Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I decided to post the commission drawings on my Etsy as well.  There people will be able to email me the photograph.  And they will pay through Etsy for the drawing and the shipping.

It's another cold day here.  I'm wishing I had grabbed my sweater.  I've got a long sleeve shirt, but should have grabbed it.  I'm haunting the local library near my kids house.  My oldest called me to tell me he would be home later as he has a half day.

It dawned on me that he has probably had the morning to himself and goes in later.  Took me a little bit to figure that out.  So, now I'm killing time.  Will hang out at the ETsy forums.

Thinking of dreams, I had another kind of weird one.  I was moving things into a room and in part of my dream I saw two broken doll cribs.  In my dream, my Mother appeared at one point to say we'll fix it.  Now, upon waking, the doll crib I had is long gone.

I had put it out on the side of the road last fall when I didn't want to move it to a new place.

It's funny how we dream of things.  My Mother has been dead for years but sometimes she appears in my dreams as if she is still alive.


I decided to treat myself to a few slices of cheese pizza on the way down.  Yum.

I've been knitting some more coffee cozies.  You would think I have enough by now, but I'm just going to keep knitting them.  I'm at 70 items on my Etsy and don't want to put it too much higher.

Jennifer Jo. Fay

Copyrighted May 28, 2014

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

It's past Memorial Day and we have a cloudy rainy day.  But at least it's not cold.  Although I'm dressed for the cold weather today with a long sleeve shirt and even my sweater.  I'm in the library killing some time.

I passed on a job where I would be making sandwiches along with cashiering.  I would have taken it if it was just cashier but I don't think I'm cut out for fast food kind of stuff.  Anyhow.  Something eventually will turn up.

I got my three ads going on Craigslist yesterday.  Commission drawings, fancy photography services.  Oh, I probably said that.  The one I may not have mentioned was my Maid from Heaven cleaning service.  I have put it out there that I will clean people's houses for them.

I did this two three years back and got two jobs out of it.  It was fun and the money was good.  So, for any of those people who don't want to clean their kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms, I will do it!  I'll clean their ovens!

I'm hoping to get a few calls for that.  I'm really hoping too that I can get some commissioned drawings to do.  Even if it's just a few, that would be cool to see.

I got treated to a yummy nacho snack last night before leaving the kids house.  My ex had made nachos with jalapeno on them.  I had a few and boy were they good. I stayed away from the ones with too many jalapenos.  That was a nice little treat.

My daughter has been busy painting some of her LPS pet shop characters.  And the other daughter has been enjoying Sims games on her laptop.  My son, Jake was watching The Office and the oldest was on his desktop.

I've got my kids on my fancy photography website.  I normally don't post my kids, but where this is to get photography jobs, I've got them on the website as examples of people shots.  I did a wedding also, but am uncomfortable putting those on as it's from someone's wedding and technically you should get permission to do so.

I had some funny dreams last night.  Isn't it funny when we have them!  I dreamed I had a baby and it was resting on a shelf playing with my chimes that I no longer have and I don't even think I ever had the chimes I saw in my dream.  Then the baby was a grown kid.  With muscles and everything.  Like all of a sudden and someone was taking it to the hospital to see why it had grown so rapidly.  And the head popped off like a barbie doll.

Then another part of my dream, I was looking into a bag and saw all these chocolates and fire nuts and was thinking where did these come from?  In the dream my ex mother n law said they were hers.

And I hid a container of little sausages in a drawer.

Weird dreams.

Well, I think I'm going to go hop on Pinterest for a little bit.

Jennifer Jo. Fay

Copyrighted May 26, 2014

Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day weekend!  I'm at my kids house today and am enjoying myself.  I did a drawing of my daughter yesterday.  It came out really good.
I'm brushing up in hopes of doing drawings for people.  I created two new websites here.  One for photography services and the other for drawing services.    if this doesn't work try

I would love to do drawings from your photos.  I charge $30 which includes shipping the drawing to you and you get a lovely 8 1/2 x 11 drawing.  I will take really good care of your photographs and if you aren't completely satisfied I will refund.

Mail photos to:
Jennifer Jo Fay
26 North Main St. Apt 403
Saint Albans, VT 05478

Make checks out to Jennifer Fay

I'm trying to make a little of my own money and really would love to do drawings for you.  I've been looking for a job, but there's been no luck so far.  There's not a lot out there.  But, I am really talented and it would be great to be able to have commissiondrawings take off or my photography for people.

I will charge $35 for international orders for drawings.

I love drawing.  I love just being creative.  Father's day is coming up and it would be a special gift to give him a drawing of one of his children.  Or any occasion really.  A special gift of someone special for someone would look great on anyone's wall.

I've got all the other details on the websites.

Right now my son is watching the Office and I'm ready to visit the forums in Etsy.  I got another follower and more people have favorited my shop.

I will be fast and efficient in sending you your drawing.  Thank-you for any help in getting some services from me.  It would be great help to get a few orders.

Jennifer Jo Fay
Copyrighted May 25, 2014

Saturday, May 24, 2014

The other night I went to The Night of the Arts and it was very fun.  There were snacks and then everyone watched a variety show of songs, poetry and other types of art.  It was very enjoyable.  I said to a friend maybe next year I would attempt to get up on stage and sing something.  Patsy Cline!

But, I could change my mind.  And they wanted me to have a table for my art and knitting.  I just didn't act on it but I did go.

As of late, I am being a regular at Etsy on the forums.  My views are climbing.  I've been getting an average of 600 or more a week.  It definitely helps to visit the forums.  No sales yet, but they said sometimes by visiting the forums, the sales will come.  Hoping.

I have over 60 items there now.  I do not want to get a lot more items until I can be selling more items.  But maybe 80 would be my limit.

It seems there's always people posting in the forums.

I saw my kids yesterday and had a good time.  Visited their local library so I had more internet time.  That was cool.  Today, I am utilizing the MacDonalds and my local library internet while I am not at their house.  I'm going to use my local library more on the days I don't see my kids.

Sorry for no titles here.  Something is wrong with the page and it won't let me post a title.  Odd.

My youngest was busy sewing a bed for her pet shops and I went into her room to see what she was doing.  Also saw that she's got guppies.  She has gold fish as well, but all her guppies were new to me.

Have a nice Memorial Day weekend.  I'm visiting my kids on Memorial Day!

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted May 23, 2014

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My daughter is playing with the tunes on my phone.  Too funny.  She did some old recordings of us.  She's goofing.  She made it sound like someone was calling and she was just playing my ringtone to fool me.

Once again, I am being a regular on Etsy.  I've been visiting the forums and getting more views to my shop.  I lowered my shipping prices on my coffee cozies and some other items.  And I added a few new coffee cozies.

I've been making more of the coffee cozies.  I'm enjoying a day with my kids.  I've got my son's graduation coming up and it's going to be a fun time with some of my family visiting.

I've been doing a tiny bit of journaling but not much.  I should do more.

I did decide to sit down and read my book on Ellen Degeneres.  It was good and also a quick read.  I probably had it done in about four hours.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted May 21, 2014

Making it short today going back to Etsy.

Monday, May 19, 2014

It was a good weekend.  I enjoyed Sunday listening and singing to my music.  I turned off my radio for a little bit and played my CDs.  Simon and Garfunkel, Patsy Cline, a few songs from Titanic, The Sound of Music, Twilight and a few others.

I had called my Dad a few nights ago and made his Saturday night.  We got talking music as he had just listened to his Simon and Garfunkel.  We started reciting the songs and before you know it I'm singing verses to songs as we rattle them off.  Of course he likes Here's to You Mrs. Robinson because it has a verse on Joe DiMaggio!  I started mentioning Melanie Safka and sang Brand New Key to him.  He starts talking about Look What they've done to my Song Ma and I belt out that verse and start laughing!

He started talking about putting his Hungry Man dinner in the microwave and opening the door and guess what happened he says!  I could read his mind and knew he dropped it on the floor before he could tell me.  He has to hold things with two hands now as he drops things.  So much for the Hungry Man dinner of course!

That could potentially be some broken mugs I'm going to guess.  He's got enough to break I know that!  The shelf above his sink is filled with them.  They're all lined up.  There's one of my Mom and her cousin and I hope that one doesn't ever break.

I've been knitting more coffee cozies and I made myself do a little bit of writing yesterday.  Not the novels, but just journal writing.  I haven't gotten back into the next book of the trilogy yet.  It's partly written a few chapters.

I am discouraged by the no sales in Amazon, but that shouldn't stop me from writing.  I know the books will wait for me when I am ready to write some more.  Just taking some time away from it.

I did make two sales within a few weeks on the coffee cozies at Etsy and would love for it to pick up.  My most recent customer just gave me a good review which was very cool.  I am getting a little more action with my Etsy than with Amazon.

I like going to the forums and answering other sellers questiONS.  You do need to be active.  I'm promoting my knitted items on Pinterest after I list them and my FB page and Twitter.  I've got to stop listing on Etsy for a little bit as I have about 60 items now and want to leave it at that for a little bit.

Jennifer Jo. Fay

Copyrighted May 19, 2014

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Don't you love it when we have days to ourselves.  We sometimes need to be places but when we don't have to be anywhere, it's also nice.

I do love spending time with my kids.   I get into a nice routine there and I love being with them.

Today, was great to get stitches out of my leg.  And I've gone and done birthday shopping for my kids.  That's always a fun thing to do.  I love coming out with savings as well.

Not that I wanted to shop for winter but I couldn't pass up a few pairs of tights marked way down to about two dollars.  Then I got a coupon so one pair was practically free.  Yay.

Now, I've been cleaning up my items for sale with Etsy.  I changed my shipping prices on a bunch of smaller items to save money and hopefully get more customers.  It would be great to be able to sell a lot of coffee cozies.

Today is going to be a knitting day as well.  I enjoy knitting.  I'm working on starting the next knitting ebook.

Maybe I will call it Coffee Cozies or More Coffee Cozies.

I'm spending time at the library today.  I've got time to kill before my kids get home from school.

Jennifer Jo. Fay

Copyrighted May 15, 2014

Monday, May 12, 2014

Yay!  I got another book published on Kindle Publishing.  It should be available for sale tomorrow.  Actually, I think you can buy them before  they go live as well.  But definitely once it is live, they are ready for purchase.

I went in and enrolled my other books and that one with Kindle Matchbook also along with Kindle Select.

I finally got some action with a few of the books.  A friend purchased Vermont Soups and Pasta Recipes from my home to yours.  And I was glad she could see my pictures fine.  I was hoping that she could and she saw them all.  Thank god for easy formatting.

The other book, Memories of Mom, Family Recipes from a Beautiful life, got borrowed in the lending library.  That was cool to see that too.  I'm not seeing a lot of sales yet, but it is still early and maybe it will pick up.

So now I have six books for sale on Kindle.

The Glorious Money Tree Trilogy:  Book One
Vermont Soups and Pasta from my home to yours
Memories of Mom, Family Recipes from a Beautiful Life
The Craft of Writing
Red Ribbons
Knitted Coffee Cozies

Maybe I should work on a second coffee cozy book next.  Those are fun to do and quick.  And I'm knitting up a coffee cozy storm!  I've got a bunch of them for sale on Etsy.

I keep hoping that perhaps one of the books just takes off.  One can only hope.  I think the hard thing is that Amazon is a hard industry to break into.  One has to also consider one lucky if their book can break into the market.

Truth be told, it only takes one book to hit the jackpot.  But we seem to try hard at it and perhaps only make a small dent.

I would like to make that small dent and not just a crack.

Or the little spot.

Jennifer Jo. Fay

Copyrighted May 12, 2014

Friday, May 9, 2014

Well, I've been busy knitting lots of coffee cozies.  Fun.  Fun.  Fun.  I finally knitted some hearts and sewed one on some of the coffee cozies.  So it creates a little pocket.  I took a few pictures with a dollar bill in the pocket, for sale on etsy.

I'm listing a bunch of the coffee cozies and going to see if I can make some more sales.  I was surprised I sold a coffee cozy last week.

I'm thinking I may try making some yo yo coffee cozies too and see what those look like.

Today is close to mother's day and I am seeing my mother's day card on their counter!!  I treated myself to a heaping gob of mushroom pizza to get the cash back so I could stuff a dollar bill into my coffee cozies.

My girls and I are going to eat a yummy comfort food supper.  I love to make egg noodles and then throw in cream of chicken.  It's an easy fix.  I find I will eat it warm or cold.

It's funny how I will start to eat something and one of my girls will see it and want some.  Stuffing or mashed potatoes with corn thrown in.

I'm loving etsy has added an extra feature which will now allow us to upload a digital file.  Which means I can now sell my knitted patterns on etsy as well as Ravelry.  I'm thinking I could try a few of my pretty flower pictures too.  They get them after their payment is confirmed on Etsy.

Well, not too much else.  I'm going to gross out my girls and show them what my stitches on my leg look like.  Had a mole removed and some skin taken out.  They wanted to see what it looked like.  Today is gross out day.  I'm sure it's healing fine.  I was glad I caught it and got it taken care of.

Jennifer Jo. Fay

Copyrighted May 8, 2014

Friday, May 2, 2014

A spring day that feels like a rainy dreary day can still be a good day.  For me, it was going to my Paypal and getting surprised by an Etsy order.  Someone bought one of my coffee cozies.  Hmmm... maybe I should try to list a few more coffee cozies and hope for the best.

Etsy does definitely take time to build up your customers.  I've only had three sales so far and within a time gap.  It doesn't happen overnight, that's for sure.

And I've still been reading my mystery books.  I'm liking Tess Gerritsen books.  I've read all the Tami Hoag books and will have to wait for her new ones to come out.

I'm at my kids house and I see that my magnolia tree I planted there is in blossom.  It's a white one.  I'm going out to catch some photos of my daughter.  She's doing a video for her LPS characters.

She's got a good amount of You Tube followers.  She likes to do lots of videos.

I've got a case of writer's block and will just come back to it when I am ready to.  I worked hard to get the books published and now it's break time.

I'm more than half way done reading, Silent Girl by Gerritson.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted May 2, 2014