Saturday, July 14, 2012

Knowing When to Edit Our Blogs

We all had to begin somewhere.  We started blogging and decide that we love it.  Have any of you been blogging for a while, accumulated lots of posts and then over a period of time look back and think that we should start doing some editing?

I know I have.  I went in and did some editing to spruce up my blog.  I know I can still go back and fine tune some older posts.  I also was editing some things that maybe I shouldn't have written.  Do you ever write something, and then think that maybe you should be deleting some of it?

Some of us write some posts when we are actively venting about an issue and then we start to think, that I probably shouldn't have written something.  But usually at the time, we're venting and we want to hear other peoples input into something.  And then, we don't stop to think that maybe someone we know might not like us writing some things.

Even though some of it is very trivial, we still have to stop and think about how the other person would feel.  I think we do this repeatedly sometimes all over the world.  We're all human and don't always realize that maybe we shouldn't have written something, said something or did something.  There's always going to be something we say or do sometimes that another person doesn't like.

Same goes for relationships.  I guess I've been on a relationship kick lately.  Well, no relationship is perfect.  Every relationship has some issues from time to time.  Hey, I have some days where I don't like something little that he has said or done, and I'm sure it is the same way for him.  All men and women get annoyed by the little things sometimes.

But it takes two responsible adults to work out issues in a constructive way.  I'm glad I can do that with mine.  Verses me being alone in my apartment building last night, to get the unpleasant opportunity to listen to my upstairs neighbors having a knockdown fight about who knows what.  I heard money come up at one point.

Isn't that a big issue!!  It seems like money always can be a big thing in the middle of a fight.  Classic.

Instead of little things like dishes in the sink or finding a man's socks all over the floor.  Or ever remember the classic movie, Parent Trap with Maureen O'Hara where she hangs her wet nylons over the shower to dry and what's his face doesn't like it?  I love both Parent Trap Movies.  But Hayley Mills is classic.

Anyway, I don't like a big fight.  Usually if I find myself in an arguement, I like to calmly work it out without both parties getting ticked off.

So anyway, onto more fun stuff.  Yes, do clean up the blog from time to time.  It will make it look better.  Go back and read your posts once in a while to make sure that it all should be there and that nothing needs to be omitted.  You don't want someone to get hard feelings.

I do write about my kids and their names are in my posts, because they are my kids.  I try not to use too many of their pictures.  I usually opt for a really old picture that doesn't look like them now.  But recently I did put my daughter in a post in hopes of winning an ipad from a contest.  I don't think I won as I would have heard.

I got my short story into the writing contest a few weeks ago, but I'm not sure if they posted the winners yet. I probably wouldn't enter too many of those.  Usually your small fee disappears and you don't end up winning.  But sometimes it's worth a try as you never know.

And now for some really fun stuff.  Last night I ended up staying at my kids house later.  Mollyanne was down cellar watching Stephen King's classic 1980's Christine movie and she wanted me to come down and watch it with her.  I heard that and grabbed my knitting and made a bee line for the cellar.  I hadn't seen that one in years!  So I went down and watched it with her.  My ex came down and handed us some banana smoothies and we watched tv with our smoothies and our glass of water.

I'm working on trying to change my diet.  I've cut back on my coffee (one cup) and am trying to drink lots of water.  Baby steps. I'm not really big, but the stomach makes me look like I'm pregnant.  So I've got to start walking.  We walked all the way down the steep path to the pool yesterday, and coming back I was out of breath.  Which tells me I need to do it more often.

And I'm trying to find natural ways to get a better nights sleep.  Well, maybe that should be another post.

So, we're watching Christine and I'm doing my knitted bracelets.  I was working on one with pretty ribbon yarn.  I got laughing through some of the parts with the guy's angry mother.  My ex and I used to poke fun at some of the old movies and imitate the characters.  That was always fun to do.  Still is.

So, as we're watching it, I was telling Mollyanne and Sean about the other movie, Cujo.  Remember the one about the big rabid dog and the mother and son trapped in the car?  Classic.  Didn't seem to thrill Sean.  Ha ha.  He was busy playing some new games he got for the computer.  So at one point, I went over to check out one he was playing.  I forget the name of it, but it was one where he's walking around the woods with a flashlight and someone is following him.  This man with no face, that when he gets close enough to him, the man grabs him and his game ends.  Looked kind of creepy and would be a game that would freak me out.

I remember playing that Indiana Jones game for the PS2 and it would freak me out.  I liked playing it, but when I would fall into the water with the alligators it made me panic.  Sean and his little friend used to get the biggest kick out of watching me play it years ago.  I still have the game in case I ever want to play it.  I've got a PS2 player at my apartment.  It's not in use right now, but maybe it will get hooked up when I someday get grandchildren.

I forgot how evil that Christine was.  Mollyanne asked me a few times why the car was killing people and I was telling her that it was an evil possessed car and it was possessing the owner too.

Well, the movie ended and then up Next:  Cujo!!!  Oh, how I wanted to stay and watch that one, but it was getting late and I had to get home.  Tonight is my night to sleep over.  So, in a little bit, I'm going to go mail my Ebay packages and check out a few yardsales.  And later today, the kids are going to see the new Spiderman movie as part of my son, Jake's birthday treat.  I might go and use up my free movie coupon from giving blood.  I treated Jake to a free pint of ice cream yesterday.  As I gave blood again.  And my movie ticket has been collecting dust for a few months.  I was going to use it for the new Snow White and the Huntsman movie, but I'm just going to wait for it to come out on DVD as I would probably end up buying that one.

And over this last week, I have had to fight for my computer with Julia.  She likes playing Free Realms and Feral Heart, and for some reason it won't work on her computer so she uses mine.  So I'm thinking maybe Santa will give her a new computer at Christmas time.  She has my old beat up computer.

So, I arrived here a little before 6AM so I could quietly take control of my laptop before she got up to tend to my Ebay stuff and other things.  I listed close to 25 or more things yesterday and had auctions that were ending.  So she kind of knows that I need it at certain times.

And I hadn't blogged in a few days and need to get back into it.  I've been letting her have the laptop for a while during the day and have been working on the bracelets.  I'm starting to make some sets too.  Bracelet, necklace and little looped earrings.  Later, I will need to find my earring attachments and perhaps some of my charms and later see how I can sew in seed beads and other beads.  I might decide to wait on that part until end of summer or when they start school and I can quietly do that while they are gone.

And I took a few minutes this morning to cut up some magazine strips and roll them up on a knitting needle to make paper beads.  Right now they look like it's just a rolled up magazine bead.  I think I will have to modge podge it and later paint  it and glaze.  I think this will also be a project for the fall time.  I don't want to pull out my good acrylic paints in front of the girls.  Same with the idea of painting designs on rocks.  I want to wait for later for some things.

So, I have got to get going for now.  Maybe I will attempt another post later today.  And maybe some more editing at some point.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted July 14, 2012

Happy Birthday to my Sister!!   I sent her this cute old fashioned card with two little girls putting curlers in each other's hair.  Classic.  We used to bobby pin our hair.  Gone are the times for that!  But I still have my bobby pins.

I spent over an hour the night before my wedding day bobby pinning my hair for the big day.  So it ended up being awesome spiral curls.

My pile of finished bracelets and other's that need to be done.  I still have to felt these and I've got another finished pile some where.  The purple underneath is a pretty sweater I found at the yard sales last week and I'm not going to part with it.  It could be a nice background material for photography and I think it borderline fits me.

Not that I want to see winter yet, but decided to drink out of this mug today.  And there's more piles of yarn.  I love having lots of different colors to choose from.

Here is the first jewelry set.  The little ones are the earrings that I later need to find the jewelry hardware for. It's stashed away with all my jewelry supplies.

The pretty ribbon jewelry sets that need to be finished.  The earrings for these ones are going to be more like a loop style.

More with the pretty ribbons.

Here's my cabled bracelets.  They are a little thicker.  It's kind of hard to see the cabled pattern in this picture, but it's quite pretty.  And simple to do.

Here are some of the bracelets or headbands I need to sew together.  These ones are made from that T-shirt yarn.  And I've got a few of my circles for the sewn up yo yo's.  I haven't worked on those for a while and am planning to sew up another yo yo pincushion later today.

The t shirt yarn is easy to do.  All you do is get an old t shirt and fold it sideways and cut your thin strips across, leaving an uncut part on the folded side.  You don't cut all the way across.  Do this all the way up the shirt to about where the arms start.  Then you open up what you cut up and cut the beginning strip.  Then it's just a matter of cutting it as you follow the string.  When you are done, go through and stretch out the strips a little bit, so that it gets stretched out and thinner.  Then roll into a ball and you have your t shirt yarn.

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