Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Prince Harry Gets in Trouble!

I guess Prince Harry is the black sheep of the family.  I'm back to revise.  Maybe he isn't the black sheep of the family.  I didn't know about the other royals.  I'm not up on everything and sometimes we don't get all our facts before we go to write.  I first heard about the news that he was exposing himself and it was on the news this morning.  And he's a gambler and losing lots of $$$$.  Well, he's not the only celebrity who gambles.  I do believe I remember that Toby MacGuire was one of them among others.  Why do these celebrities feel the need to gamble, party to no end in sight and eagerly participate in wild erotic scandal?  Can't they smarten up and learn to be a regular guy who wants to settle down with one girl?  The majority of these celebrities just seem to be attention seekers.

Look at Rhi Rhi who tends to party to an extent that she's going to put herself in danger along with Whitney Huston's daughter?  And then there is Whitney herself.  Why do these celebrities put themselves in these circumstances?  It's a bit abusive, even this nudity and gambling scandal is abusive too.

But they all tend to follow a legacy of celebrities and scandal.  You most of the time can't not say celebrity and scandal in the same sentence as it all comes from the same canoe that has SCANDAL and DISTRUCTION on the side of the boat. 

At first I just caught part of it and thought he was caught in a hotel room with a woman and they were naked.  So my first opinions were that what has he done wrong?  He's in his room naked with a woman.

Well, later on I went to my facebook and saw an image of a naked man with a woman.  Then I realized it was with a woman and realized it was him.  And as I read the conversation on my page, it dawned on me that he had had a bunch of girls up to his hotel room.  And later on I realized he was just playing strip billiards for which I didn't know and that's not so bad.

Here's the thing.  He seems to have a partying way about him that is different than his brother and he seems to want to promote scandal and things that he ends up getting in trouble for.  I'm not saying he's not a nice guy, because I'm sure he is.  But he has some faults like everyone else.

Now his poor grandmother (The Queen) has probably been disgraced by his most recent incident which he has got to be embarrassed about. Like you want the public to know you were naked with a group of women.    Orgy was my first thought until I learned he was playing strip poker.  That's better.  We don't know what goes on behind closed doors and can probably tell that he has some wild ways about him.  But he's a young single guy and not married yet, but still he should be a little bit more careful about not embarrassing the family.

Who knows maybe he and who was her name (Chloe?) broke up with him for a reason.  Maybe she didn't like his partying ways.  But then I'm remembering around the time of the Royal Wedding that there were pictures of her partying too, so it's probably been a habit of his picking up with women who are partiers.

He is cute, don't get me wrong but he has that grin and smirk about him that he could be a womanizer and not someone you want to settle down with.  If I were single and was remotely near him to get to meet him, I don't think I would want to.  I don't like the womanizing type. 

And thinking of scandals, the Royals don't have just Harry to be embarrassed about.  How about Pippa?  I think she has had her share of scandals too.  Who hasn't seen some of her old partying pictures with just a bra on or some pictures that got fuzzed out?  And then there's that whole gun incident in the car with her two friends.  I imagine she had to take some slack for that.

And she of course couldn't help it for her butt view getting millions of hits.  That couldn't be helped and she shouldn't ever be ashamed of that.  It was just her behind in her wedding dress and she should be proud of it.

But Harry in the nude is a different story.  I wouldn't ever want to be caught dead in a situation like that.  Good lord, if I happened to be famous and someone came into my hotel room and even attempted to take a picture of me and my man, I would be so furious.

Actually, I bet Harry is furious and he has every right to be as someone had to find a way in to take exposing pictures of him like that.  He would have every right to sue for violation of his privacy.  So he likes an erotic fling with several women at once.  He's a kinky guy, what do you expect.  Men are like that and some women like it.  And other's do not.

That is something I would never ever do in my entire lifetime, thank-you very much.  Not my cup of tea.

But anyhow, it will take some time for this to blow over for Harry.  I'm sure there could be some scandal and trouble for it.  And as far as the military goes, I'm sure he will get talked to and that's it.  He was just having fun.

If his mother was alive, she might want to flip him on his knee and spank him.  Maybe she's the angel next to him slapping his ass all day today.  And maybe she's got a belt because we do not know what they do up in heaven.  Ha ha.

Just saying.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted August 22, 2012


  1. Prince Harry is the odd one? Nope. Prince Andre partied with porn stars and Prince Phillip - the Q's husband - was well-known for chasing every woman around. I think Prince William is the black sheep - he seems so stable.

  2. Thanks for the info. I didn't know about the other ones. Maybe he is stable compared to them, but he still seems to get in trouble at least right now. Wow, so the Queen's husband was a womanizer too! I would never thought of that from someone from that day, but I guess you never can tell anything about someone until we hear it in the news.

  3. I also will say that he is cute and probably is a nice guy, despite the incidents and the partying. I guess it's just that they are in the public eye and we look to some of them as role models for society.
    I mean, just this morning they've been having some of the Olympians on the Today show and one said that Harry challenge him to a swimming race, so you know he has lots of good qualities about him too.
    Everyone does make mistakes anyway and this is one that he is probably quite embarrassed about for sure.

    1. Oh absolutely. He is young and careless...and he's enjoying his youth however badly guided it is. But he is likable and I think he will mature into a nice man.

    2. It's a poor state of affairs when no one including the young unattached Royal's can't have some privacy with out some nerd taking advantage of the situation.

      Harry is a normal young individual doing what most normal young people do. LEAVE HIM ALONE! Misguided judgment of guests maybe, who turn out to be disloyal and take advantage of a situation and Media scum bags just can't help making trouble and blowing quite ordinary things out of proportion.

      Clive (67)

  4. In this day in age of technology, celebrities have got to be careful. Who doesn't have a phone w/a camera in it? If you are going to act like Harry, you would think he would be hanging around people he could trust and would not be sneaking pics of him. I think this was a lesson he had to learn. He is a cutie though and he has given most of his adult life to the military.

  5. Prince Harry top lad =] enjoying his holiday between his military duty. He broke no laws and wronged no strippers. So leave him to his holiday!

  6. Just one thing Jennifer, Harry's grandmother is 'The Queen', not the 'Queen Mother' who was the Queen's late mother. That aside, I would agree The Queen is probably mortified that he has put himself in this position. From Harry's perspective though, he is a Senior Royal and should act like one, however he comes with the baggage that he may actually be the product of his mother's affair with Hewitt - something which the Palace do not confirm nor deny. He is also third in line to the throne, which will get even more distant if his brother has children. Harry therefore will never be anyone other than 'a Senior Royal' with no real function to perform, and I predict he will remain a loose cannon all his life - much to the embarrassment of his family.

    1. I never thought about the fact that he may be his child. But that would be private with the Palace. You're right that he could always be a loose cannon. You never know. People do change their ways as they get older and maybe Harry will smarten up. But he is still young and is prone to make mistakes like many other young actors and actresses. At least he's not alone. Everyone makes mistakes, but when you're famous the world knows. We all have faults, but we try our best not to repeat them. I know I'm not perfect either, but I try my best to always think of being the nicest person that I can be. I don't have a mean bone in my body, but one thing I can't stand is rude people and there's only one place that rude people can go to.

  7. ha ha, yes, 'the Queen', my goof. So true also Aaron, he didn't break any law and had every right to enjoy his holiday, boils down to he just happened to make the mistake of someone sneaking a moment to snap a photo of him and catch him off guard. He most likely had no control on that.

  8. I also have great respect for anyone who wants to protect his/her country.

  9. Prince Harry is a soldier, he has just spent the last two weeks supporting the Olympics in London as part of his royal duties and was the royal representative at the closing the bullshit about him having no place or duties here is tosh.
    In weeks he'll be back in Afghanistan (somewhere he never needed to be) for his second tour, so he and his colleagues had a holiday in Vegas and partied with each other as soldiers do, and with some girls of a similar age (they were playing strip billiards in those pics not having an orgy).
    As for the massive losses he made...pure nonsense.
    You need to change the name of this blog, the current one is nothing like accurate.
    Next time I hope he has the sense to go somewhere that personal freedom is respected and he can relax in his own hotel room.

  10. Okay, not an orgy. I wrote this before I learned from the Today show that he was playing strip billiards. Orgy was my first thought when I heard he was in a group with naked women. That is our first thought that he is into kinky.
    And no I am not going to change the name of this blog for you. You can like it or lump it. You probably didn't like this post and you can have your opinions about my blog. I really don't care what you think.
    I have my opinions and my blog is going to stay The Authentic Life Blog whether anyone who doesn't like it can go somewhere else to read.

    We don't change ourselves for the world. Just because there are the few of you out there who choose to be rude, doesn't mean we are going to listen to you.

    Come again. Goodbye.