Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Things to Make

Here I am again back here after spending time at my favorite Ravelry site.  Today I've been looking at doll patterns.  I've made a few of them.  Leggings are a fun thing to make for dolls and are quite easy. 

My Bella Swan doll and my other fashion doll are sporting some made with sock yarn and on the tiniest needles.  I want to make more doll items.

I've always loved dolls and have lots of doll drawings.  Which I should make myself draw more as well after I've moved into a new place. 

Also I think lots of us like to make the outfits for our girls.  Don't you love it when you see them sitting down playing with the outfits you made?

Or sometimes they love a handknit rag doll.  I've made one once for my youngest.  The doll was a little odd looking but didn't come out too bad.

And then there's the cute bunny and teddy bear patterns.  I spent time often looking at all kinds of things I would like to make for my grand kids someday.  It's a way away but its still fun to try and make little things.

Today I also downloaded a simple baby sock pattern.  I have yet to master making those slippers or sock patterns.  I got frustrated and undid one I was working on.

But I should try again.  I love those ballet slipper patterns and the Mary Jane ones.

I always hop away from a pattern once I find out its crochet.  Can't crochet except for the simple chain.

Making doll clothing can also be profitable.  Lots of women make the American Girl doll clothing, fashion doll outfits and outfits for the more expensive kind of dolls.  Women sell them at craft shows and Etsy and EBay. 

Doll collecting is a big thing.  I used to have a large doll collection.  Was sad to see lots of them go.  But in the future I will replenish a few of them to use as models for my outfits.

Once I move, I am anticipating a nice laptop for completing my novels, recipe books and knitting books.  And anticipating getting lots of my knitted stuff on Etsy.  I've already got some of those cool coffee cosies and some little cases for iPhones or iPods. 

Some people could find it a pain to use tiny knitting needles. 

The neat thing about making doll outfits is that they are done quicker.

I'm just about done making my ribbed pencil skirt and when I get back, I'm going to finish it and bind off.  Thinking of making another one very similar but slightly different as I have enough of the color to make one to sell too.  I think its either a small or medium size.  I think its probably taken me a little over a week to make that one. 

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted August 13, 2013

 One of the bags I made in spring.

This one below is going to be a shawl. Which will take a while, small needles and crochet string.  Maybe doll size at this point.  It's been waiting on the sidelines while I finish the skirt. 

 A  few of the bags.  These ones are going into the knitting books as they are my designs. 

Below is the coffee table pile.  Doesn't every coffee table have a pile.  I like the new yard sale leopard bag for my circular needles.  Those can always be a pain to store.

 Some of the dolls.  The one close to the flower I sold.  Will replenish a few of them someday.  These are the types of dolls that women love theexquisite doll patterns for.  For which I should learn how to make larger items for them. 

 This doll above is the small Riley doll from Helen Kish that I won from drawing paper dolls for her doll.  Doll Reader magazine put my designs in their issue for the winners. 

 A Madame Alexander doll, Elise and a Toni doll I got at a yard sale last year.  Love the vintage dolls from my Mom's era.  The Fifties dolls.  I remember a bunch of them from a great aunts house.  Remember the old vintage bride dolls. 

I remember photographing some of her old dolls with black and white film but the pictures didn't come out well.  Back in college when we were developing our own film. 

 A manniquin I drew on back in the spring.

Bella Swan.

 The first stab at a sweater for Blythe dolls.  Neck came out big.  I have to learn how to make the ones with the snaps in the back.  Plus I have patterns for sewing patterns I should someday try. 

My drawing of my Grammy. 

 One of the coffee cosies.  This one is from a simple Ravelry pattern and it needs me to wash it. 

 My collage I did of my family photos and the one below it is one of those trays, fan of Twilight obviously. 

Springtime magnolias. 

Now that I can add pictures!!!!!

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