Saturday, November 30, 2013

Relaxing Days

Today is a relaxing day with my kids.  yay.  Saw my bike on the porch and decided to put it to the side of the road minus its cool basket.  I got it a few years ago and it sits, in vacancy.  I don't use the darn thing!!!  And there's a flat tire. 

Now, I've had some Thanksgiving leftovers and I'm good.  I got my piece of pumpkin pie!!!!  And their gramma brought over pumpkin bread with raisins in it!!!  yummy.

I've got a daughter playing Minecraft while the other daughter has been lucking out with a two day sleepover.  Totally awesome!!!  And my oldest has a friend over. 

And Mom is online.  First checking on a definition for something and coming up with zilch.  I've got a number to call for crime stopping and I am hoping they can put in surveillance for me.  I think if its someone else monitoring my apt door, it should put a stop to the breaking and entering.  Crossing my fingers I can get some help on this vicious stalking.  its incredibly creepy and so uncalled for.

Let's make a stand to stop all crime.  It's a tough one to tackle but its so important we stop them now.

So, I'm vedging out next to my girl.  Decided to look up ebook softwAre on eBay and found two perfect books for me to read.  Books especially for formatting for Kindle and one is on Kindle Direct Publishing.  I'm sure once I figure out how to do it, that it will become like tying your shoe.  Once you know how we just get back on and start pedalling. 

But my bike will be gone!!!  I'm going to need to fit in my stuff for craft shows.

Was delighted to get a second order on my etsy shop.  jfaypaperdolls.  Yay!!!

Can hardly wait for Wednesday to be done, with the dent done from car inspections with visions of sugar plums and perchance a laptop dancing over my head!!  Literally.  I would prefer it upon my lap with my fingers clicking. 

This girl is tired of waiting, but of course all good things come to those who wait.  And everything eventually gets done.

Which means I've got a headband that needs finishing, a red cowl I'm going to whip up next and whater else.  Maybe a chapter.  So so need to write and get things done.

Another cup of coffee!!!!! 

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted November 30, 2013

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