Thursday, June 27, 2013


Memories are absolutely the best.  Nobody can ever take that away from us.  It's our stuff.  The things that make us happy, how we love them. 

Yesterday was the anniversary of my Mom's death and it's been twelve years, but nothing will ever take away the void.  It's never a happy occasion to have to put your mother into the ground.  Or your Dad.  Anyone you have ever loved, it's the hardest thing to  deal with.  Nobody wants to have to say goodbye to a loved one.

Anyway, my mom was a beautiful person, inside and out and she will be forever missed.  It does get better over time, but it does not change the fact she is gone and is never coming back.  There will be no other Cheryl Anne.  Nobody just like her.

I spent time at my home yesterday, and hated the fact that I got harassed by one lunatic in my building in particular and all I could think of is, give me some privacy on the the day of my mother's death date anniversary.  He was bullying me in the hallway. 

He's been teaching a friend's kid it's okay to do it too, and it finally made me mad enough to take out my trash, and then go over to a group of mom's and the kid.  I told them and the kid he's not to name call me in the hallway and on my porch.  I told the kid he can say it all he wants somewhere else, but quite frankly I told him and the moms, I'm an adult and the kid shouldn't do it.  Told the Mom's that he's a little kid and doesn't know better. 

And I was glad to have one of the Mom's tell the kid it's disrespectful.  Should have thanked her but I didn't think.

I had told the kid respect your elders. 

Does anyone hear anyone say Elder anymore?  I mean, I grew up in the age where all of the adults told us, "Respect your elders."  I don't hear that very much nowadays.  But that's how we used to get told some manners.

Kids are little and just don't realize what they are doing wrong.  Anyway, that was that little moment.  One of the mom's got bent out of shape I was bringing it up, but I wasn't going to stand for having a kid bullying me, an adult in my hallway or on the porch all the time, when I can hear 100% correctly and to hear him bullying me as soon as the kid sees me come outside or come back from somewhere.  It's not appropriate, disrespectful and not appreciated.

Well, those are the memories I would rather not remember.  We all have good memories and bad ones.  We don't want to remember what has been done to us.  But, I guess we do because we can't forget it.  Some we can forgive and some of it we will never forgive.

Losing someone you love is bad as well, it's hard to remember how much pain my Mom was in.  She suffered with the Colon Cancer for about three years, stage four when she found out and they told her she had one month to live.  She got three  years!!!

Anyway, I miss her every day, and right about now, I wish she were here with me while I endure all this uncalled for torture from lunatics.  It's not fair she's gone.

It's not fair to have anyone taken from you too early.  We can accept things so much more when we know they have had a full life.  Mom only had a half a life.  I want to have a full life.  Like I've said several other times, I want to live long like Grandma Moses.  100 or more is a very full life.

I want to be able to finish writing and publishing all my novels without worrying that I'm going to be plagerized by hackers who have retrieved my stuff before it's even finished.  I deserve to be able to finish writing my Mom's recipe book and the story of her life.  I deserve to write and publish that.  And like Stephen King, I have the right to write about something that happened to me and make it different in a fiction novel.  That's my right.  It's not slander. 

Like one of my other novels got loosely based on something that happened to me a few years ago when one of my daughter's little friend's stole some nail polish.  It just kick started a novel that is nothing to do with them and no stolen nail polish ever enters the novel.  But we as authors have a right to use little bits and pieces of our lives in our fiction.  How can we not?

And I will have every right to write The Price of Being a Good Samaritan.  It's of course going to be different than what has happened to me, but I have a right to write and publish it someday  without worrying these lunatics are going to hunt me down because I've just published.  They don't have the right.  And I'm not going to let any of them threaten me ever to not write and publish my novels.  I'm going to get my new laptop and finish what I need to do.  And I hope the FBI will help me crack down on these hackers.

Hacking is a terrible thing.

And I will be publishing as Jennifer Jo Fay.  I don't want some pen name and I want to write under the name I was born with.  I would want it so that people see I've published under my name and the people who know me would know I finally published again.  That's my right.

And my memories are my memories.  They deserve to get published in books.  I like that there are little snippets of me in my novels.  Not that a stranger could pick all of it out, but it makes the novel more real.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted June 27, 2013

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Short and Sweet

I'm going to make this short today.  I've had a scary thing happen.  Last night I was trying to make my complaint to FBI at the library, I finally got done and there was one thing wrong and suddenly I got sent out of the page and lost my complaint and the library closed.  I arrived back and got a scare.  Last night early on, I cooked something to eat, turned off the microwave timer and turned off the burner.  Electric.  I always turn off my burner.  My scary feeling is that I was gone all day, got back not sure if there was any jimmying of my locks.  And the fact is that the burner was warm, slightly hot but nothing further away was hot.  And another fact was the coil was not even orange, which is telling me it hadn't been on long.  Leads me to the hacking and the fact I was a good samaritan in the fall which led to the terrible hacking of a group of not nice neighbors and truly bad. 
Anyway, I am hoping to god nobody actually came in, but it's suggesting it.  I'm thinking that if it was all night, I would have other things hot after a long time and I know for a fact I turned it off.

So today, I have spent a while getting my complaint into FBI and it's in.  I am hoping at least to make it so these people stop hacking and retrieving all my stuff.  They probably have Key logger software and because I was naive in the fall with the no security and insecure internet, they hacked, came in, broke in I'm sure put it physically in there, and the new one they have done whatever they did as well basically because it's a terribly outdated refurbished laptop. 

They got the vital info they need to know on the ones I know are doing it and hopefully they can crack down on some of them.  At least if they can crack down on the one recent one that's been letting me know he knows my Ravelry and all the other crap, the threats to plagerize my UNPUBLISHED NOVELS.  THE Glorious Money Tree Trilogy, Lustful Evangelean and the others.  But wouldn't I be horrified if I was to someday start working strongly on the Trilogy and finish all three books and they retrieved and published before I can figure out how to format for Kindle Publishing. 

I've been thinking how horrified I would be to see my work out there by someone else none other than my not nice, vicious and insane neighbors.  They are truly insane for doing this crap all because of being a good samaritan.  Those cops wanted us to help and I blindly did it.  Can't take it back.  That is the reason for the awful stalking.  I would be absolutely crushed should my most creative work be taken from me.  My writing career in a sense wrecked!!

I'm so glad that I got that complaint in and hopefully it will bring me a little justice at least for that, can't bring justice to all the threats and scare tactics, but as long as I feel that when I finally get that new laptop with windows 8, Webroot and spring for my own internet, I will be a happy girl.  To have a piece of mind that I can work on my novels and other stuff without all that tremendous worry will be a load off my mind.

So if anyone feels that they may have been hacked into in some way and you believe you need to act on it.  If nothing else works, go to the FBI and they will crack down on hackers.  That is so frowned upon when any sort of hacker gets your vital information about anything.

And I am praying to god that by some insane thing, maybe I left my stove on.  But I think I would have had those coils orange and more signs of heat.  I could tell it wasn't on long.

Maybe this will keep them at bay more in other ways as well.  I'm seriously safe once I get into my locked apt and see nobody in there and my stuff not taken anymore.  I didn't like any of my things stolen.  The final things I noticed and it's from a while ago before locks were changed.  This girl didn't have a lock that fit her door!  It never locked my deadbolt.  I went to get my Trousseau saucer to eat off from and suddenly I noticed all 12 of them gone.  That nice Pflaltzgraff stuff given to me for wedding gifts by special people.  And the other thing was how I was for a little while noticing two of my sets of silverware mostly missing and I was left with my Nana's set and the miscellaneous.  Not quite so heart broken about my sets but still angry they took it.  They must have figured I had an abundance of silverware.  Oh well.

But, nothing stolen since I got my locks changed the last time. 

Moral of the story, when you move in somewhere make sure it's your lock, and make sure you always lock the deadbolt because that's your security.  And that's about the best you can usually due unless you have to take extra security methods like me.  And  then there is always the slim fact that if someone wants to get into your home really badly they can find a way. 

It's been done all over the world to many .people.  We see it in the movies and we hear about it in real life.  That's the sad state of our world as we know it today.  It's a crying shame.

And number one, like me, stay happy, keep plugging and even though things may be distracting sometimes in any issue, don't let anything stop you from doing the things you like.

I don't.  I still knit, sew lately those countless yo yo circles and I hand write the novels for now.  They will get done and published.

I enjoyed part of my afternoon at a pool with my kids, then onto a park to write one of the chapters in the Glorious Sun, and then onto the library where I liike to go to do my things I like to do online.

Okay, I've got to get out of MacDonald's before I get charged for sitting in their seat.  That's why I like to go to the library more often as sometimes we feel guilty when maybe we can't get that Sausage Biscuit all the time.  On my next visit I will treat my hankering!!!!

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted June 23, 2013

Revision:  I went home to test my theory on my burner.  Someone definitely came in and turned it on on me.  I turned it on, it's electric with a coil burner.  My coils stay orange.  The burner was not orange.  And if it had been on all night, I would have seen the orange upon walking out to the kitchen.  My lights are off at night.  Plus my fire alarm would have gone off.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ban Spy Gadget Sites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I personally think these spy gadget sites should be banned.  I can't believe what is out there and all the crap I have been reading on hackers of all kinds.  LG smartphones supposedly can be hacked so that they make money on hacking our phones.  That was one website I went to to read.  It may have been HUffington Post or somewhere like that.

But then upon looking up other things, I was surprised that there are thermal cameras, and all kinds of gadgets out there that can spy on people, monitor our actions and so on.  It's a really scary world out there.  Maybe it has some good for certain things.

I mean, if police have this information, it can be a good thing to catch bad people in action.  It's probably good as well if say you are a wife or something and you want to catch one of your family members in action on something.  Say, you're worried about your teen or you think your ex is cheating on you.

Or a place of business may want something to make sure there's nobody doing things they aren't supposed to, then it's good.

When it turns ugly, is when bad people get all these stuff and use it to their advantage.  Like to listen to the cops, or anyone in their vicinity.

And for poor me, it's been used to violate the crap out of my privacy.  A good samaritan, the innocent victim of bad people.  Makes me so so mad, but the only thing is I haven't found the proof to get them put in the slammer.  I wish I had the proof because that is where they need to be.

This makes so much more sense to me that these people near me have all the gadgets to use in not good ways.  Certain phone devices can pick up a conversation within a certain vicinity.  Some up to 33 feet away, etc...  Phone recorders to tape phone recordings etc......  Police scanners.  These nuts definitely have a police scanner.  I don't have proof on anything, but that one I know they have and to what extent they can use with those things I do not know.

Any way, these sites have all kinds of different gadgets, phone recorders, other phone devices that can tap into anyone's conversations up to a certain distance, listening devices when put into a wall can monitor everything in a room down to the God damned whisper that in all right minds, nobody should hear if one wasn't bugged.

There's the thermal cameras that can actually see through walls to see what you are doing.  I got this question answered in Yahoo answers when people said that they can see you through the walls if it is a thermal camera.  I also had to laugh on one comment that afterwards said to walk around with a foil hat on your head.  That made my day so far today.

It's nasty that people can tap into your phone conversations and record your phone calls.  There's also gadgets that can change a person's voice to sound like something different.  How awful is that in the wrong hands?

Watch out if you are severely stalked like I am.  I made the mistake of taking the LG battery out of my phone a few nights ago and when I put it back in, I forgot I had to type in my security password.  Made me mad and I had to end up changing it the next morning to something different.  I had no sooner typed in my password that night, and a few seconds later I heard an Blank Blank Blank Nutjob say, "Bicentennial year."  Needless to say, I will never be using that again as any sort of password ever.  Meaning they've either hacked my phone or they have one of their nasty gadgets upstairs to monitor my crap.

There's X-ray gadgets, and god knows what else on these sites.  I didn't look at everything.  All sorts of surveillance cameras, and even the key logger software that lets a person retrieve from any pc online or offline.  That makes me mad as well.  And it makes me nervous to get my new laptop at some point.  I would be inclined to think they wouldn't be able to get into your stuff offline unless if they know your model number or certain information to do that.

Make great passwords for all your stuff and just pray to god you live near good neighbors because I am telling you all right now, if you've been the unfortunate gal like me to live near bad ones, you are going to be in for some nasty crap done to you.  Druggy people are unpredictable and down right terrible. 
I'm wishing these people to be buried on Pluto or even better, some other Galaxy would be just delicious.

Jennifer Jo Fay
Copyrighted June 19, 2013

Monday, June 10, 2013

Finding time to Write or Not

When do we as writers want to find time to write?  We've got to do it, we know we need to get on our saddles and literarily ride our high horse there and just DO IT!!!!!!!

But, what about when we don't?  Like the WEEKEND!!!!  When maybe we don't want to write at all on some days.  Are you dead in the water, so to speak?  Sometimes, me.  I don't think I wrote too much this weekend.  I did do my posting on Saturday to my blog I think and Triond.  But, Friday was more likely my day when I pumped out the Triond articles.  I'm trying to go for a record this month to see if I can earn the most I have ever earned at Triond in a month.  I'm getting there.  Last month was a good month and I didn't even write on the site for the whole month.

But, really, who wants to write on the WEEKEND!!!  Sometimes we do, but it's also nice just to have some quiet time.  I saw my kids which is always a great thing.  Then, I had done some yard saling and the best buy of the day was a cool footstool.  I remodeled it with pretty fabric, lace from my wedding dress and made some pockets to put a magazine etc. 

Then, I got in the sewing mood and made one of those pockets you put over the arm of the couch.  And wouldn't you know after I was done with the footstool, my cat, Ella decided she wanted to claw it.  We'll see how that goes.

And then, I had a movie day where I played about four movies, including Twilight Breaking Dawn part 2 and The Postman.  Costner and Bethlehem are both cool.  And the girl in it has some guts, sort of like me.  Guts, meaning I'm not going to let bad neighbors continue to stalk me especially when I am ready to move somewhere else.  It's not their right to stalk me, and should they ever break in (They won't) I would feel like that girl in the movie and would defend myself!!!!!

And then, a really weird thing happened yesterday while I was in the livingroom.  It was quiet and all of a sudden one of my window sensors went off and I was nowhere near it and my cats were nowhere near it.  The alarm just decided to go off on it's own.  Really strange.  A ghost?

And, I've started to sew up those old yo yo circles I was cutting about a year and a half ago.  One of those days, that blanket throw will get finished.  I finally decided to make a little yo yo bracelet and it came out cute.  And I had unfinished fabric strips for those fabric bracelets, so I forced myself to finish a bunch of those.  And my girls are going to get some of them.

And I've started a Mary Alice black shrug sort of like the one Alice Cullen wears in one of the movies.  Except when I went to start the free Ravelry pattern, I got mixed up on the lace pattern, so it's going to end up being random.  Oh well.  I may try another one and see if I can follow the pattern. 

And I happened upon a Ravelry pattern for the Kate Middleton green shrug she wore to the grocery store one day.  The one with the ruffle.  I bought the pattern and will see if I can try to make it sometime.  I will probably wait until I can afford a nice green yarn for it.  And hopefully I will be able to figure out how to do the pattern. 

It may end up being that it's stockinette stitch and the ruffle if I can't figure out the lace part.  Started reading it and there's some things in it I haven't learned how to do yet.  But will attempt sometime.

And now, it's Monday and I'm back to writing.  I've gotten a bunch on Triond.  jfay1995

I decided to add a few recipe ones as well, as they say that sometimes you can do well there with the recipes.

But anyway, the WEEKEND is over and it's back to writing for all of us writers who decided to take a few days break.  How do we get back into the swing of things?

I know my novels are having a hiatus but I just don't dare to get them into this cheapo laptop and have that really jerk of a guy retrieve it and plagarize.  I've had so many worries about that.

But, when I get my new nice laptop at some point, I've got to take it somewhere, put a really good password on the laptop, get the firewall and nice Windows 8 which will definitely help and I've got to just start getting the novels and my recipe books in there as I have to finish my stuff.

And I'm just going to have to not keep worrying that the nut will take my stuff.  He should know that plagarism is a serious crime and if I find my stuff out there, I will sue him and then I have the right to bring out all the stalking as well and how he came about retrieving my stuff.  Along with the rest of his druggy friends.

A writer has to do what they have to do.

Mondays can be hard and we have to potentially face writer's block as well.  I've started a little prompts book for myself.  I had started one a long time ago for when I was writing poetry a few years ago. 

I think I've got a few posts somewhere in the bowels of this blog on some cool poetry prompts.

A little while ago, I was thinking that they would also be cool to publish as a book of prompts.  I was really thinking that would be neato.

But then the more I thought about it, I am not sure I want to.  And my thinking is that, these are my writing prompts, my ideas and cool words and short short stories that perhaps I want to keep for myself for a rainy day.

This is making me think back to a few of my other posts.  My STORYLINE STARTERS.  I think I probably published three to four of these posts.  They were short short storyline prompts which I wrote.  Some of them had a cool picture to go by.

I keep forgetting that is another way of getting ourselves out of writer's block by writing about an image.  I should try that more often.  It's fun.  The photographer in me remembers how we used to have to talk about photographs in photography class in college.  We had to describe what was in the foreground and the background and all kinds of aspects of what the photograph has to tell to us, the viewer.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted June 8, 2013

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Why it's good to Re-Write a novel and another cool post.

Why it’s good to Re Write a Novel
Have you ever decided to just put that unfinished novel away for a long time and you don’t want to see it again?  Or you finished it, edited it more times than you care to do, and you still know it needs more work.  As the author, we usually put something away for a little bit and we need a breather.
Sometimes it’s good to have more than one novel in the works, so if you get stumped on one, you can then retreat to the other one and work on that for a change.
It is often good to go back and re write something after some time has passed.  You can begin to see it in a new life.  What you once thought of as great writing, maybe needs some reflection on making it even better.
Even the best writers need to go back and make the words better.  Don’t just settle for the fact you’ve written maybe one draft and you are calling it that is the way the novel is going to be and nothing will make it better because you believe it is perfection. 
In most cases, the first draft of any work of writing is not that case.  It’s usually filled with flaws and you, the writer needs to fix things.
You need to learn as part of being a really good writer, you need to as well be your own best editor.  Yes, someone else can do the editing for you, but I believe that it’s a good education for the writer to be able to learn how to edit for yourself.
Be brave enough to take things out of context and change something for the better.  Maybe you started out with Georgia to be the nice innocent woman, but maybe you want to mix things up and have her be a little bad.  Make her breath a little life into the character because she comes with flaws and will be more believable if she’s not perfect.
We don’t live in a perfect world and why should the characters be flawless?  We can respect a character better if you make them come with flaws and then they come to a realization about something that is going to make them change their ways.  To come to a conclusion and an ending to the novel that perhaps wasn’t there before.
I’ve just recently decided to start re writing an old novel that has never been published.  It was my very first romance novel I started about eight to ten years ago, Lustful Evangelean.  I got it edited and it had some very good points in it and definitely had the flaws as well.  I had taken about two years to write it and then, I got the edited version edited by a local editor who gave it an evaluation.  It had some very good parts about it she wanted to see more of.
Around that time, I decided to leave the novel in a drawer or someplace where we just want to shove the novels we’re working on for a while.  This is the time where we try to be able to eventually come back to it.
I stopped writing for a little bit I think and I know I spent a few years just reading books for a while.  A writer must always be reading as well to learn to be constructive in our thoughts.
Then, of course back in 2010, I was ready to jump back into the writing, worked on different things, self published my first mystery.  And then of course, dived into writing for Triond, Hubpages and starting to learn all about blogging. 
Then I thought, hey, I would like to try writing my first fantasy trilogy.  Still in the midst of finishing the first book.  And the recipe books and knitting books.
Finally, last night I began to write the first page of Lustful Evangelean over again.  It was kind of funny starting to read the first page of what I had written a long time ago.  I had begun to edit it again in 2010 and never got through editing the whole book.  I believe I stopped on a certain page and convinced myself I could write my first mystery novel instead.  From which Black Roses was born , edited and published.  That one, I would call a hard core mystery as it’s about a stripper.
And then, I’ve jumped into a fantasy trilogy which isn’t hard core.  An author can possess talents for writing many different types of books.
So, as I read what I had re written a long time ago, I came to it last night with new eyes.  We grow up as writers and evolve.  I would call this novel I wrote many years ago as once being very flowery and when it is finally done and I feel it is someday completed it will have a completely different feel to it.
As writers, we learn what works and what doesn’t.  What we once thought was the best writing may now be what we would want to throw in the trash.  We begin to think, “We wrote that?”
We can always make the writing better.  There’s room for it to be something else entirely.
I’m not quite sure where this novel is going to end up heading to, but I know I am going to make it so much better than it was before.  And when I am ready to say it’s completed, it will be time to figure out how to format and publish it.

Jennifer Jo Fay
Copyrighted June 5, 2013

Just when do you call the Novel Done?
What do all you writers out there think about the writing process?  When do you call your novels done?  Some of us writers participate in NaBloPoMo or I forget what the other one is called.  The activity many writers sign up to see how fast they can get a novel done.  Can one get a novel done in a month?
Can you write your novel in a week?  That’s pushing oneself to the limits of a human being being able to complete those many words in a very short time frame.  But, I guess it could be done.  People have surprised their editors at how fast they can write something.
Alas, we can’t all be James Pattersons and write and publish all those novels in a year’s time, but you never know really.  I think it is how bad one wants something or how much someone wants to push their own limits to get something like that finished.
What works for one author, will most likely not be the same for the other author.  It probably has a big factor of what each author brings to their tables and what one feels is completed.
Some writers take even ten years or more to finish a novel.  I believe if I remember right, it takes Joyce Carol Oates longer to finish her novels.  Every author has their own perception for when their writing feels finished and whole.
Just as a fine art masterpiece needs to work as a whole to be complete, so does the finished novel.
True, you may want to see if you have it in you to finish a novel within a week or a month, but that does not actually call it done.  Which brings me to the whole editing process.
Many of us authors want to make sure we have a very refined piece of writing before we can even attempt to call it complete.  We rework things until we’re blue in the head as we want the finished novel to be absolutely flawless.
Every author will also tell you that no book ever written is completely perfect.  That is what keeps an author to keep writing new novels as we want to see if the next one will be even better than the first one.
A novel is truly done when you can go through it many times, read it all over again, fix what you want to fix, fix it again and again until you believe it has arrived at the place where you feel it is finally ready for publishing.
Every author arrives at this point at a different time frame.  Some can call it down within a matter of months while others take years to finish something they started.  I guess it depends on their work habits as well and what they believe is a great novel.
Any great novel has to be able to read smoothly through the whole thing.  All the characters and their actions have to be absolutely convincing to make the readers want to buy the book and to be able to keep flipping the pages.
That’s what you, the author has to set out to do when writing your masterpiece.  Make it great.  Keep it interesting.  And above all make your readers want to see the heroine and the hero all the way through.  And to have them be really happy when the bad guy or bad girl gets her just desserts.

Jennifer Jo Fay
Copyrighted June 5, 2013

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

How to Keep your Passwords Safe

Are you like me and you feel that you have to keep changing your passwords?  I think with the Internet booming and it's getting bigger than ever, we have to watch out for all the scary things happening on the web.  Which means hackers, phishers, scammers and all of the other categories within this bracket are getting lightning fast at gaining our important information which is ours and we need to find our ways to protect it.

I've been reading a lot on hackers because I have those very mean neighbors hacking into my things.  Which means I have to learn to be password savvy to keep them out.  Protect my important stuff.

I really don't like it when that tall skinny guy comes out of his apt. and he starts talking about my Ravelry downloads I am quietly looking at for that quiet moment inside my apt.  Which of course tells me that all along he and others have hacked into my HTC tablet.  Now, I'm only planning to use this tablet for my Ravelry downloads and going to that one site.  Will keep changing my password to that and to the security on my laptop and if the not nice guy can see that I'm reading all about hackers, tough.

Someone mentioned to me recently they may have a police scanner which may be able to pick up nearby signals.  Anyway, I don't know exactly how they are able to hack, but I don't like them knowing any of my online information.

Here are some tips to learn about creating our passwords.  Create a really good one as the stronger the password, the longer it's going to take a hacker to get your info.

I've lived and learned to finally not have the same password for every site.  I had the same password for a while during all the crap I went through with these bad people.  Which is why they were able to hack into my emails etc...

Have a different password for every site.  Use uppercase and lower case, random numbers also is good.  Never use your name in it.  They say a simple password can be hacked within ten minutes.  How scary is that?  I read an article yesterday where it's a good idea to make it longer.  Think up oddball passwords.  Don't go into the dictionary and pick out something.  Get creative with it.  And also, when you have your password, write either a hint or the password down somewhere where you will be able to remember what it is.

Never use the same passwords over again.  There's endless ideas to what your password can be.

If you feel comfortable using something like Keypass or Passwordsafe for your passwords, go for it.  Those can be very useful and then all you have to do is copy and paste.  I'm not sure if I feel comfortable with using it for myself as these people are so vicious, I don't want them knowing my password for one of those two sites should I sign up for one.  And then, they've got all your passwords.

Protect yourself.  Change them more often if you would like.  If you have a long unusual password, it can take them weeks or longer or months before they can crack it and then by that time, you've created a new one and they can't get in.

Also, create a darn good password for your laptop so that they can't even get into it at all.  I would think.  It says that they cannot hack into your laptop when you are offline, unless if they have installed something that lets them do it while you are offline or if your laptop is off.  There may be a few acceptions that say they can but for the most part they can't get in if you are offline.

If they know your password for your secure wifi if you have your own service, they can get in and retrieve information, files, deleted files in your hard drive, your recycle bin, etc..  They can help themselves.  Same with if you are using insecure wi fi at local public places, they can get in and retrieve whatever they want, maybe install something, who knows.  It's scary.  It would be my hope though if I have a very secure password on my laptop and keep changing it, that it's going to take them some time before they can get in.

And what if I was to change it when I hop on and when I'm done, I change it again.  It's going to mess them up, I would think.

This girl is going to become password savvy and beat them at their game, and when I finally get that new laptop, I'm going to put a darn good password on it and I'm thinking I'm going to use it primarily offline for my novels and the real important stuff.  I'll use this junky one for the internet fun.  Ha ha...

Well, on to change a few more passwords, then start writing more posts.  And I want to get back to my place before this guy can take anymore of my mail from my mail box.  I know who it is, but it's my word against his.  I wish the cops would someday get a search warrant for his apt and they will find my divorce court paper for the date I missed.  Had I gotten that important piece of mail, I would have been there.  And now, I can't have this guy taking my check or my important bills next.  He's a terrible person.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted June 4, 2013

Monday, June 3, 2013

How to Write Your Memoirs and Tips for Knitters

How to Write your Memoirs.
Have you ever thought about your life experiences and wish to write them down?  Maybe you have gotten older and the kids and grand children are asking you about your life.  Have you been thinking of getting it documented but either do not know how or don’t have the time?
Here’s your chance to start writing down your memories before it’s too late.  Because, your memories if unrecorded will end up going to the grave with you if you don’t write down important highlights of your life for your children and theirs.
You can begin by going shopping and getting the journals you would like to use for writing things down and you may want to use certain types of pens.  If you want to get really classy, you could use those fine tip black marker pens.  You can usually get a two pack at the grocery store and they are relatively cheap.  I use those ones when I’m  making my paper dolls and I’ve also used them to write with.
Pick a certain time out of each day when you want to sit down to write about things.  And have your writing space prepared for you.  Maybe you just want to get it handwritten first before actually typing it out.  Lots of writers do that.
Many people choose to self publish their memoirs and buy copies for their family and friends.  That’s one option.  Or maybe you would like to see it as an e-book and want to sell it to a larger audience.
But first, you need to begin.  What part of your life would you wish to write about first?  Maybe do a little outline of the parts of your memoirs.
Teenage years
Adult phase
Married life
Middle age
Growing older

Roughly there’s a beginning.  Then maybe you want to have a whole bunch of highlights for each section.  Also, it may help you to have pictures to go by and then you can just start writing down all your thoughts.
Keep a journal as well just to record anything you are thinking.  Sometimes a journal helps to make it all really personal.
Also, you may want to pick up a few books on memoir writing as they will have a bunch of prompts to maybe kick start your writing.

Jennifer Jo Fay
Copyrighted June 2, 2013

Tips for Knitters
Calling all knitters and beginning knitters.  You have decided this is probably going to be your hobby or your career and you from time to time may come up against problems in your knitting.  Here is a little bit of odds and ends to give you some basic tips.
Begin by looking at your pattern books and start figuring which ones you want to try.  Remember if you are a beginner, you will want to start with something easy.
Have a great yarn stash, and keep your little extras after you are done knitting a project.  They come in handy if you want to do a small project and it’s only going to call for a small amount of yarn for each color.
Or if you are an experienced knitter, the small scraps of yarn can come in handy for a Fair Isle pattern you want to try.
Keep a little notebook for knitting notes.  Iet comes in especially handy if you know how to write your own patterns or you are making your own pattern, you will need to write down the instructions before finishing in case you want to make it again or put it in a book you might want to publish.
Collect a good stash of knitting needles as you never know when you may need a certain size.  Or sometimes you can’t find the size in your same color set, and it really doesn’t matter if you are color coordinated with your needles.
Casting on is very easy. You may want to knit your first row or you can knit it in pattern, but sometimes it is easy just to knit the first row.  Your choice.
Learn the different techniques if you would like to try double stranded knitting.  It’s the same as using one strand only it is doubled.  Which means it will be a thicker knitted item.  Practice with your yarn stash as to how thick you want your knitting to be.  Sock weight double stranded would almost be like knitting with a worsted weight yarn.
Try different stitches as well to get used to how to do them.  That way, you have more of a variety.
If you are doing an elaborate pattern, you may want to invest in a stitch counter, or have a Bee Count app with your tablet or another stitch counter app with a Nook or a Kindle.  And then, there’s the plain old little row counter you can attach to a safety pin and keep putting down which row you left off on.  Or an index card to write it down would work well too.  You want to make sure you know where you left off to avoid mistakes.
Sometimes we can catch mistakes if we’re on a row and we don’t have to go too far back, but it’s a pain in the neck to see a mistake we did say ten or twelve rows back.  Not many of us want to unravel all that work.
If using different colors say for stripes or something, leave yourself a good tail so you can later weave in your ends.
Well, this is a good start.  I’ll think up another knitting post later on.
Jennifer Jo Fay
Copyrighted June 2, 2013

These are two of the fourteen posts I did yesterday and today I'm publishing them here and at Triond.  Makes me mad, I've got a not nice neighbor thinking he has a right to fiddle with either this site and Triond to get it so I can no longer do either one.  And Triond only makes me a few dollars so it's really nasty for some jerk guy to think he has the right so I can't make a measly few dollars to buy a few groceries.  Isn't that the nastiest!  Well, I'm publishing this now and changing passwords.  Makes me mad I have to keep changing the passwords all the time, but hey, I can't have someone hacking in and wrecking my writing career. 

One tip for knitters: Have lots of books with cool patterns, magazines and cool Ravelry downloads.  You never know when you are going to be inspired by one or you see an awesome pattern you just want to have for yourself or to give to a friend or sell them at a local Craft show.  There's no rule that says you can't sell them at a local craft show.  You took the time to make it, you can sell it if you want.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Reality Show Mania

Reality Show Mania
I have been thinking of doing a post on reality shows for a little bit and I had to look up on the subject as I couldn’t remember too many.  Anyway, I found a site that had so many to choose from.  What a funny thing.  I just kept going and going, scrolling down all the options.  There had to easily be over one hundred different reality shows.
It goes to show you that there are really too many to choose from..
So of course some of our first ones are Survivor and there are just way too many seasons on that one.  I believe into season 26 but I’m not sure as I haven’t seen it in a long time.  . My kids and I used to watch the first seasons and then I think after season five or seven, I stopped watching it.  But for a while that was our popcorn and movie night.
The very first reality shows were Star Search.  I was kind of surprised to see that one, but I would have considered that one more of a talent show.  However it was in the list so they probably believe it could be the very beginnings of reality shows.
I forgot there's the Toddlers and Tiaras show where you can insanely watch all the mothers promoting their tiny beauties as if it meant everything to their careers.  When they're only little kids and just need to have that kid time.
There's the Keeping up with the Kardashians.  I've never seen it but I've heard all about it.  And then you have take offs from it with Khloe and Lamar, Kourtney and Kim take Miami and the other they take NY.
There's reality shows like LA Ink where you can watch people get all these intense tattoos.  We've got Nanny 911 where maybe must be a nanny gets to constantly call 911.  911 abuse?  Just kidding.
We've got seven of those Real Housewives series where there's one for each big City.  I have watched a few episodes of one of those and seriously am not interested.
I vaguely remember the Mole.  Used to watch The Amazing Race, America's Got Talent, Big Brother, The Apprentice, The Weakest Link, The Simple Life, The X-Factor.  The X-Factor used to gross me out big time on the foods they tried to eat.  Good lord.  The cow or bull body parts were disgusting almost enough to turn the station but the other half wanted to watch it.
There's reality shows for Tori and Dean, Ice loves Coco, Anna Nicole Show, Hogan knows best, 19 kids and counting and others.
Then we have shows like The Biggest Loser, Renovate my Family, Hoarders, Teen Wolf (not starring Michael J. Foxx), Teen Mom, Amish Mafia.  Now that one sounds kind of interesting.  I'm trying to picture Amish people dressed in black with guns.  Hmmm....  Amish tough guys.
Bachelor and the Bachelorette, Average Joe, The Beverly Hillbillies (not the ones singing the old song from the original black and white series), Blow out, whatever that one is.
Are you smarter than a 5th grader, Blond Charity Mafia (run by a bunch of blond barbies?) and I love this one, Are you Hot?  I would say not in December but everyone will be hot in July.
Borrow, Beg and Deal, Farmer wants a wife (Green Acres?), Ghost Hunters (my kids have watched that one) and Harry loves Lisa, Have fork will travel (yes, with a fork, I will travel to my bowl to eat my dinner).
Oh, almost forgot, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo (I hear her dog may have died?).
Boot camp, Breaking Bonadouce, (this one had me laughing as I remember watching him on that talk show with Mario Lopez and a few other guys.  He's kind of fun to watch but he seems like he is a ladies man.  If I've got it right this is Danny from the Partridge Family. 
There's Jacksons, Jennie Garth Little bit Country, there's lots of food reality shows, Hell's Kitchen,
 Top Chef, shows on models, Jon and Kate plus eight,

Here's a few of my favorites but will never watch them. Hoarding Buried Alive, Hit me Baby one more time, Dog Bounty Hunter, Hole in the Wall, to put the Gone too Far Reality show in it.

Seriously, this world has gone nuts on all these reality shows.  However this country seems to love them.  I'm not saying they are all bad because there are many good ones and sometimes they can be interesting.  I forgot to mention American Idol, The Voice and all the dance and talent shows. 
But, can we get some of the nice sitcoms back?  We used to have some really good shows.  Cheers, Rosanne, Cosby show, Little House in the Prairie, Father Murphy, and many other good shows.  What happened to all that?  Bring some of it back!
Jennifer Jo Fay
Copyrighted June 1, 2013