Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Waiting for things.

Don't we all hate it when we are hating for things to happen and then we find out its going to take longer than we thought?  Delays can be a pain in the neck.

How about when you are waiting for an answer?  Yes or no or sometimes maybe, depending on what it is.

if you are a kid the delay seems like a decade, right?  Same can go for adults.  The kid in us wants an answer like, NOW!!!  For me, its do I have a certain new apt, yes or no???  I fell in love with a living room you could play basketball in.  My mind starts wandering to how I would arrange my livingroom slash studio.....

But I don't know if I have it yet and this waiting game is driving me nuts!!!!  When that move comes, I am going to literally be on cloud nine!!!!!  Get me in a new place and never looking back to this mean place I'm in right now is going to my peace of mind and I'm hoping to not be stalked when I move.

I want to never see a baseball bat in my apt anywhere, as to this mornings bullying threat!!!  I'm going to be so glad not to see the faces of you know what's.  There's a word for mean people.

But, I'm going to go about my week thinking I don't have this one and then, maybe I will be pleasantly surprised.

its  hard to not get your hopes up.

And I'm patiently waiting for my lovely new laptop, but really important things come first.  Like our cars!!! 

To go off waiting and delays, when your kids say things to your face, they're usually true.  Kids are blunt.  So, when Daddy Says, it most always means Daddy says and Daddy did!!!

I'm telling you, I just about hit the roof.  On one thing I had to explode to him and tell him not to tell my kids something.  It cut my time short with my kids that day but he sure deserved a little karma biting him in the rump.  i am being polite as you can see.

Why do men do nasty things to their wives????????????????

One thing my daughter said to my face, I kept from him, but he may know what she said.  It sent me through a thousand roofs, literally and I swear to God!!!!!!!!!!!

Life can absolutely cruel to people sometimes but what doesn't kill us makes us stronger!!!  Like I've kept saying here and to friends and family, I will never be a suicide.  Should I turn up that for some fluke reason, Please, please have the authorities investigate all angles.  It would not only kill me, it would be hurting my kids!!!  My priority!!!

My number one priority, always.  They are the number one reason I love Vermont.  I'll always love, love Maine, however Vermont is where my heart is bound to.

People have asked if I would move back and I always have to say I can't leave my kids.

And I also try to give the benefit of the doubt until I get the hard facts.  Kids only say what they have been told or overheard. 

What do they say???  Until proven guilty??  Let's pray for my new apartment.  I'm praying every day!!!

That living room!!!!  I can just see my two cats having a grand old time, the possibility of my toy dog..  Pug.  This is a quiet place, so a pug.  Peace and quiet!!!!!!!  Just what the writer needs!!!!

No bully in the hallway in the mornings or when he arrives home.  He knows he can do it because I'm too relaxed to get off my couch.

I've taken some time to read some poetry books.  Billy Collins, Mary Oliver and Margaret Atwood.  Poetry seems like a quick read.  I still love reading mysteries and will get back to it.

I'm knitting smaller items for the moment.  Girls headbands and am on a ponytail kick.  My daughter's headband looked cute on Luna on Sunday.

Yes, I tortured my cats!!!!!
Luna was able to get the headband off, but Ella couldn't get the icord rose off.  I tied it really loose and she could bat it around but she could not get it off!!!  Ha ha ha!!!!

So now, I'm thinking maybe my cats need some pretty temporary collars for my photo needs.  A pretty bow!!!  A flower!!!  hmm.......

So, so many fun ideas!!!  I could see the ponytails being a hit with the young girls at craft shows.  $1.50 to $3.00, depending on the intricacy of the item.  I'm hoping to do one show in a few months.  Depending on the apt hunting!!!

And the doll outfits, baby outfits, items for girls and women. 

Get moved, the novels I need to finish!!!! 

Last weekend yard sales were trying to tell me something.  I bought two pads of art paper, a large Staples writing filler paper and two music box clown dolls.  Draw and write.  I finally did a drawing last Saturday, hadn't done a pencil sketch since 2010.

I've got to do it more often.  Maybe later this week another one.  Luna managed to weasel her way into this sketch.  I called the doll sketch, Tiger Girl.

Tiger girl is me singing to Katy Perry's roar.  Just imagine me singing it and after every single roar my two fingers go up in the air and I yell out two obscenities!!!  They deserve it for violating me.

It would make a good You Tube video, huh!!!!!!!  Not really.

 It amazes me how long I can go without doing some things.  I keep trying to remember the name of an artist or photographer who took a decade off from his artwork.  Cecil Beaton??  He didn't stop photography, but maybe his drawing??  I'm just taking a stab in the dark!!!

I've got to get back to my paper dolls too.  2011 was when I took a break from them and got back to writing.  I took breaks from that too and spent a year reading mysteries.  Loved The Girl who Kicked the Hornets Nest series.  Had to do nothing but read those. all the way through.

I took a large break from knitting and sewing.  2009 or 2010, I gave my needles and yarn to my girls and when I got back into it, I confiscated them back from where they were sitting silently untouched.

I think when we have so many things we love to do, its hard to just do it all at once.  One should never have idle hands.  Except when watching Walking Dead or Twilight saga!!  There is popcorn in my hands!!!!

And possibly another cup of coffee by my side!!!!

I'm consumed by creating.  I recently went to my girls open house.  I loved reading their About Me creations on the wall.  Julia said she wants to go to The Maine College of Art like me.

Mollyanne said she misses her mom!!!!!!!

 Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted September 24, 2013

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