Monday, August 19, 2013

Each New Day holds promise.

Each new day should hold promises for good things in all of our lives.  What it brings is unique to you and I as we all have our own perspectives about our lives.

I think that no matter what each day brings, if you can have a happy disposition to every moment at hand then you're holding heart filled happiness in the palms of your hands.

Endurance is very important as well, that in the face of terrible things that happen to people if you can still plug away at things you love to do, you can rise above them.

Which brings me to some real jerks in my life who would like to make me look like a suicide.  its a threat I don't take lightly.  I will have nobody rob me of someday being a Nana.  I will be so glad when I can move from these terrible people and they had better let me move away from them in peace, as this girl needs to get back to writing and getting myself published and I need peace of mind that these nasty people are out of my life forever.

I will not hesitate to report them to the local authorities should they continue to bother and harass me. 

Anyway, I find myself keeping up with the things I love.  Which also brings another topic, just because a person likes being inside does not mean they would commit suicide. 

I would never do that as I have said so many times.  It's sad when someone chooses death over living.

Don't you love to wake up every day to flowers and anything beautiful in your life?  I do and my wish would be to have another sixty years of lovely stuff.  Ha ha, that would put me over one hundred!!!!

I enjoy sometimes having a weekend to just sit and relax and do the crafting that I love to do.  When I move safely away from these people my priority will be to write and get myself published.

For the last few days, I decided to whip up more of the fun yo to circles.  My sister figured I was busy yesterday as I managed to get fifty of them done.  I do them by hand which sometimes seems time consuming.

Seems like I can knit quicker, being a knitting speed demon.  And I finally found something to use the yo yo circles for.  I finally figured out how to do those fabric roses like this one below.  it's a little big.  Thinking it could be neat on a knitted headband. 

I've been thinking I will wait before I do the bigger projects with the circles.  I would like to have all the colors so I can choose from all of them where they will go.

I've got part of my Halloween costume already figured out.  I will make a few strips of those circles and safety pin them to the skirt.  Ha ha ha.  Maybe I should make a headband to go with it.  The yo yo gypsy!!!!!

Thinking I want to finish up the second skirt soon for putting it for sale on my Etsy shop.  May see if I can upload from my tablet so I don't have to wait for the new laptop. 

Back to being inside.  So many of us crafty people enjoy being indoors as apposed to outside.  Not that we don't love the outdoors, we do.  But for the things we enjoy doing, indoors is enjoyable.

Like the artist who would spend hours in his or her studio creating our masterpieces.  We love sitting at a table to create.  Sometimes we can be up past midnight creating as we can't get enough of it.

That's why I love each new day, to see what I can accomplish each day.  I have often found I wait for lunch or supper as my crafting or writing consumes me and I can't stop. 

To create something from nothing is a progress into yourself.  Finding new discoveries to be inspired by.  An artist I have learned over the years, keeps his or her doors open to an endless abundance of possibilities. 

I once was told I am a prolific writer.  That was a beautiful compliment.  I still loved the Twitter compliment that my trilogy has the same starts as Fifty Shades of Grey only better.  I ate that one up, but I truly love that someone out there thinks my writing is prolific.

We only get better over time, and I will be damned if I'm going to let terrible people rob me of that opportunity to publish all my new fiction. 

I've got a lot to say in this big beautiful world filled with inspiration wherever we turn and the world is so much the better with beautiful people in it.

Beauty within is the foundation for the futures we desire to find within ourselves.  My biggest reason for wanting to self publish as much as I can get out there is for that legacy I want my kids to have. 

When I am old and gray, I want my kids to be able to have my writings and artwork at their fingertips.  It's been in my veins since I was a little girl longing to create as much artwork as I possibly could, and then the writing sparked my mind to open up a vessel that holds my heart in joy that binds. 

And then there was the year in college I got mono for spending the wee hours creating.  I was the night owl who constantly decided three am was my bed time as I was consumed by creating, drawing, painting, photographing and writing. 

I was the girl who wanted to do it all in one day.  I still am her in a way, but have learned over the years that when you are tired, you are done.

After all, tomorrow is another day, said Scarlett. 

And I'm waiting for Rhett!!!  After the move, and when I'm least expecting it. 

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted August 19, 2013

 It's been a while since I have written a romance, but saw this at the library.  Maybe my good read later.  I think I read this year's ago, but coming back to it in a new light could be good. 

 The second skirt is getting larger.  I had to get after Luna one day for wanting to play with it.  I got a surprise of
 I got this mug at a yard sale in the free bin.  It's what I believe in. 
. Do what you love.  So, so important in life to do whatever it is you love doing and don't let anything get in your way of your dreams. 

And I was thinking of a novel by Joyce Carol Oates and I can't get past the title as it makes me angry.  Do With me What You will...

To my most terrible neighbors who need to be buried on Pluto.  Do with me what you will, but you won't break me!!!!  I will let none of you touch a hair on my head and let you rob my children of their Mother!!!!!

 Kind of cute.  A little big, but I amazed myself I figured out how to do the fabric rose.  I'm thinking this one could potentially be really cute on my future grandchildren someday, providing I get blessed with a grand daughter. 
 The pile is getting bigger. 

 One of my cute little dolls.  Wendykin I think.  I should get back to drawing too.  I've got lots of my old drawings and many of them are just starts, as when my kids were younger, after naptime was done, so was the drawing.  And its been years.  I've been bad and stayed away from that.  Drawing was always one of my strong points. 

Same with the knitting.  I had a year when I wanted to be done with knitting and then I missed it.  At that time, I was primarily doing dish clothes, scarves and simple head bands. 

I guess with anything if you do it for a long time, you can become tired with it.  Which is why I'm the Queen of many projects.  I love to be able to put something down and get back to other things I love to do.

My three balls of yarn I dug out of someone's quilt bin at a yardsale.  Fifty cents!!!!  Like I need more yarn, but there's always room for new colors!!!!

I was hoping one of the cats would sleep in the basket filled with yo yo's.  It would have made a cool photo.

And I'm loving Instagram!!  Fun, fun, fun!!!

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