Monday, June 23, 2014

Another good day and we are into summer now.  Doesn't quite feel like summer weather though.  Here in Vermont we are having a cool weather spurt.  Some mornings you want to put on your housecoat or a light cover up.

It just doesn't always get super hot.  Although tomorrow we are supposed to have humid weather.  I got to my kids house today and my son had just gotten back from his camping trip.  They had a time getting back as his roof rack broke and the kayaks went flying.  Sounds like not a very fun time.

He likes his new job.  And I am praying I get a part time job.  I'm supposed to get a call back from them either this afternoon or tomorrow morning.  It's a fashion store and I'm hoping I get it as I've been having a hard time finding something and I just want something.

It would give me something to do and break up my time a little bit.  Anxiously waiting a phone call and do not know if I have it yet.  If I get it, I will still try to blog but it may be sporadic.  I will be balancing my time between a job and seeing my kids and other things.

I was pleasantly surprised by a newborn knitted hat sale today and will be visiting the post office tomorrow to mail it to her.  That was cool to see.

Now I may be tempted to go to the grocery store and put a container of orange juice in my refridgerator.  I shouldn't as it's a sugar overdose and I'm diabetic but I may not be able to resist.  Don't you hate it when your fridge gets bare?

Yesterday, I was hard up and made some popcorn and had nothing to drink later on but water.  But water is really supposed to be best for you.

I'm working on a knitted scarf brown for my daughter and am going to make the same color for my other daughter.  I'm going to wait a few years before I give them to them as I don't want to see them thrown out.  When they are old enough they will appreciate it more.

I listen to Star 92.9 and Mike and Mary in the morning.  This morning they were discussing what is good for burns.  Usually they pick a topic up for discussion and I listen to people calling in with their advice.  Aloe gel was the most important tip I would say!

Jake has started his summer school and just got back.  He always goes every summer.  Because he has downs it is important that he keeps up the school focus so he doesn't lose all of it over the summer.

I spent some time this morning cleaning up my photos in my HTC tablet and on my IPOD.  After a while I've accumulated a lot of photos and didn't need them all.  I had an overdose of my cats.  And on the tablet, I deleted the majority of the photos as I've already uploaded them to the laptop and my zipdrives and didn't want to have to upload them a second time.  

I'm going to try to keep it to new photos and after uploading them will delete them off the tablet.

Well, hmmm....

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted June 22, 2014

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