Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Another day at the library.  I've been busy in the forums and creating treasuries.  My views have increased dramatically after creating treasuries and my stuff is being favorited.  Wish it meant more sales.

But I did get a paper doll set sale yesterday so I shouldn't complain.  Not enough to make a big dent but it helps.

It's cool in here.  I should have brought a cover up.  Here I'm dressing for summer and the library is air conditioned.

My son is going to find out if he has a job today I think.  I've figured he will find one before I can but I'll keep trying.  Eventually there will be something.

Fall is coming too and the college kids will need to quit and go to school.  I'm hoping my son can go to college this year.  It will boil down to if he can qualify for the loans or not.  I hope so.

His graduation is almost here and my girls are getting excited for having me sleeping in their room for the night.  They've been video chatting in Google Hangout with their cousins.  I got treated to that yesterday and could see the cousins in their bedroom playing.  A few states away.

Mollyanne had me sit on the floor for a little bit and put a halo on me, horns, a clown hat and other little gadgets.

Fun fun fun.

Well, I'm off to make a few more treasuries and then going home to knit.  I'm working on leggings right now.  Something other than coffee cozies.  I've built up a lot of coffee cozies but seem to have lots of small balls of yarn that I can only make coffee cozies with.

But I've got larger cone yarn to make a bunch of leggings.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted June 10, 2014

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