Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Doing What You Want is What Matters

Since when do we live our lives by the rule of others?  We know that too often we do succumb to what others think we should do.  In the work force we often have to give in to what others want.  We need to please our boss and our co workers.  And those who are above us in rank.  That is if we want to keep our jobs and get money.

And even those of us who work for ourselves, we have to give in to certain rules too.  There are things that need to be followed whatever the job may be.  Because even though we may be self employed, we have clients that want certain things and we are constantly trying to create a product that people are going to want to buy.  So in that fact, the consumer is our boss.

But, we are the ultimate boss in what we choose to sell, create, make, and do.

And what we choose to do in our lives in any aspect is what makes our lives what we want it.  All too often, even in all the things we do, there is always those that try to butt in and tell us how to live our lives.  Trying to tell us not to say and do certain things.  And should we listen?  Sometimes it is good to listen as they may have a point and other times we have to know when it may be right for them to act a certain way but it isn't right for us.

And, for us bloggers, we should write exactly what we want to write and not listen to anyone.  It's our voice and not someone else's.  How many times have you heard someone say, "You will learn."  Meaning these people think that you shouldn't be writing certain things on your blog and they constantly tell you that you will learn.  Well, maybe it is them that need to learn that what we choose to put out there is our vision and it is up to us to delete things, leave the things in that are important to us and change what we feel needs changing.

And whatever ends up staying has perfect right to be there as we were the ones who put it there, we meant it, we don't care what others think about it, we're expressing ourselves, and it is a means to help out someone who may go away with new thoughts and inspiration in their heads.

I blog because I enjoy sharing with others.  I don't care if other's know about certain parts of my life.  It's me and it's nobody else's vision.  My thoughts, my opinions and life experiences.

Do you feel like you constantly do things to please others and then one day you wake up and think, "Why did I listen to them?  I wasted all this time worrying what others think that I didn't spend all the time on what I really wanted to do."  Do you ever get those nasty pangs and regretted that you didn't do what you wanted to do?  You listened and let them get to you.  It goes straight down to the mean girl on the school yard who gets to you and you let them enter your head instead of ignoring them.

Same with anyone who tries to make your life a hell. Mine would be my criminal neighbors and I've got to drown them out, and not give them anything to harass me about.  Counting down the days until they are gone!  That would be the best Christmas present.

They are the nosiest people ever, wanting to know every little detail of my life.  Hey, it's private and none of their business.  And if they seem to know all these things they shouldn't possibly know, then it's illegal and they need to be in jail for it.  If I catch them, that's where I'll make sure the cops send them.  I'm very quiet in my apt and I can't understand how they know all these things about me in the privacy of my apt.  I'm basically being stalked and it's not funny.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted December 13, 2012

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