Monday, September 30, 2013

Unexpected Surprises and other Things

What do you do when you get a surprise of any sort?  Sometimes we jump for joy especially if its one we like!!  if its not what we were wanting to find out, then its not good.

I finally decided to air out my apartment opening my windows to get good air in.  I've had them locked with my security for a long time.  I got an unexpected surprise to find out someone at any given time broke into my apt to unlock three of my windows!!!  My bedroom window towards the back yard, a kitchen window and a living room window were all unlocked when I had them locked since last October!!!

Made me really mad and upset so I've reported it.  I do not like men breaking into my apt.  I better never find any of them in my apt.  Women in my complex seem to care less because, oh its not them its happening to.  People in this world need to start helping each other.  I would be the decent person to report something for someone else if it was them being treated terrible.

Anyway, enough of that.

I had a fun time taking pictures yesterday and will share some in a few minutes.  And yes, I finally knit the baby hat from hell.  It came out okay but I wouldn't sell it.  Hmm...  maybe I will get lucky with a grand daughter someday!!  My daughter, Julia was on the phone bluntly saying there's no grand kids.  I had to tell her its for down the road and I might want to make them to sell.

Reason being this one was the project from hell, cotton yarn and it kept slipping off the needles making me lose my stitches!!  Next time I will need to use more rubber stoppers!!!!

The second baby hat came out better.  I did it on smaller needles and the yarn I like.  Will have Luna model it later for fun cat pictures and I may sell it.

It's probably a preemie hat.  I think its too big for my Blythe doll.

Hmm...  maybe yard sales next weekend???  October but if its nice weather possibly.  Loved last weeks yardsales.  I love finding things for photography or the crafting stuff.  I need to be careful about kitchen stuff.  There's usually only so much space.  But then I think of the food pictures and say to myself, that will look nice.  I got a beautiful vase bowl that has an eyelet pattern on the inside edge.  You know the flower eyelet holes on your mother's old white curtains?

Someday, if I'm ever filthy rich, I need a nice little house with a studio in every room!!!  Well, pipe dreams are nice to have, huh??  It's why we call them dreams so one can hope on a star that it could possibly come a reality if we dare to reach for a goal.

I recently bought some of those cheap Styrofoam manniquins from EBay.  I can hardly wait for them to arrive so I can draw on them!!  Halloween theme???  Or maybe some pretty tattoos!!!  The only drawback of Styrofoam is they can get scratched a little or get a dent.  I discovered on of mine got a nose dent.  Ah...  beauty is only skin deep!!

Hmm...  more drawings!!!! 

Well, I'm pressed for time now, so here are the pictures!!

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted Sept. 30, 2013

Friday, September 27, 2013

When Things don't work out.

What type of person are you when you don't get your way?  Are you a whiner?  Are you a kicker and screamer?  Or do you gracefully tell yourself its for the best?  And its important to have a good outlook that what is right for you will soon be on its way.

Life is like that, sometimes sending us false hopes, we get anxious that its what's going to happen or that our hopes are going to get let down.

Needless to say, my basketball sized living room I'm not going to get and the apt search is still in the process.  I'm hopeful that I will find something.

I'm angry it means I have to put up with real asses for a little bit longer.  Blair my radio seems to help.  The guy on the other side of the building keeps complaining about the radio.  Thing is, I've tested the theory he should not be able to hear my music on his side of the building at all.

I have it on high, I walk outside my apt and I cannot hear the songs, I can tell the radio is on vaguely but I cannot hear the songs.  I walk to my apt door and I can tell its on, but its not loud outside my apt, can't hear the songs, and only when I open the door I can hear it.  The only person who could hear it is the guy right above me and I'm not sure how much he could hear.

So if the guy can hear it on other side of building enough to complain about it, doesn't that creep you out!!!!!!!!!!!  I can so hardly wait to move from sheer pigs!!!!!!

So, today is Friday and it may very well be the last weekend for yardsales.  And we are on our way into October.  Halloween month.  Next thing we know, we are going to help our kids eat their candy, and prepare for the holidays. 

The other day, I was hearing on the radio we have about ninety days left until Christmas.  Eek......  Well, I shouldn't complain as I finished most of my shopping. 

My knitting frenzy is on a high, I'm looking at my just about two day skirt for girls.  I think this one is a size 14.  I got knitting it and part way through I realized I was knitting with a slightly bigger needle than I used for the other girls skirts. 

Not sure what project is coming after this one. 

Jennifer Jo Fay

September 27, 2013

My local library's beautiful roses.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Waiting for things.

Don't we all hate it when we are hating for things to happen and then we find out its going to take longer than we thought?  Delays can be a pain in the neck.

How about when you are waiting for an answer?  Yes or no or sometimes maybe, depending on what it is.

if you are a kid the delay seems like a decade, right?  Same can go for adults.  The kid in us wants an answer like, NOW!!!  For me, its do I have a certain new apt, yes or no???  I fell in love with a living room you could play basketball in.  My mind starts wandering to how I would arrange my livingroom slash studio.....

But I don't know if I have it yet and this waiting game is driving me nuts!!!!  When that move comes, I am going to literally be on cloud nine!!!!!  Get me in a new place and never looking back to this mean place I'm in right now is going to my peace of mind and I'm hoping to not be stalked when I move.

I want to never see a baseball bat in my apt anywhere, as to this mornings bullying threat!!!  I'm going to be so glad not to see the faces of you know what's.  There's a word for mean people.

But, I'm going to go about my week thinking I don't have this one and then, maybe I will be pleasantly surprised.

its  hard to not get your hopes up.

And I'm patiently waiting for my lovely new laptop, but really important things come first.  Like our cars!!! 

To go off waiting and delays, when your kids say things to your face, they're usually true.  Kids are blunt.  So, when Daddy Says, it most always means Daddy says and Daddy did!!!

I'm telling you, I just about hit the roof.  On one thing I had to explode to him and tell him not to tell my kids something.  It cut my time short with my kids that day but he sure deserved a little karma biting him in the rump.  i am being polite as you can see.

Why do men do nasty things to their wives????????????????

One thing my daughter said to my face, I kept from him, but he may know what she said.  It sent me through a thousand roofs, literally and I swear to God!!!!!!!!!!!

Life can absolutely cruel to people sometimes but what doesn't kill us makes us stronger!!!  Like I've kept saying here and to friends and family, I will never be a suicide.  Should I turn up that for some fluke reason, Please, please have the authorities investigate all angles.  It would not only kill me, it would be hurting my kids!!!  My priority!!!

My number one priority, always.  They are the number one reason I love Vermont.  I'll always love, love Maine, however Vermont is where my heart is bound to.

People have asked if I would move back and I always have to say I can't leave my kids.

And I also try to give the benefit of the doubt until I get the hard facts.  Kids only say what they have been told or overheard. 

What do they say???  Until proven guilty??  Let's pray for my new apartment.  I'm praying every day!!!

That living room!!!!  I can just see my two cats having a grand old time, the possibility of my toy dog..  Pug.  This is a quiet place, so a pug.  Peace and quiet!!!!!!!  Just what the writer needs!!!!

No bully in the hallway in the mornings or when he arrives home.  He knows he can do it because I'm too relaxed to get off my couch.

I've taken some time to read some poetry books.  Billy Collins, Mary Oliver and Margaret Atwood.  Poetry seems like a quick read.  I still love reading mysteries and will get back to it.

I'm knitting smaller items for the moment.  Girls headbands and am on a ponytail kick.  My daughter's headband looked cute on Luna on Sunday.

Yes, I tortured my cats!!!!!
Luna was able to get the headband off, but Ella couldn't get the icord rose off.  I tied it really loose and she could bat it around but she could not get it off!!!  Ha ha ha!!!!

So now, I'm thinking maybe my cats need some pretty temporary collars for my photo needs.  A pretty bow!!!  A flower!!!  hmm.......

So, so many fun ideas!!!  I could see the ponytails being a hit with the young girls at craft shows.  $1.50 to $3.00, depending on the intricacy of the item.  I'm hoping to do one show in a few months.  Depending on the apt hunting!!!

And the doll outfits, baby outfits, items for girls and women. 

Get moved, the novels I need to finish!!!! 

Last weekend yard sales were trying to tell me something.  I bought two pads of art paper, a large Staples writing filler paper and two music box clown dolls.  Draw and write.  I finally did a drawing last Saturday, hadn't done a pencil sketch since 2010.

I've got to do it more often.  Maybe later this week another one.  Luna managed to weasel her way into this sketch.  I called the doll sketch, Tiger Girl.

Tiger girl is me singing to Katy Perry's roar.  Just imagine me singing it and after every single roar my two fingers go up in the air and I yell out two obscenities!!!  They deserve it for violating me.

It would make a good You Tube video, huh!!!!!!!  Not really.

 It amazes me how long I can go without doing some things.  I keep trying to remember the name of an artist or photographer who took a decade off from his artwork.  Cecil Beaton??  He didn't stop photography, but maybe his drawing??  I'm just taking a stab in the dark!!!

I've got to get back to my paper dolls too.  2011 was when I took a break from them and got back to writing.  I took breaks from that too and spent a year reading mysteries.  Loved The Girl who Kicked the Hornets Nest series.  Had to do nothing but read those. all the way through.

I took a large break from knitting and sewing.  2009 or 2010, I gave my needles and yarn to my girls and when I got back into it, I confiscated them back from where they were sitting silently untouched.

I think when we have so many things we love to do, its hard to just do it all at once.  One should never have idle hands.  Except when watching Walking Dead or Twilight saga!!  There is popcorn in my hands!!!!

And possibly another cup of coffee by my side!!!!

I'm consumed by creating.  I recently went to my girls open house.  I loved reading their About Me creations on the wall.  Julia said she wants to go to The Maine College of Art like me.

Mollyanne said she misses her mom!!!!!!!

 Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted September 24, 2013

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Cards we get Dealt with

We all know that we are going through our lives shuffling our cards, trying to keep a healthy balance, a good positive outlook on all our tomorrows and hope that we can overcome anything.

The cards we get dealt with is what we have on our plates and we find our own ways to face any conflict.  We can't have someone else's deck, as God says we can't take it.  Doesn't have our names on it.  You've been wanting the Hersheys Chocolate deck or the diamonds are forever deck?

What is your deck?  Scrambled eggs or the cute Easter Bunny?  It's yours so treasure it.  Make due with the things you have.  Some people go through life always wishing for the things he or she cannot have.
 My current knitting.  The headbands are a plain garter st.  Later on I want to try my own patterns.  Once I am moved.

Below, learning how to draw on these electronics.  My girls are a wiz at it, while prefer the old fashioned pencils and pens. 

 I'm sure I've got too many of those free apps from the Play Store.  Addicting!!!!!

 Here's my mannequin I drew on.  I'm having the most fun on the tablet and IPod tweeking my kid pictures.  Too many fun things.

I think we should be happy with our lives, try to make it better if there are conflicts, yes, hope for some things that are within our reach, but maintain what is ours.  I'm a type of person who can still be happy even when there's conflict.

It doesn't get much worse than bad harassers, but there's still an endurance which is ours in the face of plain mean people.

Question:  What justifies a husband to be really nasty to his wife, the mother of his children?  What's the motive?  Even facing divorce, what justifies a man to be really nasty to a good woman?

Why does a man batter?  We read horror stories all the time about how severely some women get battered.  Some get the physical abuse and one day you may see your friend wearing sunglasses and a sweater in the middle of summer.  Or maybe your friend just suddenly isn't seen in public anymore.

Sometimes we are too late and we don't see underneath her mask.  She either doesn't dare to leave or she's tied to him out of an insane love for him even though he does wrong.

Other times it is emotional abuse which can and is far more damaging that the physical.  No abuse is good.  Neglect is another type of abuse.  Negativity can as well be abusive.

If a woman can see that she needs to leave, help her in any way you can.  If she will let you.  Some women don't feel comfortable when a friend or a neighbor reaches out to offer help.

Some batterers, most are highly manipulative, twist the truth to their advantage, get their way always, and can and do make a woman look really silly.  Not okay.  Often they are controlling, some take away the woman's privilege to handle her own money, limit her talking to her friends and family.

Sometimes a batterer doesn't realize what he is doing and it is possible for them to try and change his ways.  But, it is up to him to realize he is in the wrong.  Other times, they know what they are doing and they just don't care.

They maybe think they can see a way out and they'll do it until they get their way, at the tragic expense of a girlfriend, lover or a wife.

They need to stop.  Not just for the wife but for the children.  If its all about winning, there's never a happy ending unless he can stop and see that in the long run, it hurts the children more than the wife.

And as parents, who should be our top priority?  The children always come first.  No matter what.

Well, enough of the heavy.  It's sunny today, I can feel the warmth on my back, I live in the moment.  That's all one can do.  My other skirt is just about done and I'm making headbands for my girls and some of their friends.  I probably embarrassed them yesterday singing some hip hop songs.  They had a friend visiting and they put me on speaker phone.

I looked through some food magazines and brought them back for new ones.  Too many good recipes to make my mouth water!!!  Especially any dessert.  That's where you wish you had all the ingredients in your pantry, like now.

I was in the library watching a little baby just learning to walk and she took to me very quickly.  I let her hold a yarn ball and found myself playing peek a boo, which was light years ago for me.

We all remember a baby's first steps, one of the first milestones in a happy life.  Too bad we can't go back, but our teens won't allow it.

My Mom always used to say, "Don't ever wish your time away.  Every age is wonderful.". Not quite sure if I got the last part right exactly how she said it, but its a universal feeling.

I think I must have said to her that I could hardly wait for my kids to be older.  I might have been in the diaper phase where the kids were not as independent as they became.

She had a wonderful wisdom about things and not a day goes by that I don't miss her.

Deep down she meant that every part of life should be embraced, cherished for what it is and don't wish it away as it glitters before our eyes and is gone and onto another part of life.  Thank God for memories.

Even growing older, should be a beautiful thing.  I admire any older person for the fact that they are older, wiser and have led a full life.  Nobody wants anyone to die at any age, but its a known fact its accepted a little better when someone dies of older age.  We know they've been lucky to have a full life.

My mother was taken at 54.  I thought it was 53 but my Dad reminded me of the age.  Practically half a life.  Twelve years ago and three days before my daughter was born.  She had said be lucky you've had me for 33 years.

And more recently, a cousin lost his wife of even younger and leaves behind younger children.  I hate Cancer of any kind!!!!!  I wish there was a cure.

Living in the moment is really all we have.  Down to peeling an orange.  I think one of my Mother's favorite books was All things Big and Small.  Not sure if I have the title right.  I think there were a few of these books.

Sometimes, my oldest daughter reminds me she can see my gray hair which is finally truly coming in gray.  It was blond highlights for a long time.  She then asked me if I would get it colored.  Her gramma colors hers.  Every time I respond, I'm growing older gracefully.  Or I like my natural color.

Not that I'm against any woman dying their hair to feel younger, its fine.  It's a choice women have a right to make.  It looks good, but I fall into the bracket of women who just let it gray naturally.

And someday, my hair will be white and I will love it too.  Outer beauty is skin deep, while inner beauty lasts forever.

Which is what all good memories are made of.  Nobody can ever take your memories away.  Your kids will always love you no matter what and vice versa.  Well, later on I've got some writing books to read.  Funny, I donated them to the library and I find myself borrowing some again as I would like to read them with a fresh mind.

And, I'm waiting for that wonderful, much needed move to a new place so I can get my life back to normal without harassers in it.  This gal needs to get writing my novels again.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted September 17, 2013

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Creepy Crawlies

Okay, yesterday I walked out to get my mail and was treated to this two inch moth strategically placed upside down in front of my door facing out.  It wasn't there earlier in the day.  Kind of creepy.  This bug would have to go down a flight of stairs and around the corner. 

It made me think back to when I found my butter dish face down at 4am near my stove, when in fact it was in the fridge.  My first unhappy sign the not nice neighbors were breaking in and a realization of a stolen library case just to get me in trouble.  And within fifteen minutes of leaving that day and coming right back to see my just watched Tommy Boy movie somehow miraculously flown from the entertainment center all the way to my coffee table and once again, upside down. 

Really creepy to know someone came in in that short time to do that. 

So the bug has to make me wonder if someone came down to place it in front of my door as yet another scare tactic.  It's sort of a pretty bug but creepy.  I don't like any bug.  One of the nuts was going up and down the stairs several times during the afternoon but I didn't see them come out.  Either they went out of view to the other side or they came down to my door.  They've been down to my door earlier this week to knock my recycle bin in the middle of the hall when I have it nice and straight by my door. 

But, a bug is a bug.  But it was most definitely dead and I didn't like being treated to that.  As I've told the nuts, my phone will be ready!!!

It could be possible its just a coincidence it floated down like that.  I'm forgetting they keep the front door open.  And this morning there was a smaller white moth upside down but further away and in a diagonal position.  Thought nothing of that one, but the two inch bug creeped me out. 

I've got it in this bag and may use it a little bit for some photography.  Possible ideas for any of the novels.  It's a kind of pretty one in a way.  Does anyone know what kind of moth it is?  I've never seen one like it before. 

My sister hates moths too and last night we shared our memories of moths at my aunts camp.  There was always moths while we were settling down for bed.  I remembered killing them with the little golden books and she remembered killing them with the big red book.  Ha ha. 

Anyway, it could inspire a scene or two for one of the books or perhaps be part of a cover for some other book yet to be thought up. 

Got an email of a littlest pet shop character my daughter is getting.  She's making scarves and dresses for them.  I love it when my girls get inspired to create.  I told her they will be pretty.  So, you know what I'm looking for at the yard sales!!!  Yarn and fabric to share. 

Don't you hate it when you're waiting for a piece of mail and it just doesn't come?  I'm waiting!!!!

I grossed my sister out when I told her i tried to make tofu burgers.  Doing something wrong as They didn't hold together.  It's either try again or tofu isn't for me.  But its gluten free. 

One of these days when I see my sister and her husband I've got to tell them the wildest dream I had earlier in the year and, yeah they were in it.  I won't say what the dream was as its got real potential for a novel!!!!!

A really scary novel, that's all.  But I know she would laugh when I tell her about the dream.  It's one that's definitely better told in person so you can see her reaction!!!!!

Jennifer Jo FayCopyrighted Sept, 11, 2013

 It's beautiful in a way, and if it accidentally showed up in front of my door, okay.  One inch from my door as straight as can be and upside down, DEAD.

 A prettier picture of it.

 The red, white and blue skirt.

 I thought up this yesterday for my yarn.  I've been saving the belly bands and sometimes feel they are a nuisance.  Write down all the important info from the belly band and toss it.  I was taping the belly bands into a book but I like this better. 

I've been reading this, just what I need.  I've got to get back to finish my writings and publish.  I don't like any threat not to write.  You can just imagine what it was. 

And what sort of neighbor can get in the hallway right after my HTC tablet goes off and say, I can hardly wait till she moves and someone murders her.  What a REAL ASSHOLE. he was loud. 

Like I said the move cant come quick enough.

Monday, September 9, 2013

If everyone had a Panic Room

If we all had a panic room, what would you want in it?  I watched Panic Room a little while ago, hadn't seen it in years.  I remember it was a good movie.  It was funny to see Kristen Stewart as a kid.  I liked the part where she tells her mom, "Fuck him.".

Question...  how can a father get 165 hours a week and a really good mother only gets 3???
All I can honestly say is, there will come a day when the kids are going to be all their mother. 

Life is full of hard knocks.  What doesn't kill us makes us stronger. 

So anyway, back to what would you want in your panic room should we all have one?  We definitely all have one, but not one in the movie.  It's called the bedroom or the bathroom. 

When my kids were little, mine was most definitely the bathroom!!!!!!  Spare a few minutes in there to have a moment's silence and maybe o write my grocery list or the to do list.  How many bathrooms out there have a magazine rack!!!!!!!  Tons.

Okay, a panic room should have, food, water and an enhailer and all the necessaries to give any Kristen Stewart the medicine he or she needs when in panic attacks, etc...

Medical tool kits, a hammer or some sort of weapon for your protection from an attacker.  I would never be a person to have a gun in the house.  It would backfire in so many ways.  And if you are a woman like me, you know the weapon will be used to hurt you when you were thinking it would be your protection against an intruder.  They're usually stronger than us. 

Blankets, other protective gear in case of a fire.  Oh, a phone line to call your 911 or if you're just having fun, the pizza guy!!!!

Okay, now let's get seriously fun, a panic room should also have fun stuff.  How about a book shelf of your favorite books,magazines, crossword puzzles etc....  anything for your enjoyment.  Oh, how about a daybed, a Victorian chair and a year's supply of kettle chips.  Well, that would certainly push me or anyone to a seriously high blood pressure and the panic rOom ends up bring the emergency room.  A year's supply of dehydrated kale. 

 Hopefully nobody needs a real panic room.  I myself, enjoy my life even though I've got mean chain tankers in it.  And one of them put his face in my face causing a confrontation a few days ago.  I called the cops and he's been told to not confront me in any way.  He was standing in my way of going outside to my car and instigated an unwanted confrontation.

Can hardly wait to move.  it can't come quick enough. 
 I will tell you what always makes any of my days better, is talking to my kids and even better, seeing them!!!!  I love my kids and even though I love doing all the things I like to do, my kids come first and they know it. 

They are the sole reason I don't move back to my home state.   I feel bad for any child out there who is abused and hurt by anyone.  It's too bad when a parent thinks its okay to hurt any child.  It's not okay EVER!!!  My kids are very lucky they have never been in a situation like that. 

Too good parents.  But I would never tell the other half you can never see your kids again.  What kind of aren't who can say that to a perfectly good parent is beyond me.  That hurts the kids more than keeping the other parent from them. 

I love taking pictures and I bet you can guess what they are of.  Yes, my wonderful children. 

And flowers, dolls, knitting, etc....  any craft I love to do!!!!!!  This girl never will have idle hands,...  Nothing can ever stop me from creating. 

I can hardly wait to get back to doing some drawing too.  It's been way too long.  I still want to do a beginning drawing of the sweet angel, Emily Parker.  There's something about that picture that is so beautiful and we should all be reminded that there are always beautiful angels among us.

Well, hmmm....  getting hungry soon....  and I've got another girl's skirt to finish.  I finished my girls skirts and some for my nieces and now I'm making a few to sell on Etsy at some point.  Oh, after the new laptop at some point.  New digs first.

I had to privately laugh when one of my girls said two of her friends wanted skirts too so I told her to ask them what their favorite colors are and I can at least make them a pretty winter headband with a bow. 

I finally did two with a bow last week, one I wore and the other one will be a gift for someone.  The bows are very easy to do.  I'm thinking that some would be cool attached to a ponytail as well. 

Oh and I figured out what one of the nice songs I like is called.  Same love.  I'm not gay, but its a beautiful song.  For me it really seems to speak of freedom.  And we all want that. 

Freedom means freedom of speech, freedom to live our lives the way we want for ourselves and others, freedom means peace and harmony, love thy neighbor as long as you know they are decent people, freedom should stand for no violence across the board, freedom is the right to achieve all of our goals shooting for the moon and asking for the things we truly believe in, freedom is being able to put your children first always, because our children should always be our number one priority.
 And last but not least and probably the most important, is to forgive those who have done us wrong unless if there is absolutely no decency.  

Always forgive if you can as it always frees your soul.  Forgive your better half no matter what he or she has done to you.  In most cases he or she is the father or the mother of your children.  And sometimes we all need our space and even in any negative situation there's a positive.  It's called endurance and not letting anything get the best of you. 

I'll always thank my ex for my children, always.  I LOVE MY KIDS.  It's so true that they make your life complete.  I always remember my Grammy telling my Mom and Dad that we were their biggest accomplishment in life.  Nothing hits home to any parent more than that.  We can publish, create a masterpiece, knit or anything else, but what are we without our children?

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted September 9, 2013

 The skirts for my nieces.  A few more and I'm going to have to go on to another project.  I'm looking at my cats and am thinking they may need a cool cat hat!!!!
. Halloween is coming!!!  Not that its my next upcoming project but I got thinking of it when Luna tried to get into the middle of one of he skirts as I was knitting.

Okay, now I'm really getting hungry!!!  Bye!!!!!  Catch you on the flip side.  Oh, and I love Katy Perry's new song, Roar!!!  I would be a tiger and not a mouse!!!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Catching Up

Don't we all have days when we need to catch up on things.  Today has been catching up on my emails.  Usually, I am good about keeping it at bay, but I slacked a little.  Which ended up being a few hours spent on cleaning up.

I tend to do a good amount of deleting because of the time.  I really want to go to more of my emails and read, comment and be more active.

Chock it up to my terrible hacking neighbors into all my stuff.  I plan to go to more of my emails once I am moved with a new laptop to get them the hell off my stuff.  They've been threatening to get the model number of the new laptop.

And threats to scare me when I do get the laptop and start finishing my novels for publishing.  I think they see me as a threat that I'm going to write about them and what they did to me.

Hey, that wasn't nice.  I should be able to get my new laptop without the worry they are going to hack my stuff once I get back to what I really need to do.  WRITE AND PUBLISH.  Without a gun or a knife threat to me, should I write a word!!!

And I deserve to write THE PRICE OF BEING A GOOD SAMARITAN.  That's the fiction version I plan on publishing, and I have every right to have a venting version to keep for myself that I don't plan on ever publishing, but its mine and not theirs.

It makes me really mad, that if they so much as see my title published without even reading it to see its clearly fiction and come after me.  Makes me so mad.

And I had to pass on an apt as one of my harassers showed up right before I viewed it and he and another guy I recognized were both waiting right outside the apt after to scare me.  Red flag, don't take it.  It's the same guy who followed me to a nearby MacDonald's last January right after a fight with my ex.  This guy followed me there and it was no coincidence he was there.  Nameless, but I got followed by this guy on two occasions, last January and August of 2013.

Well, I'm onto going home and doing some more knitting.

Jennifer Jo Fay

CopyrightedSeptember 4, 2013

The shawl for me and a skirt for one of my niece's.

I finished the skirts for my girls.