Monday, July 29, 2013

Ravelry Fun

Okay, once again I have spent another fun filled morning at Ravelry, a small amount on Facebook and am now here to write a post before the HTC battery stops.  This is when we know we have to recharge soon. 

I'm addicted to Ravelry.  Where is my addicted button to tack onto my shirts?  Or maybe its a bumper sticker I'm requiring.  Seems I spent a long time there again.

This time, I found myself cleaning up the favorites, weeding out the ones I don't end up wanting to make or that I do not want to buy the patterns after all.  I cleaned it up and am down to two pages of my favorites.

Probably won't buy all of them, but they are in the favorites to look at.  You know, inspiration.  Then, I went toy library for awhile and downloaded a bunch of my patterns into my tablet.  I'm sure I've got them stored in other places, but what I like about the tablet is its small and compact, you don't have to fire up an old cheap laptop to get to the patterns. 

I then started looking at the skirt patterns.  Right now I'm working on a skirt pattern and want to be inspired for new ones.  Ending now before the tablet dies and I can't publish this one. 

Jennifer Jo FayCopyrighted July 28, 2013

My skirt is a stockinette stitch taupe and pink skirt.  I want to make a pretty lace one after to go with leggings. 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Reasons to like Facebook

Okay, this morning I have spent a good amount of time on Facebook.  Who doesn't love to go there to kill some time?  I like to usually check out what my friends and family are talking about. 

I enjoy looking at all the quotes and sayings, find myself getting inspired and then some. 

I do hate it though when you begin to read something and your page sends you back to the top and you have to scroll back down to where you were.  I was reading something on Irene Sandler.  I think that's her name.  It was an interesting read about how she smuggled Jewish infants and toddlers and saved lives.  She had a dog in the car to keep the baby noises undetected.  And she put the names of the infants in a jar. 

Finally got back and finished reading.

I like it when I can see a picture of Facebook and it gets me in laughing mode.  Today, it seemed I've been inspired by writing quotes, sayings and some prompts.  I've lingered longer that I sometimes do.

We can't always be inspired by Facebook, but then we have days when we are. 

I also like discovering new FB pages to like.  Women get it free, writing FB pages, etc...

And there's already lots of news about The royal baby edition to Kate and Will.  Along with pictures of a baby with the false teeth. 

I'm just about ready to head over to Triond with new post ideas.  Thanks FB. 

And I've got a stack of library books in front of me.  Don't we just love to sit down and flip through the pages of a cool book to inspire us. 

I borrowed a book the other day that had lots of sewing ideas in it.  Two projects which have me thinking is a really simple skirt pattern and a pattern for fabric roses. 

The fabric roses had me baffled last year and my first stabs at it seemed half good.  I Mau try again.

This one says to have a five foot long facric and two inches width.  Then, you just fold an edge over and do a gather stitch.  Seeing as I've mastered how to make those yo up circles, I may be able to pull off the fabric rose.  And then you can use them on anything.

The one in the picture had them on a pair of shoes.  But I imagine you could use them on anything. 

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted July 23, 2013

Friday, July 19, 2013

Fun Days

Yay, It's.Friday.  Short and sweet today.  It's a hot one, and I am hoping for a few more yard sales.  I love it when you find what you want.  Saw a cute little table for cheap that could have been cool to redo but had to think its going to be an extra thing to move and its furniture. 

Watched some good movies.  Save the Last Dance was good.  Don't you love dance movies?  I liked one with Anthony Banderas in it a while ago.  He teaches kids how to ballroom dance.  Kids from the wrong side of the tracks. 

Fridays always kickstart a fun weekend.  Hmmmm......snacks, movies, and other fun stuff. 

It's fun driving around finding the sales, but I do hate it when you are led astray and no sale on sight.  Also its a letdown if you get to it and its all baby stuff and just nothing you need. 

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted July 18, 2013

using this green yarn for a new project. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Another Hot Day

Stepping out this morning and I can already tell its going to be another hot day.  It didn't last too long for me and am now in a cool air conditioned place.  How many of us have turned on our fans?  The stickiness is no fun, turn fans to high.

Skimming through some magazines and came to a halt on a page for homemade ice cream recipes and about 24 different things to add.  Yum.  I may have to jot down the basic recipe and try it some time. 

It would make you want to rush out to the grocery store to get the ingredients you would need and if you are hungry, watch out.  I went for dip fixings and came out with a small bag of Ruffles fries.  Sounded new and different.  They're not bad, but it tasted pretty much like a large size potato stick. 

The more heart wrenching thing was reading memories of the Sandy Hook victims in a People magazine.  It's still so hard to think about them, and the fact that a bad man took them away from loved ones all too soon.

We should take time out of each day to remember the angels.  Or to remember your loved angels who can't be with you.  Do you ever think its odd when they enter your dreams?  In dreams, it seems as if they never left.  Just depends on the dream.

I'm not up on all the meanings behind your dreams, but I do know many people are inclined to decipher them.  Like if you dream of a tiger or a frog, what is the meaning behind it.  I would think for a tiger it would possibly mean you will have a lot of courage and bravery. 

If its a frog, maybe its either your future prince or the vice versa would be its a slimeball character you wish you never laid eyes on. 

I would like to toss slimeballs out of my life.  One is a pig. 

The day is still young, so there's lots of time left to our hot day, and just how do you want to have it turn out is up to you. 

I'm thinking posts, not sure all I'm going to write about yet, but there is potential within the mind. 

When you write do you color inside the lines or outside the box? 

I read something about writing inside the lines this morning and I'm thinking a post could decipher thoughts on that.  Skeleton comes to mind or the act of fleshing out words.  hmm.....

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted July 16, 2013

Monday, July 15, 2013

Publishing with Triond

Publishing posts at Triond is fun to do.  I'm also back here now to make myself post a second post here today.  Still wish it would work here to post with my cheapo laptop, but something is glitchy.  I wanted to share some of my Triond posts.  I'll try to post the links to those tomorrow. 

I like to share those occasionally on igoogle but I usually don't do a lot of advertising for my posts. 

Anyway, I'm Jfay1995 there.  I believe I've met my quota there today with twelve posts.  A few are still pending but should be published soon.

As with any writing site, it does take time and effort to start to be more successful in your adventures as an online writer.  Same with maintaining a blog, just for the fact you love to blog.  As of this week, I am going to try to work more at adding extra posts here as well. 

I like the library atmosphere while I am writing, but am looking forward to moving hopefully before the year is out, a new laptop and my own secure internet.  I'm liking the fact I would be able to hop on later in the evening to write more posts.  Whereas the library closes and I'm done.

Triond, like any other site takes time to see your earnings increase.  When I first started, it was like pennies a day, but now that I've been there a while, I am seeing more of a jump in my earnings.  It's still not a lot, but I like the fact that its some money in my pocket, say gas, groceries, anything else, the occasional skien of yarn.  Not that I need more yarn!!!!!  Ha ha ha. 

That's the dilemma of a knitter seeing new colors to add to the stash.  Now, yarn finds at a yard sale is a different story!!!! 

I'm remembering once seeing a pair of knitted handcuffs on a gallery wall.  Maybe we knitters need those to keep us from adding more to the already large stash. 

Triond articles, once you have enough of them can generate more revenue.  Meeting a quota is a good thing to do when posting anywhere.  Some days, I can like anyone else feel I just don't have enough to write about. 

I like it when there are lots of views to the posts.  I've had some posts that would generate close to 2,000 views.  That doesn't happen all the time, but its nice to see. 

My goals with Triond is to see if I can earn more in a month than I have yet to earn.  I guess that is our intent with any writing site. 

Jennifer Jo Fay
 Copyrighted July 15, 2013

Memories of Times Gone By

Do you ever think about times of long ago?  When life was simple and carefree?  This is how most childhoods are supposed to be. 

I'm part of a FB group for the village I grew up in.  There were so many villages like mine back in the seventies and eighties when the world wasn't so built up and gone too far into too much nowadays. 

Our world's were young, but still with a history that came before us.  I was just thinking of how my childhood was.  Everyone was home more often, Moms stayed home with their kids, tended to all the housework while the men worked all day.
 We road our bikes all over the village, tried to escape the siblings and younger cousins so they couldn't find what street we were on. 

We had Nana and Grammy to make lots of cookies and sweets on a regular basis.

We had Moms who invited their friends over for coffee, tea and Sarah Lee pound cake or those frozen cakes.  Lawn chairs out in the back yard, lemonade, tents made up of Mom's old quilts so we could play in it all day.  It was hung over clothslines which hardly anyone uses one of those nowadays. 

There were old roads to walk on to get to a nearby Mall and there wasn't anything built up along the way of these old roads from our long ago past.  Nothing but old trees, tall grass and golden rod, which my Mom loved. 

I don't think it really matters which village you came from, the times were the same. 

Life was different back then.  I wouldn't change a thing about my childhood, as it was idyllic. 

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted July 15, 2013

Friday, July 12, 2013

how to Maintain Your Blog

Just how do you find time to maintain your blog is truly up to you.  Making yourself come back often is usually the key to a successful blog.  I should work at this one more often. 

I'm back to writing my posts on my Tablet for this blog.  It was maddening I couldn't use my cheapo laptop for it.  Maybe blogger updates?

I'm also beginning to think about moving, which will be about time I moved from this not pleasant surroundings.  A new neighborhood will do me good.

So, how often to post.  Do you find you do it just a few times out of the week or do you try to do it daily?  I've heard many times that if you post more frequently, you can get more traffic to your blog and potentially be much more successful. 

I've been posting more often again at my Triond site and found myself posting about seven to eight articles there.  Some on writing. 

I believe its a matter of making sure you stick with it and success may suddenly begin to knock on your door.  Quality is also key to effective writing.  To seductively sink in our readers is an important tool to use. 

If they come to your blog and ate not satisfied, they will click away to another blog that shall be more precise to what they long to learn. 

Blogging can be power if you do it often and think about what it is you want to say beforehand.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted July 12, 2013

Monday, July 8, 2013

Dumb Blond Moments

Here I've found myself at Best Buy trying to figure out a dumb blond moment.  Om on the HTC for the moment as the cheapo laptop won't let me type, copy or paste into the body of this post.  I'm brunette, but technically blond as I can't figure out the reason it won't work on the cheapo.

So, anyway, we all are priviledged to have our blond moments even though we have the different hair colors. 
Leaving keys in another place like the garden and the freezer.  My sisterused to put hers there while visiting.  And me the garden years ago.
 Or when we walk into a room and we forget the reason we are in there.  Usually when we go to another room, we remember what it was we needed. 
 I also got thinking about the writer, V. C. Andrews and was remembering I read all her books when in high school.  Then one year, a cousin told me she died.  For years I wondered why she kept coming out with all these new series.  Finally, I looked her up today and she died in 1986.  Her family hired a ghost writer to continue her stories. 

I never want my kids to do that.  I've told everyone I want to live to 100 like Grandma Moses.  I want to dance at my kids weddings, be a Nana and to publish a lot.  I would feel that what I publish should be enough.  And my kids, my sister and brother would have the authority to publish finished novels or they could finish one for me.  Nobody else has the right.

If I were to unexpectedly die young and I'm made to look like a suicide, it is not...  And should my stuff get published after, look into it as its my neighbors who hacked it and they should never have any claim to fame.  Send them to jail with no get out of jail free card. 

And send a grocery store peeping tom to jail for making a fool out of me. 

But it hasn't happened and I've got to learn not to worry so much.  It's tremendously hard being terrorized.  I'm making it my priority now to move when I can.  Hopefully soon.  I would like to see myself by the end of the year with a nice new laptop and working on my dreams. 

O also want to put out there that even homeless people are happy, and they get help to make their lives better. 

I got unlucky and years ago was subjected to a viewing of an awful You are Alone movie.  Do me a favor and blow up that movie.  Nobody is ever alone!!!!!!!

And I never liked the title and I never like what it was about. 

I'm an incredible mother to my four kids, the ex knows it, I know it,y kids know it and they are always going to be in my life.  And thank God someday, they all grow up and can decode for themselves what they believe in and do what they think is right.  And they can live with me if they want. 

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted July 8, 2013

 I should try not to worry so much, but its a fear of having my life cut short because a few lunatics don't want to stop it and make me not publish. 

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Real Life Vampires

Which type of vampire would you rather decide you would rather decide to meet in real life should you ever encounter one?  I think I would so much more enjoy a fictional one as apposed to the ones nobody really wants to see in real life.

But I would definitely enjoy a male boyfriend biting me, that's okay.  When you know them, that's welcome.
And we all as women would love the fictional ones biting us, especially if it's Edward Cullen or his family.  Bennett, Jasper and Carlsyle are all welcome.  Not sure if I've spelled his name correctly. 

Who wouldn't want to be Bella Swan and have one of them bite you?  Or maybe you would rather be Sookey from True Blood and have one of them bite you.  Andrew or her real life husband are both nice as well.

And then there are the countless vampire novels out there that so many women want to devour in one sitting.  You know, the one with the seductive, mesmerizing, tantillizing stare that wants to possess you at every turn!!!  And then his brother or cousin who wants you as well and you've got a massive love triangle on your hands and you wish for the moment you were Esperanza whom is the object of the first bite. 

Very, very tempting girls, ladies, women and vixens.  Temptresses.  All of the above.  You want to get straight to the smut and then when you're done reading that part, you want to find your husband or boyfriend and bite him.

There's Vampire Diaries as well where there's quite the saga going on.  I've got the first season of that one.

But let me tell you that right straight away, nobody wants to ever meet up with the real life vampires.  Believe me, they are never any prize to be sought after.  Who wants the fairytale and then the awful real life horror that comes with meeting real life vampires.

These are the bad seeds that want to hunt you down, stalk you and violate you.  Who wants that?  These are the type of people we read about every day in the newspapers, the online crap that we hear about.  We all know of them.  We see them every day in MSN, Yahoo Trends, Google Trends and anywhere else.  The local news always talks about them as well. 

As soon as you hear about it, you want to shut the TV off and then when you turn it on again in hopes of hearing something nice for a change, you are succumbed to another violent crime.  It seems that every day we hear about something we wish we hadn't heard.

Hopefully nice decent people live in nice neighborhoods and never get to meet a real life vampire.  But then again, even the nicest of neighborhoods have not good company.  I pray you never find them.  Wouldn't it be so much nicer to live near a not nice person or group of people and to never know that they aren't nice?

It's so much better that way, then you just do not know what they are like.

We have people who go shoot innocent victims, good samaritans, decent, kind people who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Fate has a way of spilling out for some people as well and those people wish to god they never lived where they were or went to that Batman Movie or the shopping mall.  Or they happened to be in the golf course at the wrong time, or they get snatched from their homes like the decent Vermont Couriers. 

What an awful devastation.  To go from your fairytale happy existance to find yourself in a life of horror.  It happens.

When a person finds out that something goes on in their life, you have to have all the power within you to overcome it and to see that nothing happens to a hair on your head or someone elses.  Be smart.  And you have a right to know who they are.  Go to the authorities.

A real life vampire is a lunatic, psycho and just plain terrible and awful.  Anyway, I would much rather have a fictional vampire bite me anyday.  Edward Cullen would be on the top of my list for vampires.  He's one of the kindest seeing as they mostly bite animals, for which the real life ones belong in that list.

And then there's Taylor Lautner, an hunk of a werewolf.  I'd take him too.  In my good dreams.  Not the bad.  There's real life werewolves too.

Stay away!!!

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted July 2, 2013