Friday, September 27, 2013

When Things don't work out.

What type of person are you when you don't get your way?  Are you a whiner?  Are you a kicker and screamer?  Or do you gracefully tell yourself its for the best?  And its important to have a good outlook that what is right for you will soon be on its way.

Life is like that, sometimes sending us false hopes, we get anxious that its what's going to happen or that our hopes are going to get let down.

Needless to say, my basketball sized living room I'm not going to get and the apt search is still in the process.  I'm hopeful that I will find something.

I'm angry it means I have to put up with real asses for a little bit longer.  Blair my radio seems to help.  The guy on the other side of the building keeps complaining about the radio.  Thing is, I've tested the theory he should not be able to hear my music on his side of the building at all.

I have it on high, I walk outside my apt and I cannot hear the songs, I can tell the radio is on vaguely but I cannot hear the songs.  I walk to my apt door and I can tell its on, but its not loud outside my apt, can't hear the songs, and only when I open the door I can hear it.  The only person who could hear it is the guy right above me and I'm not sure how much he could hear.

So if the guy can hear it on other side of building enough to complain about it, doesn't that creep you out!!!!!!!!!!!  I can so hardly wait to move from sheer pigs!!!!!!

So, today is Friday and it may very well be the last weekend for yardsales.  And we are on our way into October.  Halloween month.  Next thing we know, we are going to help our kids eat their candy, and prepare for the holidays. 

The other day, I was hearing on the radio we have about ninety days left until Christmas.  Eek......  Well, I shouldn't complain as I finished most of my shopping. 

My knitting frenzy is on a high, I'm looking at my just about two day skirt for girls.  I think this one is a size 14.  I got knitting it and part way through I realized I was knitting with a slightly bigger needle than I used for the other girls skirts. 

Not sure what project is coming after this one. 

Jennifer Jo Fay

September 27, 2013

My local library's beautiful roses.

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