Tuesday, June 4, 2013

How to Keep your Passwords Safe

Are you like me and you feel that you have to keep changing your passwords?  I think with the Internet booming and it's getting bigger than ever, we have to watch out for all the scary things happening on the web.  Which means hackers, phishers, scammers and all of the other categories within this bracket are getting lightning fast at gaining our important information which is ours and we need to find our ways to protect it.

I've been reading a lot on hackers because I have those very mean neighbors hacking into my things.  Which means I have to learn to be password savvy to keep them out.  Protect my important stuff.

I really don't like it when that tall skinny guy comes out of his apt. and he starts talking about my Ravelry downloads I am quietly looking at for that quiet moment inside my apt.  Which of course tells me that all along he and others have hacked into my HTC tablet.  Now, I'm only planning to use this tablet for my Ravelry downloads and going to that one site.  Will keep changing my password to that and to the security on my laptop and if the not nice guy can see that I'm reading all about hackers, tough.

Someone mentioned to me recently they may have a police scanner which may be able to pick up nearby signals.  Anyway, I don't know exactly how they are able to hack, but I don't like them knowing any of my online information.

Here are some tips to learn about creating our passwords.  Create a really good one as the stronger the password, the longer it's going to take a hacker to get your info.

I've lived and learned to finally not have the same password for every site.  I had the same password for a while during all the crap I went through with these bad people.  Which is why they were able to hack into my emails etc...

Have a different password for every site.  Use uppercase and lower case, random numbers also is good.  Never use your name in it.  They say a simple password can be hacked within ten minutes.  How scary is that?  I read an article yesterday where it's a good idea to make it longer.  Think up oddball passwords.  Don't go into the dictionary and pick out something.  Get creative with it.  And also, when you have your password, write either a hint or the password down somewhere where you will be able to remember what it is.

Never use the same passwords over again.  There's endless ideas to what your password can be.

If you feel comfortable using something like Keypass or Passwordsafe for your passwords, go for it.  Those can be very useful and then all you have to do is copy and paste.  I'm not sure if I feel comfortable with using it for myself as these people are so vicious, I don't want them knowing my password for one of those two sites should I sign up for one.  And then, they've got all your passwords.

Protect yourself.  Change them more often if you would like.  If you have a long unusual password, it can take them weeks or longer or months before they can crack it and then by that time, you've created a new one and they can't get in.

Also, create a darn good password for your laptop so that they can't even get into it at all.  I would think.  It says that they cannot hack into your laptop when you are offline, unless if they have installed something that lets them do it while you are offline or if your laptop is off.  There may be a few acceptions that say they can but for the most part they can't get in if you are offline.

If they know your password for your secure wifi if you have your own service, they can get in and retrieve information, files, deleted files in your hard drive, your recycle bin, etc..  They can help themselves.  Same with if you are using insecure wi fi at local public places, they can get in and retrieve whatever they want, maybe install something, who knows.  It's scary.  It would be my hope though if I have a very secure password on my laptop and keep changing it, that it's going to take them some time before they can get in.

And what if I was to change it when I hop on and when I'm done, I change it again.  It's going to mess them up, I would think.

This girl is going to become password savvy and beat them at their game, and when I finally get that new laptop, I'm going to put a darn good password on it and I'm thinking I'm going to use it primarily offline for my novels and the real important stuff.  I'll use this junky one for the internet fun.  Ha ha...

Well, on to change a few more passwords, then start writing more posts.  And I want to get back to my place before this guy can take anymore of my mail from my mail box.  I know who it is, but it's my word against his.  I wish the cops would someday get a search warrant for his apt and they will find my divorce court paper for the date I missed.  Had I gotten that important piece of mail, I would have been there.  And now, I can't have this guy taking my check or my important bills next.  He's a terrible person.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted June 4, 2013

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