Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Fresh Post

I made myself come back to write.  It's been a while since I have posted on my blog.  Sorry.  I guess life and other things tend to get in the way.  Not to mention a damn webroot popup that keeps popping up on my screen.  It's expired and keeps popping up as a reminder to renew.  Pain in the neck as it constantly pops up and creates an annoying problem for me.

I was scrolling down Facebook the other day and found this advertisement for BoostInsider.  Bloggers to earn money.  Was going to try it out.  I signed up and today scrolled down through the four campaigns I was given to potentially earn some money at.  Wasn't thrilled with the choices and I don't think I can find myself able to write about them on my blog.  Like some sort of video games?  What could I possibly write about video games I know nothing about?  Just don't know if I will like the site.  I may try one if it seems like it's going to fit.  But none of them seemed to jump out at me.

Oh well.  I've been writing a lot.  I published The Dolls on Amazon about three weeks ago and sold a few copies.  I also had it available for a free book promotion.  Right now I have a few of my poetry books available for free book promotion.  It goes on for about five days.

I also published Lustful Evangelean, my first romance novel I wrote.  It was available for free for a limited time and got close to seventy people getting it.  My knitting book got over 300 people getting it on the free book promotion.  That's a good way to build an audience.

I'm currently working on my vampire novel, Lolita Lob it Off.  I'm 111 pages into it and kind of got stuck for a little bit.  I'm working towards getting out of the writer's block rut.  While this happens, I tend to end up reading other people's books for the weekend.  And I write during the week.

It was maddening yesterday.  I couldn't get into my Kindle.  It's either broken or it has too many books in it and it won't let me in.  Luckily I've got all my books available on my PC as well and will read them that way.  It will be a little bulkier than the kindle which is a little bit of a nuisance but it will be okay.  At least I can still read the books I paid for and the freebie ones.

That's probably what happened.  I was downloading a whole lot of the freebie kindle books and I bet it took up a lot of my memory.  Oh well.  Maddening.

It's going to be a plus though as I will have my pc on hand more often and if I feel the urge, I can exit the book I'm reading and go do some writing on the book.

It took me three days last week to write a smut scene.  Just wasn't into writing.  I guess it happens to everyone.  Nobody is immune from writer's block.

I've been visiting my kids a lot.  They have a new rule they can't eat or drink in the living room.  Made me sort of mad and I will still drink my coffee in there.  There's something about curling up on their couch with my warm coffee that's comforting.  But we make sure we don't eat anything in there.  Although there is the occasional slip up.  Julia likes to bring something in to eat once in a while and I'm not one to force her into another room.  I know she is careful.

They also have to have time away from their laptops which is a good thing.  We have a certain time when we set down the laptops and we play a board game.  So far it's different versions of Monopoly.  Julia won this last time.  She got the expensive properties, put four houses on them and I landed on her two times.  $1700 ouch!!!

Still without a job.  I'm looking and I was able to have two to three interviews but nothing yet.  Thank god for my alimony.

I've got a plan to move to Maine in five years to be with my dad and save on rent.  I should be able to collect disability at that time when the alimony is up.  And my kids will all be in college at that time.  I have got to come up with a back up plan in case my dad is not alive at that point.  But the way I see it is I would be able to help him stay in his home longer.  And may become his caregiver at that point.  The hardest part would not being able to see my kids as much, but then they would be older and on their own so I may not see them as much anyway.  I worry too much about things.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted February 25, 2015

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