Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Reflections of the end of a year and the dawning of the new

How many times have we come to the end of the year and realized that we really did come a long way?  Or maybe we didn't travel as far as we wanted to.  Perhaps we wandered down other paths that weren't meant to be followed, however, when we did there was a discovery of something simply amazing.

We were meant to find those buried paths.  The ones underneath the pine needles we stepped on when we were meant to feel the moss beneath our feet or perhaps the hard cement, the dirt road, the well loved cobblestone path that everyone loves to live by.

There were also the thorns that we uncovered along the way, trying to drag us down and as they tried to sink deep within, we discover that all is not lost and we prevail.  Overcome all obstacles as good always wins out over any evil.  All the pain, sorrows, dilemmas, and mishaps all fall down into a well and we leave it there to dry up and stay in the past.

Sometimes things are too hurtful and there will always be a void.  I think the hardest thing about Christmas and the holidays is when we have a loved one who isn't here anymore and we miss them most at this time of year.

I had my moment today, when I thought of my Mom.  My niece, Savannah gave me a little piano music box and it played the musical melody, Memories.  What a beautiful song, and as I played it about five times this morning, I thought about her and that she loved this song too.  And I think every one's angels are beside them now, as mine is with me.  All the people I have lost over the years.  I get older, they got older and life happened.  We lose people.

And we all should take a moment of our day today to pray and know that Sandy Hook angels are watching over all of us.  And I thought for a moment of Snowflakes for Sandy Hook today and that mine and Julia's are among them to touch them and heal their sorrow in this time when it is needed most.

And I think of how now Christmas is almost over and there will be the very short days until the new year begins.  I always feel a small tinge of sadness as it comes to an end.  I also think of what things I need to accomplish in these last few days.  Years ago, I used to feel that I needed to set out to do so many things in these last hours of an old year ready to ring in the new, and then I have now come to decide whatever I get done gets done and what does not, stays waiting.

A new year is waiting in the wings, ready with new roots to sprout, words to grow, things to live by, thoughts, hopes and dreams to carry out and see us through into another new year.

Thank God for no End of the World and my son won't be sitting on the roof top with his friends blowing away the aliens and zombies.  He will be later on combing the beaches with his new metal detector and hopefully will find something that those cheap kid ones would not.  Ha ha.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted December 25, 2012

My Mom's Cats Mug.  Julia wanted it so I decided to take my pictures of it in case it someday breaks, I will have nice pictures.  She got this on a trip to England with my Uncle Gary and my Nana.  She loved seeing the play.  And the trip held great memories for her.  

Below is an old pair of mittens I made for Sean when he was a little boy.  Mind you, he was coming off the bus when I was taking this picture and his baby hats were lying in the snow.  I'm sure he was embarrassed, and I laughed.  Ah.... part of Mom's job is embarrassing her children over and over again, and I will gladly do it if it's going to give me a fun laugh too.  As long as I don't painfully embarrass them!!!!  Ha ha ha.

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