Saturday, September 1, 2012

Abortion: Whether yes or no, the woman has the right to choose!

We have been living in a world where abortions have been happening for a very long time.  It's happened all over the world, in doctor's offices, medical centers, hospitals, alleys, anywhere imaginable it has happened.  Some of it has been successful and some of it has been botched and has hurt the woman so that perhaps she can never have any more kids.

Years ago, it was probably been done perhaps without all the precautions if one were to go have it done professionally.  It was always a private matter for the most part where the woman went away secretively for a length of time to take care of her issue of being pregnant and most likely unwed.

If you remember the movie, Susan Slade, the young woman meets a man and she ends up having his baby.  Of course she didn't marry that guy and in the movie she ends up with a different guy.  But she has the baby and goes away for a while to have it.  Then, when she comes back with the baby, she has to pretend it's her baby brother and her mother is the one who just had the baby. 

Of course she's in turmoil and she runs into the ocean to end her life and the other guy comes in and pulls her out.

It finally comes out that the baby is hers. 

My point is that even though she didn't end that baby's life, she was brought up in a time when an unwed mother shouldn't have a baby.
But all over the world unwed mothers did find out that they were pregnant and were forced to decide whether or not they wanted or needed to end the life of that unborn child.

Years ago, it was a major scandal to be an unwed mother.  Just think about how far we have come from that when all these single moms in today's society are doing a wonderful job.

Which now brings me to whether or not abortion should be illegal or not.  I think it should remain legal.  It would be on a global and traumatic level if it were to change and women's rights would be stripped away.

It is the woman's body after all and she should be the only person that should have the right to have an abortion if she feels that it is necessary to do so. 

It isn't a real human being yet.  It's a human life though and personally I think no woman should end a life.  But they have their reasons and they should be able to choose if it is going to be better not to have the child.

I would never have an abortion myself.  I just could never let my body go through it.  And then I have to feel that even though that conception hasn't really begun to turn into a human being, it is a life that is getting ended.  It's not murder.  Murder is when a crime has been committed with people that have already been born.  The unborn child does not have the right to choose what happens.  It isn't born yet.

Every circumstance is different.  Perhaps the mother isn't ready to have a child yet and doesn't want to have the baby.  You have to look at all the circumstances.  Some Moms are just not Mom Material and perhaps it is better that they don't have a child. 

Is the Mother on drugs and alcohol and perhaps not a fit mother for a human being? 

Whatever the reason, the Mother is the one who ultimately chooses to end it.

And then there is rape.  I would be all for an abortion if I had ever been raped.  I would not want to even look at that child and knowing that the baby came from a bad person.

But even then, some mothers decide to have the baby anyway.  My feelings on that would also be that you don't know what background the rapist came from, what diseases there may be, the genetics, and so on.  It would be a worry.

I just wouldn't end a life period.  By ending that tiny life that is growing inside you, you are silencing that unborn artist, writer, gardener, scientist, doctor, or whatever else that child would want to be when he/she grows up.  You are killing off the voice that would perhaps save lives in any shape or form.  Are you ready to do that?  It's not murder, but sometimes it might as well be.

I guess I would call it Legal Murder, the only one you can get away with and go on with your life without any guilt.  I shouldn't say that because when you do choose to end a life, a part of you is going to have some guilt for what might have been.  You will always go through your life wondering, what if I had decided to have the baby?  What would have happened?

But, you will never know because you've probably just had your abortion and you are moving on.  But your child has seized to exist.  You killed it.

True, it wasn't a human being yet, but it sure as hell was going to be one.

Yes, I'm on the fence as to whether you should have an abortion or not.  In most circumstances I would hope that you choose life.  It's not wrong to say yes or no, but I would hope that you would be the one to see that tiny miracle come out of your body.  It's God's greatest gift and you shouldn't deny him your most important thing in this world. 

To be a Mother.  Yes, the father helps out too, but ultimately you are the decision maker that says that a new life is about to begin or not.

Before you choose death, think about all the wonderful possibilities that could be should perhaps you decide to change your mind.  You might very well find out that you would be very glad and thankful that you did.  A baby changes your life for the better in most cases.

I should know as I had four and I would never end their lives for the world.  They are all simply the best and my life before children just doesn't have as much meaning in my life.

True, you can have a great life without kids too, but they really do enrich your life.  I have relatives that don't have children.  One didn't want kids and that was her choice.  Some can't get pregnant or just aren't ready and it's their decision.

And some people can't have kids.  That has got to be hard when they really want them.

So just think of all the good things that could come out of it and I bet that most of the time they would out way the negative.  Put yourself in perspective.  Sometimes you meet your best friends in life by having a child.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted September 1, 2012


  1. I agree with your balanced look at this hot topic. Thank you for such a thorough and reasonable look at this controversial subject.

  2. It definitely is controversial. Seems like for years and years there have been many protests out there against women having abortions.