Saturday, November 30, 2013

Relaxing Days

Today is a relaxing day with my kids.  yay.  Saw my bike on the porch and decided to put it to the side of the road minus its cool basket.  I got it a few years ago and it sits, in vacancy.  I don't use the darn thing!!!  And there's a flat tire. 

Now, I've had some Thanksgiving leftovers and I'm good.  I got my piece of pumpkin pie!!!!  And their gramma brought over pumpkin bread with raisins in it!!!  yummy.

I've got a daughter playing Minecraft while the other daughter has been lucking out with a two day sleepover.  Totally awesome!!!  And my oldest has a friend over. 

And Mom is online.  First checking on a definition for something and coming up with zilch.  I've got a number to call for crime stopping and I am hoping they can put in surveillance for me.  I think if its someone else monitoring my apt door, it should put a stop to the breaking and entering.  Crossing my fingers I can get some help on this vicious stalking.  its incredibly creepy and so uncalled for.

Let's make a stand to stop all crime.  It's a tough one to tackle but its so important we stop them now.

So, I'm vedging out next to my girl.  Decided to look up ebook softwAre on eBay and found two perfect books for me to read.  Books especially for formatting for Kindle and one is on Kindle Direct Publishing.  I'm sure once I figure out how to do it, that it will become like tying your shoe.  Once you know how we just get back on and start pedalling. 

But my bike will be gone!!!  I'm going to need to fit in my stuff for craft shows.

Was delighted to get a second order on my etsy shop.  jfaypaperdolls.  Yay!!!

Can hardly wait for Wednesday to be done, with the dent done from car inspections with visions of sugar plums and perchance a laptop dancing over my head!!  Literally.  I would prefer it upon my lap with my fingers clicking. 

This girl is tired of waiting, but of course all good things come to those who wait.  And everything eventually gets done.

Which means I've got a headband that needs finishing, a red cowl I'm going to whip up next and whater else.  Maybe a chapter.  So so need to write and get things done.

Another cup of coffee!!!!! 

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted November 30, 2013

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Thanksgiving can be a time to be happy with what you have or it can also be a day to grin and bear it.

I got a prelude to how mean people can be when a few days ago I knocked on an neighbors door to someone I hadn't seen in a while.  Something told me I shouldn't have knocked to wish her a Happy Thanksgiving and an oh, I moved.

Her boy came after I buzzed, said Jennifer's here and then I heard her and she was rude and didn't come to the door out of politeness, I can't talk, I'm busy.

Being polite should be very important.  Even if you are busy, you should at least answer the door.  And then you should not talk about the person when you're within ear shot at the swings and walk right by the person you have just talked mean about and she could hear you.  Rude.

Anyway, enough.  I'm sick and tired of mean people.  I can hardly wait to just spend some quality time with my kids tomorrow.  And then they are headed to their grammars house.  Get what you can when you are divorced.  And be lucky for any time at all because there are people out there who have nobody.  And they are Still happy some of them.

I gave some cans of food today that will go to someone in need and I'm happy too as it gave me a discount on my windshield.  And I was like a lost kitty cat ha ha this morning and went to the wrong place and then accidentally took the back roads to the right place!  I got there and its done.  And good thing I called for scheduling my car inspection as they are booked!  I'm scheduled and will be glad when its done!!!

Nobody likes to get it done.  We go in hoping they find nothing wrong.  Sorry, mamm, your fender needs fixing and your radiator hmm.....  just an example.

And I'm hoping for that laptop so I can get busy!!!!
. I've seriously got to get finishing my stuff and pray nobody has plagiarized me like they threatened.  its unfinished and it wouldn't be right if any of my mean neighbors hacked my stuff and published because they could do it faster than me.

And I've got worries of them hunting me down if I write any tidbit of what they did to me in my Fiction!!!  Just all around mean, cruel and horrible.

And I'm praying nobody will break into my apt anymore, but I will know it if they do.  Like I said, I'm meticulous, organized and I know when they have broken in.  I've got a strong suspicion of who it is, but I don't have the 100% proof.  But I've recognized them from the old place and I don't like it.  Someone has a bunch of my knitting magazines.  A family member made me upset on that.  She couldn't believe it and I told her, hey some of my knitting magazines are gone and hey, I know it.
 And I inventoried the ones I have, counted them regularly and oh, one day I've got 36 instead of 35????  I had 35 and Cast On was not there.  She did a reversal and brought one back!!!!  I did not inventory it and I did it slowly and carefully.  You do not break and enter to move my things around on me, take my things, take nothing but you are just in my place or to bring something back.  if you are returning something you stole, put it outside my front door please.

From the old place, someone still has my trouseau dishes, some China, my Bella swan ring, two sets of silverware leaving me with a few pieces, Black Swan without the case, a Library case, True Women, case never returned, found the movie later but case NOT, a brown notebook with my drawing on the cover (handmade), had some venting in it and a few names too for my protection, and other stolen items.  Nobody has a right to break and enter someone else's apt.  Get out!!!!

Thank god I haven't seen a man in my apt when I get back yet.  I say yet, because the threats have been made and I have to always watch my back as I'm not sure when it may happen.  I won't have a fighting chance against a man.  I don't like one of the mean neighbors had said at one point, "No lock will keep me out."  That has scared me and I hope I never see that man ever again.

Is it now, after I've gotten my laptop and you think I'm a threat when I write and publish???  or is it at another time when I least expect it???

And I have every right to lash out as the victim, horridly in my venting journals and a little bit here.  I've got the worry that a man may erase all my stuff and hmm...  maybe I only have this blog as my protection???
. And police statements, etc....  I don't want any man to get away with murder and force me to be a suicide.  I don't choose it ever!!!!!

I get that new laptop and I'm protecting my venting notes.  They are absolutely the most horrid thing ever.

I just do not like what I'm uncovering.  People shouldn't live in glass houses.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted November 24, 2013

Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Calm before the Snow

Another good day with my kids.  And enjoying talking with a new friend.  She's taking on the task of cleaning out the clutter in my kids house.

Needless to say some things are coming back to me.  I'm sentimental and my girls haven't acquired that fully yet.  They do get sentimental, but they are the age of any kid who doesn't end up using something it gets lost in the shuffle.

My new friend gave me a few of their blankets they used to have on their beds and I told her they will be good for down the road when my kids and perhaps their kids can all camp out at my place.  Here's extra blankets for the kids sleeping bags, etc.

Or for me right now as extra padding for my back.

That's why something's should wait for when your kids are older and they will understand the value of keeping certain things more.

I fished out some of their notebooks and journals they didn't want anymore.  One of my daughter's was priceless.  I opened it up one evening to find a bunch of little paper doll drawings she had done of that Alice character from the Alice Magee Video game.  Yes, she comes with a knife, but regardless, it was a treasure to see the drawings she did.  And my stuff will be on the unwritten pages.

It's cold today and I'm not looking forward to snow.  Tomorrow is supposed to be really cold.  I've got a little further to walk now and will have to get inventive with how I carry things in.  Hmmm....  I confiscated Julia's rolling luggage.  A orange seventies flower power one that got kicked out to their garage.  That may aid Mommy with getting my groceries in.

Praying I don't sprain my ankle this year as it really did a number to my left knee.  Let's not get the cane yet!!!  I thought of it one day bringing one of those little gold poles in.  You know the kind you can rig up a puppet theater in a door with!!  I made one once for my kids and I had one growing up.  My Grammys friend had made one for me and my siblings.  The one I did has hersheys candy on it and perhaps popcorn.

My kids used to jump through the window of it.

Well, today Jake, my downs child, got treated to me singing Katy Perry's Roar!  I think he thought it was funny I knew the whole song!!!  Ha ha.  He's a good boy.  All my kids are good kids and I'm proud of them.  I told my new friend in part of a conversation that I'm the type of Mom that would let my kids be anything they want to be and if they want to reach for the moon, let them.

And my oldest was having fun with a new game, something like D & D and was playing online with his friend.

And one of my girls was ready for a sleepover with a friend.  I had to laugh at all the things she wanted to bring.  Of course her Dad didn't want her bringing it all and I almost thought she wasn't going to go to the sleepover.  But I had to say to my new friend, Like Mother, like daughter packing everything but the kitchen sink!!!!!  Ha ha ha.

Packing for trips to Maine was a feat for me.  Packing everything the kids and I would need and then some.  And then there would be my doing bag or should I say bags???  I was a passenger and got to knit or write on the way or on the way back.  And at that time didn't know how to gas the car.

On another thought, my Nana never learned how to drive a car.

I could feel a little for my daughter as I knew she wanted to share her playthings with her friend, but ha ha we do need to realize that its too much and she would forget something.

Hoping to get back to my place with nothing moved on me and no sign of break ins.

Like my phone calls, maddening as hell and I need to turn my radio on again.  Some girl made fun of a song I sang to my Dad one day and the next day I could hear her singing it and making fun.  I thought it was mean.  She's nameless, but it was mean of her to sing my song.

I need my locks changed as soon as I can get my car taken care of, within a week or a little more.  Maybe sooner.  I love the glass company for my windshield is having a special!!!  Bring in five cans of food and shave off!!!  After this, I will never again let broken windshield wipers slide.  Scratches the windshield.  Live and learn, huh.

My mover's had ditched me!  They caused me a tremendous problem for me and an ordeal to my legs!!!

Yesterday was a day spent cutting out more yo to circles from the yard sale fabric over the summer.  Then at one point, the witch started singing, Crazy by Pasty Cline and I turned on the damn radio, found a non French station and drowned her out.   The station with John Tesh and Delilah.  And Christmas Music!!!  Yay!!!

 Still want to see if I can pull in Ninety five Triple X.  I miss my Jamie and Chantal in the morning and the cool new songs the kids like.

Knitted up some of those dish clothes one day and am working on a pink cotton scarf using a pretty fern lace pattern.

Long for that new laptop too, maybe December.  First things first.  Which includes a fixed car and a trip to Maine to see my Dad.  And I've got a copy of The Heat for him, my sister and I to watch together.  I still say he needs a Sandra Bullock poster on his wall!!!

Hmm....  maybe he needs me to do a drawing of her and I'll frame it for him some year!!!!  He will never have another woman.  His woman went down in history as My Best Mom Ever!!!!!!!!!  His one and only.  His Wonder Woman, his Cheryl Tiegs, his Sandra Bullock!!!!

Got to get back to writing!!!!!!  Even if just hand writing for a little bit longer!!!

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted November 2013

A pretty girl's skirt.

This mannequin is on top of the little sewing bench I want to redo.  Maybe tomorrow's project!!!  So many things I love to do.  2014 is going to be a good year!!!  My goal should at least get one of the books published and maybe more.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Why We need Time to go back in Time.

Ever just find you need some time just to sift through old things?  It can be really satisfying and bring back memories.

Yesterday was that day for me.  Just what my Sunday called for.  I started out with my morning coffee about 7:30am and then at one point figured I would go to one of the old cedar benches and pull out my fabric bag filled with old letters.

I was after old stamps off from old letters for a scrapbooking or decoupage project on a cool sewing bench I got on the side of the road.  The top lifts up and there's two little drawers.  Small end table size.

Well, I more than just looked for stamps.  I ended up ripping the twenty nine cent stamps off envelopes with old sappy letters to my ex and some from him.  Don't have the heart to throw the letters away as my kids may someday like to read them.

I threw out two that were the corniest or darn right silly.  Then I just started reading some of the letters from different relatives, my Grammy, Nana, Mom an aunt and an old camp friend.  It just sent me back into time.

I couldn't bring myself to rip up the pretty stamps from some of their letters.

The old report cards of mine, pictures.

could not stop with just one box.  II then found the old box my. Mom put together for me.  Old baby cards, my baby book, drawings of my Bun-bun and an old story I had written.  Penny.  And little cartoonish drawings that went with it.  I found myself reading it with interest and laughing.  Penny lived in outer Space and there's Comet, and stars, etc....  her silverware was made out of sun rays.
 It was a detailed story with I would say a lot of imagination from my mind as a young child.

Oh, and at the end she had to move to earth and marry her husband and have two kids.  Ha ha.

I should dig up another box someday.  I'm hoping it has my Laugh Magazine I did in it.  I was my own editor of the thing and you would find me calling popular songs, movies and celebrities of the day something different, funny and corny and sort of stupid.  And I made up silly news reports etc.....

I probably was inspired by the Mad Magazines and some of the other ones we could buy from Scholastic in the seventies and eighties.  You know, those gross out pictures of an ugly person spouting boogers into the movie goers below.

Then, I just looked through all my old photos and started gathering certain ones for projects.  I had an old guest book I bought at a yardsale and later yesterday I started creating a scrapbook for one of my girls.  I'm writing notes into it too.  I'm going to do a bunch of them for each of my kids.

Then, I got my Big Shot cutter going, with cut outs of flowers, leaves, a sewing mannequin, spools and buttons and leaves for possible thoughts of the sewing bench.  I want to make sure my picture copies of my Grammy and my Dads dad are in it along with my Nana and my Aunt Mary.  Definitely my Aunt Mary as I paper punched my stuff out of a pretty Madame Alexander doll box.  The Madame Alexander dolls go back a long time to the old dolls my Mom and her cousin's used to play with in the forties and fifties.  I will have to take pictures when the project is done.

On another thing, I had a not so nice incident to see another breakin a few days ago on coming back from kids house.  For about a week, I knew someone had come in and taken my magazines for knitting.  I had two shelves filled with my magazines.  Brought a new small stack back and looked and said to myself, I'm missing a bunch.  The shelf doesn't look as tight.  I then rearranged the two shelves and started counting them.  33 in one and 35 in the other.  Two three nights ago, I even went as far as to write up an inventory for each shelf, title and the issue for each.  And I thoroughly double checked.  Sat on coming back I looked and could see an upside down magazine that wasn't there when I did the inventory.  Then counted and got 36!!!  Someone broke in to put one of the stolen ones back on me, and being meticulous and extremely organized, I noticed it, called the police and we've got it documented.  I've got to change my locks very soon.

And I am most definitely not the type of person to sleepwalking and move my things and not know it.  And there's no ghost.  A stalker.

The other kind of strange thing was when I was moving my things from my ex's porch or mudroom to my car, I was making a bunch of trips and at one point, I looked down and there was a three inch rusty screw placed by the drivers side of my car.  It was weird as I can't remember it being there, but maybe it was.  At the time, I picked it up, hid it under my pizza container trash and threw it out in my exs trash.  Just thought it was strange to see it by my car.

Funny I should find a big rusty screw and now I'm sitting in the false comfort of a rust colored glider chair.  There's an archaeology dig for you.

Anyway, maybe my son dug it up from the back yard a while ago with his metal detector he got for Christmas last year.  He's been finding some cool things and I think he's going to be sticking with archaeology.  He wants to go to Greece on a class trip next year.

Hence my growing interest in the Gods and Goddesses.

Well, gonna get going to see my kids and ser what I can rescue from things that are getting thrown out from girls rooms.  Their rooms will be neat as a pin for a little bit and I want to take a few cool pictures of the falltome leaf set up my exs New girlfriend has hanging in the kitchen.  Very pretty.  Which brings me thinking of the good food we will all be eating next week!!!

Jennifer Jo Fay
 Copyrighted November 18, 2013

The bench filled with baby toys and things for my future grand kids.  And the cd clock radio I can't quite figure out how to get the CDs to play.


Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Really Funny Day

I was headed down to see my kids and when I got into town, I figured I had time to jaunt over to Goodwill and drop off some of my things and make a small purchase.  Good lord, on the way I saw a yard sale of all things and turned in really fast!!!

Found a new pot to replace one I threw out as I was not looking forward to SoS padding it!!!  And a Grace Kelly movie.  The Kill.  I'm not sure if she is in the movie.  I think it has extra stuff on her fairy tale wedding.  Came close to getting The Divorce one with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, but seeing as of recently I am divorced I decided against it.

Then, unloaded some things I didn't need and went inside.  I was hesitant on getting rid of a nice wooden lazy Susan, but I don't need it and it takes up space.  The wok hasn't left the car yet, but that may as well sometime.

So, then I got a cool CD and radio player.  One I will know how to use instead of this clock radio that I can't figure out the CD part.  And I've got to see if I can get 95 Triple X.  So far, a lot of French stations as I'm further north.

So, then called my kids stating I will be fifteen minutes later.  Then, I took the longer route to see if anyone has put a small bookshelf out to the street.  Ha ha.  And then I got onto their road and two houses down I had to stop at one more yard sale.

My girls and I watched The Conjouring, which I have been wanting to see.  Really creepy.  A good haunting movie.  My sister liked it and my oldest thought it was really scary.

My girls were getting new bedding and there was a moment where, hmm...  maybe I should have gone down and gotten my Aunt Harriet's green egg timer started.  It's funny how a really small thing can seem like a major catastrophe and then all is well again.

And I had a really fun time getting my Down Syndrome son laughing as I roll played with his Sponge bob Squarepants, Mufasa, Daphne and Swiper no swiping!!!!
. Basically Sponge bob kept looking for Patrick, the down the crack of the bureau for Mr. Krabbs and Daphne kept falling down her traps and then I made her want some pancakes!!!  Good time.  Hadn't roll played with action figures in a long time.

And I met their new friend, my ex's New girlfriend.  Very nice and I didn't think, but I loved the saying on her shirt.  It said Be Kind.  I've got a magnet that says be kind.

I finished a dishcloths this morning.  It made me mad as I think the person coming in has taken the pattern as its not anywhere to be found and while looking at another of my little notebooks that I've jotted down cool patterns, three or four of the first patterns for knitted flowers have been ripped out.  Really mean as I have been getting ready to make some for part of the headbands.  Really mean and nobody should be entering my apt and moving my things around on me and to start taking things again.

It made me so mad, I wrote an inventory of my knitting magazines and they should be how I've left them.  And pictures of my stuff get documented so I have the proof of how things were before I left the apt and I'm so meticulous and organized I know when someone has been in.

After my car fixings, obviously I am going to have to get my locks changed before my laptop.  I have strong suspicions of two people I've recognized living under me.  Not 100% but I do not like.  Not funny.

Nobody should be entering my apt every time I leave.  I don't like finding they've been in.  Hey, I need to leave and get things done and no witch should take advantage of that.

Well, I'm ready to head back and hopefully I don't discover someone has been in my apt to destroy or just move my things and invade my apt.

And I do need to get back to writing soon.  And finish reading Katharine Hepburn.  And have another cup of coffee.  And to see no unwelcome man in my apt.  Someone is breaking in and that's no picnic.  I can tell the difference when its my cats and when its not.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted November 16, 2013

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Cold Weather Setting in

Okay, suddenly we've got snow!
  I now am finding myself wearing those finger less gloves but wish I knitted a cover for the fingertips!!  And a cold car that needs the heating fixed!!!

I was wonder woman last week and got the rest of my things in my new place and everything is where I want it.  Unfortunately, the stalking problem hasn't gone away.  I've got a horrible stalker, have recognized a black witch and a white who have moved into an apt right underneath me and they are not welcome.

I'm still having break-ins and they are moving more things of mine around.  The most recent unhappy thing I discovered on coming back yesterday is someone had fun dotting eight of my kids school pictures with a red marker and now I can't give them to a few of my relatives.  Really mean, and it has prompted me to bring my paper doll box of finished sets with me for fear someone would dot those so I can't sell copies to people on my Etsy shop in the future.

Really maddening that I've got to worry about all my hard work.  I naturally can't bring everything with me all the time.  I've got to pray some witch doesn't break in and mark my drawings and photos to hell.

Why do we have mean people???

I have every right to have someone arrested.  I hope to god that happens.  I should change my locks but sometimes no lock can keep out the lunatics.

Anyway, onto going to see my kids.  I'm still knitting things and waiting patiently for the laptop after my car gets tended to.  I learned how to make one of those turban headbands.  All you need to do is to at the middle, knit one ore two stitches, put six stitches to a cable needle, knit six stitches then the six on needle,then knit the last two.  The pattern I am going by is primarily stockinette stitch but I bet it would be pretty with other patterns.

I should do another drawing soon.  Maybe one of my mannequins.

Just settling into my new place and loving it despite the trouble.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted November 13, 2013

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Nee Beginnings

Yay, I'm finally moved in.  What a week of lifting, and going up stairs.  Thank god the elevator started working.

It's quiet which is what I needed.  I'm not sure if the stalking is done.  I'm still startled to see that someone is coming into my new place and moving my things around.

One evening, I got back from visiting my kids to find someone flipped over a picture of my mother, I had it facing down, my housecoats on my bathroom hook switched around, a Christina picture from Andrew Wyeth knocked down leaving just the one of my daughter, Julia pretending to be Christina looking at our old park.  My oldest did it one year and I love it.

its creepy to still find my things placed differently.  And my Greek classics book got moved from the spot on my coffee table where someone ripped out my first born sons baby picture and placed the book on top of Chicken Soup for the Mother's Soul.  Creepy.

I will do anything to protect myself and my children.  I'm shielding them from these current not pleasant things, although I thought my oldest should know someone ripped out his baby picture.

I don't want to tell all I know and I will also say I don't like solving mysteries.opuzzles.  I liked Seventh Guest , Eleventh Hour and Phantasmagoria, but was never good at solving the puzzles.  My ex was better at it.
 Yesterday, I went for a walk in my new town.  I found a knitting shop!  That can be a good thing and a bad thing.  As knitters like to say, there's always room for new colors.

And then I discovered the library, sat and read the current copy of Writers Digest, signed up for a card and have borrowed two biographies.  I'm right now half way through Kate Remembered by Christopher Berg.  Very lovely read and you feel as if you are right there listening to Katharine Hepburn.

She liked the color red, beet soup, and macaroni casserole.  A very interesting read.  I didn't know she never had kids of her own.

The other biography is on Audrey Hepburn.  I'm just going to do some reading for a short bit, do some venting writing and just enjoy my new place for a little bit.  It's nice to not hear my harassers anymore.  What complete jerks they were and I just hope they are done.  I was careless and my jerk movers got a look at my house keys the first day of the move.

And I just don't like some things I'm discovering.  Opens up a can of worms.

Well, I'm going to go for now.  My dad mentioned some arthritic creme for sore muscles and I got some.  I think I'm going to always have a hard time with stairs now because of my knee.  As long as I don't need a cane yet.

I will say all the moving has been good exercise and good for the heart.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted November 9, 2013

Monday, November 4, 2013


I'm going to try and post as soon as possible.  I have been delayed with a tremendous problem.

I moved into my new apt on Friday and my movers ditched me in the afternoon, were only going to bring my furniture, except for the heavy couch.  Understandable. 

Three men brought the first load up my eight flights of stairs to get to the fourth floor.  Then they went back with my key for the next load.  They brought the next load up and were done.  They had a fourth guy with them.  They took a while to get back.

I lugged my things up all the flights, elevator wasn't working.  I got back to apt to see they left a good amount of my furniture.  Broke one of my mothers dishes.  Broke my alarm on my clock, tossed my pictures on the floor.  They put all my kids baby toys, Bun-bun, and my first pictures I took in my growing up days in a garbage bag along with some dried up leaves!!!!!

When I got back, The elevator was working.  Had my ex help me get my things out of the old apt to his porch and mudroom.  So, bear with me because I've been getting all my things into my apt.  And this morning the elevator wasn't working as something short circuited.  Lugging again.  And within an hour or longer its working again.

I'm going to get everything up there and then I may not trust the elevator.

My legs ans arms are sore, but I will do it.  I had a lot of things at my exs and am now thinking I may have just a few more loads, the furniture last.  Most of it light. 

I'm going to call myself Super Woman after this.

I know I've got my Mom with me every step of the way.  I also believe that we have a thousand angels behind our backs.  Our invisable wings are there.  And when you need an angel the most, you will hear one tell you what you need to do.  You never know when you
will hear one.

And no bird should ever be forced into a birdcage.  Why do we keep them in a cage?

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted November 2013