Monday, June 23, 2014

Another good day and we are into summer now.  Doesn't quite feel like summer weather though.  Here in Vermont we are having a cool weather spurt.  Some mornings you want to put on your housecoat or a light cover up.

It just doesn't always get super hot.  Although tomorrow we are supposed to have humid weather.  I got to my kids house today and my son had just gotten back from his camping trip.  They had a time getting back as his roof rack broke and the kayaks went flying.  Sounds like not a very fun time.

He likes his new job.  And I am praying I get a part time job.  I'm supposed to get a call back from them either this afternoon or tomorrow morning.  It's a fashion store and I'm hoping I get it as I've been having a hard time finding something and I just want something.

It would give me something to do and break up my time a little bit.  Anxiously waiting a phone call and do not know if I have it yet.  If I get it, I will still try to blog but it may be sporadic.  I will be balancing my time between a job and seeing my kids and other things.

I was pleasantly surprised by a newborn knitted hat sale today and will be visiting the post office tomorrow to mail it to her.  That was cool to see.

Now I may be tempted to go to the grocery store and put a container of orange juice in my refridgerator.  I shouldn't as it's a sugar overdose and I'm diabetic but I may not be able to resist.  Don't you hate it when your fridge gets bare?

Yesterday, I was hard up and made some popcorn and had nothing to drink later on but water.  But water is really supposed to be best for you.

I'm working on a knitted scarf brown for my daughter and am going to make the same color for my other daughter.  I'm going to wait a few years before I give them to them as I don't want to see them thrown out.  When they are old enough they will appreciate it more.

I listen to Star 92.9 and Mike and Mary in the morning.  This morning they were discussing what is good for burns.  Usually they pick a topic up for discussion and I listen to people calling in with their advice.  Aloe gel was the most important tip I would say!

Jake has started his summer school and just got back.  He always goes every summer.  Because he has downs it is important that he keeps up the school focus so he doesn't lose all of it over the summer.

I spent some time this morning cleaning up my photos in my HTC tablet and on my IPOD.  After a while I've accumulated a lot of photos and didn't need them all.  I had an overdose of my cats.  And on the tablet, I deleted the majority of the photos as I've already uploaded them to the laptop and my zipdrives and didn't want to have to upload them a second time.  

I'm going to try to keep it to new photos and after uploading them will delete them off the tablet.

Well, hmmm....

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted June 22, 2014

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Summer is just about here.  My son graduated last Saturday and it went really well.  Of course the one thing that surprised me is we left early.  My son is in the F in the alphabet so we watched him get his diploma.  Then my ex, my brother and his wife, and the other people in our party got up.  I was like where are you going?

We were leaving.  He wanted to beat the traffic.  It was packed with over 300 students.  Here I was thinking we were staying to watch them all get their diplomas and we were leaving.

Sean saw us get up but didn't know we were leaving.  He thought we were just trying to get a better angle.  So, needless to say he was waiting for us afterwards till he realized we had left.

We got group shots back at the house later and made him put his cap and gown back on for it.  I kept looking through my pictures in the last few days.

We had a nice time and I had a nice visit with my brother and his wife.  That night before I slept over and slept in my girl's room and they took the floor.  I dreamed of littlest pet shops in my daughter's bed.  Go figure.  Weird dream.  Fell asleep to the sound of her fish tank.

Before we went to bed, we watched half of the Conjouring.  There was a bedtime curfew for the girls so we didn't watch it all.  That happens when you start the movie late.

Yesterday, I was at their house again well, the library first and I got a call while I was there from Mollyanne wanting me to take them swimming.  I was half thinking it may be a woman calling me back about a job but it was her.

So, I ended up going early to their house and we drove down the road to their neighborhood pool.  My girls were the older ones there.  There was a bunch of younger kids there.  Mother's with small babies and grade school kids.

I have remembered this time to pack my bathingsuit just in case I want to go swimming.  It wasn't planned so I hadn't brought it.

Later, I spent time on Etsy which is where I will be hanging out after this post.

I have to reapply to Walmart.  I hadn't done it correctly and I have to apply again and take their assessment test.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted June 17, 2014

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Another day at the library.  I've been busy in the forums and creating treasuries.  My views have increased dramatically after creating treasuries and my stuff is being favorited.  Wish it meant more sales.

But I did get a paper doll set sale yesterday so I shouldn't complain.  Not enough to make a big dent but it helps.

It's cool in here.  I should have brought a cover up.  Here I'm dressing for summer and the library is air conditioned.

My son is going to find out if he has a job today I think.  I've figured he will find one before I can but I'll keep trying.  Eventually there will be something.

Fall is coming too and the college kids will need to quit and go to school.  I'm hoping my son can go to college this year.  It will boil down to if he can qualify for the loans or not.  I hope so.

His graduation is almost here and my girls are getting excited for having me sleeping in their room for the night.  They've been video chatting in Google Hangout with their cousins.  I got treated to that yesterday and could see the cousins in their bedroom playing.  A few states away.

Mollyanne had me sit on the floor for a little bit and put a halo on me, horns, a clown hat and other little gadgets.

Fun fun fun.

Well, I'm off to make a few more treasuries and then going home to knit.  I'm working on leggings right now.  Something other than coffee cozies.  I've built up a lot of coffee cozies but seem to have lots of small balls of yarn that I can only make coffee cozies with.

But I've got larger cone yarn to make a bunch of leggings.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted June 10, 2014

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Another sunny day and what do I do?  I'm in the library.  It's cool in here.  Not too many more Saturdays and they are going to be closed on Saturdays for the summer.  Bummer.

Next Saturday is my son's graduation.  He got done school a few days ago and now just waits for graduation day.  He already has applied to a local job and I'm going to assume he will probably have better luck than I am having.

I've been dreaming of food and must be thinking of what there may be for special foods on graduation day.  Hum...   But was dreaming of lots of food.  Which there will not be, but there should be some festivities of the day.

I already know what I am wearing.  It will be something nice and cool as it's going to be hot in there with all those people.

I've been hanging out at Etsy of course.  I finally learned how to make treasuries.  That's making them of other people's items and it helps me too as I gain exposure and get more views and favorites.  And maybe hoping for a sale as well.

It's been three weeks since my last sale and I'm patiently waiting for the next one.  I pumped the items up to 92 and will stop at 100.

I played Brand New Key on You Tube for my girls.  Mollyanne wanted to hear it again yesterday.  She was in a singing mood and was singing some songs from chorus.  Then she wanted to hear me sing to Brand New Key.  Afterwards she played the karoke version where the music plays and I have to sing it by myself.

I've been knitting some more coffee cozies.  You would just imagine I have built up quite a pile now.  I'm thinking at some point I may make some leggings to include on Etsy closer to fall time.  That would be a change.

I've got a ton of yarn to work with and can keep mixing up the colors for the coffee cozies.

I had a phone interview yesterday from a radio station out west about my first mystery, Black Roses.  I almost wasn't going to do the interview and then I changed my mind and went through with the ten minute phone interview.  I could figure out how to download it onto here, but probably won't.

My girls got a hold of my phone yesterday and started texting their cousin.  Before I realized it, my sister was calling and both girls got to talk to her.  And I got my turn later.

Jennifer Jo. Fay

Copyrighted June 7, 2014

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Summer isn't officially here yet, but the need for the fans have begun.  I had to turn mine on for the last few days. Yesterday was quite muggy until we had thundershowers.

Don't you love listening to the rain coming down?  It was pelting down hard for a while.  So I knew that pub customers nearby would not be sitting outside on their patio furniture.  I live in downtown and am nearby the action.  I even get treated to live bands from the nearby pub as I can hear it from my apt.  They usually sound pretty good.

I'm hanging out at the library again and am making use of my time before going to my kids house.  I probably ticked off a business I've been calling once a week or a little longer about jobs and there isn't a cashier position available yet.  He claims he will call me when there's one available, but as a person looking I have to feel I need to call back periodically to see if there is anything.  These places don't always call you back like they say they do and I don't want to pass up a possible job.

I applied to a different job and I'm not calling back as I don't think I'm qualified.  I don't know how to use a forklift and it sounds like a man's job.

Sometimes you just know when you don't think you will qualify for something.

I've been knitting more coffee cozies and soon I plan to go to the Etsy forums to start posting.

Do you feel like you wake up early sometimes?  My cats get me up early to be fed, then I go back to bed for a little bit.  I usually get myself up by six am as I want coffee.  I ended up more like 5:30am this morning or a little later.  I was wide awake and sometimes you just can only lie awake in bed for so long before you know you can't do it any longer.

So, I have had my coffee and plan on another cup at my kids house.  My son wondered why I can drink coffee on a hot day.  Funny huh?  Us adults just need our coffee.  And that cup at my kids house is like sitting with a drink.  It's relaxing to drink it while I'm talking with my oldest.

I'm hoping he gets to go to college.  It's going to determine whether or not he can qualify for the loans and if not, he's waiting a year.  I hope he gets to go.

He has one more day of school tomorrow and he is officially done and waits for the graduation day.  I've already got my dress picked out and can hardly wait.

We've got a new fashion store coming soon to my area so there's another place I'm hoping to get into.  Times are tough and I'm playing the waiting game and applying for what is out there which isn't a whole hell of a lot.

Jennifer Jo.. Fay

Copyrighted June 5, 2014

Monday, June 2, 2014

What defines the day for you.  Do you like it when you get things done or does it bother you when not everything gets done right away?

Sometimes I don't like it when not everything gets done but then I have to look on the bright side that perhaps it was for a reason that I wasn't always able to tackle everything that needed tending to.

The weekends are great for relaxing so if I don't always get everything taken care of I will take a moment or two to vedge out.

I treated myself to listening to Melanie Safka yesterday and had to replay it a few times.  What a voice.  I realized that she was a teenager when I was a baby.  During the year of Woodstock, I was one year old.

I'm a seventies child but the flower power era went into the seventies so it grew on us.  I'm remembering Brand New Key from my childhood days.  Mom used to have her Melanie record out and I do remember hearing Brand New Key and Ruby Tuesday.

I learned of some of her other songs later last year.  Miley Cyrus sang to Look What they've done to my Song Ma.

Well, today is cool.  I have made some coffee cozies and plan to go to Etsy to the forums in a little bit.  I was online filling out applications.  There's just not a lot out there.  But I won't give up.  Eventually something will turn up.

Sometimes do you wonder if places are discriminating?  Sometimes they tend to go for the college kid before the older adult.  Just saying.  You never know and all these places nowadays have their pick and choice out of many applicants.  It makes it hard for a person to even find something.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted June 2, 2014