Thursday, October 24, 2013

Waiting for good things

How patient are you for things you want to come your way?  Does it sometimes seem like eternity or is it like clockwork?  it does get here.  Counting down the days is a beautiful thing.  For many of us, it is the approaching trick or treat night.  What are you going to dress up as?

I can hardly wait to take pictures of my girls and one of my sons.  The oldest isn't going.  I want pictures and some candy.  Reeses peanut butter cups, junior mints, kit cats and nestle crunch please.  I'm going to raid their candy bowl!!! 

I haven't decided if I'm trick or treating with them.  Maybe I will go up as far as the house that always puts out coffee and treats.  I'm a little apprehensive for the night before my move from my haunted hellhole.  Blank, blank, blank out.  Keep out!!!  Leave me alone.  Stop stalking and anything that goes along with how terrible they have treated me.

Just call me the unlucky girl to have uncovered something not good.  Wish I had never, ever moved in.  But, we can't change the past and as a writer it is our right to pull from our resources for use in our fiction.

So if I choose to write about a girl going into witness protection, the mafia, high stakes poker, and everything that goes with that, in my The Price of being a Good Samaritan, it is my right to do so and its fiction.  Or should that be the last book I write and publish?  I'm afraid to write that one.

Well, I decided to try making fingerless gloves!  Mastered how to make the thumb!!  Maybe I should try gloves and socks in the future!  I made three pairs so far.  My daughter wanted one pair, one to sell and now I'm working on one for me.  I think I will try to make one more with this cool brown yarn I got at a yard sale.

I'm enjoying knitting with it.

The fun fur yarn for my edge is kind of a pain to work with. 

I was trying to win $100 on the radio contest, yesterday.  Go figure, they said to listen up for the Taylor Swift song and be caller fifteen.  What do I do, but listen to the whole song and I've forgotten its her singing.

Then I'm to listen for Royal and my fingers are fast but I can't get through.  Oh well.  One of these times, you never know.

I'm passing on their tickets to the haunted house show in downtown.  I'm already in one.

I saw a picture of a rotary phone on FB yesterday, about how hard it was to be caller 20.  Thought of my mom practically tripping to run for the phone.  Bless her soul, she won a few times.

I won $500 once and we got the kids first puppy golden retriever.  We gave him up one year as he was taking away my time with my young kids and they were afraid of him.  But Sparky supplied us with some fun laughs.  My kids were wondering if he was still alive.  If he is, he's very old.  Probably thirteen.

One year, he escaped into the front yard and my oldest sons friends were jumping up on top of the camper!!  Sparky was so excited.  Another time I came close to breaking my thumb on his collar when he got excited to see one of the moms coming to pick up her son.

Countless number of times when he would burst through the gate to jump onto the couch where the kids were. 

 The worst was when we gave him up, the new owner came to take him away.  Two of my kids were playing with him beforehand and I made the mistake of telling one of my daughter's to go say goodbye to Sparky. 

Just vision me making supper, my daughter rushing out crying, Don't take my dog and the new owner saying, Good one, Mom!!  Wasn't funny at the moment but looking back it was kind of funny.

All parents put their feet in their mouths sometimes.  Just don't go to bed with it gnawing at you.  Try to fix it if you can before falling to sleep and know that its in the past and move on.  We can't go back and fix our mistakes.

 And always keep close to your heart that you are not your past.

Keep plugging away for all our sweet tomorrows.  Life is just too short and we cannot predict when our time on earth is up.

I just pray I have another fifty five to sixty years.  That would put me over one hundred.  Anyone want to try to reach 150???  We would be all gums and eating applesauce.

My ex does a good impression to my kids of a man that age, with all gums and his cane, etc...  He did it last night and it was funny.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted October 2013

 here's the glove in process.  This little yard sale pad is good for letting me remember what row I stop on.  Why invest in a row counter when we can just as easily jot a quick note.  I do have the freebie apps for knitting counters but I don't always use them.

We should try to keep alive the old fashioned handwriting and the lost art of letter writing.  Let's not let go of our histories and long ago legacies.  I'm going to later read from some of the old classics and see if I learn something.

Each new dawn is a learning experience.  Seize the day.  Carpe diem.  When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

Good names for your characters

Was thinking about my ideas for Loreena Lob it off and where it's too close to Lorena and the John bobbit case, I'm going to change her first name.  And after reading that his thingie got reattached, I'm going to have to have my vampire angel do something else to the bad men.  Maybe her werewolf lover can do something to them too.

Maybe Lolita lob it off would be better. Or another name that starts with l.  Loreena seemed to be my first thought just because I've been angry with my nasty neighbors and I've been knowing I've got to change it.

But,  soon I've got to first finish The Glorious Money Tree Trilogy.  I've been thinking I might even want to pursue that one longer than a trilogy.  It may have potential to really get in depth of each character.

I lived a saying recently that said along the lines that as a writer, everything that happens to you in life is a resource.  So true.

I'm on my iPod now, the tablet needs to be charged again!!!  Wouldn't it be a great goal to see if we could write a novel each month?  When I move that may be a good incentive to see if I could remotely reach that!!!  Not sure, but I will try my damnedest.  This year just wasn't good for writing like I wanted to.  Became very hard with the jerks hacking my stuff.  2014 will be a good writing year.  Hopefully, I will actually get something published!!!

Isn't it funny when we are writing, we are already thinking up ideas for new novels.  I tell you, I'm the girl always wanting to do lots of different things.  That's just me.  I can't just have one project.  I guess that's why as a writer, we should keep writing down our thoughts as we never know where it will take us.

And as a writer it could take us on a sweet romance, a dive into the world of magic and fantasy where anything goes, or we may fall down a dark hole into something really creepy or perhaps even sad.

And as a fiction writer, it's fiction.  Real life incorporated as we write about what we know, yet at the same time we can create characters that aren't us at all.  But as the writer it is our right to do so.

Just thinking of a poem I got creative with once.  It's published on one of the writing sites.  It's a story poem I made up about a girl who broke up with a boyfriend and she wanted to drown in the ocean.  I believe I even put at the bottom that its a made up poem and it isn't me.

What I'm saying is that as a writer, we can write about any character and it shouldn't be looked at that its what the author is in real life.  Meaning if you find your brother is writing a grisly murder mystery, don't go thinking the worst that its going to happen in real life.  Not that I would ever write about a suicidal person.  I don't want to because I don't believe anyone should ever commit suicide.  I do love writing mysteries though and who knows, there could at any given time be a novel that could have a character that may think it.  It's just a fiction story.  When writing mysteries, we have to think of plots and motives.  That is usually something that can be in a murder mystery.  Just saying.

But as always across the board, this gal is never going to be a suicide.  I turn up one, please hunt down my murderers and all involved.

Anyway, I sure hope I can pump out a novel each month maybe as soon as next month even if I end up handwriting it first!!!  Just do it should always be our goal!!!

So many ideas, so little time.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted October 2013

Monday, Monday

Dah, dah, Monday, Monday!!!  Another beginning to a new week.  Sometimes Monday's can be a drag and other weeks Monday can simply kickstart us on another creative adventure.  Getting the day started right is truly up to you.

We are heading into November which also gets us into is it NaNoRi???  month.  National see if we all can finish a novel in a month!!!!  Can it be done?  Yes it can as we hear of so many authors pumping out their creative voices that have been festering in their heads and they diligently make themselves just do it.

I am so looking forward to November when I can get back into writing without nasty neighbors hacking.  I won't have the new laptop yet, but at least I can get back into it.  I'm wishing November first was today!!!  I'm packed just about as much as I can be am just waiting for moving day.  I'm sure it will go smoothly.  I just want to get everything up there then I can unpack at my leisure.

Can hardly wait for my secure internet so I can get back to writing and earning on Triond too.

It's beginning to get cold as I could feel it this morning and my extra layers of blankets are packed in my car.  Hmm....  leggings projects to wear double layers over my socks??  ha ha. 
I havent mastered making socks yet.  Maybe I should just make the leggings and knit a mitten top at the bottom.  Jennifer style!!!

My girls are getting more accessories for their Littlest Pet Shop characters.  I bent a needle a little bit making one.  Smaller than size one needles.

I'm thinking if I try to do cables for the small doll stuff, I'm going to need to search for a smaller size cable needle or get inventive.  A safety pin may suffice.

Knitters have to have tricks up our sleeves.

It's also funny how out of the blue you see someone you haven't seen in a long time. 

I still hate Lana Del Rays song and every time it comes on I turn it off.  So don't like how an asshole referenced it to me.  No offense to any singer, but a song about suicide is going to get turned off by me.  Not that their singing isn't good.  They are very creative and it sounds nice.  I just don't believe in suicide.  It got brought up recently very briefly with my girls as the older one was talking about me dying.  Don't know why she brought it up, but I told her I am not dying anytime soon.  Planning on 100, subtract ten years because of the chips!!!

I think she meant, because she was thinking of my mother.  She never met her, and maybe my girls could be worrying that I could get cancer as well.  She said she was thinking of my mom.  I told my girls they would have loved my mom.  She was always so much fun and she loved a party.  I remember a story she once told me about how when we were little we used to go to my Aunt Mary's house and after we went to sleep they used to have a grand old time.  For some reason part of the story was about them running around outside of my great aunts house.  I'm sure some drinking involved.

One New year, she tried to climb onto the doorknob as my uncle was leaving for the night.  I miss her every day.

Well, hmm...  thinking about what I'm going to do next.  I'm working on a doll shawl for my Ellowynne doll and then some other doll outfits.  Maybe I will just knit doll outfits for my future grandkids until moving day.  And maybe fit in a headband or another small project. 

I was skimming through some Country Living magazines this weekend and kind of got thinking up some new ideas for Loreena Lob It off.  My future novel about my vampire angel chasing badmen. I got thinking that she may need some cats!!!  Vampire cats!!!  I got laughing as I thought up their names!!!! I won't tell you as I wouldn't want to spoil it.  Just know I was laughing to myself. 

I would probably be proof that you don't need a man in your life to have a full life.  Although it would be nice, and when I'm ready there could be one.  I feel that having time to figure out who you are is very important.  I can be by myself, knit, listen to good music, sing to it, dance to it and to be able to laugh to myself about things is a good feeling.

I'm waiting for them to play Soul Sister again!!!  I heard it play one night, started dancing around my rooms, boogying, twirling, waving the arms and towards the end, let's just say I came close to falling into my rocking chairs.

Last night three of my fav songs came on in a row.  I want to be a billionaire, Marry Me and then Beyonces Single woman.  Okay, I got up on hers and danced like hell, raising my arms and laughing thru the whole song.  I'm just about to be a completely single woman next month when my divorce is final.  I miss the good times, not the bad.

But, he's the father of my children and I am thankful to him for that every day.  I finally figured out I can stick my memory cards into my printer!!  Kid pictures!!!  And I got their school pictures!!!  Awesome!!!

I also love Demons song by. Imagine Dragons.  I love the part where it says your eyes shine so bright.  When I hear that part, I think about how my kids eyes shine so bright.  Love it.  But Is rather sing, let you know instead of let you go.

Getting ready to head home and am praying I see no sign of breaking and entering.  A few days ago, they gave me three signs they broke in again while I was out.  Real creepy.  It makes me mad.  I better never see any man in my apt when I get back. 

Counting down my days to moving day.  Under two weeks now.  I will love it when next Monday comes and it will just be a few more days to wait.  Patience is a virtue.  My mom always used to say that to me.  I've got a whole lot of patience and I know it will get here.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted October 2013

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Another Short AMD Sweet

my tablets on low battery, so I will make this fast.  Can hardly wait for my moving date!!!!  Just a few short, but long weeks.  It will be here soon enough and my nerves are on a high just hoping everything goes smoothly.  Meaning no Asses hurting me on the way out.  Or nobody emptying out my car!!!

As much as I don't want to be there, I don't want to give them extra chances to come in on me.

Well, I'm making a winter shawl for me right now.  I bet it could be done by tomorrow.  And I may have enough pink yarn left to make a pretty cabled scarf for someone.

I left my apt a little early as some jerk started fighting outside about some b.  it better not be me.  It's possible.

Looking at a cool recipe.  Ricotta tart.  Doesn't that sound good.

Finished a doll skirt last week and a headband.  My girls are getting their Littlest Pet Shop accessories later.

Okay, done.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted October 16, 2013

Friday, October 11, 2013

Last Yard sale hurrah

Hard to believe we are almost halfway through October and there are still yard sales going on.  The weather is beautiful today and yes, I've been to a few.  Something must be telling me about my finds.  A nice three pack of writing paper and some books.  Shakespeare and Edgar Allen Poe. 

I'm going to attempt to read them sometime.  I'm in reading mode, whipped through a vampires, monsters encyclopedia and am reading a fiction novel.  Ancient deities in it.

I've borrowed some Greek Mythology books from the library as my oldest is thinking of archaelogy.  So mom is talking about Gods and Goddesses with him.  Fun.

Some of the stories in that vampire book would curl your nose hairs.  Good lord, the ancient history is horrid.  I guess we really can't stop all the violence in the world ever because its been going on since time began.

Looking forward to my move and hope it goes smoothly.  It can't get here fast enough.

I want to see no Real Asses in my apt ever.  Any apt.

I think the pad of writing paper is telling me I need to get back to writing.  As soon as the move gets here, that's what I'm doing.  I told my sister when I get my new laptop I am write, write writing, publishing, publishing, publishing.  She said "Don't forget about your Dad.".

Of course not.  But, I've told her that's my priority to write.  It's not a hobby.  It's trying to make a career out of it.  And if it doesn't work out, ok, I look for something I wouldn't be as happy doing.

But my goals and dreams are to have more self published books and a decent living doing it like all the other writers achieving their goals.  I'm not going to have anyone trying to crush my dreams.

And I'm going to let NO Pig, Rob me of everything.

Which includes my beautiful girls and handsome sons someday getting married.  I washed down a pretty mirror this morning tthinking of how beautiful my girls would be looking into it for pictures.  its one of those long oval mirrors on a stand.

Thinking of doing some doll outfits soon with my little needles.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted October 10, 2013

A daisy near my favorite library. 

 Flowers outside my favorite knitting shop, Kaleidoscope Yarns.  And their mannequin inside.  A beautiful sweater or shawl was hanging against the window and I loved how the sun hit the openwork.

Monday, October 7, 2013


Hey, I don't take any threat lightly.  The lady who takes my statements seems like she's fed up, but she will keep getting my statements while I'm still being threatened.

Hey, when a man gets in the hallway and says, I will never touch it again and I'm going to kill her with gloves on, is a very serious threat.  Chain yanking or not, I do not like receiving that threat this morning or any other threat from any of these men.

I will not let any God damned man force me to be a suicide!!!
. I cannot begin to tell you how furious this makes me.  Last week, the jerk referenced me to Lana Del Ray.  Her new popular song about suicide.  I will not sing to it and I think it is a horrible song.  It could also be a song to which teenage girls may be pushed to this because of a song like that.

I just wish there were not songs about suicide out there.  I know people probably can relate to it, but do we need suicide songs???  No we don't.

I will be God damned if someone ever tries to force a gun in my mouth, push me out a window.  It makes me so angry that there are mean people around me who want to rob me of my beautiful life!!!!!

My kids!!!!  Nobody has a right to do it to me and hurt my kids!!!!  Makes me utterly furious.  I've got too many dreams and goals to let sheer assholes take my life away.  I want to live to 105!!!
. Love Marry Me song so much better than hers.  I would like a different song from her much better.

I can belt out those verses of Marry me.  Hey, I don't care if I'm a girl singing a song a guy sings.  Sometimes there are some real soprano lyrics a man can sing and why not sing it if you are embarrassed to sing it because its a guy song.

I love Royal by Lord and seem to be able to go along with hers well.  Except for the fast parts, where I don't know every word she says.

Mollyanne, my older daughter is doing chorus this year and I can hardly wait to go to her first recital.

Just a few more weeks to wait for my move to my new place.  The waiting and enduring mean people will hopefully stop soon.  I want them to stop it!!!  And I will not be a Suicide.  Murder!!! 

I don't like coming back to unlocked windows and stolen stuff.  I think they've taken more of my silverware.  I'm down to three knives!!!!  I had an abundance of silverware.  My forks are disappearing too.  I had more!!!

And someone came in and took a pretty paper punch butterfly tag off a boughten scarf.  They knew I wanted to trace the tag and make my own pretty butterfly tags.  It was safety pinned to the scarf, I hadn't taken it off.  Same day my windows got unlocked on me, someone switched two of my mannequins around on me that day too and a big heavy fabric got knocked over from a bag.  The bag where the scarf and tag were in.

I think they knocked the fabric to show me they took the butterfly tag.  So miniscule yet furious!!!  Vicious!!!  Just because they knew I was going to use it.

And those Littlest Pet Shop Hats!!!  I made two a few nights ago and yes, laughed to myself after finishing them, hmmm....  the gutter...  to cover the thingie!!!!!!  Well, after I turned offy lights, jerk number one gets out in the hallway laughing and talking about my "thingie covers"!!!!  Really, harmless kid accessories, but maddening as hell that jerk knew I was finishing them and laughing to myself.  He was loud and I was in my quiet apt.

Do I have to go to McDonald's to have a bathroom break!!  Good God!!!!

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted October 7, 2013

 wNobody is going to rob me of writing once I move.  Enough!!!  This gal is going to write up a storm.  Meaning set my alarm clock for early am and non stop until evening hours.  Night owl.  I will be a night owl!!!  The Novelist!!!  Me!!!

 Blythe needs more outfits!!!
 The shawl is finished!!!  The tiniest needles!!!!  This might be a scrunchie.  Perfect for doll sized clothing for my grand kids!!  I want to make lots of doll clothing!!!

Friday, October 4, 2013

Laughter is the Best Medicine

It is so true that laughter is the best medicine to take and boy was it fun this morning.  For those of you who don't listen to Jamie and Chantal in the morning on 95 triple X, you should.  That is if your radio stations can pick it up.

They had me in stitches this morning as he was reading excerpts from Dinosaur porn.  Well, he began talking about Fifty Shades of Grey and then went onto Dinosaurs, Jurassic park and all kinds of funny stuff. 

Just imagine Jamie reciting an excerpt while you hear Chantal laughing.  I think there must be an actual book series they were talking about and they said maybe the sales would go up today.

I had to call them up to tell them, they made my day as I could not stop laughing in my living room.

Speaking of more laughter, I got three Styrofoam mannequins yesterday and last night was drawing on them.  The last one took the longest and I was writing a comic plot for a novel I have yet to write about.

Not actually sure of my title, but Loreena Lob it Off possibly.  It would be my very first vampire/werewolf love story.  I probably should change the girls name as its close to, was it Loretta?  The woman who actually did it to Bobbit. 

Anyway, my mind was truly in the gutter last night and I got laughing to myself as I created a possible name for my werewolf.  Rusty Horn.  Yeah, you can just imagine where my mind went to.

I was playing around with a name dice app and got it.  Then I got laughing later on another name the dice whipped out.  Wong.  Don't begin to ask me where I was going with that one.

I also had to laugh as I was texting my sister.  We were talking about the mannequins and I think I said something about a mysterious mannequin killer to which she had to respond, mannequins aren't alive and she knew she spelled mannequin wrong.  Laughed and told her I don't know where I was going with that one!!!

Hmm...  a mannequin who comes alive in the night to drink her red velvet coffee????  Well..... anyhoot.

Hmm...  should I put that on my grocery list???  I've tried it before and its not bad.  What would our world be without coffee???  Walking Dead Chapter 100!!!!

I'm on a Halloween kick with these mannequins.  I might try drawing them sometime too.  On paper. 

Not quite sure what the next knitting project is going to be yet.  I've still got the doll outfits on my list and I've got a white shawl to finish.  And I found myself making a thimble sized hat for my girls Littlest Pet shop animals.  I need to bind it off.

And I'm packing.  I'm just hoping everything goes smoothly with no problems with my jerk neighbors on my way out of their neighborhood.  I'm moving and they are to leave me alone!!!  Thank God!!!

Jennifer Jo Fay

 Copyrighted October 4, 2013