Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mermaids, The Body Found and all things Magical

                                                              Animal Planet photos
                        This one almost looks like a dance of harmony, same with the one on top.
                                                      I love mermaids and dolphins!
                                                                Beauty in motion
                  I had to look at this one for a few moments to see the mother was holding the baby.

Go to this site and watch the 2 minute video.  I'm not sure how real it is.  It does show a boy running down to the beach where there are a bunch of beached whales and something else.  I watched it.  And I would have to say, I am gullible.  How about you?  I got a good laugh after.  

It also made me think of watching something on the computer years ago.  Either my ex (husband at the time) or my son wanted me to watch something.  They wanted me to stare at a picture of a pretty room and see if I can spot what is strange about it.  I couldn't find anything and kept looking.  Well, after a minute, that spooky Scream Character pops up in the very foreground of the screen and scared the crap out of me.

I'm trying to figure out if the video was real.  I'm thinking that it had to be real.  I mean, there's the beached whales in the background.  How do you fake that?  And then there are scientists backing up what the two boys on the beach found.  Although the mermaid being alive at first thought, could have been staged.  But how do you know for sure?  We weren't there to know what was real and what was not.        

But now this brings me back to the true nature of mermaids.  Who among us has believed in mermaids since the beginning of our existence?  I would be one of the millions of little girls who believed in mermaids.  And maybe I still do.  A part of me wants to believe that these beautiful creatures do exist.

When I was a little girl, I grew up getting to go to the beach every summer.  I lived in South Portland, Maine a little sister town to Portland.  We were only a few towns away from all the beaches.  But on some days we could smell the marshes from our town.  And if you ever have driven around the marshes in Scarborough, Maine like I did, all you had to do was open up the window and breath in the lovely smell of the marsh life.

And when I was an adult and left Maine, when I would come back to visit, I could smell the marsh air as soon as I arrived to the place of my roots.

But when I arrived to all those beaches or was in the back seat of the car driving across a vast body of water my thoughts always traveled to two things.  Dolphins and Mermaids.  And sometimes whales.

I would arrive at the beach, play all day and look across the water's edge.  Feet slightly dipped in a tiny rippling wave with my eyes scouring the far horizon.  Always my baby blue eyes were searching for a mermaid.  I knew she was out there somewhere, waiting to play with me.

Sometimes, I might have known her name.  I dreamed about her.  I dreamed I would swim through rolling waves in hopes of finding her and seeing what she really looked like.  I wanted to know her, to know what she was like.  Was she like me?  Did she have the same color hair?  Did she talk like me?  Did she long for a nice plate of macaroni and cheese?  Could she come and visit me?  Borrow a lovely pair of legs for a day and come see where I live?  Play with my favorite toys with me?  I knew I would share with her if she would ever show up.

I would look into all those rippling waves, thinking that I might have just seen a mermaid or the fin of the dolphin.  I always loved dolphins too.

And when I grew up, the first movie I ever remembered loving about mermaids was The Little Mermaid.  And it wasn't the modern day Disney Classic.  It was the original one with the Japanese style images of a little blond haired mermaid and her dolphin friend, Fritz.  And she saved the prince and fell in love with him, but then in the end she had to kill him to stay human forever.  And if she didn't, she was to die and become the foam from the ocean.  She couldn't kill him and the prince married the other girl, whom he thought was her.  And she became the beloved foam that hits our toes every summer.  And at the end of the movie, we were treated to the statue of her in real life.

And then, as I became an awkward girl in Junior High I discovered Madeline L'Engle's Ring of Endless Light and there sprang the depths of my love of dolphins.  I then longed to find a dolphin and know what it felt like to ride one.

That also became a part of the things to do before I die.  My friends laughed when I told some of them that I wanted to do that.  I kind of wanted to go down to Florida and get the chance to do that.  But a part of me said no too.  What if they swam too fast?  I wasn't sure if I was ready to do that.  In my dreams I guess.

Mermaids have always been a presence in our world.  A vivid part of our imagination.  A part of all the things we thought were real as a child.  Magic that seems to stay in our brains forever.  Once it's there, nobody can take it away.

True, we become adults and cast away all that magic of childhood.  Believing in things of all sorts.  Knowing that they were true even though others told us that it was make believe.  We want to believe in things like that.  It's where all imagination stems from.

We believe in this magic that is ours to hold, ours to savor, ours to keep even in the grown up days when we've been told it's not true, but somehow we still believe in some of the magic.

Some of it loses it's touch and we're like, "Yeah, right.  You just ruined it for me."  Thanks for nothing.  Yeah, no toothfairy, no Easter Bunny, and NO SANTA.  For crying out loud, we're a child no more.  That's when we begin to grow up and learn the ways of adults.  That the magic wasn't really there.  Life isn't what we thought it was.

But in some ways, we manage to keep some of the magic.  We want to know all the beauty in the world.  We still want to believe that there may be mermaids out there.  There may be unicorns, fairies, goblins, angels, castles in a far away land where there lives a beautiful princess who meets her prince charming and lives happily ever after.

We can still believe if we want to.  There is still a child inside us that knows it still could be possible.

Aren't there the most unbelievable things that happen in this world?  It's all around us.  New discoveries getting found.  A new scientific discovery that things really did exist once millions of years ago.

And then there are the most magical things on earth happening every day.  I'm talking about the miracles.  Now that's true magic.  The miracle of a child being brought into the world.  An opportunity to relive your childhood.  A reason believe in all things magical again.  To relive it through your child's eyes.  And to give in and let them believe for as long as they want to.  Nobody should be denied to believe in the magic.  No child should have to grow up too quick.

And every child that ever was, should be able to have an invisible looking glass so they can go back in time and hold onto something that was pure and sweet to them.

Jennifer Jo Fay

June 3, 2012

And when I am finished writing The Glorious Money Tree  I hope to have captured the child inside of everyone who ever believed in all the things a child thinks are true.

                             Did you ever wonder if all your toys could talk when you fell asleep?  I did.

                                        Ever think that money could grow on trees?  Me!!!

 Ever think you saw the tiniest shell hiding below the water's surface?  See a tiny sliver of a sand dollar, or a starfish?  We all search for that forever.  The gem of the day is that tiny flawless discovery.

 Ever relived your childhood through her?  Me.  My down syndrome child, Jake loved this one and it was played all the time.  He still watches it.

This one is from Animal Planet.  They are saying that some of our ancestors went to the sea.

                                                          An image from google images.

 Animal Planet.  This is an image from part of the video clip I watched from Animal Planet.  It is part of the Mermaids Body found episode I think.  The imagery is really neat in this and I want to see the episode later. I was bummed that I missed it.  I encourage you to see the short video clip.  It's really cool.  Although, as I child I would have never believed that that's how she looked like.


Another google image.
 This is the version of her that the little boys probably dreamed of and the men like.  I'm sure any man would admire this picture.

 Google image:  She is a little scary, but you can see the mother in her worried about her pod's safety and she sacrifices herself to Megalodon.

 The beauty of the mermaid.  And many girls and women all over the world like to dress like her once in a while.  Well, some of us at Halloween.

We've all thought we saw her tail at one time or another. Here she is just basking in the sun.  Hey, we're all wannabee mermaids basking in the sun.  Why do you think we get tans and sunburns?

Google images again.  Most of these are google images.  She's a little gothic and scary, but I like her.  I like all things gothic anyway.

 And here's the sweetest, most darling little mermaid.  Too much for words.  I think I may have to knit a tail like that for a future grandchild.  I've got quite a few years to make one.

And here's one on the beach.  Love her tail.  Remember in Shrek one get's washed up on the beach, until Fiona throws her back out to sea.

 The magic of mermaid's tails swimming in the ocean.  Later on, I will have to find the mermaid drawing I drew quite a few years ago.  Once I find it, I will add it to this post and share.  It came out quite neat.

Another mermaid.  Not quite so scary here.  I have yet to see this last movie.  I think I need to see it just to see how the mermaid effects are.

                                                  Mermaids and dolphins coincide together.

The mermaid I always thought I saw when coming up to the surface.


  1. I'm glad you have that sweet little baby mermaid after the goth one ... she's scary for sure!