Friday, August 31, 2012

DIY Tutorial: How to make Rosemary Mint Lilac Bath Salts

Last night I went back to my house and finished off a container of dead sea salts.  Well, I couldn't just throw away the container.  It's a good size.  I had bought the sea salts at a retail store last year and finally decided to use it up.

Now it will be used for my homemade bath salts.

I also watched a kind of stupid Snow White movie (dark tales or something like that).  It had the step mother who was the bad one and Snow got sent to some army base with a whole group of young people who were sent away from their families homes.  I didn't end up finishing it and can't remember the whole title it was that bad.

And I was checking my Siamese tortie point cat, Ella to make sure she didn't bring in fleas.  She's an indoor cat along with my gray Siamese, Luna.  I left the window open a little bit in the living room for about three weeks and finally the other night I drove home at 10pm after my ex got back from Florida.  I was sleeping over my kids house for a few days.  It's a good thing I didn't that night as when I got back, a cat was outside meowing at me and then I realized it was Ella and she had busted through but Luna was left inside.  I'm thinking she probably wasn't out too long and she just wanted to get back in.

So, that's that little horror moment thinking I could have lost both cats.  I'm sure if she had been there long enough she might have travelled further.

Rosemary Mint Lilac Bath Salts

1 to 1 1/2 cups of Epsom salts

1 - 1 1/2 cups salt (or you could add a mixture of salt and sugar:  I was out of sugar so used salt instead.)

1-2 tbsp ground almonds (optional)

1-2 tbsp buttermilk powder

1-2 handfuls of dried chamomile flowers

2 tea bags of peppermint and/or spearmint tea bags, cut and added

a few squirts of green food coloring

1-2 tbsp of dried mint from the garden

1-3 tbsp of rosemary mint essential oil

1-4 tbsp of lilac essential oil (I used more as I wanted to finish off my leaking container)

Mix it all together and later enjoy.  It smells really good and I can hardly wait to try it.

A few optional ingredients

eucalyptus essential oil

a few squirts of aloe vera gel

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted August 31, 2012

I've been swamped today listing all my kids outfits I was waiting to list on Ebay.  Now that fall is here I'm hoping that they will sell better.  Someone already has bid on one set.

That took all day practically as I had a lot of things to get rid of.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

DIY: Cereal Box Notebooks, Journals and Writing Prompt books


Today I will try my hand at a first DIY tutorial.  Bear with me as I probably may not have all the photography necessary for a DIY.  Anyhoo, I will give you the basics for how to make them. 

When you stop to think about it, we all have trash that we toss into our blue recycle bins each week.  Do you ever find yourself looking at what you put in and think about what it could be used for?  That metal can that had your pizza sauce in it is now clean perhaps with the label off  can be useful as a cool pencil container.  I've done this before with different metal containers or a nice coffee can with a cover.

I like to glue pretty fabric on them and then trim my edges.  I use masking tape first on the top, especially if it is a metal can with the sharp edges.  And then the fabric covers it.  That way you are guaranteed not to cut your fingers.

A glass salsa jar can be a nice little vase.  If you look to Pinterest there are all kinds of pins with mason jars painted and then glazed.  What I did with mine was to get an elastic, then stick some of those wooden garden sticks all around and it is a cute little vase for the flowers in my garden.

So that is some of the other ideas, and now onto the cereal box notebooks, journals and writing prompt books.

Earlier this spring and summer, I started collecting the cereal boxes from the recycle.  You don't have to limit yourself to this.  I've been using any cardboard food box that is going to be the size for my notebooks.

You can make almost any type of notebook with the cereal boxes, etc.... You can use it for scrap booking, a notebook, a little notebook for a kid to write or draw in, a collage journal or notebook, a writing prompt book, quotes and sayings, favorite family recipes, kids pictures, an address book or a little book for business cards, a book for your favorite social bookmarking sites, fav. websites, blogs, a writing prompt book, a little notebook for research, poetry, a character list for a novel you are working on, or perhaps your storyline skeleton outline, and practically anything you want to jot down so you will have it at your fingertips.

Here's what you may need:

cereal boxes & other boxes
art paper,
scrapbook paper
magazine pieces and any other pretty pictures of your choice
glue stick
glue of choice
paper trimmer
yarn or ribbon
photo copied pictures (your family pictures, photography, artwork, etc...)
artwork (you have done and you want to add it)
paints of your choice.
(I like Golden Acrylics)  We also have the cheaper Folk Art brand, I have professional watercolor pencils, graphite pencils, pastels, professional colored pencils, etc....
Bic Sharpies - black fine tipped.  (I absolutely love these for making my paper dolls and my pen & ink drawings.  I think they do just as nice of a job as the professional ones and you get two in a package at the grocery store)
lined paper
double sided tape
Good sewing string (if you want to try bookbinding)  I won't demonstrate that in this post as I haven't done it in a long time.  It's a matter of folding a certain amount of paper at a time and you practice sewing along the seam  then you add them all together and sew it more. Maybe I will try this later and do another DIY)
yo yo circles (for putting on the cover)
pretty envelopes
gel pens
beads or sequins (for your cover)
ribbon yarn or pretty metallic yarn

Okay, that's a bunch of ideas.  Not that you are going to use all of it, but that maybe can get you inspired.

I start by using my paper trimmer to cut my cereal boxes to the size I want.  A good size to work with is:

4 1/2 inches by 7 inches.  For a cereal box, you can get about four of them out of it.  Before you cut, carefully rip off all the smaller parts of the box.  It makes it easier to trim if you don't have that in the way.

Other food boxes you can usually get one or two pages. 

Since I started cutting them out, I've gotten quite the pile.  You would be surprised that it adds up quick.

It really is so easy to just go out and buy a regular notebook, but it is also fun to make them.  It's a form of paper and free.  My Grampy used to save the paper that came with women's nylons for their grocery list.  I've had smaller pieces too from the cereal boxes and when you aren't near any other paper, it sure comes in handy when you need to jot something down.

I forgot, you are going to need a paper punch.

Today I started paper punching my cereal boxes and then got some yarn and strung it through and tied it in a bow with a knot.

Then, I had some photography photos I had printed of my artwork and other photographs for my cover.  Then on the insides I started to do a little bit of collage work with the pieces I had and my paper punch pieces I had punched out last month.  And I found some photocopied pictures of my Mom, Nana and Grammy and glued them in.  Mine aren't really done, but my pictures will show you the start and the possibilities you could try.

You could choose to use fabric for your cover.  For that you might want to glue your fabric to the cardboard and then set it aside until you are done stringing your pages.  Of course you won't be able to paper punch those.  I think what you could do is to cut a binding out of some cardboard and also cover that in fabric.

So say your binding would probably be:  1 - 2 inches width by 7 inches length.  You could cover all your fabric pieces then sew them together. 

Or you could choose to have the cover, back and the binding be all one piece.  For this, you would need a ruler and an xacto knife and would have to score where you want the binding to be, two times for the front and back.  Don't cut all the way through.  Then you carefully bend it around the scoring.
Glue your fabric on the way you want.  Maybe you want one fabric for the front and another color for the inside.

Or you could use scrap booking paper for it.  Or you could paper punch the binding so that you can string the yarn through.  The other way would be to glue it, but then you wouldn't be able to easily flip the pages.

For your pages, you can choose which ones you want in it.  Maybe you want some pretty scrapbook pages the same size, or some art paper so you can draw in it too.

You could use the paints, markers, pencils, etc... for drawing or painting on all the pages. You could use some sponges for a speckled effect.  They have special combs for other effects.  I have some somewhere and should find them.  They are made of black rubber.

Marbleized paper is pretty too.  That could be another DIY.

You could even use newspaper if you want, paint on it, glue some blank white paper to the newspaper pages and then use the paper punch.  Any found object that would be useful for this think about if it would work in your project.

The yo yo circles are easy to make too if you want to glue a few on your cover.  Cut out a piece of fabric from a french onion dip cover or something.  Then cut your other pieces from the template.  Sew around the edge of circle with 1/4 inch of the right side on the wrong, then gather and pull and sew in a knot to hold it together.

Pick out the yarn of your choice to thread through your pages.  Or the ribbon or the ribbon yarn.

Once you have your notebook or journal beginnings, you are ready to start creating, gluing, cutting out and also writing down whatever you want to write about.

And you could also glue or sew the sequins or beads on.  They could look cute on the binding.

Good luck and have fun.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted August 30, 2012

Here's my first cereal box notebook, just the beginnings.

Some paper punch pieces I glued in.  Along with some notes and quotes I wrote.  And I had paper punched a few of my older drawings.  I've used my art paper for the cover and the back, but you could also choose to scatter them on the inside pages too.  Maybe I'll do that for my next one.

This one is a few pieces of my drawings and also my Grammy.  Below is my mom in the bigger picture and the little heart picture paper punch is my Nana.  I had gone to UPS years ago and had these black and white photo copies. 

I am thinking you would want to do something to the backs of the cereal boxes so that you don't see the print.  I am either going to paint over it so it is covered and/or glue scrapbook pages and pieces to it to cover it.  I'm also thinking when all my pages are done, I might want to modge podge each page so it is a permanent fix.  I haven't decided on that.  I'm also wondering if I do that, would the pages stick?

This one was a short poem I had written shortly after my mom passed away.  And I turned it into a collage piece.  The butterfly stamp I paper punched.

This piece was from a notecard.  You could also choose to print up DIY's or anything from the web that you want to glue in the pages for reference.

My mannequin with a new hat.  Not sure if I'm listing it on Ebay yet.

 This one is another DIY idea.  I got this old book at a yard sale a while ago and started to draw on one of the inside pages and write some words on it just to see what it looked like over the typed words.  Then I got taping in large index cards and writing notes, writing prompts, some of my favorite little knitting patterns for the headbands or anything.  I bet they could be used for scrapbooking too and you could glue some fabric on the cover or scrap booking and then modge podge.

I've also tried to glue all the sides together to make a box.  The real tricky part about that is you have to use your xacto knife and it's hard to get it perfect.  So I think I'm going to cross that one off the bucket list and not end up doing it.

One of the knitting patterns for my honey comb cabled pattern for the headbands.

This metal heart I had purchased when I got a lot of my beads and charms for the beaded bracelets.  It was bigger than I imagined so yesterday I grabbed a ribbon I was going to throw out and I tied it to the heart and now it's my book mark.

I should make a few more of the beaded bracelets soon too.  Those are also fun to make.

I'll have more pictures of these in the future as I progress into the scrapbook designing.  This is still a very small start and really not how I want to design my whole scrapbook pages to sell. 

I think for those pages I am going to have them be standard size 8 1/2 " x 10 roughly.  That way, I will have a larger work space, but these smaller pages could be some beginnings for that.  And pages I really like I will photograph and use for the larger pages.

And the software programs will be great for that.

Adobe Elements 7  (the newest Photoshop might be my Christmas treat or the previous version of it)
Photopro Green Key
Corel Draw
Paint it

Jesus Christ Lindsay Lohan! Get off your DOWNHILL ROLLER COASTER!!!

For crying out loud, Lindsay Lohan, you just can't seem to realize what you are doing can you?  Do you realize that America used to love you and think your movies were really great?  You had a really good start in life and you FUCKED IT UP.  Pardon my language, but I would basically say this sums it up.

I used to love your movies.  Parent Trap was great (still love the original Hayley Mills one better), Freaky Friday was cute, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen was good, Mean Girls was pretty good, and I think there was one more in there that I liked.

You showed us that you could not commit to the episode of Glee by being 2-3 hours late.  What actress flubs that one up, I don't know.

I'm quite unsure whether or not I want to see you in Liz & Dick.  True your picture looks good, but lets face it, you're rusty.  I would not want to see you tarnish Elizabeth Taylor who truly was beautiful.  She had flaws too, but certainly none of yours.  Trouble just seems to follow you.

Now there is this recent incident with Chateau Marmott of you having an outstanding bill of $50,000 during your stay there.  Which sounds like it was well over a month after your film ended and you should have gone home where you would have saved your money.  Quite frankly you must not have that much left to spend.  It sounds like you are quite in debt.

First of all if your production company agreed to pay for it, then why does it look like it is falling on you?  Perhaps because it wasn't written in stone is more like it.  I can't understand it why these places agree to let you put it on your tab.  I particularly think that you now need to be like all of us regular people and only do what you can afford.

I honestly don't think you can afford staying at all these hotels when you can't even seem to pay all this money back to them.  And to get Botox, fancy dresses and all kinds of other stuff not to mention the booze, drugs and other stuff that has corrupted your life.

True maybe that Samantha Ronson was partially to blame, but she wasn't the one who put you where you are.  It is you who chose to corrupt yourself.

Do you expect them to pay for all your cigarettes and mini-bar purchases while you were there too?  They shouldn't have to pay a dime for your bad habits.  Come on!!!

Your lungs must be black while mine are clean as a whistle.

And I bet you did steal those $100,0000 worth of watches, sunglasses and Tiffany silverware from that millionaire, Sam Magid in his Hollywood Hills home.  You had to stay there didn't you and they wouldn't let you leave.  I think they have witnesses that claimed you and that Gavin Doyle handed them a bag of stolen items.  So all those sunglasses you like to wear.  Are they yours or stolen?

And the LAPD detectives have wanted to interview you and Gavin yet you have rejected their interview.  You do know that even though Sam Magid took back the story saying items are back, the detectives are not going to drop it.  I hope you get caught and go to jail.  You deserve it.

You just seem to have a history of stealing jewelry and other stuff.  And in court you seemed to be the whiny that you didn't do it, but the evidence was stacked up pretty darn good.  I just hope that they have enough to nail you this time.

It really disgusts me that you got away with some things when you are guilty.  That court should have never let you have house arrest because there was no room in the jail for you.  If I had been one of those officers or who ever was in charge of the decision, I think I would have most definitely made some room for you there.

You need some serious jail time.  That may be the only thing that would smarten you up as nothing else has.

And that car accident.  Don't give me that S......  that you were a passenger.  The cops know you were a driver and it sounds like that case is still ongoing too.  I hope they can get all the facts to prove it and to show the court that you have violated your probation on several occasions.

There's just no need of it.  What makes you do it?  Why do you need to steal?  The majority of us are happy with what we have, but it seems to me that you are not.

Elizabeth Taylor's fake jewels aren't going to make you happy.

“Cleaning MY jewels :) ...... I love feeling like Elizabeth @DameElizabeth @damelindsay.”

Guess what?  You aren't Elizabeth.  You are Lindsay Lohan, just a girl who has made us all pity you that you don't have the brains to smarten up.  And we don't think you can ever do it.  Time and time again here you are showing up in a bad light everywhere you go.

And you had to stoop yourself low to pose for those nude photos.  Next you're going to be like Octomom and will be doing some porn just because you're going to need some money to pay for your massive debt.  And no regular job is going to give you that kind of money for that.  I'd like to see you working for $9 an hour and see how it feels to be back down with the rest of us, because that's where you are heading.

You are just a mess up and will probably stay that way until someone decides to take away all your credit cards, etc.. toss your ciggies down the drain, make sure that you are only drinking a non alcoholic beverages.

You should be going to AA and get the help you need, but it seems to be that you can't escape your bad habit, so it probably wouldn't do you any good to go.  You don't seem to listen to the public.


I think the judges need to not give you this special treatment just because you think you are Lindsay Lohan and you have privileges.  You do not.  You are now in the poor house with the rest of us and you shouldn't be putting all this stuff on your tab.

All these places should smarten up and tell you to go somewhere else,  because you can't pay up.  Why should that put them in debt because of you?

Now we are just waiting to hear about your next mess up.  Which will probably be soon by the way of things.

But you can't help it because it's just the way you are.  Always messing up. 

Tell all your future jail mates to give you a harsh lesson in life as I think that is what you need.

You're not a respectable actress anymore and it would take a tremendous effort on your part to change for the better.  I don't think you have it in you.  It will take a very long time for people to believe in you again.

You've been doing a lot of lying which makes you look bad in the public eye.  You should have been aware of that when you decided to become famous.

Now if you were to be compared to someone like Audrey Hepburn or Katherine Hepburn, you could have just never measured up to them.  And I know you have been compared to Jane Fonda, but the truth is that you do not compare.  She is a far better actress.  You were good, but it's going to take a damn lot for us to say that you are still good.

Go drink some tea or coffee and try reading a book about Changing Your Life around for the Better.  That is if you can be able to see the perception that it would be telling you.  You don't know when to stop.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted August 30, 2012

This may be the only thing to save her.  She needs a good year in jail to think about her life.  Maybe longer.

                                               Why me?  Cry me a river!!!!  I'm special!!!!  Can I please go home?  Don't send me to jail?  Yeah, right.  You lucky ........., what makes you so special?  Any other woman would be spending time in jail for doing the same thing.  You don't deserve another chance.

Can you bail me out?  I don't have any money!!!!!!

The  Question:  Are these Lindsay's sunglasses or someone else's.  She thinks she can have things that aren't hers.  I bet her mother is a bad mother for not teaching her any lessons in life and the father is probably just as bad.  And the mother also contributed to her downfall.

She's laughing now because she thinks she's going to get away with stealing Sam Magid's watches, sunglasses and Tiffany silverware.  People caught her doing it.

True, she does look good here, but she's still not Elizabeth Taylor and doesn't even begin to compare to her.  Wrong actress for the job.  They could have done better.  I probably will end up watching Liz & Dick just to view it, but that's where it's going to stop.  In my mind, Lindsay Lohan's acting career died a long time ago.   What happened to the little girl below, is beyond me.

She doesn't begin to look remotely as beautiful as her.  True, Lindsay is still a pretty girl, but she's had quite a lot of pictures plastered everywhere where basically she looks like an old grandmother, beat up, burned out and looking like crap.

I am glad though that she finally ditched that awful blond hair.  It did nothing for her.

When One Does Not See: A writing prompt

Here is the full prompt:

When one does not see
what one does not see
one does not even see
that one is blind.

My oldest son came home yesterday after his first full day of school and this is his first essay assignment.

When he told me what the prompt was, I got inspired to write my perspective on this.  I'm sure we will both come up with very different versions both unique to our voices.

Is it the truth indeed that we all are blind?  Is it the person that is truly blind can see much better than us?  I would say it all depends on the person and how they view the world through their mind's eye perspective.

What one would choose to see, another does not see and therefore is oblivious to the fact it is truly there in vivid shape and form.  So many things that exist seem to just float on by undetected by human sight.

Simply begging us to be found yet we walk on by.  Driving by concentrating on all that makes us distracted in life not realizing that we are completely unaware of what exists in this world. 

Blind is what we can really be sometimes.  Did you ever just drive along waiting in traffic and you don't stop to notice the tragic weeping willow tree silently planted in the ground for an extremely long time.  It it could talk, it would probably say, "Take the time to look at me.  I am here and I am tall, proud and beautiful.  Don't forget about me ever."

We don't really stop to look at all the nature around us. But it's not just the nature that we are sometimes oblivious to until we find ourselves taking off the blindfolds and then we begin to SEE.  It's everything that surrounds us.

Just think about all the things you could be inspired to write about if you just could dare to dream, hope, pray and then write down your thoughts and record them.

Or maybe you would rather photograph them.  It's like a quiet image in time.  If we don't see it because we are blind, who do you think is going to find it?  Nothing in this world completely passes us by but like death and dying all these surroundings have a death point when it seizes to exist because it got overlooked and then it's existence changed somehow and it now does not seem to be there anymore.

It has changed as the world changes.  We cannot compete with change, slow it down and alter what was in the past.  Surroundings are always there and we just tend to evolve around it.

Each object has a purpose in life and what it boils down to is for us to stop not seeing and realize that we have the choice to find all these undetected images, thoughts and feelings and decide to document it somehow so it is remembered for what it was.

We can make it what we want it to be.  And above all not to be blind to what we can create with our mind's eye.

We should make the most of our perspective, listen to our new discoveries and learn to see.  Nobody should ever block it all and be blind to the world.  It's what makes us who we are as creative individuals.

Look around you and make your choices as they are yours and yours alone.  Nobody can do this for you.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted August 30, 2012

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Katie Couric's New Talk Show Airs Sept. 10 on ABC

Katie Couric's new talk show, Katie will air on Sept. 10th at 3pm on ABC.

I'm looking forward to watching.  It will be a lovely departure from watching Anderson Cooper.  I was watching that for something to watch, but I would so much more want to watch her new show.

I really admire her and think she is a really important person to listen to.  I always followed the Today show way back to when she was on it.

I think she is an excellent role model for America.  She just knows exactly what to say, is very respectable and has a genuine friendly way about her that makes the world love her.

I think today she is sad for the departure of Ann Curry.  It just wasn't right the way they booted her off without a proper sendoff.  It's really not okay and as Katie Couric has quoted, "it's not the best chapter for the Today show."

If there's a flaw, that is it.  I mean look how they did a lovely job for Katie Couric's final days and the same with Meredith Viera.  They did a great job and it just made both Katie and Meredith feel great about leaving.

I'm sure that Ann Curry isn't really complaining as she's moving on no matter what, but there has got to be a little disappointment to her the way things got handled.  After all, she did a great job too, and then they just didn't reward her with a heartwarming farewell like the others.

Oh well, it was yesterday's news, but it now just puts the Today show in a different light for a lot of people.

I will always watch the Today show anyway as I always love to be up on the current news and love hearing things that can help all of us in our every day lives.

Katie's new show should be very good.  It sounds like it will get very serious at times and other episodes will be light and fun.  After all, she has a humorous and uplifting side too.

She plans to talk about all these military suicides.  That is going to be very heavy but it needs to be addressed as it goes on all the time.  I should know as one of my cousin's sons killed himself last fall due to Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.  It was very sad and he is greatly missed by all.

It will be very important for people to know when to recognize the signs so that these young men can be helped before it is too late.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted August 29, 2012

Bill Cosby, Madonna and Macaulay Culkin are not Dead!!!!

Why do people want to write these hoaxes about our famous people in the world is just crazy.

The first one I heard about was Madonna.  I was on my Triond site writing and reading other people's articles and down at the bottom where you can find other articles to read, in fine print was:

Madonna, 52 dead!

My mouth just about dropped to the floor!  I just couldn't believe that she was dead.  I picked up my cell phone and was starting to call my sister to tell her the news when I scrolled down and read a little further to see that she was in fact, not dead and very much alive.  It was a hoax!

And here I was just about to spread it further!

About Bill Cosby some fruitcake decided to post it on Face book that he was dead.  As everyone is relieved, he is living and breathing quite well.

How do you think they all feel when they find out that everyone in the world has now discovered that they are dead?  They must be sitting there dumbfounded and thinking, "I'm sitting here drinking my coffee, what I'm dead?  How come I don't know I'm dead?"

It's so incredible about how fast false news can spread and before you know it you have this mass hysteria and everyone thinks and starts getting upset that perhaps their famous actors or actresses have gone to their final resting place.

It's not their time yet, so don't try to spread an awful rumor.  But I will also say this, that I would believe it the most of Macaulay Culkin from what has been going on in his life.  He could wind up there if he's not careful.  Drugs are no good.

Once there's this massive spread of bad news, then it is the celebrity who has to go in and clear the matter up and let people know that they are very much alive and will continue to entertain.

Stop HOAXING! and go find a life!!!

Maybe these people who like to start a rumor should have it backfired on them and have people spread a rumor that they are dead. 

It's like that old fashioned game:  Telephone.

The story starts somewhere
goes down the line
and at the very end
it comes out so different
from where it started.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted August 29, 2012

Yay!  My kids are all in school right now! 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Netbooks vs. Laptops. Benefits and pitfalls

Are you like so many of those people who might be on your picket fence deciding whether you would like to buy a laptop or a net book?  There are good things and bad things about both.

Of course the bad thing about all of them is as soon as you get them home away from the store, they suddenly have become obsolete and they're not going to be as good as the newest and latest thing. 

What most of us do before we are ready to buy a new laptop or a net book is to do our shopping around and figure out which is going to be the best buy, finding the best deal around as we all want to save our money for other things too.

We all have bills that need to be taken care of first.  And then we save our money for things we would like and patiently wait for when we can afford to get something.  Isn't it the way of it that there is always something new that the consumer in us just wants to have?

Which would you choose to have?  A nice laptop or a net book?

I personally would go for the laptop as my best and first choice.  For what I do with my photography and all the files I save and my documents, I would have to say that the laptop is definitely the better choice.

You have much more space in a laptop to store things than you would with a net book.

Well, I'm finally getting a little net book arriving in the mail soon.

Sylvania SYNET7WIC 7" Smartbook Windows Embedded Compact

This is the brand that will be helping me with my temporary dilemma.  If you have been following my posts you will know that I've been sharing my laptop with my daughter all summer so she can do her online games.  Well Santa should deliver her a new one by Christmas, but in the meantime that's four months for me to struggle with not being able to post on my blog. 

Here's how my fall time dilemma will be.  When she comes home from school in the afternoons she's going to want it for a while, and I am going to want to post more articles and make more money.  Or should I say "try to make more money writing online".  That's more like it.  I will say this month has been my very best for earnings.  The key is great keywords, quality work and posting often.  The more you post, the better your chances are.  That's why I also went back to writing at Triond too.

I'm jfay1995 there.

So, a few days ago, I thought of the net book to solve my problems.  I bought it.

There are some pitfalls to net books.  Even the one I bought had some not great reviews.  People were discouraging others to buy used items.  I ended up buying mine as it was only around $50 which is good enough to solve my issues.  I don't think I would ever buy one brand new when instead down the road I may need to buy a new laptop.  But I will work mine to the bone until I am forced to buy new.

I've also heard that when you buy used, sometimes there are problems with the passwords working, and of course getting online with it can be difficult depending on where you are trying to connect to.  But I'm going to take a chance.

Here's what I would think the good points of getting a net book would be.  I would think it would be good for a blogger possibly or anyone who just wants to write some articles and other stuff and just wants to post it to their blog.  I would think that it would do the job and be able to at least connect to my blog so that I can post and publish and publish to Triond.  I imagine it would be good to be able to save at least some pictures to the net book. 

True it wouldn't hold a lot.  But just enough to get to google images or something so that you can get some pictures to post along with your articles.  And then you can always go in and delete them after to save space.

It's small and compact so that you can take it anywhere.  That's got to be a plus.  It would be nice to be able to bring it home at night and write my posts and then publish in the morning.  I imagine it would let you save a certain amount of writing documents into it.  It's got to have some space in it to store things.

It must be a really good product for say someone who just likes to journal write.  Maybe that's all the person wants to do and I imagine it would be good for that.

 So anyway, that's what I can think would be good about it and I am sure hoping that it is going to solve my issues, as I've been pretty pumped now that school is starting that I can start writing lots more and getting a jump on my novels.  It's exciting to be able to get more out there.

I've got the crafting too, but I have gotten quite a lot of it all ready for my craft show right now.  But that stuff needs to get done too.  All in good time.  I'm just liking that I'm seeing more earnings lately for my writings and that is very nice to see.  It's still not a lot to write home about yet, but more than before.

I can actually buy a pound of coffee and perhaps a few books or other items the consumer in me would like to have.  Google AdSense is definitely accumulating.  Of course with them, they make you wait until it reaches $100 before you actually see your first money from them.  But when it gets to that, it will be nice to have in any one's pocket.  So I figure if I keep writing, I will eventually get there and who knows I could get there quicker if I'm writing more often.  Hopefully thanks to a Net book, so Julia can be happy and I can be happy too.  ha ha.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted August 28, 2012

So think really hard which one you would rather have, shop around to get the best buy and then hopefully be happy with your choice.

Instagram Socialmatic Camera Coming Soon!

Above link is one of the places that I went this morning to check out this really cool product that I would love to have. 

Remember the old Polaroids?  My mom used to have one and I had one for a while.  It was great for my slumber parties.  She'd take the picture and it would pop out and be black for a few minutes and she would wave her hand to get the picture to appear.  Within minutes we were always amazed to see the fun images appear.

Well, times have changed but it's now coming back in digital form.  So exciting.

I've been hearing about instagram over the last year and have been wanting to learn more about it, seeing as I am a shutterbug and love to try new things.  People have been posting cool instagram pictures on Facebook and Pinterest.

I don't know too much about it.  I know you can get must be instagram apps for your iPhone or android mobile device.  I just have a regular no frills cell phone so it most likely wouldn't work on mine and my question also would be if it would work for my HTC tablet I got last year or a nook Book.  I would imagine it wouldn't work for the nook book.

The new instagram Socialmatic Camera looks really neat.  It's squarish like the old Poloroid with the same classic look to it.  Quite retro.

It has the little printer built in so you can immediately print your pictures and you can go online with it and share.  That is really neat.  You must be able to go to particular sites for instagram with it. 

Now, I don't know a lot about this camera yet, but I think I would like to purchase it next year when it comes out.  If anyone has any knowledge of this or the apps for androids and HTC tablets I would love to hear your comments.

It's just awesome to see the old concept turn into something new and even better.  I'm sure you can even send them to your laptop too and then take them into all kinds of software where the sky is the limit.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted August 28, 2012

Monday, August 27, 2012

Which are you? Open Door or Closed Book?

Are you an open door or a closed book?  If this would be about relationships I would have to say that you should be an open door rather than a closed book but still never tell all you know.  Always keep some things to yourself.

I tend to think of myself as an open book, because I am a writer and an artist and I like to express myself.  I would tend to say that my siblings are closed books and they wouldn't be able to handle writing a blog as they would probably feel that they couldn't write anything from real life.  It's not every one's cup of tea.

And if you are a closed door in a relationship, chances are that you won't get what you want from it because you are probably keeping everything locked in a bottle all bottled up and that is no good for a relationship.

In my relationship, I like to express my needs if they aren't getting met as I want my needs met too.  I think that is important.  And the other half is never a mind reader, so if you don't tell, they will never know what a woman wants.

But, today I am going to talk about being an open book or a closed door when you are a writer.

You know you are a closed book when you find you are the wallflower who is sitting twiddling your thumbs.


Get your wallflower in motion and go find that open door as you should learn to not be afraid to discover new things, new words, new emotions, thoughts and messages.

Don't be the one who is always stuck in a rut, won't listen when people want you to change something to make your life or your writings better.

Don't be the one who doesn't write it down because you think you have nothing to say.  You do and you know it.

Be the girl/guy on your magic carpet that really does fly to all these new places in your head.  The possibilities are endless with an open door, but if it remains a closed book, I'm afraid that nothing will end up happening for you.  And you know you don't want that.

You want to find open doors that are filled with a menagerie of colors, dreams, hopes and goals.

If you don't expose yourself, who will?  Your family and friends won't do it for you as they have better things to do.  Like improving their own lives and their own dreams and destinies.

I think as writers we need to expose ourselves and get ourselves out there.  Otherwise nobody will end up knowing about us.  Isn't it our dream to become a published author, to be read, and read over and over again?  To share with the world what we think about this great big life we're in.

What we write is authentic to us as it's OUR AUTHENTIC LIFE AND NOBODY ELSE'S.

So how I will part with this post is, Dare to Open a Locked Book and find your open door.  And live it.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted August 27, 2012

Note:  I've written 5 new articles at Triond if anyone would like to go read them there. 

I'm jfay1995 at Triond.

One is a Cheesy Potato Soup recipe with vegetables.  If you get your soup bowl, stick it in your USB port and wait for me to get my ladel ready you might find something tasty coming your way.  Nice thought huh?  Maybe this happens on some other planet somewhere or in an Ursula LeGuin novel.

Ha ha.

So you know what I'll be eating for the next few days.  It came out quite tasty, but my kids took one look at it and said they would never try it. 

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Is Prince Harry to blame or should we blame the parents?

Okay, here's the last post for a while unless if there's some new topic that people want to discuss opinions on.

So who would you blame for this incident in Las Vegas?  Prince Harry or his parents?  I think people are on the fence about this.

I've heard that some people believe that he's really not to blame but it's more that the parents are to blame.  People have discussed that it's his upbringing and that he's only following in the footsteps of his parents.

This is what I didn't realize about Prince Charles and Princess Di.  I didn't know that he was having a discreet relationship with Camilla while he was still married to Princess Dianna.  So, now I can understand more the reason for their marriage crumbling and why she later went on to have her affair.  She did have an affair, right?  Please clarify if I'm wrong.  And there has always been talk that Prince Harry may be the result of it.  But it hasn't ever been confirmed as it should remain a private matter within the family.

If you were adopted or the result of an affair, you wouldn't want the world to know it.  It's a very delicate matter.

Maybe Prince Harry acts out because of the way his parents were.  What is the famous expression?  The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. 

Like with abusive parents abusing a child.  In many cases, later on that child is going to repeat history and do the same thing.  It's teaching the child that it's okay to do it.

Not very different with acting out, partying and having affairs and just doing what Mom and Dad did.

And on a different level, if a Mom or Dad commits suicide, it scars the children for life and also opens the door to them that it's going to be okay for them to do it too. And that's all a terrible shame.

I've been there once for a real stupid reason, which was solely thinking that I would never publish one of my novels.  It was only one weekend that I thought about of it and I will tell anyone this who is ever thinking of suicide.  It's never the answer.  You know what stopped me?  My children.  I kind of had a plan in mind of how I might do it and I thought about my oldest arriving home to find me dead on the floor from taking pills.  I had a dream one of the nights of how he would find me and it crushed me and then I just felt angry with myself for ever thinking about it.  All over a really stupid reason.

I think it was just the rainy weekend and I pretty much had my novel completed, had a local editor read it and evaluate the good and bad points and I knew I had to edit it as she saw things wrong with the first novel I finished.  That one has a lot of work to do on it.  And I was sitting in my car in the rain waiting for my oldest to come out of a school party.  I think it must have been the first year that all my kids were in school full time and I must have hit that mid life crisis where I probably was thinking, okay, now what do I do with the rest of my life?  We all go through some sort of mid life crisis on some level.  I've always had my heart set on being a published writer and becoming famous for my artwork.  I've always had my heart set on being something like Van Gogh.  Don't we feel very disappointed when we don't get something we have dreamed of all our lives?  But life just ends up happening the way it does.  I think we're just these living stones that God places somewhere and we have a destiny that has already been written in the wind.  We're just acting out his greatest play ever created, you know.

I guess it was that I always wanted to be published and I suddenly felt as if that would never happen.  I was sure wrong on that one, seeing as I decided to take the self publishing route to complete my accomplishments and that's the way I'm always going to publish.

And I will say this to anyone who has ever remotely thought of suicide, that if you ever find yourself there, even just one time like me, get yourself out of your funk no matter how bad it is.  You're not worthless. What you do next is never, ever look back.  Play the game of life as long as you can, because the world is so much better with you in it.  I never once have thought I was worthless ever in my life, but I did have my doubts about my novel.   Mine did not last long at all and deep down I could never do it anyway.  I can't see how they can attempt to slash their wrists.  A grammar school friend dared me once to prick my finger with a little kitchen knife and I watched her do it and then I couldn't do it.

Okay, I guess I strayed a little bit.  But when I get writing, I just get on a role with my thoughts and I keep typing.

My opinion on who is to blame that it would be both Prince Harry and the parents.  You can't just blame the parents and not Prince Harry.  He is after all responsible for his own actions and not them.  But they are the ones that perhaps should have taught him a little better about morals and other values.  Maybe it just didn't get enforced enough due to the fact that they strayed too.

Clue me in if I missed some facts about Prince Charles and Princess Diana.  I do remember watching the Royal Wedding when I was growing up, but I was just a little girl and didn't follow a lot of the older generations and I don't know who is who on all the royalty.  And what I do remember when I got older is that Prince Charles and Princess Diana parted ways and there were TV movies about them that I may have seen bits and pieces before my Mom sent me to bed.  And as I got older and got married, I really only knew that she was a great business woman, passionate about her work and caring for the world, and that she had her later love, Dodi Fiad (I'm sure I haven't spelled it right). 

And then there was the terrible chase that caused death and great loss of a beautiful person.  Who knows, if she were still here today, maybe Prince Harry could have been a little different with a mother's guidance.  That's why I am thankful every day that I'm here for my children as I wouldn't want anyone going to my funeral before my time is really up.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted August 26, 2012

Should Prince Harry Star in Porn Film?

The latest news on Prince Harry is that Porn movie producer, Steve Hirsch has written a letter to Prince Harry and the royal family offering Prince Harry $10 million to star in a fun, sexy adult XXX film with Vivid Entertainment.  It would be a big budget porn film that they would like to call The Trouble with Harry.

Vivid Entertainment has helped troubled stars in the past like Nadya Suleman (AKA Octomom) who has recently filmed two porno films as she is desperate for the money.  And other stars have done it.  Personally if I had ever been Nadya, I would never stoop that low.  I have much better morals.  But it's her body and it's what she chose to do.  I think she could have found a better regular decent job to support her many children.

On Nadya, check out the blog Real Housewife of Santee.  She wrote a really good post on her..

Back to Prince Harry.  Should he star in the porn film?

I bet most likely he would turn it down.  I think he's got to have much better morals than to stoop that low and do that.  Although you never know what he would do to have that money go into the royal bank account.  And he obviously didn't have very good morals to do what he did in Las Vegas.  I'm sure he is realizing that now.

I think what is coming next from Prince Harry is a much needed apology to the world.  True he was having fun and was on his holiday, but he is after all the Prince Harry and third in line to the throne.  He does have royal duties to his country and not to mention his very important duties to the military.

It's been an embarrassment to put it mildly.

But, the majority of us just want to move on and concentrate on new news.  Which will be the reason, I've got pretty much one more post on the different topics around this and then on to other types of posts.

That is until Prince Harry does something else really stupid. 

It's unbelievable though how some of these people just go on for weeks or months on end discussing someone and most of us are like, they're still talking about that?  Or someone decides to write a book on him or try something else to cash in on his plight.  People will do all kinds of things to make a buck.

But if he is smart, he shouldn't do the film.  Does he really want to expose his "crown jewels" in a big way?  And lower his standards to a porn film?  Now wouldn't it be so much different if it were some other big producer from a reputable movie production asking him to star in a movie, where it might address the issues that happened in Las Vegas but in a much classier way?  Think about it.

And then my question is, could this Steve Hirsch have the right to even make a porn movie called The Trouble With Harry?  I mean even if he were to turn down the role which he most likely will, I would think that they wouldn't have the right to even make the movie with another star portraying him without Prince Harry's consent. 

There would be law suits and legal problems.  We already know that the royal palace has told British newspapers and anyone from the UK that if they publish the naked pictures from Las Vegas that they will come after them with lawsuits and legalities.  They don't want Prince Harry tarnished more than he already is.  The want him to redeem himself and to learn from this incident.

Just from what I read about what the film would be about, it sounded like it would be quite the sex romp type of movie.  And talking with my Dad about the incident this evening he thought that Prince Harry seemed to be a raunchy type of guy.  You've got to be to be naked in a room full of girls naked.  That would be my opinion too.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted August 26, 2012

I've got only one more article coming up on Prince Harry as I feel I can only come up with so much to write about the subject.  My next article will be about who should we blame?  Harry or his parents?
So this one should be my last unless if there's some future topic about new things people want to address opinions on.

                                             I would certainly hope this is Prince Harry saying "No." to the porn film.

Neil Armstrong The World's Hero Dies at 82

Neil Armstrong our hero has just recently died at the age of 82 due to complications.  He had within the last month had undergone heart bypass surgery and was to have been said that he was recovering quite nicely, so this comes to a surprise to family, friends and the world.  The family will not say where he was when he died and we have to respect that.

When I first read this on another writing site, I was getting him mixed up with Neil Diamond for a minute and then as soon as I started reading I realized it wasn't him, besides he is younger.

Neil Armstrong will always be remembered for paving the way for all mankind as the first human to set his glorious feet on the moon.  He will be remembered for paving the way for all young people who have wanted to follow in his footsteps and learn for his great example for all the things he did in his life.

He led a full enriched life and people all over the world have admired him and of course he will be greatly missed.  But he's not the only one who is missed.  Every year I think of all the famous and not famous people who have died and embraced all that they did to achieve things for themselves and others.  Every year more people we lose people who have taught us so many things and I think it is very important for all of us to embrace their lives, teach our children what they did for our country so they too can pass it onto their kids.

What do you think would happen if we didn't tell our kids about all these people who inspired us in so many ways?  They need to know who they were.

Even me, when I was growing up, people died and my Mom and Dad would be in the kitchen and my Dad would usually say so and so just died.  Well, so many times I would be sitting in the chair hearing this and I wouldn't know who he was talking about.  Never heard of them.  Even when John Lennon was killed, I didn't know who he was as I was in 6th grade going into 7th and I hadn't known who he was.  I didn't start liking his music until I was in high school.

And by the way, it's a very good thing his killer got denied his parole or release.

What Neil Armstrong has done for all the young people in this world who want to achieve their dreams and goals will go down as greatly appreciated and remembered for life.  He taught so many life values.

He taught millions of aspiring adults to work very hard and to believe in themselves that if they want something bad enough, yes it can be done.

He led a full life and a piece of the world has died right along with him and he will be greatly missed.

Rest in Peace, Neil Armstrong our hero.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted August 26, 2012

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Empire State building Shooting

Yesterday morning I had arrived home to my kids house after doing errands and sat down to watch more of the Today Show.  And then the Breaking News notice appeared on the screen and from the get go I knew that it wasn't going to be good news.  Usually you know it's going to be the bearer of bad news somewhere or breaking news to a current news story.

When we see it coming, we always are thinking, who has just died now?  That's our first thought.

And when I saw a view of police officers, New York City and the Empire State Building and a possible shooting I just couldn't believe my eyes and ears.

As if that's what we needed to hear while in the aftermath of the most recent Batman movie shooting spree.

Jeffrey Johnson, a 58 year old man who lived alone had been laid off from his apparel designing job last year after a unfortunate result of downsizing.  He was a t-shirt designer and they trimmed their staff saying bye to Jeffrey. However, he returned to the company (Hazan Imports Corp.) on more than several occasions earlier this year and other times for confrontations with Stephen Ercolino whom he shot and killed yesterday just around the corner from The Empire State building.

Witnesses called it in on the suspect and once at the Empire State Building Jeffery Johnson started shooting at the police officers and they shot quite a few rounds at him, 16 and possibly 9.  It sounds like they accidentally hit other objects and things fragmented and wounded other victims.

2 were shot and 9 wounded.  A few are still being treated in the hospital. 

I just couldn't imagine being one of the many innocent bystanders fleeing from the scene.  It's got to be so frightening to hear shots being fired right near by and not knowing if you are going to be gunned down or not.

And then to be one of the other ones seeing all the scared pedestrians running towards you and not know why they are running has got to be so scary to witness it happening. 

And then to see blood and people down and wounded, afraid that their lives are going to end and to not know why. 

And then you begin to wonder what was going through Jeffrey Johnson's mind.  He must have just snapped.  According to a neighbor he lived alone and was a pet lover and a really nice guy.  But people do snap.  We know it happens.

And we now know that there were harassment problems between Jeffrey and Stephen.  My heart goes out to Stephen's family as they go on to grieve for his loss.  It sounds like he was a really nice guy.  But we don't really know the whole story just yet about the whole reason he got laid off and how the two men parted ways and what their co-worker situation was.  But it will all come out now as the officers do their best to look at all the angles and motives as to why Jeffrey Johnson decided to snap and come kill Stephen. 

Losing a job can sometimes do a lot to a person.  Was he financially stable or crumbling?  We don't really know all the facts yet.  He had to downsize so that had to hurt.  And when things like that happen, sometimes the killer ultimately wants revenge on people that may have wronged him and made him lose his job.

A man or woman without their successful job of any kind can sometimes feel lost and confused as they struggle forward in life.  According to his neighbors, he was friendly to them but had no friends and guests other than his mother to his one bedroom apartment.  He had two cats and one had died and his elderly woman neighbor (Gisella?) said he was always doting on her pet dog and he was an avid bird watcher.  But it sounds like he was quiet and kept to himself.  What do you think he thought about every night when he went to bed?  We don't know because nobody ever got to enter his mind.

How does one think his mother must be feeling to discover that another man's blood is on the hands of her son who she will not be able to come visit any more.  Does anyone think that she could have possibly seen the signs that he was snapping inside?  We all seem as if we want to know and get the answers.  Because now people are concerned citizens that no street is really safe anymore.  Anywhere.

But unfortunately for Jeffrey Johnson, he met with his death.  Which is kind of good for the fact that he just killed a man and we wouldn't want him alive to be able to continue his destruction.  But this guy had a real motive, unlike the Batman movie killings.  That guy just seemed to have a plan that he was going to go in and kill a bunch of people at random and enjoy his killing spree, whereas Jeffrey was intent on just killing Stephen.

And for his fate, he just happened to get caught and killed instead of perhaps getting further away to hide out somewhere.  However, even if he had been able to do that, the police would have made the connection after talking with people related to Stephen and his place of work.  Jeffrey would have gotten found out.

It is so true that you really don't know a person.  It could even be some person sitting next to you in a public place and you brush up against someone and you never ever realize that you just crossed paths with a killer.  And then in his neighbor's position, she is so shocked that he could have done it as he always appeared so nice to her.  Just saying, that you never can tell about a person. 

You can sum them up and think you know them, but you really have no inkling.  You don't know all their thoughts, you certainly can't read their minds and you can't know any results until you either hear about him/her in the news or face his/her anger and their wrath.

How many times have you heard of a story about a young girl getting raped and killed by a neighbor, uncle, friend or someone else that the victim knew?  It happens all the time and they get the surprise of their life.  Death.

And to think of all those pedestrians walking through 5th Avenue in the middle of the morning is just so shocking.  They're all just going about their day completely unaware of what is going to happen in a matter of seconds, minutes and then their lives get changed and traumatized because they were simply in the way of something horrendous. 

And the Empire State building is one of the city's biggest attractions.  I've been there before and loved the views.  It's going to make people feel quite strange when they go there for a visit now that there's been death and horror nearby that is now a real life nightmare.  You can't wake up and think that it was a dream because in reality we know it was not.

And this won't be the last.  Another day, another place, different time someone else is going to get inspired to go on a rapid killing spree somewhere and shoot more innocent people and more lives are going to be lost.  We just can't seem to stop it.

And the police do all they can to keep our cities safe, but they still can't control all the violence that just doesn't seem to have a peaceful ending.  It's a real shame.

So, I think that all any of us can do now is to pray for Stephen's family, pray for all the people that have been lost over this long length of time at the fate of twisted, snapped and cold blooded killers and pray for Jeffrey's soul to seek forgiveness and go on to heaven or wherever people think that he should go.

It's very possible that he could have been a nice guy that you might have wanted to be friends with but things just went wrong for him and he lost control and made his choice that finally ended his life.

What's done is done and we must move on.  Families everywhere need to heal from their loss and the world needs to support them and every person needs to be stronger for themselves and for the dead who now are angels among us.

We are not dead yet and our time isn't up.  But live each day as if it were your last, as you never know when you may be at the wrong place at the right time.  Nobody is immune.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted August 25, 2012

Emails, spam and all that jazz!

Are you one of millions that just tends to get way too many emails, spam, junk and anything else?  You're not alone.  We all have this ongoing process of checking our emails, read them and weed out the clutter.

Just as we have the paperwork pile that gets about an inch taller every time we're not looking, so does the email gather to consume us.

How many of you take a few days to a week from checking your emails and then you get back and you can't believe how many of them are in your inbox?  I know I'm one of them.

If I don't go and check them within a two to four days time I can have anywhere from 400 to 800 emails.  If you are like me and you have subscribed to lots of blogs, numerous sites and anything else that you have an account with, the emails can build up quick.

Some of the sites I have joined send you an email every time someone comments on something. 

I usually go at one point and scroll down through and delete the ones I don't need.  We usually have the majority of spam emails go straight to spam, but not all of them end up getting sent there.  It's a good thing we can click spam on them so that they won't show up in our inbox again.

Has anyone had some spam letter come in from some person who wants to put all their money into your bank account?  I know I have on more than several occasions.  And last year early on when I had a hot mail account and had signed up as a single woman on My Space, I can't begin to tell you how many emails I would get from spammers (men saying they wanted me:  yeah right.  When the earth ends and ants grow bananas!).

I always save the good stuff, ones from family, important accounts and of course the blogs that I'm subscribed to.

How I usually handle the blog emails is I save all the ones that I think I'll have time to read and I scroll down from top to bottom and view each one, comment, and then I go back and delete it after I'm done reading and commenting, and then I wait for their next post to arrive.  I usually try to get to all of them if I can, view etc...  But sometimes, it just piles up and I can't read every single email for each new comment.  I do try to read all the new posts though.

And for my Ebay job, I seem to get an email for every little thing.  So I find myself delete, delete, deleting, unless if it's an important message.  I don't need to keep all the confirmed your item is listed messages.

And then we always have the option to scroll down on an email and unsubscribe to a site we don't want to look at anymore.  Like all those deals and sales emails we get in hopes that we get suckered in to come and buy something so our money can be in their pockets instead of ours.

From time to time we just have to clean out everything as it builds up.

Sometimes I do keep a few records of some of the social bookmarking sites I've subscribed to in case I forget about some of them and need to refer back to them.

I couldn't imagine leaving thirty pages of stuff or more, even if we have read it.  It's nice to only have a few pages of your references and important emails we need to keep for our records.  It's probably a good idea to print important emails up and also to maybe have a notebook of things written somewhere else in case some fluke events deletes all your emails or your laptop crashes. 

So clean up all that jazz and get your inbox looking like a tidy one instead of a digital paperwork pile that starts to look like a mile high.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted August 25, 2012

Prince Harry's Video? Give him a break!

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas  is really what should happen.  But we all know that this really isn't the case.  So many things happen to many people while out there for any given reason.  People go out there to get married, party, gamble and anything else that can happen out there.  It's a place to live it up.  A place where celebrities and anyone else who would like to visit can feel free to go when they want to.

But, we all know that with Prince Harry is now facing a huge embarrassment and he has to go back to London to face the family, have a one on one chat with Prince Charles and then to go on and deal with the anniversary of Princess Diana's death on Friday.  Now that's a lot to deal with.

I don't think a lot of people want to see the video.  Haven't we already seen enough?  It's his private life for God's sake.

Well, I'm sure there are many women out there that would like to see it.  He's cute.  I would have to agree there and he seems like a very nice guy and all.  But after hearing that he was with a group of women naked, my first thought was orgy and then I heard strip billiards, oh that's not so bad.  And he was on his vacation.

Still not any one I would ever want to associate myself should I have ever been famous.  I'm just not into the heavy partying type.  Not all of us want to drink all the time and then feel the effects of it afterwards.  And to be naked with a group of men I would just never do.  What's the saying on that?  To each his own.

It's like these people that are into being swingers, if that's how they want to live, let them do it.  We all have our own preferences.  Some of also choose to be straight and others would rather be gay.  It's just the way the world is nowadays.  I think it was always like that which dates all the way back centuries ago, but it probably was a very private affair.

I think it's awful when people judge others because they aren't the same way as them.  I'm very straight but I'm not prejudiced against others.  Although, out in public you do have to be careful about how affectionate you are.  Some people don't love to see a couple getting hot and heavy right in front of them.

I always remember one of my Mother's friends getting kind of disgusted about some couple doing that in front of her at Old Orchard Beach.  But back about thirty or more years ago it was probably just necking and kissing that she saw.  But for the times, it probably wasn't appropriate.

I think for Prince Harry this is probably going to be a lesson he is going to just have to learn.  It will be a good wake up call.  He has got to learn that he cannot trust people like he does.  People just want to betray him and deceive.  Everyone has a camera in their phone nowadays.

And once someone takes a picture or video of you naked, you cannot control what they do with it as it's in their possession to do with it what they will.

All I could think of is the title of one of Joyce Carol Oates books:  Do With Me What you Will.  Still have never read it, but one of these days I would love to sit down and read more of her work.  I find her writing fascinating.  She's another one of my favorites.

I think it is good that Las Vegas is standing by Prince Harry and that these people who used and abused will be banned from the area.  I'm sure a lot of people are also thinking that they should be banned from England.  It would seem only right.

What gives someone the right to come in with a camera and expose someone like that?  It's just not a proper thing to do.  And they should all deserved to get sued if that's where Prince Harry wants to go with it.

But anyway, now he probably just wants to get back and be with his family and get back to work and try to move on.  I'm sure he won't forget about it.

Nobody forgets the bad things that happen to you, but you can't stay mad or embarrassed for long.

Hey, I've done a bunch of things I probably shouldn't have done.  Some things are going to my grave with me as I think some of the things that happen in our lives should not be told to anyone.  Doesn't everyone have one or two secrets locked in their private closet? 

And there are others that have all kinds of secrets.  Sometimes our secrets get discovered and other times they stay hidden.  Sometimes we are embarrassed that we did it and just want to forget, and other times someone finds out someone did something and then people have to end up explaining what they did and why.

And sometimes people find out about what others do and never tell people that they know, because they know if they say something about it, they know the person who did the act whatever it was would get really embarrassed about it.

And the act that they did could be so minor and stupid and silly but the person could still be embarrassed that they had done it. 

Don't we get embarrassed about the silliest things sometimes.  Oh well, what are you going to do about it?  You certainly can't go back in time to change it as if it had never been done.  All you can do is move on and let sleeping dogs be as they are.  All you can do is change yourself and learn from your mistakes.

Okay, so Prince Harry made a mistake.  Let's hope he moves on.  Now what I would say is Just Leave him Alone.  But we know that won't happen as too many people want to talk about him all the time right now.

But truth be told it should be yesterday's news and not today's.  Now we have that awful violent act of Jeffery Johnson to think about and now not even The Empire State Building is safe anymore.  So we have what he did on our minds and the other one is that today Casey Anthony is a free woman.  But she really isn't free.  She's going to have the rest of her life to deal with all of us judging her and wanting justice for Casey Anthony.

Jennifer Jo Fay

August 25, 2012

Stay tuned for later, as right now I'm going to work on my crafting for a little bit.  I finished two photography quilts yesterday for the most part and I was up early this morning cutting out some more yo yo circles for my yo yo blanket throw and the bracelets.  My kids are coming back from their trip later today, so I probably should also take advantage of my laptop before my daughter wants to confiscate it for her online games!  And I'm going to eat my potato salad I made.  Don't you love it when you don't have to cook for a few days?

And I should see if I can squeeze in a few more posts before I see their car pull up into the driveway.  I would like to get in at least one new chapter from one of my fiction novels. 

Most of us would much rather look at him with clothing on.

And wasn't she so beautiful!  What a shame she had to be chased like she was.  I didn't realize until today that the anniversary of her death is coming up on Friday, so on Friday lets all remember what a beautiful person she was.  Inside and out.

The two photography quilts that I pretty much finished.  I'm not going to bother with a backing for them at least right now.  I mainly sewed them together so I could use them for my table when I'm at the craft show in a few months.  But I'm thinking I will at least sew all around the edges to make it look neater.  I've cut up yo yo circles out of all these materials, but I wanted a good sized square of each fabric for my still life photography purposes.

My little squares I have been cutting up over this last week or so.  They are a little bigger than an inch.  I will need to someday need a few of these to repair my great grandmother's quilt she made.  One year I went to wash it and the batting fell apart and I sewed in a new batting, but you can still see lots of the squares have fallen apart.

My flower petals I have been cutting up too.  I now have quite a bunch of these.  I found my old pattern for this and started cutting new ones.  I'm going to sew it differently this time to make those pretty fabric flowers.  All you do is sew two of them together then you pucker it up to make your pretty petal and then you can sew as many of them all together as you want.  I made a baby teether out of these years ago.  It's a Halloween theme and you can sew tracing paper inside so it will be crinkly for them.

My bag I sewed up when I was camping a few weeks ago and my new gel pen markers.  I'm going to use these for scrap booking this fall and also for making new paper dolls.

Yet another basket full of cut out pieces to later sew.  I'm sure this will carry me through to the wintertime.

My nail polish collection.  Like I need anymore, huh?  Not.  I've got some of the crackle ones in there too.  Those were fun.  My daughter is taking a liking to painting my nails again, now that she knows she's going to get $2 for doing the hands and $2 for the feet instead of $1 for each.  Kids crave inflation too!

Two of my Rose of Sharon bushes that are getting so huge this year, I'm going to have to go and trim them down.  I love photography.  And of course I love flowers.

A small part of one of my drawings.  I love this part of it.

The yo yo circles after they are sewn and gathered.  They look quite cute.  This is the side that would usually show on the blankets.

And the other big basket full of these.  Plus today's pile is sitting next to me about eight inches high!  I guess I will be up to my neck in these for a while and I want to get back to knitting another one of those honeycomb cabled headbands.  It's been a few weeks since I've been knitting.  But I had to fit the novels in too.  We can't have it all at once.