Tuesday, April 30, 2013

DDyi Coffee cozy and fun thoughts.

My new knitting fun is trying out coffee cozy patterns.

Here is a simple oNe I got free on Ravelry.  Addicted to that site.

4 dpn

worsted weight yarn

Ribbed coffee cozy.

Cast on 46 sys.

Knit 3, purl 2 across.  Join being careful not to twist.

Repeat this row for 26 rnds and bind off.

I downloaded a bunch of the patterns then of course will deviant and make my own for my knitting book.  Or perhaps yet another book on coffee cozies, water bottle holders and totes.

Like I've got enough projects on my plate.  Looking forward to a new used laptop soon and will start finishing up some of the books to start publishing.

I've been handwriting my novel for now.  I've got a new little friend sitting out on the porch with me.  A seven year old girl is taking an interest in my knitting, etc....  I've met her grandmother also and its nice to have new nice people to pass the time with on sunny days.

The little girl liked one of my beaded bracelets, so I am going to let her make her own sometime.  And I got a cool idea for her and my girls to be little penpals and I can organize them getting cool drawings from each other, etc...
. and soon they can meet.

Kids are fun.  There was three or four kids coming over one day when one of the kids wanted to walk my other neighbors dog.  Fun.  The little girl had fun trying to knit.  I also tried teaching her to finger knit.

I love sunny days.  It's great just to get out and about.
 I would say Saturday was a good day marking the beginning of yard sale season.  I found a few little knick backs and my free side of the road furniture.  I was looking for a few things fory kitchen.  I found a small piece that has a wooden square top for photographing my food near the kitchen window.  I think it was for CDs on the lower section.  And I also found a probably a shoe rack that is temporarily holding some of my pans until I can find something different.

Now, I am also working on a knitted tote bag.  I stayed up late one night to finish my shawl.  193 sys got tiresome and I decided it was done.  Today I went into one of our local consignment shops for women and I may decide to display a few things with her.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted April 30, 2013

sorry, having a hard time uploading my coffee cozy today. 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

What Would You do with 10 Grand?

What would you do with 10 Grand?  I was at FB just a short while ago commenting on my friends posts and the pages I like when I saw that one my brother posted about wishing for ten grand.  And the object of his wishing for that was a mountain bike!  It's my guess it was a mountain bike.

I responded with a how come we can't just be walking to our cars and find 10 grand in front of us?  Well, why can't it happen to all of us?  My novel trilogy is called the Glorious Money Tree.  Absolutely nothing hardly to do with money really, but we all have dreamt of having a money tree to fulfill our wildest dreams. 

As a young girl, I would often dream either of having all the money you could ever wish for or a bedroom filled with toys.  I probably also dreamed of having a cool toy room like my sisters friends did. 

To this day I have often hoped to find a large sum of moolah just sitting in front of me as I walk along somewhere.  Most of us are lucky if we can find pennies, and small change on the ground.  For pennies my sister and I had this thing that if it's heads pick it up but It's bad luck if it's tails.  You know the similar thing if you ride past a big cemetary, you're supposed to hold your breath the whole time or you lose a boyfriend or you die. 

I've come to the conclusion I didn't hold my breath as the men department has often hit cement walls.

What would you do with ten grand?  I'm sure if any number of

us were to find it, we would of course first pay bills.  I'm sure millions of people dream of sending any debt down a dark drain to somewhere like China.  Hey nobody was digging a hole to China for nothing! 

Then many of us would also think of a spending spree of any sort.  A pile of clothing, New Jimmy Choos pumps, yarn or crafts in my case, the latest gadgets, etc....

While others would think of a cruise somewhere exotic.  Travelling all over the world.  In a recent email with my sister, she was talking about opening some paper up to an ad for some ancient city on top of a mountain.  I'm forgetting the name of the exotic city.  Maui Maui? 

All I can say is its got to be the most awesome thing to come across money like that.  Like hitting the jackpot.  There are the lucky ones out there.  And then there are the ones who bet it and lose it all as well. 

Even finding twenty dollars has got to be the highlight of the day.  My Grampy had done that twice in his lifetime on his early morning thrifty walks.  He found nice Olive Garden napkins once, and stryofoam for insulating his basement windows.  And we would laugh, but probably at the same time wish we had found it.

Once, a grammar school friend watched a neighborhood boy lose two bucks as he rode his bike away from us.  But, he was smart, turned around and knew she had it. 

He was the boy who used to call me Bun-bun after my favorite stuffed animal bunny.  ha ha. 

Anyway, I'm sure we all could think of a million things to do with all kinds of money. 

The most important thing we all know about money is that it doesn't buy us our happiness.  All the happiness in the world grows in abundance on trees and all things priceless fall from it. 

The number one beauty is our children, as they are made up of priceless miracles that convince the world that money can never ever bring us all that. 

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted. April 24, 2013

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Do you believe in reincarnation?

So do you believe in reincarnation?  I never really believed in it, would be quite skeptical and you really honestly know that nobody really knows for sure what happens whenwe go to either heaven or hell.

I know I really want to go to heaven because we all know its the nicer place to be.  You know what though?  I think there's got to be an invisible stairway so we can always have a choice of which one we want to visit each day. 

We know darn well there's got to be a nonstop DVD player up there or down beneath that plays back our lives for us and when we view the nasty or the gutter days we know we want to go visit the devil for a few hours to view it. 

So on reincarnation, I suppose anything is possible.  There's ghosts, signs of angels nearby and all kinds of unexplained events and we choose what we want to believe in. 

If you were to be reincarnated, who would you want to be?  Some people would think to differ one who had a bad life or hard life maybe in the next life one could have a much easier one. 

Or there's also the thought you could come back in a different form.  Maybe you would be a bird in the next life, or the tiger that comes back with a vengence.  Or would you rather be a writing desk where all kinds of aspiring writers would come and go as they please and you are the most incredibly awesome place where people come to release their pent up creativity!!

Would you want to be rich and famous just to see how the other side of the hill lives?  Or would you rather relive your life in a completely different way.

Perhaps it is the thrill of being able to reincarnated your life on different paths justfor the sake of seeing what your life could be like in different forms?

And if you could be able to have the sort of memory of who you were before.

Well, how about we just settle for a writing prompt and write a series of stories about our lives we would lead on different forks in the road?  I like that one better as I wouldn't like to live my life over again and I would settle for memories of the best parts of it on a continuous DVD.  And all the bad I would like to shove in the darkest closet of hell with the hardest damn padlock ever, Not even God would crack it open!!!!!!!

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted April 21, 2013

 some of my new knitting markers and I made some earrings.  I've got some sets to sell later this year too.  Below is just some very beginning thoughts for a snippet of my cover for the first book of my trilogy.  This would the beginning when young Sally finds the penny and hatches her wonderful idea with the help of her friends and all that love and know her.

I'm trying to begin to come to the climax log my ending of the first book.  Ive got some thoughts but still not positive of how I want to leave people guessing and wanting more. 

Thursday, April 18, 2013


Conversations are really great and we all know that it keeps the momentum going in any type of relationship.  When you can keep the conversation going for hours and you know you are having a great time, it means the people you are hanging out with are holding your attention and you find it easy to talk.

We all have also had the conversations when there is a lull and you are struggling to fins things to say.  Not every one is very talkative.  Some people are just shy or quiet and would rather have someone else carry the conversation.

My Dad was quiet, and when I was growing up I was shy and reserved.  I probably could have appeared to be a snob to school peers and high school clicks.  I went to a rather large school and there were lots of popular clicks.

it bothered one of my friends and she let some of the snobby girls know she didn't like her treatment.

It's great though when you can find someone you can talk to for hours.  I was with a date yesterday at a local restaurant and we got talking for a good four hours laughing about lots of things.  Finally at one point one of the employees asked if we wanted anything else to drink.  ha ha.

The finality of the date was when I realized I only had ten minutes to get from where we were and to get to McDonald's for me to visit with my kids.  Which was way too short of a visit.  I'm going to push for more time with them when my divorce is final.  I already have told the judge I will not accept the measly time with my kids on a permanent basis.

Three hours a week rots and its not fair to me or my children to kind of have an estranged mother not by choice.

Conversations ate great though and its always something everyone has to constantly work at.  We want to have interesting interActions and to have fun.

Jennifer Jo Fay
 Copyrighted April 17, 2013

my mannequin I drew on her face.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

April Showers

Don't you hate it when your sunny days disappear?  Last week, there was sun and then for the whole week we think we went back to winter and then in comes the rain. 

But we know of the usual April Showers we must have to get the May flowers.  it's a given and we know we must endure as it will eventually leave and there will once again be the warmth of the sun shining down on us once more.

It's like the struggles we know we must be strong because that will also leave as well.

Just when something gets better, then there's something else that trips us up to make us fall. 

Like all the bills we wish would go away.  They usually don't for most of us and then there's another one. 

But think of the sunny days to distract us and make things seem a little better.

There's something said for getting a few priceless moments under the sun.  And one of those priceless things are kids. 

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted April 2013

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Enjoy Your Sunny Days.

Finally we are having sunny days and I love it.  Of course as I am writing this, it isn't sunny.  Go figure. 

Anyway, when you get a sunny day, please take advantage of it because they don't always last.  It's the fleeting moment.
. Do you have the thoughts you've been cooped up inside too long?  Winter has a way of doing that to us.  We hibernate as we don't like being out in the cold atmosphere. 

Last week in Vermont we had a few sunny days and I took advantage of the afternoon.  it was actually kind of hot on one of the days and I had to ditch my sweater. 

On that day, I was out finishing my epoxy sticker bottle cap knitting markers.  I had found lots of little pictures of my kids, etc....
. and now when I am knitting, I can have my kids on my knitting while I am working.  Helps out where I don't get very much time with them right now.  Will be fighting it in court as their good mother, I should have a little more time with them so I don't feel so estranged.  Seeing them for one hour tonight and two hours on Sat.  

I'm sure they aren't happy with their father for taking them away from me, however I still wouldn't Pitt them against him ever. 

Then, there is also a silver lining to everything.  Now I've got one of my daughters emails and we send things back n forth.  Plus they grow up and there could be future weekend sleepovers visiting Mom.  Plus someday grandkids. 

Back to sunny days, every day I see my kids is a sunny day no matter what. 

The other sunny day, I was out on my porch with my things.  I spied my old lawn chair that was out back with some junky grills.  I confiscated it back and am using it.  it has some burn holes from someone's cigarettes or rolled up drugs.  Out complex was unfortunately treated to not nice neighbors doing drugs and maybe dealing.  Probably was them putting holes in my chair as someone else would have used an ashtray out of consideration for someone else's property. 

Anyway, still good for sittting in and it was a lovely day.  it was a little chilly though and I ended up getting my shawl I made a while ago and a sweater.  I had my knitting out but ended up hand writing a chapter into my notepad.  I like using a legal pad when writing.

I got in the next chapter to The Glorious Money Tree trilogy.  I stayed out till almost sunset until I finished the chapter.  I loved writing it and it is a heartwarming one of stinky sock boy Ronny listening to his mom tell her memory of meeting a half fairy half mermaid and the mermaid starts crying to find Sally and save her.  Then of course now Ronny is distraught that his friend is going to be in danger. 

I had an awesome time describing the fairymermaid.
. She's going to be really different. 

Anyway, I had to stay out there until I felt the chapter was done. 

Right now, I'm also working on a cool garter stitch and lace blue cotton scarf with green in it.  I was doing a bunch of those knitted dishcloths as my sister n laws mom sent me some pattern booklets for them. 

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted April 9,  2013

I'm the upside down baby on the bottom right

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Laptop finally died

Well, I will try to keep up writing here but now its not going to be as easy with the tablet but at least I will try.  I had been at the local library as usual and I was trying to get The Old girl fired up and finally I think it happened She croaked on me. She let's call her perhaps something like Old Betsy or more like Old Bessie or seeing I am mad at the Ex, let's call him Old Mr. Ed because he got Ripped up.  And he retired to other pastures. 

What a hard day yesterday,  I had a hard time looking at my kids pictures.  I miss them.  But the ones of Mr. Ed got ripped up and they hit thedumpster really hard, the old junky pictures cracked and flew to Kingdom Come.

So anyway, old Mr. Ed bit the dust.  I was kind of bummed yet at the sad time relieved.  Don't you hate it when your favorite toy finally does not function the way you wishit would?  Just doesn't want to be your best buddy anymore because the harddrive is telling you it would like to go to Heaven?

Welcome to the world of my withering laptop.  She was clicking for a month telling me she was on her way to that closed door thatwas telling me it was about that time.  BestBuy had told me I had about two to three weeks left to the thing. 

I think I got four or five just about. Whichmeans now I will have to save up for the new laptop.  I'm going to shoot for the middle ones.  Not thinking lower end is going to quite be for me as I take way too many pictures for the really cheap ones to hold all that. 

Anyway, achangeof pace.  Obviously I will not be able to type the novel trilogyfora littlebit however I will still be able To keep the momentum going.  There is always something said for the old fashioned handwriting, alas nobody canever publisha handwritten copy of our novels like in forever.
I had to explain that one to my Dad recently, who in his own right is old fashioned as well. 
And he waslike, "What do you need a computer for?"

"Dad, I'm a novelist?  Think about it. Nobody publishers handwritten novel like sincethe dark Ages!!!  Funny one!"

Well, I think I am donefor this post.  As you can see by the way an HTC tablethas its drawbacks. 

Well I will bewaitimg for "Almost Famously hoping" to be my newtoy.

Jennifer Jo.Fay

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ravelry Site is Addicting

If you are a knitter, you have probably heard about Ravelry.com.  It is a very addicting site to go to and if you love to knit like I do, you will often find yourself there for hours.

All you need to do is sign up and start searching.  You can put some things you want to make in your library, your queue or your favorites.  You can start to talk to other knitters as well.  I haven't really done that yet, but I someday might. 

It's a place where you can share your knitting tips with others, you can buy patterns for a small cost if there's some you really want to make.  And you can leave bookmarks on the ones you would like to try at a later date.

You also can upload your own patterns and try to make some money selling your patterns you design.  I have tried this with a bracelet I made, but haven't explored that too much.  It's pretty easy to do though.  There's a certain section you go into and you can upload your PDFs with the pictures etc...  then you tell how much you want for the pattern and eventually you get sales.  

It probably depends on what it is.  Maybe bracelets aren't a hot thing.  I don't know.  But then I haven't really promoted too much of my knitting.  It's going to be in book form to at some date be published with Kindle.

I love Ravelry for finding lots of free patterns as well.  It's very easy and addicting to find what you want and download the PDFs or go to their site to save them.  All you have to do is to type in the garment you want to make and there is tons of different patterns at your fingertips.

I can't remember how many times I have gone in and saved all kinds of free patterns.  I probably have too many and every knitter knows you can only make so many garments at one time.  Even if you have fast fingers, you still only have so much time to make something.

I love Ravelry.  There are lots of cool patterns out there for just about anything.  And also, the patterns can be lovely as a beginning place for one of your original designs.  We all have to start from something.  

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted April 4, 2013

What to do with Your Junk Mail

Who out there is a catalog junkie?  Do they pile up on your end table, basket by the couch or do they immediately go into the trash bin without another thought?  Or is it the idea you like to look through them and you want to spend some time looking just in case there could be that particular item you may need or want?

Not too many people are immune to receiving these junk mail catalogs.  When they are at the highest stack is on the soon to be arrival of Christmas.  We tend to get way too many of them at that point and many of us wish we wouldn't even be bothered by them.

I'm trying to remember some of the ones I used to always receive in the mail.  I used to get tons of them when I was married and I think I was buying more things in catalogs for the kids and sometimes myself.

We would get Signals, L.L. Bean, Lands End, Entertainment Earth, Ginny's, Country Door, and on and on.

The ones which are probably coming in your mail boxes now are the gardening catalogs.  I'm getting some of those which of course all of them get thrown out immediately as I have no place to garden.  That's the drawback of living in rented places as there's often lots of rules.

L.L. Bean and a few other's I still get.  Most of the time I find myself just throwing them out.  Hey, if you know you don't want to buy anything out of a catalog, why bother to leaf through them.  It's your valuable time wasted and why would you want to sink your money into them?

Once in a great while though you can find your perfect item in a catalog and it's kind of fun to receive something in the mail.  One of my favorite catalogs used to be this Victorian Papers catalog.  That one was pretty neat.  I once had my ex get me this pretty Louisa Alcott reproduction blouse, which finally didn't fit me anymore and I ended up selling it on Ebay.

Lots of people spend lots of time looking through catalogs.  I know I used to be one of those people.  It was kind of fun to leaf through and see the crazy things people might buy.

Ever look through one of those old time treasures catalogs or a joke one?  There was usually some crazy things in there.  Or never mind, I was trying to remember another kind of fun one.  Of course there's all the kids catalogs too for clothing, toys, etc....

Any catalog for any item is out there and you need to be careful because once you get on their mailing list, you will end up getting their catalogs for the next five to ten years in their hopes of sucking you in again.

There's just way too many of them.

You know you are a catalog junkie when you can create your own end table out of them!  There's a crafty idea for someone.  Maybe you could create two stacks on each side and then nail a board to them and you've got your Catalog coffee table.  Something to ponder, huh?

It would take a while for me to do that now as I don't get as many catalogs in the mail now.  Recycle them in with your recycling instead of throwing them into the dumpster.  Save the earth!

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted April 4, 2013

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Keeping a Well Organized Kitchen

We all love our kitchens.  Well, many of us do enjoy it and consider our kitchen to be the possible favorite room in the house.  Right?  It's where we prepare our foods that are going to go into that man's stomach and we've all heard the expression that the way to a man's heart is through his belly.  Or something along those lines!

This is why we need a kitchen we can function in and to be able to know where everything is.  Some of us feel that to have a wonderful kitchen, we need to remodel.  Not everyone can afford to do this to the kitchen as it is usually one of the major rooms to remodel and usually costs well into the thousands if you are to have someone do it for you.

That's why millions of families have to make due with what they have.  But also, I will say it doesn't take a lot of cost if you want to remodel your kitchen on a budget.  You don't have to go fullblown into it either.  Maybe it's only going to need a few simple changes to fix up your kitchen.

Perhaps just a simple change of curtains would do it for you.  My Mom used to change her curtains in different rooms a few times out of the year changing in and out with the seasons.  

Or maybe it's a few new appliances you were waiting for and that's also all it is going to take.  I've had an aunt who always wanted to remodel her kitchen and other rooms in the home.  I would say that was her hobby.  It was always gorgeous and it was the envy of lots of other women.  One thing I always remember liking was she had a good sized container that would hold lots of garlic near her window by her sink. 

Keeps the Vampires away!!!  No Edward Cullen there!!!  Maybe I should ditch the garlic as I wouldn't mind Edward Cullen coming in and biting me!!!  Ha ha.

So anyway, you want your kitchen to be functioning.  Meaning, remodeling set aside, you need to have a kitchen you can operate in.

Keeping things organized is always the best place to start.  If your kitchen doesn't have a pantry, try to invent something sort of like one that you can consider your pantry.  Keep up with organizing your food in your cabinets, separating the different types of foods.  I hate it when I open up my food cabinets and I can't find my items.  I often find myself rearranging so I know where everything is.  I like to keep my pasta noodles together, my different flours on a different shelf and lots of my canned food on yet another shelf.  

I usually push to the back the canned food I know I am not going to touch right away.  I am the girl with just about every spice there could possibly be, however there's still a bunch I don't have of course.  I keep lots of them on several shelves and others in a good sized basket on my counter.
You want to keep your counters nice and neat as well.  Meaning get to washing your dishes before they majorly pile up.  That's what drags a kitchen down when company sees you haven't done your dirty dishes in more than days and green mold starts to invade and smell.  Clean them.

I like to have certain items pushed towards the back of my counters, like the popcorn kernels kept in a pretty glass jar with the duck on it.  One back from probably the 70's or 80's.  My Mom had one and so did her downstairs neighbor and once I got married, I found one of the same for me.

Go to yard sales to get the quick fix for your kitchen or Goodwill and there's always Walmart too if you are looking for certain things.  Yard sales are awesome and I can hardly wait for them to come.
I don't like to go to Walmart as much as I used to, but sometimes we really need something there.  I don't like all the crowds and lines that we come to expect when we go there. 

I love to have my Mom's china displayed on my counters, pretty vases, bowls, and other cool knick knacks.  I have one of those J.C. Penney square baskets that I put some things in and some pretty bowls or ceramic pan on top.  I like to rearrange my kitchen often.  It depends on what recipe I am doing and what I need for my food photography when preparing a dish that's going to go into the recipe book I plan to publish later with Kindle Publishing.

Always clean up after you are done cooking and baking.  Have your dishcloths handy always in reach for when you need them. 

Try to have a place for every pan you own, same with your dishes.  Keep it clean and fresh.

I know the one thing I am looking for to remodeling my kitchen is some sort of bookshelf or even better some sort of kitchen storage for one part of my kitchen near my windows.  Once I find it, I plan to store my extra pans and kitchen necessities on it and I'm going to decorate it.  I am also needing the top shelf of it for more good lighting for the food photography.  Which means my top shelf will be getting changed often, depending on my mood.

Keep the appliances or things you do not use on a regular basis in a spot where you don't currently use as much.  Try to always have some good counter space to work with.  I know this is sometimes hard for many as we often don't have enough space for everything.

Look at your counter space on a regular routine as perhaps some things do not need to be there.  Sometimes we want to have everything on our counters but by removing certain items it also frees up space to give us more room to work.

And of course most of us love to keep our cleaning supplies hidden in a cabinet underneath the sink.  Stick all things that should be covered up in one of those spaces.

Many of us love to be in our kitchens, but find it frustrating if we haven't kept up with the organizing.  Keep it fresh, simple as possible and full of abundance of good food to fill your hearth and home.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted April 3, 2013

One of my new blue chenille knitted dish cloths I just listed for sale at Etsy.   For sale at $6 plus shipping.


I love having a good pile of dish cloths of all sorts in my kitchen.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Socializing on the Web

Just how do you go about socializing on the web or at least keeping up with it all?  We all know there is a vast amount of content out there and we will never ever be able to have it all at our fingertips.  It's just way to much to put on our busy plates that seem to have too much on it that is our things we need to set out to do.

But, we know we also need to keep up with the social life the internet has to offer.  Years ago, we never would have gotten to socialize with others like ourselves on the web.  You know, other bloggers, writers and you name it that these acquaintances have in common with us and many of them live across the world in another continent.

That option was never available twenty to thirty years ago, and now we should be counting our blessings we have friends in England, Canada and Australia just to name a few examples.  It's great to be able to help each other out on commenting on their blogs.  By doing this, we learn new things that others can teach us.

Or perhaps we can understand someone else's view and perception of similar topics we choose to write about.

Also, we have to try and keep up with the socializing.  It's hard to do when we get overwhelmed by all the things we are subscribed to.

We really wish we could respond to everything that is in our emails or on our blog reads we are subscribed to.

Each day we have an inner agenda we set ourselves out to doing and we also fit in what we can to read from others as we know we need to be inspired by them.

How many of you find yourselves deleting emails as well as you just don't have all the time to read them?  I find myself scrolling down and if the title sounds good, I keep it in there until I can be ready to read it. And my favorites almost always get read unless if they have posted more than one and I didn't get time to read it all.

Something I used to do but haven't done it in a long time is to write a list of all the places I should hop myself to each day.  I haven't done this in what seems like forever.  It was usually all the sites I would need to go to do the free advertising of my recent blog posts.  Get too busy sometimes.

And then, I stop to think that maybe if I just get my content out there, that's all that matters.  I don't spend way too much time on the pushing it to get it out there.  I just concentrate on doing quality content and sometimes hope  that alone will suffice.  It can.

If you concentrate on the quality, you will eventually be placed in the high ranks.  Don't stop, however, take your breaks to go read and socialize.

If you can't do all your blog hopping, website checking and email subscriptions in one day, pick the ones that are going to be important to you and go back to them when you can.  Everyone knows you can't ever read every single thing.

Nobody is Super Girl or Wonder Boy even though we wish we could.  Just get to what you can and keep plugging.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted April 2, 2013

Coffee should always be the first thing, and then do everything else!!!
And smell the flowers.

What Happened to Spring?

Yesterday it was so sunny out and it was the beginning of April.  Then, I looked out one of my windows this morning and couldn't believe seeing the snow on top of all the cars.  Hey, give us Spring back.  At least it was the fluffy snow that falls right off with the wipe of the car scraper brush.

Now, I am onto writing posts, checking my ebay listings and so on.  I decided to visit, Etsy this morning and was beginning to favorite a bunch of shops.  I finally may have an order.  I kind of didn't like it when I did a search for paper dolls and for mine, the heads were cut off in the picture.  But when you or who ever is interested, it takes you to the full picture when you click on it.  I'm wondering if they don't like my watermark which appears near the face.

Or perhaps the pictures are too large and the first impression is that it gets cut off.  I may have to go in and try to fix this this week.  Or clean up the pictures.

I've been also knitting some dishcloth patterns lately with some yarn I have which is suitable for them.  My sister n law's mother sent me some cool pattern booklets and I've been trying some.

Next, I'm going to try to do some doll outfits for the smaller dolls and the fashion ones.  And then back to creating my own shrugs for girls and women.  There's only so much you can do at once.

Don't we all wish we had an extra hand or two.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted April 2, 2013