Friday, May 31, 2013

Why Does Google Adsense Disable?

Whydoes Google Adsense disable?  I just went to my emails today and discovered my Google Adsense has been disabled.  .Well, I can tell you it's beyond my questioning as to the reason why and it absolutely has nothing to do with me.

Maybe it has something to do with Triond or some other site who puts an ad on someone's blog withoutAn their consent?  I really have no idea.  And I also have to put it out there that my psycho stalkers could have done something as well to compromise my earnings as they are the nastiest SOBs ever to roam this earth as far as I'm concerned.

But anyway, we know that our Earnings with Google Adsense take a very long time to increase the way we would like them.  I wrote them to demand them to enable my account as it has nothing to do with me.

I''m just a novelist, blogger and writer who keeps writing my posts and articles and that's about it.  Yes, I've got my ads on my Blogger blog, but those are for my products and that is supposed to be fine to have those.

Anyway, it sort of makes me mad as I've built up a little bit of money in there and I believe I should deserve to have that.

These not nice people should go to jail and I don't appreciate them tampering with my mail.  I know who it is, but it's my word against his.  I just hope someday some good person has enough information to go in with a search warrant and they will see these people have hacked all my information.  These nuts will have to do some serious erasing if they don't want to get caught.

I'm wanting my justice.

Anyway, Triond is where the $$ is, quicker than Adsense.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted May 31, 2013

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Plagerizm is a Serious Crime

Plagerizing someone's writing or a work of art is a serious crime and should be dealt with that they are very in the wrong and shouldn't do it.  I believe the penalties are very steep for plagerizm and the publishing world takes it very seriously.

I've contacted Kindle Publishing and protected a few of my unpublished writing documents in an email to them including the unfinished first novel to my trilogy, The Glorious Money Tree. It would be my very mean neighbors trying to plagerize my stuff because they retrieved it illegally from my old, unprotected laptop.  They retrieved everything under the sun, and I can't tell you how mad I've been about that and embarrassed they got some information absolutely nobody knew about.  Can't begin to tell you how furious I am.

Before I contacted Kindle, I finally realized these people were planning to plagerize me and I thought it was my trilogy.  Finally after contacting Kindle I realized it may not be that one, but I've protected all of my works of writing.  It's my very first romance novel this particular asshole plans to plagerize and he keeps saying he can hardly wait for me to type it into this cheapo laptop.  It's my Lustful Evangelean novel.  And I swear to god I better not see it anywhere or I am going to march straight to WCAX and report a serious plagerizm crime on this asshole and also I will leak out my venting journal on how badly I've been violated.

And this not nice guy better not be able to hack into this laptop.  I'm wondering if he can.  I've been typing my venting journal about all the crap they've done to me and my cursor is going all over the place all the time, nothing to do with me pushing buttons.  Suddenly I see that a whole paragraph has been highlighted in blue, not by my doing and it's ready to make the whole thing disappear.  The first night I got about eight to nine pages typed up, didn't think to save it, and suddenly without me touching anything, the whole thing disappeared.  I'm going to Best Buy later today to ask why this would do it.  I swear to God the asshole is doing it.  And then yesterday, I decided to keep saving as I went along with the venting journal, got to about twenty or more pages and then I was done, I saved it.  Well, as I sat back, suddenly, the whole twenty pages disappeared on me, because the not nice guy didn't want to see it there.  You can be sure I didn't save it that time and today I have sent it to protect it in some of my emails to myself.  May create a new email as well.

Anyway, it's my Lustful Evangelean romance novel he wants to plagerize and he's got no right to try and publish something that isn't his.  Yesterday, he was out on the porch pretending to talk to someone about how he spends his whole day writing.  I kind of think he is yanking my chain and he has got to know that plagerism is a serious crime and I don't care if I had the money or not, I would take him to court and sue him, get help because it's my writing not his.

It's a partly finished novel, romance about two characters, Evangelean and Gauthier the man she has the hots for and Tom is her husband who has had several affairs on her.  There's my college poem in the beginning called Lustful Evangelean.  I wrote that part back in 1988 or 1989.

It's what prompted my story.  Well, not completely.  Back in 2005 I believe, I got prompted to write the novel and it was my very first attempt at a novel.  A neighbor's son wanted me to illustrate his children's book.  It never came about, but I thank him all the time for getting me into novel writing.  It was my phone call with him that inspired me to think, "I could write a novel."  And I did.

It took about two years or more to finish it.  I started working on it when my girls were in preschool, I gave the teachers some copies to read on different chapters and later when it was finished I gave completed copies to people as well as copies that got mailed out to publishers.

When I was starting it, I also was working on paper doll sets that matched the novel.  I've got two to three sets based on Evangelean.  One is The Housewife paper doll set that is published with Authorhouse and right on the back of the cover it tells all about how this set is based on my character, Evangelean from my unpublished romance novel that I someday plan to publish. 

Yesterday, I also checked the back of my published Black Roses novel and I also mention my first romance novel unpublished, Lustful Evangelean there as well.

And I've got an Evangelean set that goes with it, and my paper dolls will be incorporated into my cover when I someday publish and I plan to have some of them into the inside illustrations as well.  Hey, I highly doubt this not nice guy is a paper doll artist!!!!!  Come on!!!!  And he's no  writer as well!!!!!

He's just an not nice guy threatening to do me bodily harm and threatening to plagerize me, put a pittbull into my apt and everything else he can think up as a scare tactic.  My locks got changed and nobody gets a key.  Deadbolt.

In 2008, I decided to pay a local editor to edit Lustful Evangelean.  I've got my typed up copy with several pages of an evaluation along with my INVOICE!!!!!!  I paid good money to get it edited and it was well worth it.  She told me the good parts and gave me lots of advice on what needs fixing.

In 2010 before I started writing Black Roses, I started to tackle Lustful Evangelean and began to edit it.  I believe I took two years almost off from writing and had a mid life crisis and a tremendous writer's block and I shoved Lustful Evangelean into a drawer for a while.  Then in 2010, I was ready to come back to writing.  During my break from writing, I did some artwork here and there, the paper dolls still unfinished and I read a lot of mysteries.  I just wanted to read books for a long time.  And I might have done some knitting.

It still needs to be edited one more time before I'm ready to publish it.  But the fact is that this guy has no right whatsoever to try and retrieve my novels, recipe books, knitting books and anything he wants from my new laptops which have a cheap version of Webroot on them.  But the fact that I keep seeing all these pages of writing disappearing on me when I stop and nothing is there makes me wonder if he is able to hack in.  I'm questioning as well who I bought it from with Ebay.  And how could this guy be able to hack into protected laptops?  I use local wi fi which is probably insecure, but even so, if I've got protection, can someone be able to retrieve like that?  That's my question.

How secure are all our laptops really from these vicious hackers.  That's what these people in my complex are, druggies and hackers.  I don't really care if they do drugs, but I do care about them violating my private things and I am seeking justice for that.  It's mean and vicious what they have done to me.  I'd move, but I can't at this point.

Primarily, I don't want them plagarizing any of my writings.  It's mine, not theirs.  I've let this guy know he can't plagerize my stuff and he knows I'm mad.  I guess it added more fuel to his fire.  But, he's not going to hurt me, it's all a scare tactic just to be mean to a very nice person.

Anyway, he wants to get his hands on Lustful Evangelean.  I'm not sure if he already has a copy of the book, because for a while, I didn't know these people were breaking in.  Not sure if at one point he was able to hack and get it off my zip drive.  He was also talking about making a seedy movie about it, and possibly exploiting me.  I swear to god if there's something out there, I will make sure he goes straight to jail with no bail.  That would be really nasty.

He has no right to any of my writings.  I'm the author and they're all unpublished writings not even finished.  He's been threatening that he can publish it quicker than I can and supposedly get it out there before I can publish.  And then what?  I get in trouble for plagerizing my own writings?  I don't think so, asshole.

It makes me tremendously furious.  I just want to concentrate on moving and finding a nice place to handwrite my stuff for a while as I don't trust this laptop to do it.  All that's going to be in this laptop are my venting journal and my written articles for here and Triond.

I liked seeing my Triond earnings jump up well within two days of publishing about twenty articles.  That was nice to see!!!

And hey, if they retrieve my venting journal from this laptop, they are definitely 100% not going to like what they read about what I've written about them.  This girl doesn't enjoy watching some guy bringing crime scene tape into my building before a crime has even happened.  And then the next day, he has the galls to bring in two cans of gasoline.  This is another guy.  There's a whole lot of assholes in this complex and mainly in my building.  I don't know who I can even trust here.  I think it was all to just Gaslight me like that old Ingrid Bergman movie.  The night this father brought in the gasoline, later on someone had the galls to play a recording of a glug, glug glugging noise right outside my apt or in the apt upstairs.  It was so loud making me think they were pouring the gasoline.  They weren't, but they just played a recording of it to scare me.  I guess it did work, as I called 911 just in case something was really going to happen.

Then I just had to think to myself afterwards, if they went through with some explosion or a torching of my apt, they would have a serious lawsuit on their hands.  It's just a dirty trick.  Just as one night, the asshole who wants to plagerize me, got someone to bring by a barking dog to make it seem like he purchased a pittbull to put into my apt. 

What awful people these are.  And nobody has the right to plagerize anything.  And to top it off, an unpublished piece of writing, no matter which book it is.  And one of the people in this complex, someone I thought I could trust, but obviously not, had the galls to shout and it was quiet in my apt and I could hear her quite clearly.  "That girl will never publish!!!!!"

Hey, this girl is going to keep writing and publishing my stuff and nobody is going to make threats for me not to write EVER AGAIN!!!!!!   I stop WRITING FOR NOBODY AND I AM FURIOUS!!!!

Sorry, I just don't want any of these people to think they can publish my stuff before I even finish and figure out how to format it for KIndle Publishing.  Makes me so mad.  I take my time, take breaks because I like to knit too and when I am good and ready and I've got writings that I feel are ready for publishing, I'm going to publish my e-books with Kindle.  But, they're not published yet and they're not out there for anyone to read.

Who gives these not nice people the right to read anything I write before I even publish it anywhere?  Huh?

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted May, 27, 2013

I better not see a Lustful Evangelean out there that sounds like my book or even a movie that sounds like I'm being exploited.  GO DIRECTLY TO JAIL AND NO GET OUT FREE CARD!!!!!

All these paper dolls here are based on my novel, Lustful Evangelean.  She is Evangelean.......  and  Gauthier was based on a crush I had to can it.  My kids preschool teachers on the last year of preschool hired a male teacher and I guess I thought he was cute, but nothing ever happened and my good friend one of the preschool teachers told me to can it and she said, "Would it help if we told you he's gay?"  We had a good laugh on that one.  And I'm sure he wasn't gay. 

Anyway, it kick started a novel and then I just loved writing novels after this first one and nobody has a right to take it from me.  It's mine.  I won't share too much about what it's about, but someday I want to finally publish the first novel I wrote.

Okay, I'm about done for now, got a bunch of ideas for articles for Triond, have to go ask Best Buy questions as to why that is flaking out like that.  To see eight and nine pages disappear and then twenty or more pages disappear without me touching any button is very fishy and I believe the asshole is involved in messing it up.  Hey, they don't want the venting journal to leak out.  I do, because I want them to stop what they're doing to me.

I'm not sure exactly how my cover is going to look, but these will all be in it.  It's my art, not theirs.

Friday, May 24, 2013

It's a Free Country

Hey, world, smarten up.  We live in a free country here in America where we can speak our minds, say what we believe in and do what we want. 
True there are a few rules in society we must conform to, but it doesn't say that we have to abide by them completely.  There are the basics that go with good values and morals and we stick by what we believe in and know that if we are raised right, we can do what we want within how we were brought up.

We all do come with rules, but they are our rules and not somebody else's.  We make our own beds and we have our standards that we ourselves want to live up to.

We come with our own set of beliefs and we make sure we know it and if other people try to steer us in a different direction we have the freedom and the right to say no if we don't want to.

Which brings me to creativity and who has the right to tell a writer not to write or an artist not to create?  Nobody!!!!!!

Don't listen to anyone who tells you they don't want to see you doing what you love to do best.  It's a free country and you and I can do what we want.

Reason I state this is because I've got people in my complex threatening me not to write ever again and it makes me so God Damned furious that they have the galls to tell me not to write ever again.

They don't have any right whatsoever to threaten me not to write.  My plan is to move at some point when I can.  I love my cute living place, but I don't like the people in it.  It's primarily harassment, but they should keep their thoughts to themselves.

Someone has told me just to ignore them, but it's hard to do when they are constantly harassing.  But it's what I need to do and just do what I love and leave them in the dust.

It's a free country and we're all our own individual and I think if we listened to everyone under the sun who tells us either not to do it or it can't be done, we would be a melting pot full of sappy people who don't dare to let freedom ring.

What the hell people?  Just take care of you and don't be thinking about someone else and what they may think of you.

Since when does everyone follow the Same yellow brick road?

Stand up for what you believe in and don't let anyone tell you or threaten you not to do something.  They're mean people with a one lived purpose to make someone else's life misery.

Well, I've been harassed to Kingdom come for about eight months, but this girl has not let anyone stop her from what she loves to do.  I've got lots of goals for future writing, art and knitting plans and nobody is going to stop me from reaching my goals.

I've got a good 55 years to go or more and nobody is going to get in the way of that.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted May 24, 2013


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

How to Pump out the Articles

How do you pump out the articles?  I don't always get to do it every day.  It was a pain writing them on my HTC tablet, so I wasn't posting as often, but now with a laptop to be able to type on a keyboard, I will be posting more often.  It's a cheapo laptop not quite as described, but at least it will be good for typing up my posts for here and Triond.

I'm not sure if I want to get any novels into this laptop.  I think I am going to hold out for a nicer laptop for that.  Where I don't trust this laptop and who I bought it from, I don't want to get my good novels etc/. onto this one.

I hate hackers with a tremendous passion.

It's a scary world we live in today and how much is really confidential anymore?  Hackers should be thrown in jail. 

Anyway, yesterday, I finally decided to try to get this laptop in motion with the writing of the posts.  At first it was very slow getting my writing software to work.  It's definitely a slow laptop but finally I was able to do my writing.

I surprised myself and got nine posts written.  I've shared one here, but I put most of them on the Triond site.  I'm jfay1995 there.

I'm not sure if there's really a trick to posting and pumping out the articles.  I would say it depends on how bad your writer's block is.  Are you just not in the mood or do you feel you have a lot to say today?

I've been wanting to keep pumping out the articles there as the earnings were beginning to jump up for me a few months ago before the other laptop fried.  And now, I am going to make sure I keep pumping them out.

Sometimes it is hard to figure out what you want to write about.  Hard to know where to look for ideas for good content.  It's a win win situation some days and other days you really have to dig into the jar for the right thing to write about.

Hmmm.....  should we all have a big mason jar filled with papers for our ideas?  Just a thought.  .Maybe later.  That could be kind of cool for some photos as well.  Well, my mind will be thinking about that one.

I'm also thinking of a good Macdonalds sandwich I am going to devour later today with my kids.  Yum. 

I guess it's just a matter of keeping the writing momentum going and at some point you will be able to come up with all your posts you want to write.

Sometimes I like going to Facebook for my ideas.  It's amazing what friends will write and as you're reading you come to a great title or topic for a new article to make you money.

There's got to be a madness and a solution to writing online and earning money.  I do see the earnings jumping up, but it always makes me wonder how these other bloggers are able to make a decent living from their blog.

When I was writing for Hubpages, there were success stories that had me floored.  I was like, how can you come up with that figure and you are making how much a month?  Well, if people are doing it, it shows us that it can be done.

But you all know with a blog and writing online it takes a lot of patience and knowing that if you work hard at what you love to do, something good could potentially come from it.  Hey, if you sit back and don't watch the birds go by, you never know.  Birds are smart.

People are smart, it's just a matter of trying the best you can and the world could be at your fingertips if you believe in yourself.

I believe in myself, do you?

I think if I someday got well known for my writings, novels etc...   I would still maintain this blog.  I think I would want to come to it every day so that people get to know a part of me, who I am. 

Keep the private out, but I think sharing things we like and what makes us tick is a good thing.  We cannot worry about every little thing, but we do need to be careful.  It's a scary world out there, but the internet can be our friend as well.  Times are tough and we look to the internet nowadays for our jobs.

There's simply not enough jobs out in the local areas anymore, too many applicants, the companies can pick and choose out of hundreds of weekly applicants and hey, you're damn lucky if you get something.

I say, power to online writing and Kindle Publishing e-books.  When I am completely ready, I will get my stuff out there.  But for now, posts and articles will be my thing until I am ready to do the other.

A novel or an e-book of any sort, takes a lot of time and patience.  I really want it to be perfect and that takes patience.

I've got lots of that.  I was brought up on Patience is a Virtue.  Instilled by my beautiful Mom.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted May 22, 2013

Okay, I think I have got to get going.  This picture is making me thirsty!!!!!!!  And I'm hungry!!!!!  That little clock my Mom gave me one Christmas.  It seriously used to be white!!!!!  But I keep it because she gave it to me.  Still works!!!!

Why We Should Wish for the Way Things Were

Why We Should Wish For the Way Things Were

Have you ever just wanted to have things the way it used to be?  You know, maybe the way it was back in the seventies or even the fifties?  Things weren’t lightning fast the way it is now.  Things were definitely much more simplistic and not always so complex as it is nowadays.

Let’s face it, we live in a rat race in today’s society.  Everyone has to have the high speed internet, fastest dial up, latest gadgets, modern technology and all kinds of other things that cost money.
How many of you have seen the Facebook picture saying in a nutshell, Thank God For Facebook the way gas prices are going!!!  It’s true.  It’s awful how much it costs to fill a tank now.  But at least now, in some gas stations the price of a gallon of gas isn’t as bad as it was earlier in the year.  I’ve noticed it has gone down a fraction of the price. 
Whoop de do!!!!  Maybe a ten to twenty cent difference?  How we all wish we could be paying more like a dollar for a gallon.  I was a kid in the seventies and can’t quite remember how much gas was at that time, but even so, it was a heck of a lot cheaper then compared to now.
Milk is so expensive as well.  Today, buying groceries for a family is quite pricey as well.  Everyone wants to have good food on the table.  Even if you want the fresh vegetables, it can be quite costly.  I love cauliflower but I don’t buy the fresh kind much as it comes close to five bucks.  We have to be careful nowadays when grocery shopping as well.
The world is on a budget and we have to make sure we have what we need but don’t overindulge even at the grocery store.  And if you go in hungry, be careful as you know darn well you are going to come out with more than you needed.  You know, maybe that smoothie or a bag of chips or beef jerky.  Anything that you want to open as soon as you get everything in the car because you forgot to eat before you got there.
Also, what about how simple things were way back in the day.  Nobody had to worry about so many things that we have to worry about now.  You have to be so careful when on the internet as the internet is full of scammers, phishers, hackers and anyone looking up good people to find out their information.
I will tell you, it is so scary what people can do when they get a hold of someone’s profile on the web.  We’re just a small handful of the millions of bloggers, writers and anyone with a website and we do have a profile so people can go look up our sites and potentially buy things, read our blogs and so on. 
Be careful when you do put out your profile on a blog.  Make sure you don’t have too much personal information.  You have to be so cautious.  But even if you are, someone can still look you up and your whole family as well.  The world is a truly scary place and I wish we lived in earlier times.
What about the price of everything?  Phone companies, insurance companies, doctors, etc…  all can really sock it to you.  We need our phones though as a communication with people.  But I will say, there is something said for the lost art of letter writing.  When you talk on the phone all is lost except for your memory of what got said.
What if we all tried to write more letters to each other?  I always loved getting a letter in the mail and nowadays we’re lucky if we get a letter at Christmas time from relatives.  You know how we get when we’re sending out the cards, we want to get them done and mailed out fast so we can get back to the  rat race. 
And what about all the things the government covers up?  In today’s society, the government covers up so much crap, it’s probably like a minefield about what gets covered up. 
Think about all the things hackers can possibly do in today’s society.  It’s getting pretty astonishing at what they can potentially do nowadays.  It’s a vast cover up. We would like to believe that everything we do is confidential.  Doctors apts. Anything, we’ve been told it’s all confidential.  Even the doctor’s know it’s confidential, but what if it really wasn’t? 
What are the police stations covering up as well?  Do hackers, phishers and other bad people out there have any God Damned access to things that all of us good people are completely unaware of what they are doing?
Hey, we’re in a scary world and it’s a nightmare thinking that our children and their children are going to have to grow up amidst it all and worry about so much more than we ever had to.
If only it were as easy as clicking our heels three times and we could go to Kansas and live in the seventies or the fifties when people didn’t have to worry quite so much about locking our doors like we do today.

Jennifer Jo Fay
Copyrighted May 21, 2013

Sorry no new pictures for a little while.  This laptop I got isn't as described and the uploader is shot.  Bummer.  I'm going to be investing in a newer laptop later in the year with Best Buy where I will be able to see what I am buying.

Friday, May 17, 2013

A beautiful poem

I was looking through my old letters I saved from my younger years and I found a poem my Grammy shared with me.  I probably had broken up with a boyfriend at the time.

Anyway, when I found this instead of what I was looking for, I thought I would share it.

Advice to a Girl

No one worth possessing
 can be quite possessed;
 Lay that on your heart,
 my young angry dear;

This truth, this hard and precise
 Lay it on your hot cheek,
 Let it hide your tear.

Hold it like a crystal

when you are alone

And gaze in the depths of the icy


 Long, look long and you will be

 No one worth possessing

Can be quite possessed.

Sara Teasdale

Always loved this little gem from my Grammy.  My poem she gave me is typed on an old fashioned typewriter. 

Poems are always straight from the heart.  I find them hard to write sometimes and other times they can be very easy.  I believe your heart has to be in it.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted May 17, 2013

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Things I like

Have you ever made a list of all the things you like?  I have.  But a few nights ago, I decided that I would make a new one here to share with you.

I finally got my new used laptop and am getting used to how it works.  It's different than the other one and I'm finding it different.  It's windows 7, but it's different.  I haven't figured out how to get my pictures uploaded yet and at one point,, I will get the novels in as well.

What I hate is people who think they can plagarize.  I protected an unfinished copy of The Glorious Money Tree with Kindle Publishing to protect myself. Got my reasons.

Okay, so onto the things I like.

My kids!!!!!! 

My family and friends

My blogger friends

Katherine Hepburn (my icon actress from the older era)

Audrey Hepburn

Elizabeth Taylor


Bringing Up Baby!!!!!!!!

Rear Window  and all Alfred Hitchcock movies

Grace Kelly

Jimmy Stewart

It's a wonderful Life!!!!!!!

My Nana (an angel)

My Mom (an angel)

My Aunt Harriet (an angel)

My Grammy (an angel)

My Grampy (an angel)

and everyone else I know in my family who has gone to heaven

My photos

My camera so I can take pictures of all the kids and the things I love

My tablet

My pens and pencils and paper

My paper dolls I have created

My artwork

My vanity that used to be my Mom's

Flowers and roses


Magnolia trees

Tami Hoag

James Patterson

Nora Roberts

I used to be a Harlequin reader growing up

Used to read Victoria Holt, Mary Stewart, and Phyllis Whitney


yarn stash and my knitting needles

Cool reference books

All the ideas in my head.

Bella Swan and all the Twilight movies and memorabilia

I love the Twilight music and when I'm old and gray, and I someday die at 100, I want that music played at my funeral.  But that's a long time from now, thank god.

Kristen Stewart

Robert Pattinson

Taylor Lautner

Bethlehem from The Postman.  He's hot and I love his beautiful smile.

Kevin Costner

Bruce Willis  Love Armegeddon and his saying:  God gave us children so we could have Roses in December!!!!!!!!  Thank-you, Bruce for saying that, as it is one of the sayings that I will hold onto forever.

Mysteries and romances

Secrets to the Grave, by Tami Hoag

Emily Dickinson




The Maine College of Art for getting my start into the art world and to always have an open door and see the whole.

Gone with the Wind

North and South

Patrick Swayze

Amanda Seyfried (she has the coolest eyes and I would like to try doing a drawing from one of her pictures someday as well as my favorite Twilight stuff)

Gwenneth Paltrow

I'm drawing a blank at my favorite movie with her in it.  Great Expectations or The Talented Mr. Ripley


Hot chocolate!!!!

Popcorn with parmesan cheese (and I've got another wild spastic popcorn maker)  and of course butter or margarine for the cheese to stick to.

Macaroni and cheese



Writing novels, my calling

Making sure that when you read my things you will feel as if I am there with you.  My family always loved getting my letters and would often say it is like I am there with them.

When I someday die, I might be the ghost that's going to go have a cup of tea with all my favorite old actresses.

Katherine Hepburn was a great actress.  I'm probably like her.  But I am like a lot of people.  My Nana always used to say Mom looked like her.  I think it is her old highschool pictures, her hair do and my Mom used to have chestnut hair.  There's a picture of my Mom holding a beach bag and wearing a bathing suit where I think she looks a lot like her.

I like a lot of different actors and actresses.  It depends on the movie they're in.

I hate The Hatfields and Macoys movie.  My reason is I absolutely hated the scene where the daughter and mother get killed and it just goes to show it can be so quick when someone thinks they can shoot someone and end their life.  I hated it and I felt my heart do a flip.

I love all things beautiful.

I hate getting scared.  I had a nightmare a few nights ago, I think I was partly awake reliving my horrific past.  I was scaring myself on thinking someone had dug up my long dead Mom and she was in the walls of my apt.  And in the corner of my ceiling near my tub, where I had patched up the deep hole with my purple washcloth, was bulging and when I opened it, her eyeballs fell out.  There's a lot more to my creepy as hell nightmare.

Anyway, these are many of the things I like.  Maybe I will make another list later on.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted May 15, 2013

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

TThings to look forward to.

There's always lots of things to look forward to.  Don't we know its better not to have it all at once and that its great to wait for things.  If we had everything we ever wanted all at the same time, we wouldn't be satisfied.

God makes it so it happens when he knows we're ready to tackle every obstacle.  That's why they're called milestones, events, occasions, and highlights. 

I'm finally having a laptop come in my mail from EBay.  It's used of course, windows 7 with a good battery and charger.  I'm sure its not the best but it will get me by so I can get on with my typing and finishing the novels and publishing. 

Don't you love it when things start moving forward?   Nothing bad can last forever.  And when it happens, we just plunge forward and not let bad people get the best of us. 

Good in this world always will win over anything bad.  When things happen, know always in your heart that its not going to last an eternity.  Even when you think you have hit rock bottom, you can always pull yourself out and start fresh. 

Always be aware there are truly good things to bring us priceless creativity and time with family and friends. 

I am one to put the bad in my past and keep on plugging. 

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted May 9, 2013

Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday, Monday

What a beautiful day it was yesterday.  I sat out on my porch and saw kids out.  At first I was thinking shouldn't they be in school?  Then it dawned on me its the weekend. 

And now it's Monday.  Back to the grind day so to speak.  Monday is always the day that lasts forever, so it would seem.  And Friday seems so far away.

Monday is also a day as well when we know the errands need to get done, there's a list a mile high and we need to play touchdown tackle to finish it.  Like us writers, maybe we had the weekend to play and now we know we have to get back and post. 

I can so hardly wait for that new used laptop.  I came so close to getting a yardsale Dell desktop on Sat.  Had a smaller amount of moolah and saw it for $50.  She said the modem was fried, but unaware me still figured it works.  So went for more moolah, told her to save it.  Came back and discovered I wouldn't be able to use it without a modem. 

So onto next yard sale.  Low and behold, I bought a three dollar modem brand new they said it would work for a year.  Next, you can just imagine me gunning it down the road back a few streets away to the other one.  When I arrived, the desktop had just been sold.

Probably, better anyway.  A friend thought fifty was steep for one where modem was fried.  And second a laptop would be better for me really. 

Seeing as it was so sunny out, I went for a nice much needed walk.  Love starting to see the Spring flowers and buds on the trees.  I got gorgeous pictures of my kids on Saturday, some beautiful ones of my youngest with the tree buds in the background.

I feel sort of guilty when I sometimes take more of her, try to even it out.  But she is so photogenic and the pictures come out great.  Maybe she's my muse. 

But I don't play favorites as my other is just as beautiful as well.  Sometimes Julia has that haunting look I am sometimes after when I am photo graphing.

One of these days I should do some drawings from some.  I've got to do it.  Writing and knitting get in the way.

I'm very close to finishing Julia's knitting tote which will go into one of my knitting books.  And then Mollyanne wants one with blues, black and purple.  After that's done, back to coffee cozies.  Can hardly wait to do so many things.  Life isfilled with so many great things. 

I'm hoping to live to 100 years old and can you just imagine looking back on so many awesome things?  You know you've lived a full life when you can look back on so many things you got to do and enjoy each waking moment. 

Jennifer Jo. Fay

Copyrighted May 6, 2013

Thursday, May 2, 2013

What gets your Day going

What helps you start your day off in the right direction?  For most of us, it is the coffee we drink to make sure we have caffiene in our systems to be productive throughout each day.

Maybe It's the thought of getting up early so we have more time each day.  This I've got to work on, but I also think we need our beauty sleep as well.  Don't we feel the days when we want to vedge and sleep a little longer. 

I've got to make that my goal on getting up a little earlier and usually once I get in the mode of waking up earlier, I can keep it up. 

Is it the fact that getting things done and the momentum of being able to accomplish a lot the reason for starting off your day right?

I'm looking forward to getting my new used laptop and then I can kickstart each day with that. 

I just about finished my knitted tote bag last night and am on the handle and it will be done.  My daughter has requested one for her which I plan to start later today.  And some more coffee cozies.  I will need to finish writing put the pattern for my tote bag as its my own Fair Isle pattern. 

It's sunny here in Vermont today, so I think I will enjoy being out on my porch for a little bit as well and get in another chapter to the novel.  Last week, I was plotting out my last chapters to the novel as once I get the new laptop, I want to start finishing up.

I'm thinking at some point, I am going to have UPS print up a copy of my finished book so I have it for a reference when I go to write the next two books.

Also I am looking forward to getting my new laptop so I can produce more posts here and Triond.  It's a little tricky doing it with my tablet and I feel I can produce more when I have an actual keyboard in front of me. 

I haven't decided if I'm going to get my own internet service or not.  I kind of enjoy going to the local library, and lately Dunkin Donuts for their WiFi.  Macdonalds wi fi hasn't been working for me lately. 

But at those places most of us feel we have to buy something so we don't feel so guilty sitting and occupying a space all the time.  However, the occasional sausage biscuit is yummy or a Donut and/or a coffee coolata.  I haven't decided which flavor I like best.  Butter Pecan or Mint Chocolate chip.  Sugar, cream and EXTRA Splenda go in it as well.  The sweeter the better!!!!!!

Yesterday was a Friendlys evening with my kids and my ex.  We had a good time.  Chicken sandwich went down well and oh no, remains on my shirt!!  Means I may have a bleach project ahead of me today.  Orange can be nasty to get out.  Maybe time to pull out the Shout. 

We all got an ice cream treat after.  Yum.  Heathbar freeze.  It was funny to see my girls treats come out.  One had the little spin wheel with the cool toppings and the other had an upside down ice cream cone, which both my ex and I watched her pour her caramel sauce and fudge toppings making hers look like a volcano.  Funny.

And the cotton candy flavored drink with the cherries on top.  Now wouldn't we want to start the day off with that?

I'm going to settle for a second cup of coffee soon and
maybe another yummy recipe for my recipe book.  May change my title and add Vermont in there somewhere.  I guy I had a few dates with mentioned I may get more people buying it if Vermont is in it.  Food for thought.  Not dating him now as he showed me his true colors. 

Some men are all alike, nor all men but some.

Anyway, this girl strives to start each day off right, whether I get extra beauty sleep or not.  I usually know its time to get up when my cats start using my stomach as their DIVING BOARD!!!!!!

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted. May 2, 2013

Darn it, still having problems uploading new pictures.  Shouldn't happen once I get my new laptop.