Sunday, June 23, 2013

Short and Sweet

I'm going to make this short today.  I've had a scary thing happen.  Last night I was trying to make my complaint to FBI at the library, I finally got done and there was one thing wrong and suddenly I got sent out of the page and lost my complaint and the library closed.  I arrived back and got a scare.  Last night early on, I cooked something to eat, turned off the microwave timer and turned off the burner.  Electric.  I always turn off my burner.  My scary feeling is that I was gone all day, got back not sure if there was any jimmying of my locks.  And the fact is that the burner was warm, slightly hot but nothing further away was hot.  And another fact was the coil was not even orange, which is telling me it hadn't been on long.  Leads me to the hacking and the fact I was a good samaritan in the fall which led to the terrible hacking of a group of not nice neighbors and truly bad. 
Anyway, I am hoping to god nobody actually came in, but it's suggesting it.  I'm thinking that if it was all night, I would have other things hot after a long time and I know for a fact I turned it off.

So today, I have spent a while getting my complaint into FBI and it's in.  I am hoping at least to make it so these people stop hacking and retrieving all my stuff.  They probably have Key logger software and because I was naive in the fall with the no security and insecure internet, they hacked, came in, broke in I'm sure put it physically in there, and the new one they have done whatever they did as well basically because it's a terribly outdated refurbished laptop. 

They got the vital info they need to know on the ones I know are doing it and hopefully they can crack down on some of them.  At least if they can crack down on the one recent one that's been letting me know he knows my Ravelry and all the other crap, the threats to plagerize my UNPUBLISHED NOVELS.  THE Glorious Money Tree Trilogy, Lustful Evangelean and the others.  But wouldn't I be horrified if I was to someday start working strongly on the Trilogy and finish all three books and they retrieved and published before I can figure out how to format for Kindle Publishing. 

I've been thinking how horrified I would be to see my work out there by someone else none other than my not nice, vicious and insane neighbors.  They are truly insane for doing this crap all because of being a good samaritan.  Those cops wanted us to help and I blindly did it.  Can't take it back.  That is the reason for the awful stalking.  I would be absolutely crushed should my most creative work be taken from me.  My writing career in a sense wrecked!!

I'm so glad that I got that complaint in and hopefully it will bring me a little justice at least for that, can't bring justice to all the threats and scare tactics, but as long as I feel that when I finally get that new laptop with windows 8, Webroot and spring for my own internet, I will be a happy girl.  To have a piece of mind that I can work on my novels and other stuff without all that tremendous worry will be a load off my mind.

So if anyone feels that they may have been hacked into in some way and you believe you need to act on it.  If nothing else works, go to the FBI and they will crack down on hackers.  That is so frowned upon when any sort of hacker gets your vital information about anything.

And I am praying to god that by some insane thing, maybe I left my stove on.  But I think I would have had those coils orange and more signs of heat.  I could tell it wasn't on long.

Maybe this will keep them at bay more in other ways as well.  I'm seriously safe once I get into my locked apt and see nobody in there and my stuff not taken anymore.  I didn't like any of my things stolen.  The final things I noticed and it's from a while ago before locks were changed.  This girl didn't have a lock that fit her door!  It never locked my deadbolt.  I went to get my Trousseau saucer to eat off from and suddenly I noticed all 12 of them gone.  That nice Pflaltzgraff stuff given to me for wedding gifts by special people.  And the other thing was how I was for a little while noticing two of my sets of silverware mostly missing and I was left with my Nana's set and the miscellaneous.  Not quite so heart broken about my sets but still angry they took it.  They must have figured I had an abundance of silverware.  Oh well.

But, nothing stolen since I got my locks changed the last time. 

Moral of the story, when you move in somewhere make sure it's your lock, and make sure you always lock the deadbolt because that's your security.  And that's about the best you can usually due unless you have to take extra security methods like me.  And  then there is always the slim fact that if someone wants to get into your home really badly they can find a way. 

It's been done all over the world to many .people.  We see it in the movies and we hear about it in real life.  That's the sad state of our world as we know it today.  It's a crying shame.

And number one, like me, stay happy, keep plugging and even though things may be distracting sometimes in any issue, don't let anything stop you from doing the things you like.

I don't.  I still knit, sew lately those countless yo yo circles and I hand write the novels for now.  They will get done and published.

I enjoyed part of my afternoon at a pool with my kids, then onto a park to write one of the chapters in the Glorious Sun, and then onto the library where I liike to go to do my things I like to do online.

Okay, I've got to get out of MacDonald's before I get charged for sitting in their seat.  That's why I like to go to the library more often as sometimes we feel guilty when maybe we can't get that Sausage Biscuit all the time.  On my next visit I will treat my hankering!!!!

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted June 23, 2013

Revision:  I went home to test my theory on my burner.  Someone definitely came in and turned it on on me.  I turned it on, it's electric with a coil burner.  My coils stay orange.  The burner was not orange.  And if it had been on all night, I would have seen the orange upon walking out to the kitchen.  My lights are off at night.  Plus my fire alarm would have gone off.

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