Saturday, November 10, 2012

Lindsay Lohan Cancels Interview

Every time I go to my yahoo mail and see the top trends of the day, it just disgusts me to see Lindsay Lohan's name popping up again.  Just call her Lindsay Tabloid.  She just can't escape it.

Personally, I do believe this girl needs to be arrested for these recent crimes.  It's quite obvious that she was the driver in that crash and running over that person.  She is once again breaking rules and violating her probation and she just needs to do some jail time to smarten her up.

She maybe had some potential with Liz and Dick, but all this other crap about her recently just kind of brings that down.  She obviously isn't focusing on the positives in her life.  Why does she need to be out at 2 am in the morning causing herself more trouble to add to her filled plate.  That girl will never learn.

It would be a huge shock to society should she ever wake up and drink a good cup of Reality Coffee to prove the world wrong.  A seriously cold day in HELL before that ever happens.

So, seems like yesterday I see that she has cancelled her interview with Barbara Walters.  I'm sure it has something to do with her recent possibility of going to jail and an upcoming trial to decide her fate.  Maybe she is feeling that she should keep quiet.

My feeling is that she doesn't need to cancel the interview to do that.  She should have still done the interview and just kept quiet on things she didn't want to discuss.  She's a pretty girl, and America still wants to see her get off the train wreck and we would watch her, should she have done the interview.

I do believe people want to see her do better, strive to start new beginnings and get on with a better life.  She's got a lot of balancing though in order to do that and I think a majority of it stems from the parents.  The whole family needs to do a lot of changing to get themselves out of the tabloids.

But, then again, some celebrities just cannot stay away from it, they love to bring themselves down all the time.  Famous or not famous, people need to smarten up and stay out of trouble and try to make amends to the past.  Start a new beginning and just say YOU ARE NOT YOUR PAST.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted November 10, 2012

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