Sunday, December 9, 2012

What is Next on Your Holiday Agenda?

You've gotten a lot accomplished hopefully for the holiday season, so whoop de do...... ha ha ha.

Well, hopefully we all have some good starts.  My shopping for others is done!  Yay.  Next on my agenda is to do some wrapping.  That's the fun part too.  But I am glad it's not seven or eight years ago when the wrapping for the kids meant an up all night affair, where all the piles were, where is the tape, where are the scissors?

Don't you hate it when you are wrapping something, comes time for the tape or the scissors and you can't find the darn things even though you know they are right within your vicinity?  Many, many times, and I'm sure it will happen again.  I swear it's the devil elves or fairies that do this to us!  Just kidding.  Hmmm.... put that in my Glorious Money Tree book!  Devil elf.  Probably not, though.  I think adding a devil elf could spoil the novel.  I don't think it would fit the story line.

I've got to at least start wrapping the ones for my nieces and nephew and get it in the mail to them later this week.  My nieces will have to wait for their knitted legwarmers though as I haven't even started them yet.  I think I will end up just mailing them in a separate package.

I'm finishing up my olive green shawl.  It's getting larger, but it needs to be bigger so I can have it fit right as I want to make sure it covers me.  Earlier this week, I tried it on Julia and it looked just about the right size for her at that point.  I may have to make one their size later in a different color.  Or maybe make some to sell next year too.  I bet shawls for little girls would sell well at craft shows.  And they are lacy too.

I'm thinking I want to bind mine off in a picot or a bobble stitch.  That would be really pretty as it is draped along the neckline.

I spent Saturday waiting for my car to be inspected.  I was very happy that the damage wasn't too bad.  I got away with just needing a few new tires.  I've got to go back though to get my actual sticker as I didn't have some of the updated paperwork in my car.  Which means tomorrow, I have to do the legwork to retrieve misplaced copies.  Just a few extra steps, but it will get done.

Don't you hate it when those things happen?  Yesterday, in the process of getting part of it, I discovered that the place had moved to another town, went there and then when I got there the place was closed.

Sometimes it seems like a pain in the neck when we are travelling to something, wasting gas, and then when we get there the doors are closed.  Then you find yourself driving all the way back, and before you know it, you may have killed an extra hour.

But, these little dilemmas tend to get in the way and we just have to make due and deal with them the best we can.  There is always a solution.

And by that time, I just needed to get back to my kids, so I called the car place and told them I would have to come back in a few days to get the actual sticker.  And when I got back to the kids house, I had to see what sort of damage was done there.  The oldest was watching them (my 17).The girls had their friend over and the worst damage was three empty peppermint hot chocolate wrappers on the counter and my yarn scattered on the living room floor.

In the past few days, the girls have taken up knitting again.  Julia and the friend's knitting was kind of messy, but Mollyanne's looks good and she actually has something getting bigger on her needles.  She's got two to three inches done to something.  And the funny thing is she learned to double strand like I do.  That's cool.

Tomorrow, I will try to spend some time untangling the other stuff and see if I can salvage Julia's knitting in case she wants to work more on hers.  I had to pick up the needles a little bit though so none of us step on the wooden needles and break one.

And later in the evening, we got a knock on the door.  At first I thought it was their guinea pig, Bling Bling making a racket, but it ended up being a little boy selling Christmas wreaths.  And seeing as my car damage wasn't bad, I ended up buying one and it's hanging from the kitchen window to the living room.  I haven't bought a Christmas wreath in probably over ten years.  Hmmm... maybe some cool photography ideas with it.  And Mollyanne wants the red ornament on it later.

So, now I'm thinking of a few holiday trees for me (yarn at reasonable prices) and call it good.  I'm looking at a pretty purple cone yarn that would be pretty mixed in with my pink or green cone yarn.

My next knitting projects besides the legwarmers, may be ballet slippers and some basic socks.  It's been many years since I tried knitting socks.  The last pair I did was baby socks or slippers for Jake.  A cute little blue pair.  I don't think I have ever made a pair of socks for me and those ballet slippers look really pretty.

My girls are still asleep, so maybe next, I should be doing another chapter to the novel.  It's about 126 pages now.  I'm thinking that within a few weeks, I will have more opportunity to type on my novel.  I still haven't decided if I will bring my laptop home in the evenings.  At this point, I don't want my criminal neighbors to get access to it and delete all my lifetime's hard work that is on it.  I will have to wait on that until I know it is safe to bring it home.  That won't be for a long time.

I think I am looking at January hopefully not February to see them gone.  Eviction takes a while.  It's no comfort at all with them there.  A death threat is never a comfort, whether it is a scare tactic or real.  You just don't know.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted December 9, 2012

Okay.  My ex boyfriend's cat, Rascal.  I like this picture.  Later I will take some of the Christmas wreath.

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