Friday, August 30, 2013

School in Session

School isn't fully underway yet, but they ate back to the grind.  So far, so good.  There's mixed feelings for mine.  Actually, none of them wanted to go back.  The oldest told me not to mention it.  Enjoyed his last few days before getting on the bus. 

My girls are liking it, but a whole new school and getting used to New things can always be a challenge.  I'm sure they are missing having a recess!!!

So, now I have to remember I can't call them until school is done.  Found a few yardsales.  The season is almost done.  Found a red pair of Mary Jane slippers and a little Christmas container, hmmm. maybe for some Christmas chocolates.  And a kind of neat writers dictionary.  The Flip dictionary.  And hopefully it gets used. 

I think they are good to have on hand just in case.  What if we all have to ever go back to this and the computer era goes berserk?  Most likely it never would, but maybe we should hold onto some of the old fashioned copies. 

One of these days I will take some photos of my mom's old fashioned electric typewriter.  The keys maybe with some flowers.  Couldn't believe how heavy the thing is .

I finished my daughter's knitted skirt, except for the sewing and weaving in the ends.  Now I've started my other daughter's.  They both want the same colors, go figure!!  One is going to be slightly different, I'm lingering on adding a tiny bit of red somewhere so they can tell whose is whose. 

They will look cute over leggings.  This is probably a mini skirt on them.  I will be putting the tape measure to them.

Anyone remember getting measured?  I remember a few times.  I've of course been measured when fitted for my bridal dress, bridesmaid dresses and I'm vaguely remembering being fitted for a prom dress. 

Then, at different times of my life my Grammy used to measure me for certain projects she was making for myself and the siblings.  She made us housecoats, a skirt, pajamas, and knitted garments.  I always hated being measured by her and Mom especially if it was a sewn garment and they actually had it on us.  You know the occasional prick from the pins, during their measuring process.

Back to my knitted skirts for my girls, I'm going to end up with extra to make some to sell too.  Size 12.  When they are done I will at some point get them on my etsy shop.

I'm thinking red,white and blue but mostly blue. 

Well, almost ready to zip up and down a few more streets for the sales.  Got to make it small items as I'm getting ready for a move.  Waiting to lock down a place and I'm getting away from my neighbors.  I will be really happy once I can get that new laptop with secure internet to get them out of my online business.

When I move the only way they should be able to follow me is on this blog or other blogs or places where they can follow me the legal way. 

I don't want them hacking anymore. 

I'm taking a few days break from all the yo yo circles.  That large basket is full now and I may have to start putting them in something bigger.  A large kitchen bag!!!

I also had a Walking Dead season three day, with popcorn and crafting.  It was fun to catch up with my kids on that!  Got bummed out though when some of my episodes didn't work, getting a new one.

If you follow the show, The Governor combing his daughter, Penny's hair was awesome!!!  I caught that, then saw him tear out a part of her head and knew she was a walker.  Then got surprised she was his daughter. 

I missed the other scene with Penny.  Some of their little girl walkers look awesome!  I love that kind of thing.  Creepy and gothic is cool.  I've always been a fan of all those kind of effects, except when I go to try and get creepy or gothic I end up with pretty, beautiful, a little eerie and lovingly done. 

Someone once said that of my artwork, lovingly done. 

A very lovely compliment.  I put my heart and soul into it, which is why I think if you were to look into the artwork, you would see me. 

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted August 30, 2013

 I got this pen idea from flipping through my dream catalog.  In the catalog, they were selling a Jane Austen pen.  Well, you know these catalogs have pretty things but you don't want to spend an arm and a leg for something.  And then you tack on shipping and you are paying How Much for a pen?

Here's my cheap version!!!  Spend a few bucks for your basic pen and tape on your favorite authors.  Then each day you can pick who you feel like writing like.  Today, I will have my fav, vampire, Edward Cullen for inspiration if I can feel like doing some handwriting.

Can so hardly wait to move!!!

Monday, August 26, 2013

WRiters Thought Train.

What happens with your train of thought as a writer is within your grasp.  Are you the type of writer who has all kinds of books in your head and you can hardly wait to write about them?  That's me. 

I've got one that I shared the thought with my not nice neighbors.  They deserved this one and its all they get for my writing idea.  I shouted, how about a vampire girl who flies around biting off the male body parts of all the bad men.  I worded it a little differently for these lunatics.  Not sure what her name would be.  Something lob it off.  Ha ha ha!!!

Can so hardly wait to move.  They discovered a few days ago I got someone else's mail junk flyer.  And the only god damned way they knew I got it was the fact they are viewing me in my private apt.  They watched me look up the guys name two times in the phone book, watched me then shred it after I had ripped it up by accident.  Mailman goofed.  Later that evening one of the lunatics barreled down the stairs saying the guys name and then said Let's call him up and tell him she has his mail.  Then fifteen minutes later, he came back in and said his right name. 

This lunatic said it wrong first because I looked it up wrong.  They watched me in my private apt. 

Means everything I do in my private apt isn't private!!! isn't that nasty.  I've known they've been viewing me, but that's a classic example for the cops. 

That is the only way they would know I got someone else's junk mail.  It was under my other mail and I called nobody to tell them I got it.

I also don't like one of the lunatics knew my brother called yesterday.  After I got off the phone the lunatic said, It's about time her brother called.  They should not know who calls me. 

I hope to god nobody ever follows through with their threats to kill me.  I'm hoping its primarily harassment and when I move, they are done and leave me alone.  Don't ever want to see any of them again. 

A fluke reason, they get to kill me, I've got a list of people involved I want to see be buried on Pluto.  I will request astronauts take them up there.  And there will as well be a list of people I would want to do some time or just get reprimanded.  And to live with mistakes. 

But hopefully they just let me move on with my life without them viewing me, stalking me in every way possible.

I don't like them viewing anything I do in my private apt.  Even if I'm just knitting or sewing.  Not their business.  They have robbed me for the moment of my writing as I don't want them knowing what I write until I've published it. 

But they should not be doing anything to me.  I don't like knowing they've been in my apt when I am not there.  I don't like coming back to see they came in and just pushed my buttons on my microwave instead ofy clock to P 100.  They pushed my power button to do that. 

And to come back to see someone pulled the duct tape covering my massive hole above my tub and to make debris fall into my tub.  I don't like anyone in my apt.

I don't like being viewed while I'm sleeping and for them to know when I touch a body part.  Violation!!!  And a felony.  All those people viewing me should be sent to Pluto.  And if Bruce Willis can't send them up there, my Dad will in a heartbeat!!!!

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted August 26, 2013

Friday, August 23, 2013

Another weekend

It's hard to believe August has flown by and its almost time for school to start.  I've got kids who are excited and a senior who doesn't want to be reminded its almost here.

Just about done my knitted pencil skirts.  Yesterday, I spent time sewing in the waistband for one and today I am finishing up the drawstring for one. 

And the yo yo circles may get more done to them later.  Enjoying another weekend and hit a few yardsales.  I love when you find something, especially if you have spent some time driving in to it, you are hoping your time hasn't been wasted. 

And there's the ones you drive into and you realize its for Saturday and not Friday.

I found myself at Goodwill a few times the other day.  The first time, I came out with a few balls of yarn and walked by a guy who looked like Stephen King!!!  I had to do a double take.  Yeah, Stephen King probably shops at Goodwill too.  Why not?

 On my honeymoon years ago, we stopped by his house in Maine.  Iron gates and definitely Victorian and Stephen King style.

I've got a few pictures of me somewhere in front of his gate. 

I've always remembered my Grammys story about little Stevie King.  My grandmother grew up in Durham Maine.  One summer at my aunts camp we got talking about my eerie dolls and the conversation turned to him.

One of the women in my Grammys family was a teacher and they got concerned about a written story from one of the kids and the person in my Grammys family said, "Oh, that's just little Stevie King."
 Goes to show at a very young age, he was showing his potential of scaring us.  Ha ha.

It's funny how we remember things.  I've never seen too many FOIA in person.  The only famous person I remember seeing when our tour bus parked was Dr. Ruth walking by and yes, she is short!!

"Dr. Ruth!!". I remembered shouting to my friends.  Funny.

Well, I'm onto going to a few more sales if I can find any more. 

It's fun to see how for you can take a few bucks.  Five bucks can get you far when yardsaling and sometimes dickering.  I can do that quite well sometimes.  Although we always find someone who just doesn't want to lower the price and if we love it enough, we get it.

 My second trip to Goodwill was to drop off the bread machine and food dehydrator that ended up sitting in my kitchen taking up space.  Don't we all have those unused items.
 Jennifer Jo Fay
 Copyrighted August 23, 2013

 The top one is mine.  And the lower one I'm going to try selling on Etsy.

Got a surprise yesterday.  Not sure if I like it.  I had folded my knitted skirt and put it on a clothing box on top of my bureau.  Came back and found it on the floor further away.  Possibly my cat knocked it down..  The weirder thing was finding my circular knitting needle which I had left lying flat on the floor in front of my couch.  When I got back, it was dangling from a nearby Marshalls bag.  Kind of strange and I'm thinking how could that happen.  Could my cat have made it dangle like that from a flat position?  Creepy.The third thing that is really creepy is getting back and finding my microwave saying P 100 instead of the clock time which is how I left it.

It's as if someone may have come in and pressed a button on my microwave, and possibly set up thoseother things for making me look at them. 

I'm going to really watch the microwave as it should be on the clock the way I left it or if power was out it would say reset. 

I don't like the thought of these not nice neighbors in my apt while I am gone. 

And I didn't like hearing one of my harassers saying that he was in my apt while I was at the park. 

I don't want anyone in my apt while I am out even if they are just moving my things around. Can't figure out how they're getting in as the door is dead bolted.  Except for the morning I accidentally left it unlocked, they knew it and they came in and stole one of my venting journals, a pad of paper with my monthly budgeting on it and a paper with their license plate numbers on it. 
. Can hardly wait to find a place and move from these lunatics.  .

Monday, August 19, 2013

Each New Day holds promise.

Each new day should hold promises for good things in all of our lives.  What it brings is unique to you and I as we all have our own perspectives about our lives.

I think that no matter what each day brings, if you can have a happy disposition to every moment at hand then you're holding heart filled happiness in the palms of your hands.

Endurance is very important as well, that in the face of terrible things that happen to people if you can still plug away at things you love to do, you can rise above them.

Which brings me to some real jerks in my life who would like to make me look like a suicide.  its a threat I don't take lightly.  I will have nobody rob me of someday being a Nana.  I will be so glad when I can move from these terrible people and they had better let me move away from them in peace, as this girl needs to get back to writing and getting myself published and I need peace of mind that these nasty people are out of my life forever.

I will not hesitate to report them to the local authorities should they continue to bother and harass me. 

Anyway, I find myself keeping up with the things I love.  Which also brings another topic, just because a person likes being inside does not mean they would commit suicide. 

I would never do that as I have said so many times.  It's sad when someone chooses death over living.

Don't you love to wake up every day to flowers and anything beautiful in your life?  I do and my wish would be to have another sixty years of lovely stuff.  Ha ha, that would put me over one hundred!!!!

I enjoy sometimes having a weekend to just sit and relax and do the crafting that I love to do.  When I move safely away from these people my priority will be to write and get myself published.

For the last few days, I decided to whip up more of the fun yo to circles.  My sister figured I was busy yesterday as I managed to get fifty of them done.  I do them by hand which sometimes seems time consuming.

Seems like I can knit quicker, being a knitting speed demon.  And I finally found something to use the yo yo circles for.  I finally figured out how to do those fabric roses like this one below.  it's a little big.  Thinking it could be neat on a knitted headband. 

I've been thinking I will wait before I do the bigger projects with the circles.  I would like to have all the colors so I can choose from all of them where they will go.

I've got part of my Halloween costume already figured out.  I will make a few strips of those circles and safety pin them to the skirt.  Ha ha ha.  Maybe I should make a headband to go with it.  The yo yo gypsy!!!!!

Thinking I want to finish up the second skirt soon for putting it for sale on my Etsy shop.  May see if I can upload from my tablet so I don't have to wait for the new laptop. 

Back to being inside.  So many of us crafty people enjoy being indoors as apposed to outside.  Not that we don't love the outdoors, we do.  But for the things we enjoy doing, indoors is enjoyable.

Like the artist who would spend hours in his or her studio creating our masterpieces.  We love sitting at a table to create.  Sometimes we can be up past midnight creating as we can't get enough of it.

That's why I love each new day, to see what I can accomplish each day.  I have often found I wait for lunch or supper as my crafting or writing consumes me and I can't stop. 

To create something from nothing is a progress into yourself.  Finding new discoveries to be inspired by.  An artist I have learned over the years, keeps his or her doors open to an endless abundance of possibilities. 

I once was told I am a prolific writer.  That was a beautiful compliment.  I still loved the Twitter compliment that my trilogy has the same starts as Fifty Shades of Grey only better.  I ate that one up, but I truly love that someone out there thinks my writing is prolific.

We only get better over time, and I will be damned if I'm going to let terrible people rob me of that opportunity to publish all my new fiction. 

I've got a lot to say in this big beautiful world filled with inspiration wherever we turn and the world is so much the better with beautiful people in it.

Beauty within is the foundation for the futures we desire to find within ourselves.  My biggest reason for wanting to self publish as much as I can get out there is for that legacy I want my kids to have. 

When I am old and gray, I want my kids to be able to have my writings and artwork at their fingertips.  It's been in my veins since I was a little girl longing to create as much artwork as I possibly could, and then the writing sparked my mind to open up a vessel that holds my heart in joy that binds. 

And then there was the year in college I got mono for spending the wee hours creating.  I was the night owl who constantly decided three am was my bed time as I was consumed by creating, drawing, painting, photographing and writing. 

I was the girl who wanted to do it all in one day.  I still am her in a way, but have learned over the years that when you are tired, you are done.

After all, tomorrow is another day, said Scarlett. 

And I'm waiting for Rhett!!!  After the move, and when I'm least expecting it. 

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted August 19, 2013

 It's been a while since I have written a romance, but saw this at the library.  Maybe my good read later.  I think I read this year's ago, but coming back to it in a new light could be good. 

 The second skirt is getting larger.  I had to get after Luna one day for wanting to play with it.  I got a surprise of
 I got this mug at a yard sale in the free bin.  It's what I believe in. 
. Do what you love.  So, so important in life to do whatever it is you love doing and don't let anything get in your way of your dreams. 

And I was thinking of a novel by Joyce Carol Oates and I can't get past the title as it makes me angry.  Do With me What You will...

To my most terrible neighbors who need to be buried on Pluto.  Do with me what you will, but you won't break me!!!!  I will let none of you touch a hair on my head and let you rob my children of their Mother!!!!!

 Kind of cute.  A little big, but I amazed myself I figured out how to do the fabric rose.  I'm thinking this one could potentially be really cute on my future grandchildren someday, providing I get blessed with a grand daughter. 
 The pile is getting bigger. 

 One of my cute little dolls.  Wendykin I think.  I should get back to drawing too.  I've got lots of my old drawings and many of them are just starts, as when my kids were younger, after naptime was done, so was the drawing.  And its been years.  I've been bad and stayed away from that.  Drawing was always one of my strong points. 

Same with the knitting.  I had a year when I wanted to be done with knitting and then I missed it.  At that time, I was primarily doing dish clothes, scarves and simple head bands. 

I guess with anything if you do it for a long time, you can become tired with it.  Which is why I'm the Queen of many projects.  I love to be able to put something down and get back to other things I love to do.

My three balls of yarn I dug out of someone's quilt bin at a yardsale.  Fifty cents!!!!  Like I need more yarn, but there's always room for new colors!!!!

I was hoping one of the cats would sleep in the basket filled with yo yo's.  It would have made a cool photo.

And I'm loving Instagram!!  Fun, fun, fun!!!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Things to Make

Here I am again back here after spending time at my favorite Ravelry site.  Today I've been looking at doll patterns.  I've made a few of them.  Leggings are a fun thing to make for dolls and are quite easy. 

My Bella Swan doll and my other fashion doll are sporting some made with sock yarn and on the tiniest needles.  I want to make more doll items.

I've always loved dolls and have lots of doll drawings.  Which I should make myself draw more as well after I've moved into a new place. 

Also I think lots of us like to make the outfits for our girls.  Don't you love it when you see them sitting down playing with the outfits you made?

Or sometimes they love a handknit rag doll.  I've made one once for my youngest.  The doll was a little odd looking but didn't come out too bad.

And then there's the cute bunny and teddy bear patterns.  I spent time often looking at all kinds of things I would like to make for my grand kids someday.  It's a way away but its still fun to try and make little things.

Today I also downloaded a simple baby sock pattern.  I have yet to master making those slippers or sock patterns.  I got frustrated and undid one I was working on.

But I should try again.  I love those ballet slipper patterns and the Mary Jane ones.

I always hop away from a pattern once I find out its crochet.  Can't crochet except for the simple chain.

Making doll clothing can also be profitable.  Lots of women make the American Girl doll clothing, fashion doll outfits and outfits for the more expensive kind of dolls.  Women sell them at craft shows and Etsy and EBay. 

Doll collecting is a big thing.  I used to have a large doll collection.  Was sad to see lots of them go.  But in the future I will replenish a few of them to use as models for my outfits.

Once I move, I am anticipating a nice laptop for completing my novels, recipe books and knitting books.  And anticipating getting lots of my knitted stuff on Etsy.  I've already got some of those cool coffee cosies and some little cases for iPhones or iPods. 

Some people could find it a pain to use tiny knitting needles. 

The neat thing about making doll outfits is that they are done quicker.

I'm just about done making my ribbed pencil skirt and when I get back, I'm going to finish it and bind off.  Thinking of making another one very similar but slightly different as I have enough of the color to make one to sell too.  I think its either a small or medium size.  I think its probably taken me a little over a week to make that one. 

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted August 13, 2013

 One of the bags I made in spring.

This one below is going to be a shawl. Which will take a while, small needles and crochet string.  Maybe doll size at this point.  It's been waiting on the sidelines while I finish the skirt. 

 A  few of the bags.  These ones are going into the knitting books as they are my designs. 

Below is the coffee table pile.  Doesn't every coffee table have a pile.  I like the new yard sale leopard bag for my circular needles.  Those can always be a pain to store.

 Some of the dolls.  The one close to the flower I sold.  Will replenish a few of them someday.  These are the types of dolls that women love theexquisite doll patterns for.  For which I should learn how to make larger items for them. 

 This doll above is the small Riley doll from Helen Kish that I won from drawing paper dolls for her doll.  Doll Reader magazine put my designs in their issue for the winners. 

 A Madame Alexander doll, Elise and a Toni doll I got at a yard sale last year.  Love the vintage dolls from my Mom's era.  The Fifties dolls.  I remember a bunch of them from a great aunts house.  Remember the old vintage bride dolls. 

I remember photographing some of her old dolls with black and white film but the pictures didn't come out well.  Back in college when we were developing our own film. 

 A manniquin I drew on back in the spring.

Bella Swan.

 The first stab at a sweater for Blythe dolls.  Neck came out big.  I have to learn how to make the ones with the snaps in the back.  Plus I have patterns for sewing patterns I should someday try. 

My drawing of my Grammy. 

 One of the coffee cosies.  This one is from a simple Ravelry pattern and it needs me to wash it. 

 My collage I did of my family photos and the one below it is one of those trays, fan of Twilight obviously. 

Springtime magnolias. 

Now that I can add pictures!!!!!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

When Something Offends you

Have you ever been offended by something?  Say it could be anything really.  A comment that seems offensive and uncalled for.  It could be an action that someone does in front of you and you feel offended. 

What do you find yourself doing?  If you are smart, you walk away from the situation and just get out of it and forget.  Sometimes it is something you can hop away from really easily.  And other times you find yourself looking and it takes a moment before you realize you are disgusted.

If its someone you know well, a family member, close friend, etc....  you cringe and pretend you don't know them for the moment.  Ha ha.  Oh well, you can't go away.  Well, you can hide behind someone you don't know for the moment. 

If its an email that's offensive, you can report it for spam.  I recently got treated to something rather nasty.  Someone I do not know well, sent me a nasty email last week.  At first it just said Moms yelling in the opening of the email before I actually opened it, which at first I related it to my situation I'm trying to move from. 

The next day, I decided to open the email again and see the other emails she sent it to.  The first day I saw nothing from her when I opened it.  Just a blue letter link...  Moms yelling. 

The next day when I opened it, I saw about fifteen to eighteen picture attachments.  I could see they were kids.  I wish I hadn't opened them up to view.  I was so offended by it, I not only reported it as spam, told her not to email me again and I sent it to the local woman cop and called in my complaint about it.

She offended the wrong person. 

As I looked at the pictures, no mom would want to see them.  Understood the reason for the link called Moms yelling.  One picture was a boy ready to stick a fork in a socket, another was a boy bending over with him holding his detached head, another of a big frog halfway through the boys mouth, another of boys peeing one naked, another of a boy nude ready to cut off his penis, and the one I was most offended by was of a nude girl in hallway with paper towels on her body and a penis on her covered in paper towels.  I was very offended as I took a look at the girls face as it looked like one of my daughter's from an old preschool picture.  Had to take a look at the background which I didn't recognize. 

The reason for reporting.  It either looked souch like her and wasn't her or it got photoshopped in.  I'm leaning more towards a coincidence why it looked so much like her. 

I didn't like it. 

It was sent to a group of people but where I've been through so much crap from these people, I had to see if there's a motive behind it. 

A very offended Mother!!!!!

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted.  August 6, 2013

If anything, I hope the officer gives her a reprimand and tells her to be careful who you sent something like that to.  Some people may justyell and walk away from it and others like me think its really nasty. 

 Yay, finally some new pictures for you!!!!  It's working on the tablet now.  The first one was taken around late Spring at a park I visit with my kids.  The other one I just took.  My new toy!!!!
. I've probably downloaded too many free apps for it.  The main reason was to be able to use Instagram and I'm sure I will find other fun uses for it.  My novels are waiting for a new place, then I will buy my new laptop and change passwords across the board, get those lunatics put of all my business and ,I will be writing full force.  Mostly knitting now.  Oh and secure internet will be A Must.  And then onto my publishing goals.  And they will have to wait like everyone else and buy the ebooks.  And no more hacking. 

And a pug toy dog in the future hopefully.  This girl needs new beginnings.  2013 so far has been no picnic but this girl can, did and will continue to endure and am hoping they will stop violating me when I move. 

This girl needs to get back to writing my FICTION and I want much better things for 2014.

No Lunatics allowed. 

Friday, August 2, 2013


Another day under the sun.  More yardsales to be had.  Don't you love and hate errand days?  They can be fun and tedious at the same time.  It's always fun if you can add a little fun shopping in there somewhere. 

Lately, I'm loving Goodwill.  It's fun to see what people get rid of and what might be a new treasure for you.  And to come out without spending an arm and a leg.  For ten dollars you can come out with five to ten items, depending. 

I ended up later on coming out with a baby blue winter coat, fuzzy wool kind and she didn't even need to bag it because it was downpouring and I wore it home.  Nothing like wearing a winter coat in the middle of summer. 

Earlier, the clerk was telling me women come in all the time buying sweaters in the summer. 

Even grocery shopping can be fun.  Especially if you are doing your stocking the kitchen shopping errand. 

I'm finally going to be baking myself some sweet treats.  I'm normally likey mom was, cooking and baking on a hot summer day.  I guess its in order. 

Finished that knitted skirt.  The three day skirt!!!!!  That was just about the fastest time frame.  Even after unravelling the five inches, I caught back up.  It's a little big.  Next time I think I could make the smallest size.  It was funny to pull the waistline before I got the elastic band in which makes it smaller.  Looked like something you would see out of a dieting ad. 

Finished a scarf for my daughter and a little Paul Klee pencil case. 

And, I've started to Christmas shop!!!!!
. Christmas in August. 

And I'm starting to think of getting a toy dog.  Just researching at this point and slowly getting a few dog items.  A fluffy fabric bone Was funny to see my cat, Luna warm up to it..  She loves my shoes too. 

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted August 2, 2013