Monday, September 9, 2013

If everyone had a Panic Room

If we all had a panic room, what would you want in it?  I watched Panic Room a little while ago, hadn't seen it in years.  I remember it was a good movie.  It was funny to see Kristen Stewart as a kid.  I liked the part where she tells her mom, "Fuck him.".

Question...  how can a father get 165 hours a week and a really good mother only gets 3???
All I can honestly say is, there will come a day when the kids are going to be all their mother. 

Life is full of hard knocks.  What doesn't kill us makes us stronger. 

So anyway, back to what would you want in your panic room should we all have one?  We definitely all have one, but not one in the movie.  It's called the bedroom or the bathroom. 

When my kids were little, mine was most definitely the bathroom!!!!!!  Spare a few minutes in there to have a moment's silence and maybe o write my grocery list or the to do list.  How many bathrooms out there have a magazine rack!!!!!!!  Tons.

Okay, a panic room should have, food, water and an enhailer and all the necessaries to give any Kristen Stewart the medicine he or she needs when in panic attacks, etc...

Medical tool kits, a hammer or some sort of weapon for your protection from an attacker.  I would never be a person to have a gun in the house.  It would backfire in so many ways.  And if you are a woman like me, you know the weapon will be used to hurt you when you were thinking it would be your protection against an intruder.  They're usually stronger than us. 

Blankets, other protective gear in case of a fire.  Oh, a phone line to call your 911 or if you're just having fun, the pizza guy!!!!

Okay, now let's get seriously fun, a panic room should also have fun stuff.  How about a book shelf of your favorite books,magazines, crossword puzzles etc....  anything for your enjoyment.  Oh, how about a daybed, a Victorian chair and a year's supply of kettle chips.  Well, that would certainly push me or anyone to a seriously high blood pressure and the panic rOom ends up bring the emergency room.  A year's supply of dehydrated kale. 

 Hopefully nobody needs a real panic room.  I myself, enjoy my life even though I've got mean chain tankers in it.  And one of them put his face in my face causing a confrontation a few days ago.  I called the cops and he's been told to not confront me in any way.  He was standing in my way of going outside to my car and instigated an unwanted confrontation.

Can hardly wait to move.  it can't come quick enough. 
 I will tell you what always makes any of my days better, is talking to my kids and even better, seeing them!!!!  I love my kids and even though I love doing all the things I like to do, my kids come first and they know it. 

They are the sole reason I don't move back to my home state.   I feel bad for any child out there who is abused and hurt by anyone.  It's too bad when a parent thinks its okay to hurt any child.  It's not okay EVER!!!  My kids are very lucky they have never been in a situation like that. 

Too good parents.  But I would never tell the other half you can never see your kids again.  What kind of aren't who can say that to a perfectly good parent is beyond me.  That hurts the kids more than keeping the other parent from them. 

I love taking pictures and I bet you can guess what they are of.  Yes, my wonderful children. 

And flowers, dolls, knitting, etc....  any craft I love to do!!!!!!  This girl never will have idle hands,...  Nothing can ever stop me from creating. 

I can hardly wait to get back to doing some drawing too.  It's been way too long.  I still want to do a beginning drawing of the sweet angel, Emily Parker.  There's something about that picture that is so beautiful and we should all be reminded that there are always beautiful angels among us.

Well, hmmm....  getting hungry soon....  and I've got another girl's skirt to finish.  I finished my girls skirts and some for my nieces and now I'm making a few to sell on Etsy at some point.  Oh, after the new laptop at some point.  New digs first.

I had to privately laugh when one of my girls said two of her friends wanted skirts too so I told her to ask them what their favorite colors are and I can at least make them a pretty winter headband with a bow. 

I finally did two with a bow last week, one I wore and the other one will be a gift for someone.  The bows are very easy to do.  I'm thinking that some would be cool attached to a ponytail as well. 

Oh and I figured out what one of the nice songs I like is called.  Same love.  I'm not gay, but its a beautiful song.  For me it really seems to speak of freedom.  And we all want that. 

Freedom means freedom of speech, freedom to live our lives the way we want for ourselves and others, freedom means peace and harmony, love thy neighbor as long as you know they are decent people, freedom should stand for no violence across the board, freedom is the right to achieve all of our goals shooting for the moon and asking for the things we truly believe in, freedom is being able to put your children first always, because our children should always be our number one priority.
 And last but not least and probably the most important, is to forgive those who have done us wrong unless if there is absolutely no decency.  

Always forgive if you can as it always frees your soul.  Forgive your better half no matter what he or she has done to you.  In most cases he or she is the father or the mother of your children.  And sometimes we all need our space and even in any negative situation there's a positive.  It's called endurance and not letting anything get the best of you. 

I'll always thank my ex for my children, always.  I LOVE MY KIDS.  It's so true that they make your life complete.  I always remember my Grammy telling my Mom and Dad that we were their biggest accomplishment in life.  Nothing hits home to any parent more than that.  We can publish, create a masterpiece, knit or anything else, but what are we without our children?

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted September 9, 2013

 The skirts for my nieces.  A few more and I'm going to have to go on to another project.  I'm looking at my cats and am thinking they may need a cool cat hat!!!!
. Halloween is coming!!!  Not that its my next upcoming project but I got thinking of it when Luna tried to get into the middle of one of he skirts as I was knitting.

Okay, now I'm really getting hungry!!!  Bye!!!!!  Catch you on the flip side.  Oh, and I love Katy Perry's new song, Roar!!!  I would be a tiger and not a mouse!!!!

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