Monday, March 23, 2015

New Beginnings

Don't you love it when there are new beginnings?  For me, that new beginning is a new job that I am starting tomorrow.  I'm going to be working at a Simon's convenience store in their deli section.  I'm a little nervous but come tomorrow morning, I am going to wake up and go.

I've got my alarm set for 6:45am and will probably sleep a few extra minutes.  Then, will get up and have my ritual of eggs and orange juice.  I tend to lately have eggs every morning.  My doctor said she's got no problem with me eating eggs.  It's probably the chips that have to go!!!  Ha ha.  Too bad I'm addicted to kettle chips.  Salt and vinegar are too damn addicting.

Then, I will head down towards the new job.  I will be commuting to it as it's closer to where my kids live.  Which is now that I am thinking of also moving closer to my kids and the new job.  Even if the new job doesn't end up working out, it would be nice to be closer to my kids.  Ease up on the gas to get there.  Seems like I'm going twenty four miles each way to get down to them.  And will be the same for the job..  But it will be a full time job so I don't care.

A few weeks ago, I created an author page on FB and already I'm up to over seven hundred likes.  Pretty cool.  Of course, you have to update your page often in order for them all to see you.  And then, does it gain more sales?  I don't know.  But it's fun to do.

Now that I have a new job, I will be cutting back the hours spent at the local library.  I think it will just be Mondays when I am there before heading over to see my kids.  Which means today, I have a lovely Subway sandwich.  Yum.

My oldest is camping in the North Cascades a little near Seattle, Washington.  He comes back on Wednesday and so far has been out of range with his phone.

By the time I text him, I will have worked two days at the new job.

I can hardly wait to start.  It's been the waiting not knowing what to expect that's been killing me.  I just want to know what I'm supposed to be doing.  I guess I will find out soon enough.  I've got today to kill time and then tomorrow it will start.  I will be working Tuesday through Sat nine to five.  I'm very excited and plan to do the best that I can and hope that they will keep me.  If not, I cannot help that if I've done my best.  Given it my all.

The girls and I went to see Cinderella yesterday.  We were going to see Insurgent and the girls changed their minds.  I'm telling you, that popcorn is expensive.  Couldn't believe for a small it was over five dollars.  My sister asked me if I had to take a loan out on the popcorn. ha ha.

It was a cute movie and I thought Cate Blanchett did a good job of being the wicked step-mother.  And it did follow Cinderella to a tee.  Helena Bonham Carter played a good fairy godmother.

After the movie, I brought the girls to McDonald's to get french fries for Jake seeing as he didn't go to the movie.  I got him a medium and was almost disappointed when my ex's girlfriend was going to make Jake not eat all the fries at once.  Thank god he got to have them all.  Kind of made me mad as it was his treat from me.

There's some strict food rules at the Fay household.  The kids kind of have to obey his girlfriend and follow the rules.  Very strict.  Some of it is good of course, gives them structure.

I'm up to 180 pages in my vampire novel.  If I feel like it, I will type up the next chapter later today.  I'm thinking that on my break, I will either have a book to read a few pages or some paper to write a page to a chapter.  I know I will have some extra time to kill after eating my tunafish sandwich.

And, I bet I will be eating some of their grinders or pizza too.  I'm probably not going to want tunafish every day.  I got some potted ham yesterday to make some ham sandwiches too.  I like to add a little bit of hot dog relish to it.  Yum.  And I just got thinking, I shall bring some kale.  My Dad has been saying we should change my middle name to Kale.  Funny.

At least that should boost my iron.  Plus I've heard it's very good for your eyesight.  Queen of greens.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted March 2015