Monday, June 2, 2014

What defines the day for you.  Do you like it when you get things done or does it bother you when not everything gets done right away?

Sometimes I don't like it when not everything gets done but then I have to look on the bright side that perhaps it was for a reason that I wasn't always able to tackle everything that needed tending to.

The weekends are great for relaxing so if I don't always get everything taken care of I will take a moment or two to vedge out.

I treated myself to listening to Melanie Safka yesterday and had to replay it a few times.  What a voice.  I realized that she was a teenager when I was a baby.  During the year of Woodstock, I was one year old.

I'm a seventies child but the flower power era went into the seventies so it grew on us.  I'm remembering Brand New Key from my childhood days.  Mom used to have her Melanie record out and I do remember hearing Brand New Key and Ruby Tuesday.

I learned of some of her other songs later last year.  Miley Cyrus sang to Look What they've done to my Song Ma.

Well, today is cool.  I have made some coffee cozies and plan to go to Etsy to the forums in a little bit.  I was online filling out applications.  There's just not a lot out there.  But I won't give up.  Eventually something will turn up.

Sometimes do you wonder if places are discriminating?  Sometimes they tend to go for the college kid before the older adult.  Just saying.  You never know and all these places nowadays have their pick and choice out of many applicants.  It makes it hard for a person to even find something.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted June 2, 2014

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