Saturday, January 11, 2014

Fun Weekends at Home

Don't you love weekends at home during the winter months.  I love to enjoy the weekends.  I've had my radio on today and love to listen to the songs.  I like the new radio station I've been listening to.  Not quite as funny as Jamie and Chantal, but it's a nice radio station I like listening to.  They will hit my funny bone sometimes too, I'm sure.

I guess we just don't know when we are going to laugh at something.  Today for me it was a few FB joke pictures and a birthday video from one of my FB friends.  Her head was kind of caricatured onto a smaller body flipping I think a skateboard around and my funny bone got jump started.

I'm loving there's no sign of break ins now, but I'm still cautious.  I did have to change my Comcast password as I know they're still hacking.  Makes me mad, that nobody should have any copy of my unfinished novels that aren't even published.  I hope that kicked them off for a little bit.  

I will feel better once I get the novel done and publish it without any sign of plagiarism.  Someone would have to be a real fool to actually follow through and plagiarize my unfinished novel.  

I've been getting a jump start on the novel within the past week, got myself caught up and am now at 204 pages.  Not that the page count matters.  It's better to have quality words instead of quantity.  I think I've got a way to go if I want to strive for an in-between number like Stephanie Meyer or J. K. Rowling.  

I've got to do some more writing on it this weekend.  I kind of got a little stumped on a few recent chapters and I want to maybe edit and change some things around to make them good chapters.  

I think all writers hit a point where we are not always sure if a chapter is going to fit the novel or break it.  If it doesn't go in a smooth way, then I will omit some things and re-write it.  I may just want to do some handwriting for these ones and see if it's going to fly.

And I've been taking some time for the knitting today.  I've been working on a head band this week that is going to turn into a scarf for me instead.  I've goofed on the pattern so it is my scarf.  Then it kind of did a twisted look so I am making it longer as it looks nicer as a scarf.  

I tried another cool pattern over this last week.  It's one of those knitted dishcloths, but this pattern has a heart in the middle.  I've got more cotton yarn, so will be making a few more of them, for me and to give away as gifts for family and friends.

I did another one from another pattern and am going to try something different with it.  The pattern came out too big for my cup.  I've got another idea for it that may end up being a prop for something.  It's one of those basic patterns for a leaf.  I bet it would be cool to make a whole slew of them and make different things with them.

And one of these days, I want to do some of the knitted flowers from Nicky Epstein's Flowers book.  My daughter once requested a rose on a headband, for which I have yet to try.  

So, my cats have had their lap time today and now I'm writing, etc....

And this weekend, I'm going to devote some time to reading.  A writer must read, read, and read some more too.  How else are we going to learn new words that may crop into our novels at any given time?

Tomorrow is going to be a baking day.  I got hungry looking at desserts and am going to bake a few things to bring to my kids as well.

I had to have a good laugh yesterday while visiting my kids.  I'm in the craft room downstairs with my girls and my Down Syndrome child, Jake is in the next room on his i-pad.  Once again listening to different music!  I got singing a few with him in his room earlier.  Then I'm singing a few from the craft room.

He got playing a few Wizard of Oz tunes, so Mom starts singing a few of the lyrics in the craft room.  All of a sudden, I heard him laughing.  I got a big kick out of it as he thought it was funny Mom was singing in the next room.  Too much fun.  But, I had to soon curb my singing after my girls got embarrassed of Mom singing!  Ha!  Ha!  Ha!!!!    

Here's Mom quietly lip sinking the next few verses of another song!!!

Ha ha ha!!!

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted January 11, 2014

I should try to draw this other doll sometime.  She's Elise one of the Madame Alexander dolls.

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