Thursday, January 3, 2013

How to Make the Best of a Hard Situation

Hard to believe now it is a new year!  2013!  I am excited for it to be a really good one once these criminal neighbors are out of my life.  This is the hardest thing I have ever been through.  It is a very hard thing to be monitored on every little single thing that should be extremely private.  There is no way they should know a majority of the things that go on in my apt.  Yes, they can play off a phone call, conversations, things they can see me bring in from outside the apt, but not all the quiet goings on inside my apt.  And then they talk about it the second after it happens every single time.  When I am knitting, when I am writing, when I am cooking, when I go to the bedroom, beyond the closet, when I am photographing something, when I am on laptop and on and on and on.  They even think they know what I am doing on my laptop, when I am texting, (it's on vibrate),  when I get a text message, when I take it under a blanket, etc.......

Absolutely no privacy not to mention where I have to resort to undressing.  And when they don't like something I am doing, like reporting and writing it down on a statement form for the police, they get bolistic, when they are ticked off.  It's really their problem if they are ticked off because they have invaded my privacy when things in my private life suddenly seem to be what they make their business.

None of what I do in my life is their business. They are gone later this month, hopefully.  But a landlord or the police hasn't confirmed this yet.

I'm at the point now, where it's coming down to the wire and their plan all along has been to kill me on the way out.  They are in 4A above me, thin walls.  I am almost positive she is a black girl and he is a black guy. These are the two that are harassing me.  I'm going to broadcast a little here, as if they go ahead and kill me, let's have this up for people to know who did it and PLEASE GIVE THEM THE DEATH SENTENCE IF THEY DO.

I am seriously hoping that they move out and pick a new target.  It's a worry.  My four children shouldn't be without a mother.

But, anyway, besides this, it hasn't made me stop what I love to do, see my kids and their new friend, and mom that are moved in with my ex husband.  Which is a good situation, win/win.  New dynamics to all get used to of course and there will be days I am sure when my girls will fight with the other one, but all adults will just tell them not to do something if they need to learn not to.

I put up new curtains in my studio and in the living room.  Folded up my nailed up sheets and put them away.  I wanted to let the light in during the day and be able to see people coming and going.  And to watch whoever I don't know who leaves the building.

I have added some more chapters to the novel, worked on the recipe books some more and even put in a few of my knitting patterns for scarves, etc.. and a few pictures are in.

The Soup, Pasta, and Crackers book is fun as I do a recipe, I photograph them and then write the recipe down and put it in the book and figure out what pictures I am using.

For one of the knitting patterns, I had Julia model the scarf for the pictures.  I am using a side view of her with it for the pattern (minus most of her face)  Just the lips.

I've been enjoying doing some cooking in my apt.  And enjoyed springing for some new kitchen items for me to do the cooking and baking I want to do.

These nuts are complaining and talking about my purchases and it's none of their business.  The way I see it is I don't do drugs, I don't smoke, I don't drink, I don't go out partying and this is my treat.  And it's none of their business to know my finances period.

I've had to be smart in all this and personal stuff has to be turned into a private activity so that they don't know what I am typing, and I've been taking advantage of local places where I can use their wifi and bills and anything of upmost importance does not get done in the apt.

I wish they would be gone today and I could be comfortable in my own skin.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted January 3, 2013

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