Friday, March 23, 2012

Making Charm Bracelets, necklaces and knitting markers

Well, that basically sums up what I am doing right now.

I've been on Ebay a lot listing stuff to sell, getting rid of some of my expensive dolls.  I need to start saving up for a new car at some point.  So need to save a little bit each month for it.

And I have been busy knitting, sewing the yo yos and making the rag dolls.  And making knitting markers.  They are so easy to make.  And someone bought one of my sets and another person is watching another set.

Then today I listed a cute sock monkey marker set.  And I am waiting for a bunch of supplies to make the pretty charm bracelets.  I'm going to make some Twilight charm bracelets.  And I've got alot of those bottle caps coming for putting my photography into and selling the necklaces.  And I even saw Bottle cap knitting
markers on Ebay.

So am going to try making them and then selling them.  Maybe I will even put some on my new etsy store.  

so far I have five sets of paper dolls there, a yo yo pincushion pattern and one of my sets of photo greeting cards.  I've got to work on getting more stuff there and then promoting it.

Then the other day, i found a neat Goodwill statue of a girl with bust on a pedestal.  It was painted all green with pink stripes.  I knew I could paint it and make it look better.

Then I had fun painting some roses today for a photosession.

I've got to seriously make some overlay pictures with my photography.  I'm going to really make myself learn how to use my photo software.

My other baby lately is my Zazzle store for my photography.  I made a sale a month ago and have been very busy updating the store.  I've been cleaning up all the duplicates and triples that I didn't realize it created and deleted the flowers t shirts for men and boys!  Learning a lot about Zazzle.

Then I figured out how to copy the code and promote some of the products.  I've got a I lost My Marbles product and a baby onesie product my boyfriend wants me to push.  I was facebooking it and other sites and got surprised that fifty people viewed my store in one day!  The baby onesie has a picture of old jewelry and says:  Don't Sell me at the Pawn Shop!  ha ha

As of the 20th my prices on all products are lower.  I began with the site wanting 50% but that increases the prices of the products.  My boyfriend said try 10% and see what happens.  So all prices are lower now!

I created some categories so people can find certain products easier.  Now I have to go through all my products and put them in the right category.

Then after that, start creating more stuff again.

jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted March 25, 2012

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Awesome mouse pads!

I love Jewelry mousepad
I love Jewelry by FancyPhotography
More Jewelry Mousepads

Check out these really cool mouse pads at my Zazzle store.  Affordable prices!


Selling new photos at Red Bubble

I recently learned about this new site at Red Bubble to sell my photography.  I have been busy lately with Zazzle, Ebay and now Red Bubble to sell my photography.

I also am starting to list my paper dolls for sale at Etsy.  I don't know my url yet for that.  I'm going to sell them at a cheaper price and see what happens.

which means, at some point I will be going back into my blogs and will be slowly changing the prices on my paper dolls for sale there.  I will want to eventually have the cheaper price across the board.

Jennifer Jo Fay

March 11, 2012

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Making time to Write at Our Blogs

I guess I have been slacking at writing at my blogs.  In the last five or six days, Ebay has consumed my time.  I've been listing a lot of my dolls and lots of other stuff.  Some of them are expensive dolls.  I discovered recently I had nine or ten Ellowyne Wilde dolls and Three Evangeline Ghastly dolls.  I know I paid a lot of money for them.  Well, I decided to get rid of three or four of my Ellowyne's and my original Evangeline.  I don't want to get rid of all of them as I will someday photograph them and draw them.  But figured I could part with a few of them.

Then I decided I could part with a few of my reproductions of vintage barbies and some of my antique dolls and others.

Cd music that I don't listen to anymore.  I should play music more often, but I end up not doing it.  I wouldn't get rid of my country music and my 50's and 60's and 70's music.  Remember that Bubble Gum music?  Green Tambourine and lots of other songs?  I've got that cd and it isn't going anywhere.  Shania Twain, Kelly Pickler, and other's I love.  Abba.

I used to dance to some of that in my mudroom.  Good exercise.

I should do that again sometime.  I need to lose some weight.  Maybe I should bring my cd player to my boyfriend's house.

Dvd's.  Although the dvds don't always sell on ebay.  Some do.

And I have been spending time watching auctions go up.

I've been selling some of my outfits and the kids outfits.  I bought a few torso mannequins (a woman one and a kid one).  That sure makes a difference in selling stuff.  They can actually see the outfit on something instead of being slumped on the floor.

And I have a pretty mannequin head that would be good for modelling hats, hair accessories and necklaces.

Although one of my favorite mannequins is usually outside a local shop that sells used women's outfits.  Just a thought, maybe one of these days I should put her mannequin on some of my blank handmade greeting cards along with a few drawings of her mannequin and see if she will display some of my cards in her shop.  That could be cool.  And seeing as it's her mannequin, she might like it.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted March 10, 2012

Some of my hand made greeting cards on Ebay.  No sales yet.  The picture of the kitten is "Tinkerbell"

My boyfriends cat.

I'm going to get some of these photos on my Zazzle Store soon.