Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Summer isn't officially here yet, but the need for the fans have begun.  I had to turn mine on for the last few days. Yesterday was quite muggy until we had thundershowers.

Don't you love listening to the rain coming down?  It was pelting down hard for a while.  So I knew that pub customers nearby would not be sitting outside on their patio furniture.  I live in downtown and am nearby the action.  I even get treated to live bands from the nearby pub as I can hear it from my apt.  They usually sound pretty good.

I'm hanging out at the library again and am making use of my time before going to my kids house.  I probably ticked off a business I've been calling once a week or a little longer about jobs and there isn't a cashier position available yet.  He claims he will call me when there's one available, but as a person looking I have to feel I need to call back periodically to see if there is anything.  These places don't always call you back like they say they do and I don't want to pass up a possible job.

I applied to a different job and I'm not calling back as I don't think I'm qualified.  I don't know how to use a forklift and it sounds like a man's job.

Sometimes you just know when you don't think you will qualify for something.

I've been knitting more coffee cozies and soon I plan to go to the Etsy forums to start posting.

Do you feel like you wake up early sometimes?  My cats get me up early to be fed, then I go back to bed for a little bit.  I usually get myself up by six am as I want coffee.  I ended up more like 5:30am this morning or a little later.  I was wide awake and sometimes you just can only lie awake in bed for so long before you know you can't do it any longer.

So, I have had my coffee and plan on another cup at my kids house.  My son wondered why I can drink coffee on a hot day.  Funny huh?  Us adults just need our coffee.  And that cup at my kids house is like sitting with a drink.  It's relaxing to drink it while I'm talking with my oldest.

I'm hoping he gets to go to college.  It's going to determine whether or not he can qualify for the loans and if not, he's waiting a year.  I hope he gets to go.

He has one more day of school tomorrow and he is officially done and waits for the graduation day.  I've already got my dress picked out and can hardly wait.

We've got a new fashion store coming soon to my area so there's another place I'm hoping to get into.  Times are tough and I'm playing the waiting game and applying for what is out there which isn't a whole hell of a lot.

Jennifer Jo.. Fay

Copyrighted June 5, 2014

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