Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My Thoughts for Today

It's a good day so far today.  Don't you love it when you have a good day?  I guess we just have to think positive and try to make the most of things even when there is a bad situation that makes our lives crazy.  I will be so glad when those neighbors are gone.  It takes time to get them evicted but they are on their way out.

I went to my son's school meeting this morning.  That was fun.  This is his first year in the High School.  Jake is a Down Syndrome child and there have always been meetings.  My ex and I met with a group of people that work with Jake.  We all shared information of how he is doing.  He is coming along.  He will always learn at a different level than the other kids.  He knows 1-15 numbers really well, but is struggling with the higher numbers, and they are always working with his speech and learning new words.

I had to add a few funny things.  Sometimes at the supper table he says, "Sorry, Phil."  So then we are usually saying, "What did you do, Jake?"  And then we tell him it wasn't okay.

And he loves his I-pad.  He's pretty savvy with it.

So, after the meeting, I went to my apt for a little bit to take things out of my car and bring them back into the apt.  I have been starting to re-organize my things in the apt.  And eventually more of my things at the kids house will be coming back.  The things I leave there for now is my crafting stuff and the things I actually use for cooking as I do all my cooking at their house.  But, I decided to bring back my pretty dishes and things like that that aren't being used there and I would want to keep and bring back.

At first, I was bringing these dishes, etc.. to their house thinking my kids would like them when they are older and out of the house.  But, Sean, my oldest wants to get all of his own things and he said the girls will probably be the same way.

And I am seeing that my ex will eventually have his new girlfriend move in and then at that point all of her things would be coming in and they wouldn't need my dishes, etc... there.

I've just been thinking that where I can't seem to find another apt. because of my cats, I might as well get my current apartment looking lived in again and decorated nicely.  And where I am starting to chat with local guys now, I eventually will be having them come to the apt.

And maybe down the road I will end up moving in or getting married with someone new.  But that is a ways off.  I have to make sure I find the right one compatible for me first.  And a girl has to be careful as many of these guys just want one thing.  And once they get it, they are done.

This girl is going to go slow and meet them at Starbucks for coffee and take my time.

Well, my kale is just about gone!  I got some a few days ago and have been snacking on it.  It's my new favorite food and I'm sure is so much better than chips.  However, this girl can't part with kettle cooked chips, but should slow down.

I may have to upgrade so I can share more pictures here.  I can't figure out how to delete the old ones that I'm not using.  We'll see.

I think I am going to take a short break to knit more on the shawl and that other fingerless glove.  I watched a few videos a little while ago on how to do an i-cord bind off that looked neat and the other one is a picot edging bind off.  They both looked fairly easy to do.

Then it's off to typing more on the novel.  I hand wrote a little more last night at my house.  And I watched Aviator.  I hadn't seen that one in a while.  My favorite part of that movie is watching Cate Blanchett portray Katherine Hepburn.  The rest of it is just quite weird.  Howard Hughes was strange.  I kind of felt like turning off the rest of the movie later on as Leonardo Di Caprio gets into the character.

I wish they would make a movie just on Katherine Hepburn.  I would rather watch one all about her.  And I think I will be passing on Liz and Dick.  I heard she didn't really live up to the movie.

I hate to say it, but I think it would come as no shock if we were to hear Lindsay Lohan's final news death at some point.  That is what it is going to boil down to.

And, I am thinking of what my next meal is going to be.  I will have to go into the pantry and see what I can whip up.  And thinking of this, I'm forgetting about my romaine lettuce, so hmmmm...... a salad in the near future?  Yes!!!!

Lately I have been liking it with ranch dressing, and a small dab of salt, pepper and parmesan cheese and call it good.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted November 28, 2012


Well, here's an old one for today.  It looks like it doesn't cost too much for a month to have extra storage space for pictures, so later this week, I will upgrade to the different plan so I can keep sharing new pictures.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

New fun things I'm knitting

I've gotten a little further in The Glorious Money Tree Trilogy, but this Thanksgiving week I didn't get very far with it because of the laptop sacrificing with Julia!  But, boy did I get excited yesterday when Sean said that her new laptop is hiding out in the basement!!!!!!!!  Double yay!!!!!!!

So, where are we?  32 days left?  I lost count.  I know some of my FB friends are keeping track!!!  One of my cousin's daughters I do believe must have most of her Christmas shopping done.

About two or three weeks ago, she was telling us who she had left to buy for and I laughed and commented that she probably won't need to go shopping on Black Friday!  And then she said she is going!!!

One of these years, I will need to go on this day.  I haven't been seriously out shopping that day probably for about seven or more years.  The last time I remember was shopping with my sister in Maine, and I can't recall the year it was so long ago.  That was when my kids were little.

I just don't want to be out shopping on that day.  I sometimes might find myself shopping online, but I try to stay away from the stores if I can help it.

So, I did get three new chapters handwritten last week, and I was able to type the first one in yesterday.  The other two I am going to do today and then work on getting some new ones written.

Anyway, over the Thanksgiving week, I started some new knitting projects.  I wanted to start on another skirt for me, but at the time, I couldn't find the right needle.  I had the maroon yarn picked out, and my thoughts of adding some bobble stitches in a lime green color.  I opted for making legwarmers instead.

And wouldn't you know, later on I did find my right needle as I decided to organize all my needles and have them all in one place.

The legwarmers are quite easy.

I used a size 4 or size 5 circular needle for my size.  Cast on 64 sts.  The picture had a kids legs with ballet slippers, but 64 sts are not for kids.  It fits me and even then, it is a little big and tends to slump down.

I'm thinking for the next pair I make myself, I will cast on 44 or 54 sts.  I made a pair for each of the girls and for them I did 44 sts.  Double stranded with finger weight yarn.

It depends on the yarn you use too.

And I have a sneaking feeling that they aren't going to end up wearing theirs much.  I'm going to make a pair for each of my nieces too.  My sister said their coats are gray this year and I've got lots of gray yarn.  Cotton cone yarn.

I might add a cool speckled black.

I finished one fingerless glove for me.  Of course I decided not to attach the fingers and I can use it as smaller legwarmers too.  I cast on 36 sts for these and knit in the round on I think size 5 needles.  I've got to make the match for it.  But I tried it on my foot and it fits!

Yesterday, I started a pretty green lacy shawl.  This will be my bigger project.  For this, I started out with 3 sts and every right side row, you add a stitch at the beginning and end of each row.  You could simply do stockinette stitch or make up your own pattern.  I made up my own.

I will knit a little in a bit, but first I should devote myself to getting the chapters typed up.  I will have plenty of time to knit once the girls get back from school.

For my shawl I am double stranding finger weight cone yarn.  It's probably the type for crochet work.  Very thin.  I think I am going to have plenty for other projects too.

Sometime I want to try making those ballet slippers or even a pair of socks would be cool.  And the legwarmers are nice.

We had our first snowfall yesterday and I wore the first pair I made for me.  I don't like wearing boots so will be wearing a bunch of these with my skid proof shoes.

Jennifer Jo Fay

November 27, 2012

Darn it.  I wanted to put the legwarmer pictures in, but it looks like I ran out of room in my photo storage space.  I'm going to have to figure out how to delete some old pictures or figure out something else.  Looks like you can also upgrade, but I'm not sure if I am ready to do that.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

How to Make the Best of a Bad Situation

How many times have we found ourselves in the middle of a not very good situation?  And sometimes we don't feel that there is a way out for a very long time.  How does one cope and try to move past things?

It could be any sort of situation really.  Divorce, a separation, a bad job, nasty co workers, problems with family, friends, relatives or even your children.  Drugs, alcohol, crime, anything, you name it, no bad situation is ever good.  Oh, and let's not forget the death of a loved one.  That's a bad situation too that nobody can ever really get over.  The void will always be there.

Just how do you deal with a bad situation to make your life still good and meaningful?  We obviously also want to see a light at the end of a tunnel of darkness.  We want to see good things come and the bad things disappear into the past to never been seen or heard from again.

When people are dealing with criminals or a crime of any sort, they just want to get past it.  After all, many people that have to deal with that are just good Samaritan trying to help make their neighborhoods safer and what do they get?  Not nice people trying to get in their face in a not good way.  Making things not safe.  And it was no fault of the good Samaritan.  Any good citizen does not need to have unwanted people trying to cause harm to their lives.  People will not stand for it.

But everyone needs to see the positive in a bad situation and not let it get to them.  Try not to let these people that want to bring you down get to you.  Try to tune them out.  Make sure that you still do all the things you would normally do.  Watch movies, go to movies, play music, visit with friends and family.

And tend to the things that are necessary to make all the bad go away.  Protect you first.  And protect the people you love.  Don't let a bad situation come between you.  Whatever it may be, lock it up and throw away the key.

Anything bad in my mind deserves to have someone take a shovel to it and bury it underground.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted November 24, 2012

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What I am Thankful For

I am thankful to be alive.  I am somewhat relieved to hear that my criminal neighbors have been evicted and they will be gone shortly.  Yet, I am sure I will still be on guard.  The death threats were still the death threats even if they were just trying to intimidate me.  I was told today they have been intimidating others in the complex too, but it feels like they have singled out me.  I haven't enjoyed it regardless and will be very pleased when they do go.  Yet, they are criminals and are unpredictable.  The cops claim that none of us are in danger, but that doesn't say 100% that it is true.  They are criminals.  Criminals think that they can do anything.

So anyway, I am thankful today that these people are on their way out and I can finally start to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

I am thankful for my four children, an ex husband that is a good friend and that we are good role models for our kids.  Thankful that I have good relations with his parents and I have been invited again for the Thanksgiving day.  I love being around my children on that day, and it is a fun day.

I am thankful for all the good food on the table on Thanksgiving and every day. 

I am thankful that I can sell on Ebay and have all the time to work on my novels too and other things that I like to do.  Down the road, who knows what I will be doing, but for now it is my time to sell on Ebay and work hard on my novels so that I can publish at least one of them next year and perhaps have some good money.  That's a nice thought. 

However, nothing is written in stone. 

I am thankful that I have good health, a good mind, and peace and happiness regardless of things that make my life stressful.  It can't last forever.  All bad things of any kind eventually pass and find their way out the door.

I am thankful for my family back in Maine and across the states.  Thankful that I was raised by a wonderful mother and father.  I just wish my mom was still here.

I am thankful for angels and spirits that remind us that they never completely left us.  I am thankful for all the wonderful memories that will be mine forever.

I am thankful for the laughter of my kids, fun times, and all the happy events.  And I am thankful for all the not so pleasant things too, as it made me grow strong and learn from them.

I am thankful for the road I have travelled and the path that I can see beyond the hills.  It means I am still very much alive and have lots of great things to look forward to.  But still, we never know what the future holds for any of us.

I guess we should all just be thankful to be alive each and every day, and also to enjoy the company of our loved ones as time is very short.

And please, everyone have a very happy Thanksgiving.

Well, I think in about one hour I am headed back to my apt, to make the best of the present situation and I'm going to be finishing up my second legging for me.  I whipped up the first one within a few days and now am halfway through the second one.  Another day, I will think of taking some pictures and try uploading them to the blog.  It's a pretty double stranded wool.  Magenta pink and a varigated mixture.  ribbing on top and all knitting until the end.  Next, I want to make a smaller one for Julia.  Less stitches for sure.  The picture had kids legs, but the pattern is not their size for sure.  Someone calculated wrong!

I'm bringing some photos back too to redo my coffee table.  It's got a glass cover that I bought years ago and I added pictures of the kids and some of my mom.  However, we had some spills and the pictures kind of got wrecked.  So, I would say it is about time that I redo.

And I need to get another chapter or two in for The Glorious Money Tree.  I am at 106 pages now.  Still a ways to go.  I think I will shoot for 200-300 pages per book for the trilogy.

And I've discovered that I like kale.  I went to give blood last week and my iron was low in both hands this time.  They mentioned that kale is a great power food.  I've been eating it raw.

And I had my bit of popcorn today, popped from a wild out of control popcorn popper.  I swear the thing is evil.

And yay!  I signed myself up for Date Hookup!  But will take my time.  With any new relationship, I believe it is good to take things slow and get to know people and decide if they are the right fit for you.

Jennifer Jo Fay

November 25, 2012

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Leave Mistakes in the Past: YOU ARE NOT YOUR PAST!

How many times have you had people you know harp about your past mistakes?  We all know we get bombarded with this from anyone, whether it be your family, your siblings, relatives, friends, co workers, etc.... on and on....

It seems like the world just won't let you forget about it.  Well, thank god many of us aren't famous and it's not the world that makes sure you don't forget it, but it's the few people in your life who will not let you get past it.  I would hate to be a celebrity who has done mistakes and it is the world who makes sure they don't forget it either.

But here is the thing.  Everyone is human.  We all make mistakes.  We make those old ones, and then we make new ones.  We just cannot stop making mistakes.  Some of us make more mistakes than others.  Or those other people make mistakes too, but they don't get noticed.  Maybe they get away with their mistakes.

The important thing is to learn from them and move on.  I can't guaruntee that any of us aren't going to make any more mistakes.  That's a given, that there will be more to come with what life brings our way.

Yes, I've made mistakes.  Written things on my blog, I probably shouldn't have.  Deleted some things, fixed what I could, decided to leave certain things as it is me and I feel that I was expressing myself with my heart on my sleeve, you know, sharing with the world, and I am going to leave it, as I feel it should stay as it is my voice and not the voice of my relatives or anyone else.

Should I ever die, heaven forbid, I would not want my family or friends coming in and deleting my precious and priceless words.  It should all stay just as it is.  It's my Blog, my words, my voice.
But here is the thing about harping.  Why do people keep wanting to harp about things that have already been discussed?  Don't you absolutely hate it when you have already told them to drop it and they just want to keep reminding you of your mistakes?  Mine has been about what I post on my blog.  But they don't seem to understand what I post is my decision, not their's.  And I have learned from what I should be posting.  And they can't seem to make me forget it.  So, I told them they need to stop harping to me about what I posted in the past.  

Nobody can go back and change it.  You can't let these harpers drag you down.  YOU ARE NOT YOUR PAST.  We live for the present moment, are a new person today, hopes and dreams for tomorrow and fresh beginnings.  We want to leave all our mistakes behind us and not to be constantly reminded of them.

Tell these people to stop harping to you about your past mistakes or these people could be in your past as well.  Unless if they are family, then of course you are stuck with them.  But you can always give them a piece of your mind too and put them in their place.

I am seriously thinking that Family and loved ones do not need to even have access to our blogs.  Our words should really be off limits to them.  OFF LIMITS.  Or if they really want to read regardless, they need to keep it to themselves and not express their voice.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted November 10, 2012

 Me at Halloween : 2012

 Part of the table Set up.

 My new hair cut.  I am so ready to put these on Date Hookup next January.  Not quite ready, but will be soon.

 I like this one as it shows the necklace.  And ha ha, my jail bait shirt I got at a yard sale.  It's "wicked" comfortable.  That's Mainer Talk!!!!

See my grays?  They are finally coming in stronger!  They were blond highlights for quite a few years.  Sometimes I would cringe when I would see one stray white hair.  Like where did that one come from?  Right?  The kids of course!  Blame it on the kids always.  My Mom blamed hers on us.  She and her friend, Colleen would sit at the kitchen table playing Scrabble and joke that we put the grays in their hair.  

I love it shorter now.  It was long for a while.  I'm one of the women who puts off getting their hair cut to save some $$.  That's a cool thing about being a woman, is that we can grow our hair out and have it longer too.

Mine is a perm.  If I didn't have a spiral perm, my hair would be straight.


Lindsay Lohan Cancels Interview

Every time I go to my yahoo mail and see the top trends of the day, it just disgusts me to see Lindsay Lohan's name popping up again.  Just call her Lindsay Tabloid.  She just can't escape it.

Personally, I do believe this girl needs to be arrested for these recent crimes.  It's quite obvious that she was the driver in that crash and running over that person.  She is once again breaking rules and violating her probation and she just needs to do some jail time to smarten her up.

She maybe had some potential with Liz and Dick, but all this other crap about her recently just kind of brings that down.  She obviously isn't focusing on the positives in her life.  Why does she need to be out at 2 am in the morning causing herself more trouble to add to her filled plate.  That girl will never learn.

It would be a huge shock to society should she ever wake up and drink a good cup of Reality Coffee to prove the world wrong.  A seriously cold day in HELL before that ever happens.

So, seems like yesterday I see that she has cancelled her interview with Barbara Walters.  I'm sure it has something to do with her recent possibility of going to jail and an upcoming trial to decide her fate.  Maybe she is feeling that she should keep quiet.

My feeling is that she doesn't need to cancel the interview to do that.  She should have still done the interview and just kept quiet on things she didn't want to discuss.  She's a pretty girl, and America still wants to see her get off the train wreck and we would watch her, should she have done the interview.

I do believe people want to see her do better, strive to start new beginnings and get on with a better life.  She's got a lot of balancing though in order to do that and I think a majority of it stems from the parents.  The whole family needs to do a lot of changing to get themselves out of the tabloids.

But, then again, some celebrities just cannot stay away from it, they love to bring themselves down all the time.  Famous or not famous, people need to smarten up and stay out of trouble and try to make amends to the past.  Start a new beginning and just say YOU ARE NOT YOUR PAST.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted November 10, 2012