing ever happened and my good friend one of the preschool teachers told me to can it and she said, "Would it help if we told you he's gay?"  We had a good laugh on that one.  And I'm sure he wasn't gay. 

Anyway, it kick started a novel and then I just loved writing novels after this first one and nobody has a right to take it from me.  It's mine.  I won't share too much about what it's about, but someday I want to finally publish the first novel I wrote.

Okay, I'm about done for now, got a bunch of ideas for articles for Triond, have to go ask Best Buy questions as to why that is flaking out like that.  To see eight and nine pages disappear and then twenty or more pages disappear without me touching any button is very fishy and I believe the asshole is involved in messing it up.  Hey, they don't want the venting journal to leak out.  I do, because I want them to stop what they're doing to me.

I'm not sure exactly how my cover is going to look, but these will all be in it.  It's my art, not theirs.

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