Monday, May 12, 2014

Yay!  I got another book published on Kindle Publishing.  It should be available for sale tomorrow.  Actually, I think you can buy them before  they go live as well.  But definitely once it is live, they are ready for purchase.

I went in and enrolled my other books and that one with Kindle Matchbook also along with Kindle Select.

I finally got some action with a few of the books.  A friend purchased Vermont Soups and Pasta Recipes from my home to yours.  And I was glad she could see my pictures fine.  I was hoping that she could and she saw them all.  Thank god for easy formatting.

The other book, Memories of Mom, Family Recipes from a Beautiful life, got borrowed in the lending library.  That was cool to see that too.  I'm not seeing a lot of sales yet, but it is still early and maybe it will pick up.

So now I have six books for sale on Kindle.

The Glorious Money Tree Trilogy:  Book One
Vermont Soups and Pasta from my home to yours
Memories of Mom, Family Recipes from a Beautiful Life
The Craft of Writing
Red Ribbons
Knitted Coffee Cozies

Maybe I should work on a second coffee cozy book next.  Those are fun to do and quick.  And I'm knitting up a coffee cozy storm!  I've got a bunch of them for sale on Etsy.

I keep hoping that perhaps one of the books just takes off.  One can only hope.  I think the hard thing is that Amazon is a hard industry to break into.  One has to also consider one lucky if their book can break into the market.

Truth be told, it only takes one book to hit the jackpot.  But we seem to try hard at it and perhaps only make a small dent.

I would like to make that small dent and not just a crack.

Or the little spot.

Jennifer Jo. Fay

Copyrighted May 12, 2014

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