Sunday, January 5, 2014

Kill Procrastination and Just Write

Ah, the danger word called procrastination!  Stomp on it, huh?  Knock it off and get off our laurels!  Why do we like to procrastinate anyway?  Is it the thought of we should do something about what we decide we aren't going to do today and we will just put it off until tomorrow or the next day!

I think everyone is guilty of this sometimes even if they are not a writer or an artist.  People all over the world somehow seem to gravitate towards the FINE ART OF PROCRASTINATION!

I knew a good college friend who was a fan of procrastinating and was probably inspired by me who at the time, didn't procrastinate.  I just kept painting and didn't want to stop making art.  Not to say she stopped, but she enjoyed procrastinating and probably just sitting back and relaxing or doing something else she wanted to do instead.

Over the years, I learned to procrastinate just like her!  We all do it.  It's also called a weekend to wear your jammies in this cold winter weather we are experiencing.  Days when the covers seem so warm and oh, can I stay under them for a few more minutes?

We all have to stop it and get on a better schedule, really.  Sometimes my procrastination against writing is the fact I would like to just spend some time on my comfy rocking chair knitting with the cats on my lap.  It's called, I don't want to write today.

Or, I KNOW I SHOULD WRITE, but I will do it tomorrow.  I promise myself.  And if we get writer's block, sometimes tomorrow ends up being later in the week or say when the mood hits us.

Anyway, the point of writing is to make oneself do it.  Even if we just get in a chapter each day.  Or more if we can really buckle down and do.

Today, I've been kind of goofing around on FB.  I like to go to Freedom with Writing page or Writer's Write and click like and share on quotes and sayings.  It just seems to inspire me to dive in and write.  Not every time, but when I really settle into my novel, I'm inspired.

I've taken a good amount of time just editing the book, and last night, I finally got in one of the hand written chapters.  I put a few of my pictures in today as well.  I've got a witch who would like to plagiarize the novel and she would be a real fool to do so.  I can come after her for a lot of crap.  This person would have to be a fool to do so. As in Monopoly, go straight to jail with no get out of free card.

Number one, everyone knows I've been writing this novel for several years, and the artwork in it is my classic signature artwork.  Nobody would be fooled.  And it happens to be UNPUBLISHED!  It's not anywhere except for in my private writing software.  IN PROCESS!  Makes me mad all the same, even though I should take it as a compliment that perhaps she thinks it's good writing.

The simple fact is NOBODY HAS A RIGHT TO MY UNPUBLISHED WRITING, in my PRIVATE LAPTOP.  But this world is filled with hackers unfortunately.  I can't control anyone who tries to hack my stuff, makes me mad, but they would have to be so completely stupid to plagiarize me.  And it's protected with Kindle Publishing as a few of the files for it went to Kindle in an email.

I've been protecting myself.  Sent copies of it to my email as well, dated and written by me it's mine.  Also it's protected with MY FREE COPYRIGHT!!!!!!!!

It's mine.

Anyway, after this post, I am about ready to dive into a few more chapters that have been handwritten and then I'm on to finishing up the first book.  Then there's editing, fine tuning all the cover work, etc....

I'm hoping for Feb or March at latest this first book will be done and I am into the formatting process.

If not for the PROCRASTINATION!!!  I'm really into knitting up headbands.  I made a little cabled bag for one daughter for her ipod.  It came out a little too big, so I'm going to be whipping up another one.

I guess when we do get the procrastination, we should just go with it a little bit, because we probably need that little break from whatever we need to do.

As long as we come back to the writing always.  We shouldn't just stop.

Keep going on.  Moving forward in any sort of writing is a great thing.

Maybe we should try to push the envelope and see if we could come up with a novel for each month.  A novel in five weeks!!!!  That would technically be about 12 novels a year if we really put the fingers to the keyboards all the time.

It may be no bed of roses sometimes, but we should keep it up.  Oh, and if I've used no bed of roses in another post on here, I am at every right I should be able to use it in any novel as well.  That's my right as the writer.  Every writer knows that.  

I don't want any major jerks hunting me down for any simple word.  And those are my words, not someone else's.  I have every right to use anything to benefit a novel if I think I like the phrase somewhere.  Just saying.  Not that every writer has to worry about this, but it's in my worries and I should not let it get the best of me.

Meaning, I'm done writing here for now and I'm onto diving into the book.  Maybe I will procrastinate another day.

Jennifer Jo. Fay

Copyrighted January 5, 2014

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