Friday, August 23, 2013

Another weekend

It's hard to believe August has flown by and its almost time for school to start.  I've got kids who are excited and a senior who doesn't want to be reminded its almost here.

Just about done my knitted pencil skirts.  Yesterday, I spent time sewing in the waistband for one and today I am finishing up the drawstring for one. 

And the yo yo circles may get more done to them later.  Enjoying another weekend and hit a few yardsales.  I love when you find something, especially if you have spent some time driving in to it, you are hoping your time hasn't been wasted. 

And there's the ones you drive into and you realize its for Saturday and not Friday.

I found myself at Goodwill a few times the other day.  The first time, I came out with a few balls of yarn and walked by a guy who looked like Stephen King!!!  I had to do a double take.  Yeah, Stephen King probably shops at Goodwill too.  Why not?

 On my honeymoon years ago, we stopped by his house in Maine.  Iron gates and definitely Victorian and Stephen King style.

I've got a few pictures of me somewhere in front of his gate. 

I've always remembered my Grammys story about little Stevie King.  My grandmother grew up in Durham Maine.  One summer at my aunts camp we got talking about my eerie dolls and the conversation turned to him.

One of the women in my Grammys family was a teacher and they got concerned about a written story from one of the kids and the person in my Grammys family said, "Oh, that's just little Stevie King."
 Goes to show at a very young age, he was showing his potential of scaring us.  Ha ha.

It's funny how we remember things.  I've never seen too many FOIA in person.  The only famous person I remember seeing when our tour bus parked was Dr. Ruth walking by and yes, she is short!!

"Dr. Ruth!!". I remembered shouting to my friends.  Funny.

Well, I'm onto going to a few more sales if I can find any more. 

It's fun to see how for you can take a few bucks.  Five bucks can get you far when yardsaling and sometimes dickering.  I can do that quite well sometimes.  Although we always find someone who just doesn't want to lower the price and if we love it enough, we get it.

 My second trip to Goodwill was to drop off the bread machine and food dehydrator that ended up sitting in my kitchen taking up space.  Don't we all have those unused items.
 Jennifer Jo Fay
 Copyrighted August 23, 2013

 The top one is mine.  And the lower one I'm going to try selling on Etsy.

Got a surprise yesterday.  Not sure if I like it.  I had folded my knitted skirt and put it on a clothing box on top of my bureau.  Came back and found it on the floor further away.  Possibly my cat knocked it down..  The weirder thing was finding my circular knitting needle which I had left lying flat on the floor in front of my couch.  When I got back, it was dangling from a nearby Marshalls bag.  Kind of strange and I'm thinking how could that happen.  Could my cat have made it dangle like that from a flat position?  Creepy.The third thing that is really creepy is getting back and finding my microwave saying P 100 instead of the clock time which is how I left it.

It's as if someone may have come in and pressed a button on my microwave, and possibly set up thoseother things for making me look at them. 

I'm going to really watch the microwave as it should be on the clock the way I left it or if power was out it would say reset. 

I don't like the thought of these not nice neighbors in my apt while I am gone. 

And I didn't like hearing one of my harassers saying that he was in my apt while I was at the park. 

I don't want anyone in my apt while I am out even if they are just moving my things around. Can't figure out how they're getting in as the door is dead bolted.  Except for the morning I accidentally left it unlocked, they knew it and they came in and stole one of my venting journals, a pad of paper with my monthly budgeting on it and a paper with their license plate numbers on it. 
. Can hardly wait to find a place and move from these lunatics.  .

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