Friday, August 2, 2013


Another day under the sun.  More yardsales to be had.  Don't you love and hate errand days?  They can be fun and tedious at the same time.  It's always fun if you can add a little fun shopping in there somewhere. 

Lately, I'm loving Goodwill.  It's fun to see what people get rid of and what might be a new treasure for you.  And to come out without spending an arm and a leg.  For ten dollars you can come out with five to ten items, depending. 

I ended up later on coming out with a baby blue winter coat, fuzzy wool kind and she didn't even need to bag it because it was downpouring and I wore it home.  Nothing like wearing a winter coat in the middle of summer. 

Earlier, the clerk was telling me women come in all the time buying sweaters in the summer. 

Even grocery shopping can be fun.  Especially if you are doing your stocking the kitchen shopping errand. 

I'm finally going to be baking myself some sweet treats.  I'm normally likey mom was, cooking and baking on a hot summer day.  I guess its in order. 

Finished that knitted skirt.  The three day skirt!!!!!  That was just about the fastest time frame.  Even after unravelling the five inches, I caught back up.  It's a little big.  Next time I think I could make the smallest size.  It was funny to pull the waistline before I got the elastic band in which makes it smaller.  Looked like something you would see out of a dieting ad. 

Finished a scarf for my daughter and a little Paul Klee pencil case. 

And, I've started to Christmas shop!!!!!
. Christmas in August. 

And I'm starting to think of getting a toy dog.  Just researching at this point and slowly getting a few dog items.  A fluffy fabric bone Was funny to see my cat, Luna warm up to it..  She loves my shoes too. 

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted August 2, 2013

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  1. I love thrift shopping. I have a few friends and we get together and thrift shop -going to many stores -over the course of a day. So much fun!!!