Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Funny How Life Keeps Rolling along

It's so hard to believe we're in 2016.  Last year seemed to be a busy knitting one for me with writing spurts added in there too.

My new years resolution is to not buy anymore yarn, maybe to cut back on the coffee(probably won't follow through with this one) and to write a lot more.  I think this should be my year for writing!!!!

I've just got to make myself do it.  I'm living off my alimony right now and know in about five years or a little less I should qualify for disability.  So far, my plan is to move to Maine in about three and a half years to live with my dad as I wouldn't be able to afford my apartment.  By then my kids will be older.

I got rid of my old car this last summer, gave it to Good News Garage.  I had forked over tons of money last year on repairs and it still needed many more.  Wasn't worth it to keep investing in it.  Now I take the buses to get to my kids three days a week.  It was perfect in the summer and their vacations as I am able to get a good amount of time with them then.

However, it kind of sucks when they are in school.  They come home at about three and then I have to leave their house at three thirty to go catch my bus.  But, I'll do it.  It's better than no time at all and I've told my kids that it's the fact that I'll come to see them even if it's only ten to twenty minutes that shows them how much I love them.  And I always call them days I don't see them.

Once in a while my girls get on Facebook and message me or video chat.  The video chat was really neat.

My girls are in 8th grade now and next year will be in High School.  Jake is 18.  He is going to a different school this year for kids with disabilities.  They thought he would like the atmosphere better.

Sean is in his second year of college and is finally getting into some of the archaeology classes he wanted to do.  He's been dating college girl for about a year.  She's getting to go to Greece for a week later this year to study abroad.

Ah, the Powerball!!!  Couldn't believe it got into the billions.  I actually got my first ticket for that.  I had never played before.  And I got a ticket for Sat.  Both tickets were a wash.  Nothing.  I almost didn't get a ticket for this Wednesday but I broke down and spent a little of my extra bus money on one.  Although I'm sure I will have much better luck writing the novel about it.

Sean actually got tickets and I suddenly realized he's old enough to play.  Ha ha.

Well, I'm going to get going now.  I need to get writing those novels.  It would be cool if I could get to publish one next month.

I looked at my files and found old writing documents I have never written to lately.  One of these days I should get to those too.  I was surprised to see them and kind of forgot about them.

Isn't that the way, having all these projects and your bucket list can't seem to get them all done.

I should probably make myself pull some late nights.  I've been pulling late nights lately.  I treated myself to basic cable and internet back in September and am loving it.

I've got my therapist visiting my apt soon.  She makes house calls!!!  I'm either writing before she comes or getting myself in gear right after that.  I've got the Today Show on.

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