Saturday, February 25, 2012

Does Time Really Exist?

Are you feeling a little bit of an antique like this clock?  Time making you old and you wish you could find that fountain of youth?  I can't begin to tell you where to find that sought after water.

 Or are you spiralling like this clock?  Spinning out of control?  Smaller and then bigger than all time?

Or are you lost in a sea of clocks like this picture?  Time have you lost?  And are you wishing there was more time to find what was once gone and you want it back?

Does time really exist?  I'm not sure.  Tick, tock, tick.  It goes by every second, minute, and hour of each day.  But does it really matter?

We wake up each day, greet it, start fresh and then before we know it the day is done and we sit and ponder the fact, "Where did it all go?  What happened to Friday?  Or did I miss it altogether?"

It happened, I know it, but it all seems like a blur in time.  I guess I went through it, dealt with dilemnas and went on to a new day.

Now it is Saturday, and time is flying by as I write this post to you.  I started my morning, writing here and at Triond and am now suddenly surprised that it is now in the middle of the afternoon.

It seems like it goes by so fast, when we are really busy doing something.

It is when we are at work, bored during a slow time when time seems to slowly tick by.

It's funny how we have twenty four hours in a day and then at the end of the day we are always wishing that we had more like forty eight hours each day.  Thirty six hours to play and fulfill our accomplishments and endeavors and the rest to sleep and nap it off.

And then, once again we get to start all over again each new day and begin again.  Hopefully with some success in our goals. 

And we are rewarded with 365 days a year to do what we love.  Anticipation in what each new dawn brings us.

Sometimes all the time in the world can't bring something back.  Like losing a loved one.  Gone.  And time goes by and one day, we suddenly find it has been ten years.  Or twenty.  And where did they go?  It seemed like such a long time ago.

My mother has been gone for almost eleven years, and time just seemed to swallow up the past and it is gone.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted February 25, 2012

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Survey Sites Gimmicks?

I just went in and checked out to see what they were all about.  I registered but am quite skeptical of what they are all about.  I'm not sure that I want to complete any survey there.

Earlier last year, I signed up with some other sites to take some free surveys to win money or free stuff.  I started doing the surveys and other little free games.

Well, suddenly I started getting lots of emails and junk mail.  And some phone calls saying I could have a bunch of free stuff, but at a price.  There suddenly were these offers that I was supposed to commit to if I progressed.

Needless to say, I stopped doing surveys and figured out that they were just gimmicks to get people sucked in and to buy stuff.

I'm just not too sure about any of those sites.  Do people actually make any money at those things?  And then actually if you do earn these coupon vouchers, you are actually forced to use them at the sites that they are for.  When actually, maybe you don't need anything there.
What is it all worth?  Your wasted time?  Or what?

Correct me if I am wrong and people do actually make some money at it.

Jennifer Jo Fay
Copyrighted February 25, 2012

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When to Have Your Relationship Progress

This article is for all the people who are in a relationship.  When do you decide to push about the future?  We all have goals.

So lets say that if you are in a relationship, you have probably found your perfect fit.  Of course you are hoping.  It can certainly change at any time.  Whether you have been in a relationship for a few weeks, months or years.

At any given time, the future can change and you might find out he or she isn't for you.
Sometimes, they are definitely for you and they love you very much.
But sometimes a woman or a man can push the mate to distance themselves from you and then before you know it they have decided to call it quits because you pushed too hard.  It's important for anyone to know that they shouldn't hound and push the other person into something that they aren't ready for yet.
But once we are in a relationship, we do want to know what each other's future goals are.  After a lengthy amount of time, we want to know where we stand.  Are we on the same page?  We want to know if both of us are on the same wave length with the same goals for the future.

Because lets face it, if you aren't on the same page, you want to know it, so you can decide to stay in the relationship or not.

Because if your goals are about moving in together or getting engaged or married, you want to know if it isn't going to happen.  Because if it isn't we obviously won't want to stay in the relationship.
Most of us have goals to move on to a more serious part of the relationship.  We want things to change into a more serious part of the relationship.
Don't get me wrong, we like where we are now, but we want changes to happen that is going to tell us that it's meaning forever.

Jennifer Jo Fay
Copyrighted February 25, 2012
  A picture from Igoogle.  Someone put this on my igoogle page and I liked the image.

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Friday, February 24, 2012

How about Just Take a Nap?

How many of you have not had a good nap in a long time?  We go throughout our busy hectic schedules and never seem to take any time for this great pasttime.

Nap.  Nap.  Nap.  "Mommy, what is a nap?  I forgot."  As my mother rolls over in her grave, her spirit reaches out to tell me.  "Take one now, Jennifer."

"Okay, Mom."

Well, it has been a while.  Sometimes, just tossing everything aside that needs to get done, or what we would like to accomplish, just needs to be put on hold.

We need to recharge ourselves.  There is something said for not doing nothing and closing our heavy lids.

Going to do it after this post.

Well, I'm tired. 

I'm now at his house.  I watched Ellen DeGeneres Show and he is camped out in his room on his tv.

Well, going to go now and take that much needed nap, and then I'm going to knit more on my skirt.  It's at 14 inches right now, but has a ways to go.  And I hope it fits.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted February 24, 2012

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How to Grieve for Whitney Houston Without Drugs

It came as a complete shock on Feb 11th to hear about Whitney Houston's death.  I was awake in bed at my boyfriend's house.  The bedroom tv was on and while he was up feeding the cats, I heard brief news about Whitney Houston being dead.

I heard it and was thinking, "Did I just hear that right?"  Wow.  I couldn't believe it.  It was like I might have been dreaming and it really wasn't true.

But the fact that I was awake, eyes open, and just listening with my well hearing ears.  Shock pounded in my brain.  Such a beautiful voice, gone.  Why?

They had anounced, found in her bathtub.  Then, I wondered why was she found there?  Then at one point, someone said she was found on her bed.  I got thinking, "Which is it?  Tub or bed?

Later in the morning, it was confirmed that she was found in her bathtub, and that drugs and alchohol played a part.

Of course we wouldn't know the real reason for her death for a little bit longer.

Why was she doing fine so recently, and then the next moment she is dead in her tub hours before the Grammys. 

I guess I was blind to the fact that she had been dealing with demons for her addiction to drugs and alchohol for years.  I guess I wasn't even aware that she was married to Bobby Brown and that he probably kick started her addiction.

And I also didn't even know she had a daughter, Bobby Kristina, 18.  And then, I was kind of shocked that she and her mom drank and did drugs together.  What a waste of a life.

Whitney was a great singer and what a terrible shame to get her daughter involved in the drugs and alchohol.  The apple doesn't fall far from the tree I guess.

I also didn't know that her mother, Cissy Houston was a gospel singer.  I began to read the Star Magazines and look at all her younger pictures chronicalling her life.

It will be a very sad day when everyone goes to see Sparkle in August.  It will be lacking the sparkle that Whitney had for the world.

And then there was the news that her daughter had been rushed to the hospital several times.

It's got to be very hard on her and I am sure it was hard for Whitney's mother to have to bury her daughter.  And I didn't realize that Dionne Warwick was her cousin.  It's just got to be a hard thing for the family to have to say good-bye to her.

My cousin had to bury her son this last fall, due to him committing suicide.  He was a marine and he suffered from Post Traumatic Syndrome.  She had to see her son go before her.  Most of us hope to never have to bury a child.  It's a tremendous grief.

And now, from the sounds of it, Bobby Kristina might be sending herself along the same path as her mother.  There are suddenly stories of her getting high and being on drugs to deal with her grief.

Doing drugs and alchohol to drink away the pain, is only a mask and does not help in the grief process and getting closure in your life.

It sounds like the family is really worried about her, and Cissy doesn't want to find herself burying her grandbaby.

For anyone dealing with the death of a loved one, drinking yourself to oblivion and snorting drugs and doing weed will not help you one bit and it will never bring back the dead.

My mother died ten years ago, to colon cancer.  It will be eleven years in June.  Not once did I drink to deal with the loss of her beautiful life.  The whole community, friends and family missed my mother.  She was a community person and she was the one that held the whole family clan together.  When she died, everyone fell apart and it was as if a way of life died with her.

But I never did drugs or drank myself to kingdom come.

Instead, I found other ways to deal with the pain.  I started cutting up her outfits and made a quilt with them.  And I cut squares from her wedding dress that went into it.  I also found a very good way to find my closure.

I wrote lots of poetry about her and wrote down all my thoughts.  I then printed it up and gave it to relatives for Christmas.  My uncle said it was very poignant.

Everyone has their own way of getting closure.  I also needed to have lots of her pictures.  I wanted her things around me.

Some people can't stand the sight of their stuff surrounding them.  It makes them feel the loss all the more.  They need to get rid of it, to release the pain.

When my mother died, I called some of my visiting Aunts and Uncles up to see if they wanted something.  She had this statue of a fisherman that my Uncle always loved, so he came up to get it.  And I had my aunt come up to give her a knitted afaghan that she had made my mother.

And another aunt, who was my mother's cousin, has had a very hard time dealing with death.  She lost her father, and then my mother and more recently lost her husband.  She feels that she can't come back to my mother's home, because the pain is too hard.  She was practically a sister to my mother, they were that close.

Sometime soon, I want to get a little movie made on my pc from all her pictures that I have.  My family will love it and maybe that will finally be the closure that my mom's cousin will need.

It is very hard to say good-bye.  Especially when it is too soon.  When someone has lived a full life, we can somehow deal with it a little better.

My mother was 51 when she died.  She only lived half a life.

And I guess Whitney was only three years shy of 51.  But the difference between Whitney and my mother is that Whitney had a choice.  And she chose death.  She could have gotten herself on the mend.  Get off drugs and smarten up.

And I guess all that people can do is pray that her daughter doesn't follow the path of destruction.  Faded glory, and silenced voices.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted February 22, 2012

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Monday, February 20, 2012

How to Have a Thick Skin and Learn something new

As writers, we don't often want to learn new things.  Sometimes we have that imaginary barbed wire fence that tends to block our way to something new.  We don't want to realize that we need to water the garden to get the flowers, or listen to the cow that wants us to cross the road.

We want to only hear the praise and let the bad roll off.  We sometimes get hurt or offended when someone critiscizes us.  We wish they would just go away. 

I recently had someone criticise my poetry on Triond.  Well, I always had been writing poetry my way.  I tended to write my poetry any way I wanted.  I had tossed away the unwanted sonnets or limericks or rhyming poetry that my high school teacher wanted us to learn about.

I wanted to free verse.  So for the last twenty five years I was writing poetry in free verse.  Yet, technically they probably weren't poems.  Not in the true sense.  It was a type of poetry, but not truly a poem.  Yet, I would never get rid of any of it, as I still like a lot of it, even it doesn't flow like a poem should.

A lot of it was written after my mother died, so I wouldn't change a thing about those poems.  It was a poignant piece of writing about my mother.  Enough said.

Well, a few weeks ago, this character named The Tick, started commenting on my poetry and couldn't believe how terrible it was and that it wasn't a poem.  He actually was quite rude and mean and to this day, I think his tactics weren't very nice. 

Several times I told him that it was all right to criticize but that he should have done it in a nicer, more polite way.  He was quite rude, but he was actually right.

Today, I have learned about meter.  I didn't realize until today that even free verse has to have some sort of rhythm or meter to it.  I think I am going to get the gist of meter.  I tried a few poems using it and thought it was kind of fun.

Who knows, maybe someday I will even try rhyming.  Baby steps.  Baby steps.  You figure 25 years of not knowing, it will take a little bit to get used to writing poetry in a new better way.

But we really do hate to have someone knock us down even if it is in a literal or artistic sense.  Nobody wants to be told that their stuff is terrible.  It hurts, and digs a hole into our skin.  But we have got to learn to keep a thick skin and don't let the worst get to us. 

But it is so lovely to get the praise, but in the end the praise doesn't really make us better writers.  It is the criticism and the things that we need to learn to become the better writer that we want to be that counts.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted February 20, 2012

I guess we've got to develop the thick skin so we can take the cold hard criticsm.  I often wonder why the horse likes the cold hard winter.  Thick skin.

I drive by this horse farm every week on my way to my boyfriend's house.  This farm easily has about sixteen to twenty horses.

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If anyone likes paperdolls or knows someone who likes paper dolls, check out my paperdoll post on each of my blogs where my paper dolls are for sale:  The Official Paper Doll Blog 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How to Get Your Small Business to Begin?

It's been a crazy week, with car troubles, website dilemnas and figuring out how to do the paypal code for the paypal buttons.  It seems like such a struggle when you don't know how to do something.

In creating my websites over the last year, I kind of had to figure things out all over again more than several times and here I go trying to figure it out again. 

But now I am excited about have my paper dolls for sale on several blogs.  I never thought of selling them on blogs, but it seems like everyone is selling stuff on their blogs, so it seems like a good way to go.

I felt bad for not getting back to writing on my blogs.  My car troubles seemed to get the best of me last week.

But, I am back writing today and hope to continue and keep it up.  Yet, now one of my projects that is going to take over is getting all my paypal buttons for my paper dolls in the right spot on my blogs where I am going to sell them.  Or hoping to sell them.  I have to face the fact that they are a specialized thing and it targets young girls and women. 

I was told quite a few years ago at a craft show, that they are very popular in Europe.  And when I am selling my old vintage and reproduction paper doll sets on Ebay they seem to be very popular.  You never know until you try.

When we want our small business to start up we want to try everything under the sun to make it work.  We look at other people selling their stuff and we wonder how they do it.  We do have to do a lot of research and try to come up with ways that are going to work for us. 

And we sure seem to get doors shut in our face as we try to establish ourselves.  So far I haven't had very good luck with my photography.  I tried a local ad with Seven Days which did nothing for me.  I got business cards and put them in wedding shops, florist shops and any place I thought would attract people.  Nothing seemed to work.  I tried advertising last year.

 In the beginning, I got scammed by some modelling company called Hollywood Auditions.  I paid them $300 for putting an ad for me on their website and they were going to send me 130 to 150 clients to me each month.  All people that needed headshots (actors, actresses, musicians...)  After a week or a little more, they gave me the client list with addresses and phone numbers. 

I started calling them and all of them didn't seem to know what I was talking about and none of them of course needed my services.  And then the modelling company wouldn't give me my money back.  I reported them to the Better Business Bureau.

And I am choosing not to continue my ad with next month.  I did manage to get two to three jobs through them over the summer and fall.  One wedding, one boudoir session and a barmitzfah.  And since fall time all I have been getting is inquiries and then no jobs.  So it seems like I don't want to sink the money into it.

Maybe I just need to set up a blog for my photography services.  That probably would be the way to go and see if anything happens from that.

And I know the Paper Doll project is going to take some time to get it set up right but worth it in the end.

And then, I have been coming up with more projects that are going to take up my time.

I've been selling stuff on Ebay.  I have been discovering that repainted dolls are big on Ebay, and I am going to give it a try.  I'm going to start out with cheapo Barbies and see how things look after I am done.  I think the eyes are going to be the hard part as they are so small and I'm not used to painting on a Barbie.  Have been finding a bunch of the girls barbies that they don't play with anymore.

I'm not going to take all the faces off until I know I can do it and make them look good.  I did figure out how to dye their hair.  That was fun.  I took the acryllic paint, got the hair color I wanted and then combed it through the doll's hair.  And then I had fun cutting a few of the doll's hair to get a new do.  I think when you go to curl their hair, you wrap it around a straw or use a bobby pin and then you boil it.  Different.  It must be because it is doll hair.

For us, we just go buy the hair spray or the hair gel or mousse, but it probably wouldn't work the same way for the dolls.

If you ever go to ebay and look up repaint dolls, some of them are absolutely gorgeous!  Too rich for my pocket.  Some of them are repainting the Gene dolls, Tonner dolls, and the Monster High dolls and maybe pocketing a few hundred dollars or more for their work.  The eye painting is incredible.

One person had a Monster High doll redone with a gorgeous rose in her hair and pretty outfit.

Which brings me to my other projects.  Doll clothing.  I am going to learn how to make some of the dresses and other outfits.  Which not only brings me to creating the sewn ones but the knitted ones.

And then with the knitting, once I get a basic pattern, I should be able to create my own patterns for the dolls.  I used to knit all the time quite a few years ago, and I dabbled in making my own sweater patterns and other patterns.

Friends would often say, "What is that?"  They wouldn't know what it was and I would explain, "It's a bag.  It's a burp cloth.  It's a sweater.  It's a bandana.  It's a headband.  ETC..."

I've always been one to come up with my own creations.  Tried to think of clever things to sell at the craft shows.

And suddenly I have another idea of other things I would like to try selling on Ebay and my blogs.  I'm going to attempt to sew up some aprons on my sewing machine and the doll clothing and my cute little pincushions and then see if I can sell them on Ebay.  Over the last few weekends, I've been making these cute little yo yo pincushions.  If not on Ebay, I will try them at a craft show later this year.  Or maybe on my blog.

That would have to be different than the paper dolls as I would probably only have a certain amount of each thing.  I would probably just have to go in and change the pictures once something is out of stock.

I am hand sewing the pincushions, but I think I will need to machine sew the outfits for the dolls to make them look more professional looking.  And the aprons.

So now I have a bunch of doll patterns for the outfits and even one to make ragdolls.  Good lord, there's another project. I saw another woman's site where she had handsewn the doll (a topsy turvy doll).  She had gessoed it and then painted on her with acryllics and it looked really good.  I got thinking, I could probably paint a good face.

I did a dress once of my paperdoll Julia.  My daughter.  I created the dress, which I never completely finished and I drew the outline of my paperdoll on the fabric.  We still have it kicking around the kids house, but the shoulders of the dress aren't completed.  I did the same thing and made a fabric doll face and drew on it with a black fine tip marker.  It came out neat, but I never did a body for her.

I think as crafters, we all try to come up with a product that people are going to love.  But first of all, I think we have to love what we do first.  That is the important thing.  And then we need to try to find a niche for it and make it work.

We all would love to start up a small business crafting what we love and providing it to an audience of collectors who are going to love our quality products.

It can be very hard and daunting to try to find our outlet for it.  It takes a lot of trial and error and I have also heard a lot of advertising to get it off the ground.

And the hard fact is that many of us don't have the money to put our business where we want it.  Established, growing and profiting.  For some of us it takes years to get something off the ground.  I was told that I have a unique thing with my paper dolls, but getting it off the ground and promoting them is another matter.  And as entreprenuers and business owners and all of us that would ultimately like to be working for ourselves and be our own boss, we realize that it takes alot of time for something to grow and prosper.

It takes a tremendous amount of patience and effort to make it work.  But what we strive for is to grab hold of the moon and let our dreams take root and become something that we can be really proud of.

I've always been a person that tries really hard to make a success of something, yet it has been a hard road to figure out what works and what doesn't work.  It doesn't come easy.

And most people will say that it doesn't happen overnight.

Well, perhaps it does for some people.  Some people just have the luck of coming up with the perfect product that everyone is going to be wanting.

And another thing, it is so much easier for a celebrity to come up with a product and promote their fragrance line, clothing line, handbags, write a book, or anything else.  They are already famous and people flock to the products because they are a celebrity.

It comes a lot harder to the regular average Joe, Dick, Harry, or Jane, Lesley and Rita.

And then there is Tom, Dick and Harry, but that should be a post for all of us women.  I think we have all met our own Tom, Dick or Harry in our lives.  And some of them all seem to be Dick.  Ha ha.

I wonder what the name would be to men.  Dickina?

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted February 15, 2012  Wordpress where I've got to get back to my patiently waiting new chapters to my novels.  Sorry chapters!!!

I guess I have created some very full plates for myself.

My really fun thought with the sewing.  I've drummed up a cute christmas gift for my daughters, neices, two of the little sisters that wait with my girls at the bus stop and my friend's daughter.

I'm going to make a cute yo yo pincushion for each of them, buy some needles, a measuring tape, thimble, stitch ripper and a few other little sewing neccessities.  Then I think I will make a cute fabric bag to put it in, along with some yo yo circles so they can practice making them.  And then I think I will cut one or two American Girl Dress patterns and they can practice sewing them together.  Kids like to make fun little things.

I know I did when I was their age.  It all started with making a Shawn Cassiddy Doll.

These two are my most provocative Paper Dolls.  I think Pretty Kitty (this one on the bottom) has an extra page somewhere that I haven't completed.  I think it is one where she is all tied up!!!

Marla Mermaid paper doll is the one on top.  She was a lot of fun to create too.

I want to do more mermaids in the future.  And then there is my Gothic Girl line that I haven't created yet, and the Bella Swan one that I want to do sometime.

Yup.  More projects.

That's the life of a writer, artist, crafter and any other creative person.  We all have a tremendous amount of projects lined up.

In hopes of finishing and prospering.  So we never have to work for someone else again.

Another thing that always crops up in the back of my mind that my mother said and one of my college teachers.

"You should learn to do one thing and do it well."

Well, I try, but I've always been the girl with many different projects and ideas floating around in this head of mine.

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How to get a Website looking the right way.

Putting this post on all my blogs today, as I have been doing my Paypal buttons wrong and they don't look right on the side of my blog layout.  47 paper doll sets later, I figured out how to put it underneath the paper doll set.  Yay!!!!   Which means I have to go back and do all 47 over again the right way.

Good lord, I have been doing my pay pal buttons all wrong I think. I have been trying to get my paper dolls for sale all set up on this blog and my other blogs.

 Earlier last year, I learned how to build websites. For eight years while I was married to my ex, I was hoping he would teach me how to upload digital pictures to the computer and teach me how to build a website for my paper dolls. He is a computer programmer yet, it never happened. There never seemed like a time where he could show me how.

And then almost three years go, we got separated. At the time of separation, I had two new digital cameras and wanted to learn how to use them. And then one day, I had filled a memory card and didn't know how to upload pictures yet, so the cameras got cast aside for about a year or more. I didn't know how to upload and erase the pics. And I was computer illiterate and couldn't seem to use my new computer at the time.

I had a profile on but no picture, so didn't get anybody calling. And I couldn't seem to figure out some of my software. And I couldn't figure out how to get the discs to come out. It was a weird computer. I ended up giving it to my youngest daughter.

Well at the beginning of last year, I was missing a computer and had finished typing up my first mystery novel, Black Roses on the family computer. Yet, was craving a new computer. In January, I broke down and bought a new laptop.

I suddenly fell in love with it. Liked the easy turn on button and the features. And one day, I took the memory card out of the digital cameras and stuck it in a memory card reader that I purchased. At the time, I didn't know you could easily stick them into the laptop and upload.

 I discovered how easy and simple it was and I figured out how to erase the pictures after. So I fell in love with my digital cameras and will never go back to 35mm cameras. So once I uploaded, I learned how to get a picture of me on my dating profiles. That is a whole other post, the whole online dating scene. I met someone from it anyway and have been dating for a while.

 And once I learned how to upload, I wanted to learn how to create websites for the paper dolls. In Jan and Feb I signed up with Intuit, and I didn't like site builder. Cancelled out of that and I think I had to pay extra fees for cancelling early. Cancelled out of and stuck with Intuit until March. I liked Intuit's site builder the best, but still got no action. No paper doll sales.

Maybe I didn't give it long enough, people said. But anyway, I ended up forking over lots of money to these sites and fees for cancelling early. And no sales. So for a while, I had no paper doll website.

Then in September and October I decided to fork over a smaller amount of money to Vistaprint for a cheaper website. $14.95 a month to start and then of course I wanted the full optimization and blog so $30 a month. End of October the website was complete and I waited patiently for some sales to happen.

 Over this last month, I got a comment from a girl who makes doll clothing who was also having a hard time getting sales. She told me I should sell my paper dolls on my blog. I had never thought about that before. I was getting 1250 visitors to my Vistaprint Website but no sales and by the end of this month, I had forked over $150 to Vistaprint with no paper doll sales in return.

 As I looked to the future, I really wanted to give that website a year to see what happened, but at the same time, I didn't want to fork over another $300 to $450 with still no paper doll sales. So, I called up Vistaprint a few days ago and cancelled my website there.

If anyone would like to view that website and my blog there, you can up until the end of this month. I liked the background I had picked out but oh well. Better to have my hard earned money in my pocket instead of Vistaprint's. They can get my money at Christmas time when I order my Christmas cards with them. They do have cheap prices for pictures on their products. I had ordered a tote bag with a picture I took of my daughter sleeping. It was really cute.

So in this last week, I have been transferring my stuff over to my blogs. A few weeks ago, I wasn't sure how to get the paypal buttons onto this site. Then I remembered getting the buttons from Paypal, when I first started doing my Intuit website. So I figured it was the same deal.

So I started going into Paypal and created my buttons and copied the code. And at first I wasn't sure how to put the code in next to my paper doll set. When I first tried, I pasted the code underneath and just saw all the jumble of code and not a paypal button, so I figured I wasn't doing it right. Then I figured out how to paste it into the gadgets on the layout page.

 So for the past two to three days, I have been pasting all these gadgets on the side of the page. I looked at it on the page and it doesn't quite look right. Well, finally about a half an hour ago, I think I figured out how to get it next to my paper doll pictures of the set. I tried it under my Little Sparky set. I went into the html and it spit out the codes for the whole page. I scrolled down to Little Sparky and went underneath and pasted the code for the add to cart button.

And also in the beginning, I was doing a buy it now button and realized I should do Add to Cart instead. So I had to backtrack and begin again. Which, now I will also have to begin again. But when I viewed the picture again after I pasted in the code, I was pleased to see the pay pal button underneath the set.

So, moan and groan, I will have to go back and re do forty seven of the others that I had done. I was thinking of leaving the buttons on the layout page, but probably should take them out, as you can't see the paper doll right next to them and it doesn't look right. I did this to my five other active blogs. I wanted to get my paper dolls for sale on all my blogs to see if that would help.

Which means I have a lot of work cut out for me. But it will be worth it in the end, to have a working paper doll website for paper dolls for sale. I'm thinking that I will join Tumblr too and get this going on some other sites too. I probably could figure out how to do it on Wordpress too. It will just take some time to get it all in place. And I might have to go back and do some minor tweaking.

When the Pay pal button showed up there were a few other sections too where I am wondering if I can change something and type in the name of the Paper doll instead. But right now I don't dare to tweak anything without knowing.

The only other thing I'm not sure of yet is working with the shipping options. The pay pal button asked me to put in one shipping amount. So I put the basic amount for one item. But I want to have the options for people to save a little on the shipping if they order more than one item. So right now, I am wondering if they can have an option to ask me for an invoice, where I can change the amount of the shipping accordingly to what I have set up on my order form.

I figured out how to get the button for them to view cart. That was neat, and it looks like through Pay pal, I can send someone an invoice. Some of this is all new and Greek to me, but I am slowly learning.

 Jennifer Jo Fay Copyrighted February 15, 2012

So for right now my paper dolls are for sale here and my other five blogs, but I will need to work on doing the Paypal buttons right.

I am liking the idea of selling my Paper Dolls on the blogs.  It's a good feeling to know that it is free to sell our stuff on our blogs and not give someone else our hard earned money.  I think last year, I easily forked over $300 or $700 to these other more expensive websites and got nothing in return. 

And I will also not do another book self publishing with Authorhouse.  They got alot of my money too and the royalties haven't gotten to $30.  Greatly disappointed about that venture, but like that I got my book in print.

I'm thinking of CreateSpace for the next novels and just the amount to get it in print and copies for my kids.  Should be much cheaper.

And the thought of having products for sale on our blogs is that we can have the blog for years and years and not have to fork over money to other people.  It just might take longer to get more people to the blogs.  And a lot of free advertising.

I do have a small website with Intuit now just to increase traffic.  Right now for one domain and three pages it is free for a year and then the price goes to 4.99 a month which would be pretty good if it will increase traffic.

If I think about it, maybe I could sell just a few of my favorite paper dolls there.

If anyone likes paperdolls or knows someone who likes paper dolls, check out my paperdoll post on each of my blogs where my paper dolls are for sale:  The Official Paper Doll Blog 

Monday, February 13, 2012

My Paper Dolls For Sale

I am an alumni artist from the Maine College of Art.  I am offering my website to you so you can purchase my cool one of a kind paper dolls.  Whether you are an avid paper doll collector or are purchasing sets for your girls, neices or other young girls, my paper dolls will make a great edition to a collection.  Some people don't want to cut them up as they are too gorgeous to do so.

 Welcome to my Website where you can purchase my original paperdolls.  I now have all of them for the most part on my site with the order form and info to buy my paperdolls.  They would make a great edition to a child's paperdoll collection or for the women who share a passion for paperdoll art and don't like to cut up the pages.  I have had lots of women say that my pages are too gorgeous to cut up.  

  I can assure you that I will promise a lovely product protected in plastic sleeves and packaged just for you.  I take pride in my artwork and want to share my passion with you.  I've got lots of beautiful sets and many more unfinished sets to design.  Not to mention the ones that are still in my head!

Also, I have another passion.  Writing novels, poetry and many other different types of articles.  I have self published my first mystery, Black Roses and it's available online at Barnes and Noble, Amazon and other sites.  I'm currently half way through the sequel, Red Ribbons and am beginning another novel called The Thief Who Wouldn't Learn.

If you would like to follow my writings you can go to these  sites:  this is my triond site where you can view my recipes, poems etc...  wordpress and my fiction novels in progress  (poetry) (poetry)
http://wizzley/authors/jfay1995/  poetry, etc... shortened link to my wikinut site.  my Blogger Blog.

As you can see, writing has also consumed me.  It is as big a passion as my artwork is.

Thank-you very much.  I would love to see my paperdoll business get off the ground and fly.  It would be my dream to be doing something that I love.

I have all these pictures for the most part watermarked for my protection.  But when you order my sets my name in big lettering will not be there.

Note:  I will try to figure out how to put the paypal buttons on my blog later.   First time that I am getting them on my blog.

I couldn't figure out how to get the PayPal Buttons exactly next to each product, but you can match up the info to the paypal buttons on the side.  Kind of new to selling my stuff on a blog.

                                                        BunBun and Olga Paperdoll Set
                                                         8 full color pages $32 plus shipping

                                              The House Wife Paperdoll Set
                                               Six Full Color Pages  $24 plus shipping

                                                  The House Wife Paper Doll Set Series Two
                                                   8 Full Color pages  $32 plus shipping and handling

                                               Julia Paper Doll Set
4 Full color pages
$16 plus shipping and handling
(this was one based on my youngest daughter)

Maria Paper Dolls
Two full color pages
$8 plus shipping and handling

Mollyanne Paper Doll Set
2 Full Color pages
$8 plus shipping and handling

Mandy Paper Doll Set
One full color page
$4 plus shipping and handling

Audra Paper Dolls
2 Full Color Pages
$8 plus shipping and handling

Sharyl Paper Dolls
2 Full Color Pages
$8 plus shipping and handling
This one matches the
Cheryl paper doll set
(They are both based on my mother)

Pretty Kitty Paper Doll Set
3 Full Color Pages
$12 plus shipping and handling

Lucy Jane Paper Doll Set
One Full Color Page
$4 plus shipping and handling
(my first comic book paper doll)

Marla Mermaid Paper Doll Set
2 Full Color Pages
$8 plus shipping and handling

Martha Stewart Paper Doll Set
4 Full Color pages
$16 plus shipping and handling

Julia Roberts Paper Doll Set
4 Full Color Pages
$16 plus shipping and handling

Evangelean Paper Doll Set
6 Full Color Pages
$24 plus shipping and handling
She was based on a character in my first romance novel, Lustful Evangelean that is copyrighted.

Evangelean and Gauthier Paper Doll Set
2 Full Color Pages
$8 plus shipping and handling
This was also based on Lustful Evangelean novel

Bella Erte Paper Doll
one full color page
$4 plus shipping and handling

Jane Paper Doll Set
1 Full Color page
$4 plus shipping and handling

Mary Jane Paper Doll Set
2 Full Color Pages
$8 plus shipping and handling

Taylor Paper Dolls Set
3 Full Color Pages
$12 plus shipping and handling
(This one was a friend of my daughters)

Clarissa Paper Doll Set
4 Full Color Pages
$16 plus shipping and handling

Beautiful Children Paper Doll Set
2 Full Color Pages
$8 plus shipping and handling

Darlin Paper Doll Set
2 Full Color Pages
$8 plus shipping and handling
(This one is based on one of my favorite childhood toys.  Remember Darlin from the Honeyhill dolls?  My friend and I played with these dolls all the time and Darlin was my favorite.  My original doll Darlin has her head popped off.  Well loved!)

Shayla Paper Dolls Set
2 Full Color Pages
$8 plus shipping and handling

Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhall Paper Dolls
5 Full Color Pages
$20 plus shipping and handling
(ha ha, before they broke up)

Alice Paper Doll Set
One Full Color Page
$4 plus shipping and handling
She can mix and match with Mandy paper doll and Dolly paperdoll

Dolly Paper Doll set
One Full Color page
$4 plus shipping and handling
This and Alice paper doll are bordering
on my first Gothic Paper Dolls

Cheryl Anne Paper Doll Set
3 Full  Color Pages
$12 plus shipping and handling

Frances Paper Doll Set
Three Full Color Pages
$12 plus shipping and handling
This one was based on my great grandmother

Lacy Anna Paper Doll Set
3 Full Color Pages
$12 plus shipping and handling

Jenna  Paper Doll Set
2 Full Color Pages
$8 plus shipping and handling

Rag Doll Paper Doll Set
2 Full Color Pages
$8 plus shipping and handling

Sleeping Paper Doll Set
2 Full Color Pages
$8 plus shipping and handling

Love Child Paper Doll Set
2 Full Color Pages
$8 plus shipping and handling
(This one is inspired by my mother's lipstick holder with the little cherub on it)

Another Martha Stewart Paper Doll Set
2 Full Color Pages
$8 plus shipping and handling

Barbarella Paper doll Set
One Full Color Page
$4 plus shipping and handling

Old Fashioned Paper Dolls Set
2 Full Color Pages
$8 plus shipping and handling

Lula Paper Doll Set
2 Full Color Pages
$8 plus shipping and handling

Mary Lou Paper Doll Set
2 Full Color Pages
$8 plus shipping and handling

Lila Ballerina Paper Doll
One Full Color Page
$4 plus shipping and handling

Martha Stewart Again 2 paper doll
2 Full Color Pages
$8 plus shipping and handling

Olivia Jean Paper Dolls
2 Full Color Pages
$8 plus shipping and handling

Red Carpet Dreams Paper Doll Set
One Full Color Page
$4 plus shipping and handling

Audrey Paper Dolls
2 Full Color Pages
$8 plus shipping and handling
(note:  The first picture isn't cut off on the original paper doll page.  This is just an error with the photo I took of it)
This was the second paper doll set I did.  Bun Bun and Olga paper dolls was the first one I finished.

Katherine Hepburn's Mermaid Dreams
One Full Color Page
$4 plus shipping and handling

Little Sparky Paper Dolls
One Full Color Page
$4 plus shipping and handling

Marissa Paper Doll Set
3 Full Color Pages
$12 plus shipping and handling

Bibi Maizoon Paper Doll
One Full Color Page
$4 plus shipping and handling
She also matches the HouseWife sets

Order Form:     Jennifer Jo Fay Paperdolls   Please send checks or money orders to:

Jennifer Jo Fay
119 Main St.  Unit 2A
Essex Junction, VT 05452

If you would like to use PAYPAL, my paypal address is:   (hutchins is my mothers maiden name)

The Paperdolls                                                                                               Quantity
Bunbun and Olga Paperdolls (eight pages)                                        $32
HouseWife Paperdolls (six pages)                                                     $24
Housewife Series Two (eight pages)                                                  $32
Julia Paperdolls  (four pages)                                                             $16
Maria Paperdolls (two pages)                                                            $8
Mollyanne Paperdolls  (two pages)                                                      $8
Mandy Paperdolls (one page)                                                              $4
Audra Paperdolls (two pages)                                                              $8
Sharyl Paperdolls (two pages)                                                             $8
Pretty Kitty (three pages)                                                                    $12
Lucy Jane  (one page)                                                                         $4
Marla Mermaid Paperdoll (two pages)                                                   $8
Martha Stewart Paperdolls (four pages)                                               $16
Julia Roberts Paperdoll (four pages                                                       $16
Evangelean Paperdoll (six pages)                                                          $24
Evangelean and Gauthier Paperdolls (two pages)                                    $8
Bella Erte Paperdoll (one page)                                                             $4
Jane paperdoll (one page)                                                                     $4
Mary Jane Paperdoll (two pages)                                                           $8
Taylor Paperdolls (three pages)                                                             $12
Clarissa Paperdoll (four pages)                                                            $16
Beautiful Children (two pages)                                                                $8
Darlin Paperdolls  (two pages                                                                 $8
Shayla Paperdoll (two pages)                                                                 $8
Reese and Jake Paperdolls  (five pages)                                                  $20
Alice Paperdoll  (one page)                                                                     $4
Dolly  (one page)                                                                                    $4
Cheryl Anne Paperdolls  (three pages)                                                      $12
Frances Paperdolls  (three pages)                                                            $12
Lacy Anna  (three pages                                                                          $12
Jenna Paperdoll  (two pages                                                                     $8
Ragdoll Paperdolls  (two pages)                                                                $8
Sleeping Paperdoll  (two pages)                                                                $8
Love Child Paperdoll  (two pages)                                                              $8
Another Martha Stewart  (two pages)                                                        $8
Barbarella Paperdoll   (one page)                                                             $4
Old Fashioned Paperdoll (two pages)                                                         $8
Lula Paperdoll  (one page)                                                                         $4
Mary Lou Paperdoll (two pages                                                                  $8
Ballerina Paperdoll (one page)                                                                   $4
Martha Stewart Again Paperdoll (two pages)                                               $8
 Olivia Jean Paperdoll (two pages)                                                              $8
Red Carpet Dreams Paperdolls (one page)                                                 $4
Audrey Paperdolls  (two pages)                                                                 $8
Katherine Hepburn's Mermaid Dreams (one page)                                      $4
Little Sparky Paper Dolls  (one page)                                                          $4
Marissa Paper Doll Set  (three pages)                                                          $12
Bibi maizoon Paper Doll Set (one page)                                                       $4

Shipping and Handling:
$6.25 per item
$8.00 if you order 3 to 4 sets
$10 if you order 6 sets and up

Out of the country:
$15 per item
$19 if you order 3 to 4 sets
$22 if you order 6 or more sets

If you order more than one set ask me to send you an invoice.  I couldn't figure out how to add the different shipping options with the paypal buttons.

But it looks like I can send you an invoice through Paypal.

My alternate email address if anyone has questions:  I check this email address a lot.