Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ban Spy Gadget Sites!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I personally think these spy gadget sites should be banned.  I can't believe what is out there and all the crap I have been reading on hackers of all kinds.  LG smartphones supposedly can be hacked so that they make money on hacking our phones.  That was one website I went to to read.  It may have been HUffington Post or somewhere like that.

But then upon looking up other things, I was surprised that there are thermal cameras, and all kinds of gadgets out there that can spy on people, monitor our actions and so on.  It's a really scary world out there.  Maybe it has some good for certain things.

I mean, if police have this information, it can be a good thing to catch bad people in action.  It's probably good as well if say you are a wife or something and you want to catch one of your family members in action on something.  Say, you're worried about your teen or you think your ex is cheating on you.

Or a place of business may want something to make sure there's nobody doing things they aren't supposed to, then it's good.

When it turns ugly, is when bad people get all these stuff and use it to their advantage.  Like to listen to the cops, or anyone in their vicinity.

And for poor me, it's been used to violate the crap out of my privacy.  A good samaritan, the innocent victim of bad people.  Makes me so so mad, but the only thing is I haven't found the proof to get them put in the slammer.  I wish I had the proof because that is where they need to be.

This makes so much more sense to me that these people near me have all the gadgets to use in not good ways.  Certain phone devices can pick up a conversation within a certain vicinity.  Some up to 33 feet away, etc...  Phone recorders to tape phone recordings etc......  Police scanners.  These nuts definitely have a police scanner.  I don't have proof on anything, but that one I know they have and to what extent they can use with those things I do not know.

Any way, these sites have all kinds of different gadgets, phone recorders, other phone devices that can tap into anyone's conversations up to a certain distance, listening devices when put into a wall can monitor everything in a room down to the God damned whisper that in all right minds, nobody should hear if one wasn't bugged.

There's the thermal cameras that can actually see through walls to see what you are doing.  I got this question answered in Yahoo answers when people said that they can see you through the walls if it is a thermal camera.  I also had to laugh on one comment that afterwards said to walk around with a foil hat on your head.  That made my day so far today.

It's nasty that people can tap into your phone conversations and record your phone calls.  There's also gadgets that can change a person's voice to sound like something different.  How awful is that in the wrong hands?

Watch out if you are severely stalked like I am.  I made the mistake of taking the LG battery out of my phone a few nights ago and when I put it back in, I forgot I had to type in my security password.  Made me mad and I had to end up changing it the next morning to something different.  I had no sooner typed in my password that night, and a few seconds later I heard an Blank Blank Blank Nutjob say, "Bicentennial year."  Needless to say, I will never be using that again as any sort of password ever.  Meaning they've either hacked my phone or they have one of their nasty gadgets upstairs to monitor my crap.

There's X-ray gadgets, and god knows what else on these sites.  I didn't look at everything.  All sorts of surveillance cameras, and even the key logger software that lets a person retrieve from any pc online or offline.  That makes me mad as well.  And it makes me nervous to get my new laptop at some point.  I would be inclined to think they wouldn't be able to get into your stuff offline unless if they know your model number or certain information to do that.

Make great passwords for all your stuff and just pray to god you live near good neighbors because I am telling you all right now, if you've been the unfortunate gal like me to live near bad ones, you are going to be in for some nasty crap done to you.  Druggy people are unpredictable and down right terrible. 
I'm wishing these people to be buried on Pluto or even better, some other Galaxy would be just delicious.

Jennifer Jo Fay
Copyrighted June 19, 2013

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  1. Sounds as though you are very often the victim of "bad people"..strange how often...