Wednesday, May 21, 2014

My daughter is playing with the tunes on my phone.  Too funny.  She did some old recordings of us.  She's goofing.  She made it sound like someone was calling and she was just playing my ringtone to fool me.

Once again, I am being a regular on Etsy.  I've been visiting the forums and getting more views to my shop.  I lowered my shipping prices on my coffee cozies and some other items.  And I added a few new coffee cozies.

I've been making more of the coffee cozies.  I'm enjoying a day with my kids.  I've got my son's graduation coming up and it's going to be a fun time with some of my family visiting.

I've been doing a tiny bit of journaling but not much.  I should do more.

I did decide to sit down and read my book on Ellen Degeneres.  It was good and also a quick read.  I probably had it done in about four hours.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted May 21, 2014

Making it short today going back to Etsy.

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