Monday, April 21, 2014

What you make of your time is up to you.  You can either sit on your laurels or stand up and get what it is you need to get done.  And many of us have so many things we need to do.

Isn't it the way that the agenda keeps going all the time.  It always seems like there's things that need doing.

We either can let the world pass us by or we can make a stand and not let things get in the way of what we feel we need to do.

Every day can either be a challenge or a walk in the park.  Nobody likes to have to do things we don't want to do but sometimes it makes us stronger.

There's always going to be obstacles and we have to learn to face them.

Dealing with things we don't want to have to face is what we need to do.  Going at them full force.  Trying to adapt to anything is key to making things successful in even the smallest tasks.

Get involved with things.  Join a class, go to the library.  Make use of your local public places.

Treat yourself sometimes.   We can't never treat ourselves.  I treated myself to a few slices of cheese pizza from my local gas station and boy were they good.  I don't do it often so it's a treat when I treat myself to that kind of thing.  I get addicted to Andy Capps too and today I didn't finish the bag, so my girls got a cheddar treat.  And another daughter got a soda from MacDonalds.

Little treats get remembered.  Like their grandfather used to dole out sticks of gum to my kids.  Probably still does.  Little things like that get etched into their memory.  Sometimes I weed out my things and pass things onto my girls.

One daughter got a gothic rose ring today.

Finding time for ourselves makes us feel better.  Even if it's just a little bit, that's all that matters that you found some time to do something you like to do.

Jennifer Jo. Fay

Copyrighted April 21, 2014

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